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Pikunni Creation told by “Onistai poka” (White Calf)

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The Great Awakening! Rise

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Pikunni Briefs

What does it mean to be a humanitarian? By Theda New Breast

Pub. 13 “Comeback Edition”

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Oki nikso-ko-wa, (Hello, our relatives)

April 9th, 2014 marked the 5 year anniversary of Sukapi Times Media. Five years I pondered the question “how do we get our tribal members and community to wake up and start discussing the issues that matter to the future of our great Nation?” I remember debating my family & friends about certain issues that impact our reservation negatively. We would leave our debates with mutual satisfaction & understanding that the ideas we had were better than our community’s “customary” way of doing business. We also left thinking that if more people or more minds listened and shared their perspective in our debates, only then would we have community discourse on important matters pertaining to our sovereign tribal nation. This train of thought birthed the Blackfeet people’s first and longest running news source in our Nation’s history, Sukapi Times Media.

Chief in Charge Karl Lee Ingraham “Spaistak”

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Oki from Mr. Sukapi


10 Pikunni Creation as

told by

Chief White Calf






does it mean to be a Humanitarian?” By Theda New Breast Sukapi Times

Pikunni Briefs 14 FEATURE

18 Omar Shabazz Bear Braids Sukapi Times

is a product of the PEOPLE.

Sukapi Times Media is a PRODUCT of THE PEOPLE! Serving as the people’s voice; providing a community forum for opinions, ideas, concerns, wisdom, knowledge and aid in the perpetuation of our Pikunni traditions and culture. We aim to get every person in the community actively involved in making our community a more cultural, positive and productive place to live. Our Pikunni Nation is sitting in a highly fragile state right now. Greed and power have consumed the minds of the two feuding tribal council factions at the expense of our tribal sovereignty and most importantly the welfare of the Pikunni People. What our tribal officials fail to realize is that the power of government lies within the members of our tribal nation. It is now our responsibility as tribal members to enforce our rights, take back what belongs to us, and hold the criminals entrusted with the welfare of the Pikunni Nation accountable for their crimes against the Blackfeet People. For centuries the United States knew that in order to dismantle a society of people it had to cut off its children from their roots. Sukapi Times Media aims to address and seek solutions for the generations of oppression, forced assimilation, deprivation and subjugation perpetrated by the United States on the Amskapii Pikunni. The aftermath of forced assimilation continues plague our tribal communities with disproportionately high rates of poverty, unemployment, crime, suicide, substance abuse, violence, malnutrition, lack of education, health crisis’s and many other social ills.

Pikunni Prayer

It’s time for the Amskapi Pikunni and every Native Nation to take a stand against the negativity of the world and start thinking of their children as belonging to the Creator Ayo Apistotoki again. We forget that children were given to us to nurture and teach for the survival Whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose of our Nation. Our brothers from the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy believed that breath gives me life to all the world, hear me! “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next I am small and weak, I need your strength and seven generations.” It is now our duty as awakened Amskapi Pikunni and sovereign wisdom. Native Nations, to honor and love our children because they are the future of our great Nations. Through love, we instill in our Blackfeet sons and daughters pride, respect, Ayo Apistotoki values, morals, culture and traditions. Sukapi Times Media believes that when Native Let me walk in your beauty. families are cultured and strong, our tribal communities will become healthy and more Allow me to respect the things you have made. powerful than our ancestors could have ever imagined. We are all alive today because our ancestors fought for our survival. Please help Sukapi Times and its affiliates return Ayo Apistotoki the favor to our ancestors and for the bright future of our Amskapi Pikunni and Native Make me wise so I may understand the things children. you have taught your people. I have tried to learn the lessons you have given us and pass Let’s work together to advance the welfare of our Pikunni Nation and take a United them on to my children. stand against Federal and State encroachment on Pikunni territory, tribal government corruption and theft, land loss, nepotism, and any social ill that does a disservice to Ayo Apistotoki our Pikunni People. I seek strength not to be greater than my broth-

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Candidate for Position #3 Browning District

er, but to fight my greatest enemy- myself. So when life fades, as the sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

Tribal Voices

Sukapi (Good) or Maa-kapi (Bad)? Community Reflections maakapi :( to “Tribal Factionalism,” which perpetuates the ineffectiveness of the entire tribal government system.

Sukapi :) to Summer around the corner! Now the crabby people around here can get their dose of some much needed Vitamin D. Most importantly, Sukapi to our Sukapi :) to the BIA, Joe McKay, Roger kids and all the smiling faces, laughter & “Sassy” Running Crane, Earl Old Person, joy Natosi (sun) will bring our Nation this Shannon Augare, Leonard Guardipee, Willie great year! A. Sharp, Forrestina CalfBossRips, Cheryl - From “A long time Sukapi Times Fan” LittleDog, Paul McEvers, William Old _______________________________ Chief, Leon L. Vielle, and Allen Shane Goss for exposing the “tribal factionalism” thats Sukapi :) to Ron Ingraham for been devastating our great Nation since the designing the new Sukapi Times logo :) United States government made us adopt an Great work! And for winning the University I.R.A. (Indian Reorganization Act) constituof Montana’s Kyiyo Powwow Logo contest. tion and government. Thanks for reppin’ it for the Pikunni Nation! - From Sukapi Times Team maakapi :( to all of you ^^^^ for _______________________________ fighting about it like selfish, greedy little kids. Sukapi :) to the 2014 Indian Relay Season. Sukapi :) though to the concerned modern I wish everyone greatness this summer. day Pikunni warriors who are gathering in Practice hard and make sure you take proper droves to ensure that this NEVER happens care of your horses so they run fast. again! - Starr School Fast Rider - From Karl Lee Ingraham “Spaistak”

Community Spotlight Sukapi Times wishes to recognize the grass roots movements taking place on Pikunni soil. Many tribal members and nontribal members are unifying in order to stand against government corruption and acts that are NOT in the best interest of our Pikunni Nation and the Pikunni People.

We, at Sukapi Times, take an oath to stand for justice, righteousness, and aid in the welfare of the Pikunni People and the perpetuation of our great Nation!


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maakapi :( to all the Blackfeet who fight & spread rumors on the internet. Grow up Browning! We got more pride than this brothers & sisters! Let’s get this! - L.A. John

Photos of the Week

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“Tough Luck” Photo

Oh and Sukapi :) to all the lil Blackfeet boys and girls on the rez who are staying motivated and positive. Live a Sukapi life my brothers & sisters. - L.A. John _______________________________ maakapi :( to winter bodies. Sukapi :) to summer bodies :)))) - Heart Butte Joe _______________________________

Photo by : John

Vielle, Pikunni.

Inspirational Quote of the Week “Give wisdom and understanding to my leaders. Protect my warriors and bring them back safe. Give to the young, love and contentment. Give health and long life to my old people so that they may remain with us for a long time. Make my enemy brave and strong, so that if defeated, I will not be ashamed. And give me wisdom so that I may have kindness for all. And let me live each day, Big Lodge Pole, so when the day is done, Francis X. Guardipee, my prayer will not have been in



Pikunni Nation Fire Update

Please submit your Sukapi :) or makapi :( perspective, thought or opinion to sukapitimesmedia/ or BE funny, be serious, above all, just be an honest straight shooter. NO slander or libel!

Montana’s 2014 fire season may be below normal

The National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook from the National Interagency Fire Center was issued on April 1st, 2014. Based on current snowpack and a long range forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, Montana may see a slow start to fire season this year. In a typical season, about 1,660 fires are started in Montana and these scorch more than 380,000 acres. The stormy weather pattern for the past several months and bodes well for the upcoming fire season. Right now, the Northern Rockies Coordination Center is Calling for a below-normal fire season for much of Montana as well as portions of Idaho and Wyoming.

Photo by : Joe Arrow

Top Knot, Pikunni.

Sukapi Word Scramble “Powwow Life”

YBRDAFE ____________ NDGRA EYTNR _________ _________ GISNAGN __________ LUTRCLAU RDEIP __________ _______ EHCKICN CRDNAE

______________ ______________


Sukapi Times / Naa-ni-so (8)

The Dangers of Secondhand smoke Sukapi Times

Secondhand smoke is the smoke given off from burning the ends of cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. The smoke contains more than 250 chemicals known to cause cancer. Some of the chemicals in smoke include formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide, all of which or known to pose serious health risks. Secondhand smoke causes about 3,400 deaths per year from lung cancer and 46,000 deaths per year from heart disease, according to the American Lung Association. Secondhand smoke causes irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs which leads to coughing, excessive phlegm, wheezing and breathlessness. Secondhand smoke is highly dangerous for children. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoking suffer more from pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, asthma attacks and other lung diseases. Mothers who smoke while pregnant or children who are exposed to secondhand smoke after birth have a greater risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. According to the American Lung Association, there are about 790,000 children who seek medical treatment for ear infections and over 202,000 asthma attacks in children with asthma caused by secondhand smoke exposure. So how can YOU protect yourself and your family? First of all don’t smoke or allow smoking in your home or car. Hang a sign at your door telling people that “this is a smoke-free home/car.” If you happen to smoke, do it only in open areas away from children and your away from your home. Secondly teach your children to avoid secondhand smoke. Education is your main weapon. Lastly, inform your family, friends and people who surround you, that you do care if they smoke around you and your family and assist them in quitting smoking. Quitting maybe hard for some, I know I have seen my family members quit for a few days and start right back up, smoking like there was no tomorrow. But it is possible. There are many resources available to help you break the habit. You can call or have a loved one call the American Lung Association at 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872) and they will aid you in how to stop smoking for good. You can also check out the Freedom from Smoking website at, the site offers clinics day or night, seven days a week, to help you break the habit. Or better yet, you can check out our local Blackfeet Tobacco Use Prevention Program, which provides assistance and information about the dangers of smoking.

G.M.O. you should KNOW G.M.O.= “Genetically Modified Organisms/Food”: Chemicals mixed in food that cause serious harm to humans, animals, and the environment. What Chemicals are Really in Coca-Cola’s Soda? Perhaps you already know that the Coca-Cola Co. has committed atrocious ground-water polluting in other countries, along with creating water shortages. You probably know as well that the company is turning providing the mass population with toxic beverage choices. After reading this quick, informative article, you will understand exactly what you are putting into your body, and this just might make it easier to break the Coke-drinking habit. Here’s what’s really in Coca-Cola’s famous Coke soda: • Carbonated tap water - Whatever is in unfiltered municipal water is also in your Coke. The carbonation that is added increases gastric secretions and can make you flatulent. Here is what your tap water looks like, by the way. • E150D – This is a food coloring, which is made from processing sugar at certain temperatures. Ammonium sulfate is then added (also a constituent of Round Up Ready Chemicals used by Monsanto). This chemical has been known to increase asthma attacks. • E952 – This is a sugar substitute. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar and can cause your glycemic levels to sky-rocket. This can lead to diabetes, obesity and other diseases. • E950 – This is Acesulfame Potassium, and it aggravates the heart, vascular system, and nervous system. It is especially bad for children and pregnant women. • E951 – Aspartame – A GMO product which can cause seriously negative impact on your body. Symptoms of aspartame poisoning include: unconsciousness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, fainting, joint pains, depression, infertility, hearing loss and more. Aspartame can also provoke the following diseases: brain tumors, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Graves’ disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental deficiency and tuberculosis. Later, this substance was initially illegal due to its dangers but was again made legal in a suspicious manner. • E338 – Orthophosphoric Acid - This causes skin and eye irritation, and can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium, causing osteoporosis. • E330 – Citric Acid – This is preservative that is also used in the medical field for preserving blood. In small doses it is fine, but in large doses it can eat away at your stomach and esophageal lining. • Aromas – Unknown aromatic additives. • E211 – Sodium Benzoate - According to a study completed by Peter Piper at the Sheffield University in Britain, sodium benzoate can harm DNA. So would you really want to put this in your body on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis? The drink is full of chemical toxins that you really don’t need. Consider drinking more purified water and freshly squeezed juices instead. About the Author Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga. Read more at


Sukapi Times / Piihk-so (9)

What does it mean to be a Humanitarian? By Theda New Breast

Sukapi Times What does it mean to be a Humanitarian? I think most of our Amskapipikuni Ancestors were naturally Humanitarians. On February 10, 2014, I helped facilitate a Self-Care, de-stress, Wellness Workshop for 70 Blackfeet Head Start Staff who care for 400 Blackfeet children. It was a tremendous proud moment when they watched by Digital Story called “Why The Women in my Family Don’t Drink Whiskey”, and I watched their faces and this was also their story. We did an exercise where we lined up from the most recent hire to the longest working employee. The range was from 2 months to 42 years. Arlene Augare had a story where she and two others had just a very small building and chairs that is all they had and that is how Head Start began on the Blackfeet Nation. These 70 employees are also Humanitarians. Last march The Blackfeet Community College who has a storytelling project called Native Women Rising brought several of us Community Members together with my colleagues from nDigiDreams to tell our story on how to stop the Violence against Blackfeet Women. Our first two days was just “Talking Circle” and safety about the hard feelings and lessons we learned from our own behavior and experience so far in life. I knew I wanted to use a song my Dad used to call his favorite, and did at the opening of the film. Our Dad Pete New Breast had made 4 90-minute cassette tapes 5 years before he died and gave them to our Brother Ira, he gave them to us a couple years after he died and when I put it in the cassette player and heard his voice I shut it off and cried. Over the years, I learned to play his recordings and listen now with comfort like my Dad is next to me talking and laughing. I share this because of learning that grieving takes time, and you cannot speed it up or “stuff” it. After creating the movie, I posted it on Facebook, and was overwhelmed with the response from Women as far away as Australia, New Zealand, and across Canada. They wrote long messages of their story and living through different kinds of abuse, sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and that this movie had helped them. Having 5,000 Indigenous friends caught the eye of Joanelle Romero, founder of the Red Nation Film Festival, who contacted me to ask if the film could be shown at the festival in North Hollywood in November 2013. As the drew near, Joanelle contacted me and said her Board also wanted to give me a Humanitarian award for my 32 years of helping Indigenous Families and Tribes heal from Historical Traumas, and reclaim their Culture and Language. The Four Women from Canada who started “Idle No More” were also receiving an award, so this just humbled me and I became very exciting. I wanted my Mom Betty n. Cooper to come with me since the film was dedicated to her and I wanted her to see it while she was still alive and honor how hard she worked to raise us 5 kids and get us all through College and as we say, not become “drunks” or so called social drinkers. Mom often worked two jobs, got her GED, went to College for Mental Health, graduated, and Directed the Indian Center and the first Indian Child Resource Center in Oakland, Cali-

fornia. I remember being a Foster Parent for children while their Mothers went to Treatment for Drugs and alcohol. Being a foster Parent is very tough when you have to give kids back. The deep love you develop in such a short time is amazing with children. I remember the pain when I had to give an 8 month old back named “Tiffany”, that pain of returning her made me stop being a foster Parent. She was going back to a mother who had successfully graduated treatment, and that is where she belongs, with a sober mother. When we drove to North Hollywood, two of our Crazy Dog Brothers also came to sing and accompany Mom and me and protect us. That was Larry Ground and Timothy Juneau. We are not Hollywood Indians, and I struggled with what I should wear, and kept waffling between the flashy bling bling of Hollywood or dressing like a proud Amskapipikuni. Having the Crazy Dogs there, my dreams told me to wear my buckskin, braid my hair, and wear “Indian cloths”, this proved interesting. When we were on the red carpet, many young people who received scholarship from the American Indian College Fund were also there because the Red Nation Film Festival gave fund to them. They all came up to me and Mom and wanted to pose on the Red carpet with us, more than the famous actors and Actresses, because we were real Indian looking. We laughed, and squealed with pride, striking many a pose on the red carpet with young college students. The more shocking part came next; I did not realize my film was in competition for Documentary Short, until the actual night, when it was listed in the Program up against other films who had Directors, budgets, actors. I thought, oh my film Americans use BC & AD to was just created on my laptop, measure time. and it is enough to come for this award. After Larry sang, Natives use the 5 BC’s: I could feel our Ancestors, so Before Columbus when they announced my film won, I was stunned, covered Before Custer my mouth, and got pushed up Before Commodities there to accept the Red Nation Before Casinos Statuette. I share this short Before Costner story with you cause this is my story and I am sticking to Heck thats funny enit! it. P.S. You can watch it free on Sukapi Times YouTube.


Pikunni Culture

Sukapi Times / Kii-po (10)

Pikunni Creation Story

Pikunni Chief “Onistai poka” (White Calf) story to George Bird Grinnell in 1891

off, looked at the images, and told them to rise and walk; and they did so. They walked down to the river with their Maker, and then he told them that his name was Na’pi, Old Man.

“All animals of the Plains at one time heard and knew him, and As they were standing by the river, the woman said to him, all birds of the air heard and knew him. All things that he had made “How is it? Will we always live, will there be no end to it?” He said: understood him, when he spoke to them, the birds, the animals, and “I have never thought of that. We will have to decide it. I will take the people. this buffalo chip and throw it in the river. If it floats, when people Old Man was travelling about, south of here, making the people. die, in four days they will become alive again; they will die for only He came from the south, travelling north, making animals and birds four days. But if it sinks, there will be an end to them.” He threw as he passed along. He made the mountains, prairies, timber, and the chip into the river, and it floated. The woman turned and picked brush first. So he went along, travelling northward, making things up a stone, and said: “No, I will throw this stone in the river; if it as he went, putting rivers here and there, and falls on them, putting floats we will always live, if it sinks people must die, that they may always be sorry for each other.” The woman threw red paint here and there in the ground, fixing up the the stone into the water, and it sank. “There,” said world as we see it to-day. He made the Milk River Old Man, “you have chosen. There will be an end and crossed it, and, being tired, went up on a little to them.” hill and lay down to rest. As he lay on his back, It was not many nights after, that the woman’s stretched out on the ground, with arms extended, child died, and she cried a great deal for it. She he marked himself out with stones, the shape of his said to Old Man: “Let us change this. The law that body, head, legs, arms, and everything. There you you first made, let that be a law.” He said: “Not can see those rocks today. After he had rested, he so. What is made law must be law. We will undo went on northward, and stumbled over a knoll and nothing that we have done. The child is dead, but it fell down on his knees. Then he said, “You are a cannot be changed. People will have to die.” That bad thing to be stumbling against”; so he raised up is how we came to be people. It is he who made us. two large buttes there, and named them he Knees, and they are called so to this day. He went on furThe first people were poor and naked, and did ther north, and with some of the rocks he carried not know how to get a living. Old Man showed with him he built the Sweet Grass Hills. them the roots and berries, and told them that they could eat them; that the animals should be their Old Man covered the plains with grass for food, and gave them to the people. Of a certain the animals to feed on. He marked off a piece of plant he would say, “The root of this plant, if gathground, and in it he made to grow all kinds of roots ered in a certain month of the year, is good for a and berries. He put trees in the ground. He put all certain sickness.” So they learned the power of all kinds of animals on the ground. When he made the herbs. bighorn with its big head and horns, he made it out on the prairie. It did not seem to travel easily on the In those days there were buffalo. Now the peoprairie; it was awkward and could not go fast. So ple had no arms, but those black animals with long Chief White Calf, 1880’s. he took it by one of its horns, and led it up into the beards were armed; and once, as the people were mountains, and turned it loose; and it skipped about moving about, the buffalo saw them, and ran after among the rocks, and went up fearful places with ease. So he said, them, and hooked them, and killed and ate them. One day, as the “This is the place that suits you; this is what you are fitted for, the Maker of the people was traveling over the country, he saw some rocks and the mountains.” While he was in the mountains, he made of his children, that he had made, lying dead, torn to pieces and the antelope out of dirt, and turned it loose, to see how it would partly eaten by the buffalo. When he saw this he was very sad. He go. It ran so fast that it fell over some rocks and hurt itself. He saw said: “This will not do. I will change this. The people shall eat the that this would not do, and took the antelope down on the prairie, buffalo.” He went to some of the people who were left, and said to and turned it loose; and it ran away fast and gracefully, and he said, them, “How is it that you people do nothing to these animals that “This is what you are suited to.” are killing you?” The people said: “What can we do? We have no One day Old Man determined that he would make a woman and a child; so he formed them both--the woman and the child, her son--of clay. After he had molded the clay in human shape, he said to the clay, “You must be people,” and then he covered it up and left it, and went away. The next morning he went to the place and took the covering off, and saw that the clay shapes had changed a little. The second morning there was still more change, and the third stil more. The fourth morning he went to the place, took the covering

way to kill these animals, while they are armed and can kill us.” Then said the Maker: “That is not hard. I will make you a weapon that will kill these animals.” So he went out and gathered material to construct bows and arrows. Then he said: “The next time you go out, take these things with you, and use them as I tell you, and do not run from these animals. When they run at you, as soon as they get pretty close, shoot the arrows at them, as I have taught you; and you will see that they will run from you or will run in a circle around you.”

Pikunni History

Sukapi Times / Ni-tsi-ko-pot-to (11) Creation Story... Now, as people became plenty, one day three men went out on to the plain to see the buffalo, but they had no arms. They saw the animals, but when the buffalo saw the men, they ran after them and killed two of them, but one got away. One day after this, the people went on a little hill to look about, and the buffalo saw them, and said, “Saiyah“, there is some more of our food,” and they rushed on them. This time the people did not run. They began to shoot at the buffalo with the bows and arrows Na’pi had given them, and the buffalo began to fall; but in the fight a person was killed.

Nitsitapiisinni “Our Way of Life” Before European contact, Nitsitapiksi or “the Real People” is what the Blackfeet Nation refered to themselves as. Each of the four bands of the Blackfoot Confederacy had a different name.

At this time these people had flint knives given them, and they cut up the bodies of the dead buffalo. It is not healthful to eat the meat raw, so Old Man taught them to cook the flesh of these animals and eat it.

• “Ampskapipikunni” = Southern Pikunni or “Pikunni”= Scabby Robes

Old Man said to the people: “Now, if you are overcome, you may go and sleep, and get power. Something will come to you in your dream, that will help you. Whatever these animals tell you to do, you must obey them, as they appear to you in your sleep. Be guided by them. If anybody wants help, if you are alone and traveling, and cry aloud for help, your prayer will be answered. It may be by the eagles, perhaps by the buffalo or by the bears. Whatever animal answers your prayer you must listen to him.” That was how the first people got through the world, by the power of their dreams.

• “Kanai”= Many Leaders also called the Bloods

After this, Old Man kept on, traveling north. Many of the animals that he had made followed him as he went. The animals understood him when he spoke to them, and he used them as his servants. When he got to the north point of the Porcupine Mountains, there he made some more mud images of people, and blew breath upon them, and they became people. He taught the people how to use steep cliffs and chase the buffalo off of them. When they had taken the skins from these animals, they set up some poles and put the hides on them, and so made a shelter to sleep under. After he had taught those people these things, he started off again, traveling north, until he came to where Bow and Elbow rivers meet. There he made some more people, and taught them the same things. From here he again went on northward. When he had come nearly to the Red Deer’s River, he reached the hill where the Old Man sleeps. There he lay down and rested himself. The form of his body is to be seen there yet. When he awoke from his sleep, he travelled further northward and came to a fine high hill. He climbed to the top of it, and there sat down to rest. He looked over the country below him, and it pleased him. Before him the hill was steep, and he said to himself, “Well, this is a fine place for sliding; I will have some fun,” and he began to slide down the hill. The marks where he slid down are to be seen yet, and the place is known to all people as the “Old Man’s Sliding Ground.” This is as far as the Blackfeet followed Old Man. The Crees know what he did further north. In later times once, Na’pi said, “Here I will mark you off a piece of ground,” and he did so. Then he said: “There is your land, and it is full of all kinds of animals, and many things grow in this land. Let no other people come into it. This is for you five tribes (Blackfeet, Bloods, Piegans, Gros Ventres, Sarcees). When people come to cross the line, take your bows and arrows, your lances and your battle axes, and give them battle and keep them out. If they gain a footing, trouble will come to you.” Our forefathers gave battle to all people who came to cross these lines, and kept them out. Of late years we have let our friends, the white people, come in, and you know the result. We, his children, have failed to obey his laws.”

• “Apatohsipikunni”= Northern Piegan • “Siksika”= Blackfoot The Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Many Leaders) and Pikunni (Scabby Robes) always looked out for one another, providing allegiance and support. The different bands also inter-married and gathered all together for Sundance ceremonies.

Pikunni Language Sukapi “Good”

Amskapipikanni “Southern Piegan”

Nitsitapiksi “Real People”


Nitsitapiisinni “Our Way of Life”

“People who speak the real language”


Sukapi Times / Naa-tsi-ko-pot-to (12)

Native News Briefs Wednesday, April 30, 2014: “Ho Chunk Nation Opposes Railway Through

Sites” The Ho-Chunk Nation is opposing a railroad expansion project in Wisconsin. The tribe says the proposed BNSF Railway line poses a threat to sacred sites and raises health and safety concerns. The four-mile route passes through Ho-Chunk territory. Arvina Martin, chief communications officer for the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature said, “This process does require a lot of consultation and we do need to have that happen, you can’t get around it. The Ho-Chunk Nation has to be consulted.”BNSF said it respects tribal sovereignty and negotiations with tribe will proceed.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014: “New Chief sworn in”

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has a new chief. Gary Batton, former assistant chief, was sworn in as chief on Monday. “This is such an honoring and humbling experience for me to be up here and to serve as your Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma,” Batton said during his inaugural address. “I want to tell the Council, the judges, Chief Pyle, and everyone how much I appreciate you all. One of the things I stand for is unity. As long as we stand together united, there is nothing that will hold us back.” The Choctaw Nation is the third largest tribe in the U.S.

Monday, April 28, 2014: “Native inmates win tobacco use case” The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Native inmates in a dispute over tobacco use. Prison officials in South Dakota banned the use of tobacco in ceremonies. The court ruled that the policy violates the religious freedom of Indian inmates. “We conclude that the record supports the district court’s determination that the defendants have not satisfied their burden of showing that the tobacco ban ‘is the least restrictive means of furthering their compelling government interest,’” quoting from the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. The 8th Circuit noted that 27 % of inmates in South Dakota are Native American, the largest percentage of any state. Friday, April 25, 2014: “Confederatred Salish & Kootenai want apology”

The county wants to apologize for racist comments made by a former land planning official. But commissioners said they haven’t been able to set up a meeting with the tribe. Chairman Ronald Trahan did send a letter to the county regarding the land-into-trust application that’s at the center of the debate. He said the tribe has something else in mind. “The best possible apology would be not to interfere with the transfer of the Medicine Tree property from fee to trust status,” the letter states, The Ravalli Republic reported. “This would honor our continued religious and cultural connection with the property.” The tribe wants the sacred Medicine Tree placed in trust. The county, however, is asking the Bureau of Indian Affairs for more information. Thursday, April 24, 2014: “Navajo Nation taxes junk foods” The Navajo Nation Council failed to revive a higher tax on junk foods. Council delegates attempted to override two vetoes by President Ben Shelly. They succeeded in eliminating the tribe’s 5 percent tax on healthy foods but failed to approve an additional 2 percent tax on junk foods. The Dine Community Advocacy Alliance said it will continue to push for the higher tax. The group says it will address high rates of diabetes and obesity on the reservation.

Tribal Issue: The People’s Solution Issue: “Conquered Nation” or negative mentality People’s Solution: To regain mental & spiritual balance we must educate the world of our Pikunni Nation’s way of life Our history must be rewritten by our own people! Everyday, more Pikunni become interested in their Nation’s history. Educated Pikunni & our elders will lead our Nation back to greatness and save our history from becoming lost. Learning from our past will help us design a superior future for our Nation. Learning from a friend of the Blackfeet, George Catlin, in 1845, stated: “The several tribes of Indians, inhabiting the Upper Missouri, are undoubtedly the finest looking, best equipped and most beautifully costumed. . . They live in a country well stocked with buffaloes and wild horses, which furnish them an excellent and easy living; their atmosphere is pure, which produces good health and long life, and they are the most independent and happiest race of Indians I have met with: they are all entirely in a state of primitive rudeness and wildness, and consequently are picturesque and handsome, almost beyond description. Nothing in the world, of its kind, can possibly surpass in beauty and grace some of their games, amusements and parades. In my travels I have more than realized my former predictions that those Indians, who could be found almost entirely in a state of nature, with the least knowledge of civilised society, elegant in their dress and manners, and enjoying life to the greatest perfection. Of such tribes perhaps the. . . Blackfeet stand first.” Please submit your tribal “Issue” and “Solution” to sukapitimesmedia/ or

Pikunni Briefs

Pikunni Briefs Know your Blackfeet Nation’s Constitution & By-Laws

Sukapi Times / Ni-ko-pot-to (13)

Financial Can someone in the community please figure out how much money we are losing as tribal members of the Blackfeet Nation? Last time we counted there were 11 official and unofficial tribal council members getting paid with tribal monies.

The Blackfeet Tribe is a sovereign nation. The United States made legally binding Nation-to-Nation treaties with the Pikunni Nation in order to expand their colonization westward. As an independent nation within the boundaries of what is now the United States, we were Health forced to adopt a constitution that determines the rights, laws, remChange in seasons usually brings sickness with it. Eat lots of edies and governing body of our Pikunni Nation. fruits and vegetables to combat sicknesses. Remember to monitor your childs temperature & symptoms. If your unsure of how your Sukapi Times will show our citizens our constitution from beginning child is feeling or how hot their temperature is please visit I.H.S. to end. *Tribal Constitutions can be changed with a petition signed by 1/3 of the qualified voters of the tribe. Legal _________________________ Have you been harrassed, mistreated, abused, assaulted, threatened or intimidated by Tribal, State, or B.I.A. Police officers? Su-Approved December 13, 1935 kapi Times is conducting an investigation concerning the rampant police brutality, misconduct, & abuse of power that threatens our Constitution and By-Laws For The Blackfeet Tribe community. If you know or have been a victim of police misOf The Blackfeet Indian Reservation Of Montana conduct or abuse please contact Sukapi Times & Niisitapi Legal - Last Amended 1978 Services at: to share your story & get legal advice. “We, the adult members of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe, pursuant to the “Anonymous” is welcome. authority vested in us by Section 16 of the Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Statutes at large, page 986), and amendments thereto, do hereby orgaEnvironment nize for the common welfare of said tribe and the members thereof, and The most significant buffalo site you never heard of has been disfor such purpose do adopt the following constitution for the governcovered on the Pikunni Nation! One of the oldest buffalo sites ment, protection, and common welfare of the said tribe and members ever found is located near Boarding School. The Blackfeet Tribe thereof.” halted a Federal Government construction project, after it discovered buffalo remains dating back ancient times of our ancestors. ARTICLE I - TERRITORY The site may a heated legal battle between the Blackfeet Tribe “The jurisdiction of the Blackfeet Tribe shall extend to the territory & the Federal Gov’t. But the preservation of our cultural sites is within the confines of the Blackfeet Reservation boundaries as defined something our Nation will stand up for. in the agreement of September 26, 1895; and to such other lands as may be hereafter added thereto under any law of the United States, except as Education otherwise provided by law.” Next Week: “Article II - Membership Our grade school kids may be suffering from test anxiety & lack of exercise. A common complaint of school age children is that Almos ‘der! “there is too much work!” School age children have already cut I gotta get in shape for that down their recess & lunch time. Socializing has taken a backseat pack test! Theres no way I will to test taking and reading hours. Funding is dependent on acafail it again this year... demic success. But is cultural learning time & the active nature of children a wise sacrifice? Tribal Council The two fueding Tribal Council factions failed to pay tribal members & TANF. “Sharp Faction” wrote a letter asking opposing faction to “allow payroll” & “TANF” paid. Roger “Sassy” Running Crane, Earl Old Person, Shannon Augare & Leonard Guardipee responded by writing “No!” on the payroll offer and faxing it back to the “Sharp Faction.” Game continues. Cobell Update Cobell Trust Settlement is responding to concerns over payment delay. The Garden City Group can’t issue the last round of payments until all members of the Trust Administration Class are identified. May 20, 2014 is the earliest we can anticipate payments. But the process could take longer because appeals are still being considered.

Blackfeet Nation 15m


Sukapi Times / Nii-si-ko-pot-to (14)


By: Karl Lee Ingraham “Spaistak”


Sukapi Times Media is your premiere media outlet for the most powerful tribal nation on the North American Continent; your one and only Amskapi Pikunni (Southern Pikunni) aka The Blackfeet Nation. Sukapi Times Media is an independent and Blackfeet owned media source dedicated to inspiring unity in our tribal community. Our mission is to unite, enlighten, educate, entertain and inspire positive change both in the community and the individual. We aim to instill pride, promote the interests of the public and add to the unique identity that exists in our local Blackfeet communities. Sukapi Times Media has numerous events, activities and community service type projects planned for the upcoming future with the intention of bringing everyone together to make change and live, laugh and love each other just as our ancestors did. Sukapi Times Media will fight for freedom of expression and diversity; and enforce the rights, powers and welfare of our Pikunni citizens; under the powers we hold as a sovereign Nation. Voice of the Niisitapi, “Original People” or “Real People” Sukapi Times Media is a PRODUCT of THE PEOPLE! Serving as the people’s voice; providing a community forum for opinions, ideas, concerns, wisdom, knowledge and aid in the perpetuation of our Pikunni traditions and culture. We aim to get every person in the community actively involved in making our community a more cultural, positive and productive place to live. Sukapi Times Media will also achieve the goal of educating and promoting active tribal and political participation of every Blackfeet tribal member. We aim to inform the Niisitapi and our audience around the world about the triumphs and tragedies that affect our great Blackfeet Nation.

7th Generation Prophecy: From darkness to light

For centuries the United States knew that in order to dismantle a society of people it had to cut off its children from their roots. Sukapi Times Media aims to address and seek solutions for the generations of oppression, forced assimilation, deprivation and subjugation perpetrated by the United States and B.I.A. on the Amskapii Pikunni. As a result of the historical trauma and oppressive American policies, our Native children do not have a sense of being or culture. Generations of Natives after the boarding era can be dubbed “The Lost Generations” because the elders and adults who carried the responsibility of teaching the youth and perpetuating our Native culture and traditions were afraid to see their family or tribesmen suffer the abuse and mistreatment they received; resulting in serious culture loss. The aftermath of forced assimilation on our youth has plagued our tribal communities with disproportionately high rates of poverty, unemployment, crime, suicide, substance abuse, violence, malnutrition, lack of education, health crisis’s and many other social ills. It’s time for the Amskapi Pikunni and every Native Nation to take

Sukapi Times / Nii-si-tsi-ko-pot-to (15)


Media Independence

Sukapi Times Media has NO affiliation with any government entity (tribal, county, city, a stand against the negativity of the world and to start thinking state or federal). We are a true reflection of of their children as belonging to the Creator again, given to us to nurture and teach for the survival of our Nation. Our brothers from OUR COMMUNITY and THE PEOPLE who view our media. Our goal is to provide the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy believed that “In our every our audience with the highest journalistic indeliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the tegrity, separate fact from fiction, expose the next seven generations.” It is now our duty as awakened Amskapi Pikunni and sovereign Native Nations, to honor and love our issues and provide for a free and informed children because they are the future of our great Nations. Through public. The American Indian Civil Rights love, we instill in our Blackfeet sons and daughters pride, respect, Handbook and the Constitution and ByLaws for the Blackfeet Tribe under Article values, morals, culture and traditions. Sukapi Times Media believes that when Native families are cultured and strong, our tribal VIII, section III “Civil Liberties” protects our basic human right to freedom of speech. communities will become healthy and more powerful than our ancestors & us could ever imagine. We are all alive today because We encourage the development of healthy our ancestors fought for our survival. Please help Sukapi Times re- and cooperative solutions to our current and turn the favor and together we will build a future for our Amskapi future tribal issues. Sukapi Times Media is driven by the Amskapii Pikunni virtue of Pikunni Nation and children brighter than 10,000,000,000 suns. honesty and integrity. Sukapi Times Warrior Ethos Sukapi Times Media will promote the interests and welfare of the Amskapi Pikunni and stand as a watch dog group for the issues and decisions made by our Tribal Council. Since the establishment of modern tribal governments via the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) of 1934, many elected tribal council persons have turned their backs on the very people they were elected to serve. The virtues of our great ancestral Blackfeet leaders such as generosity, wisdom, bravery, knowledge and being a true servant to the Niisitapiks, have been replaced with greed, corruption, cowardice, and self-interested political agendas that have swindled our tribe of their god given sovereignty, culture and resources. It was life’s very existence that our brave Amskapi Pikunni fought and died for. Our Blackfeet ancestors did not die in vain and we will NOT STAND for any further culture loss or blows to our sovereignty! We intend to enforce the BLACKFEET PEOPLE’S decisions concerning what is best for our Nation and stand up for what we think is right for the future of our great Nation. We have sat back for too long and watched individuals on council bring our Nation into the gutters. We, the Blackfeet people, must unite for the welfare and perpetuation of our great Nation. Let us be a reminder to our elected government officials that governments cease to exist if the people choose not to follow. Sukapi Times Media will fight for freedom of expression and diversity; and in general, to promote the rights, powers and welfare of our Nation; under the powers we hold as sovereign people. Education, Preservation, Revitalization of Pikunni culture Educate, promote and perpetuate Ampskapi Pikunni culture, traditions and history is a vital part of what Sukapi Times Media achieves. We firmly believe that if we emulate the ways of our ancestors, the current state of our society would be drastically better. We need our elders more than ever to step forward and share their wisdom and help our community members engage in their culture and traditions, and to provide for an outlet to the youth of our community to become more involved in changing our society for the betterment of all.

Sukapi Times concurs with the 1927 Grand Council of American Indians

“The white people, who are trying to make us over into their image, they want us to be what they call “assimilated,” bringing the Indians into the mainstream and destroying our own way of life and our own cultural patterns. They believe we should be contented like those whose concept of happiness is materialistic and greedy, which is very different from our way. We want freedom from the white man rather than to be integrated. We don’t want any part of the establishment, we want to be free to raise our children in our religion, in our ways, to be able to hunt and fish and live in peace. We don’t want power, we don’t want to be congressmen, or bankers....we want to be ourselves. We want to have our heritage, because we are the owners of this land and because we belong here. The white man says, there is freedom and justice for all. We have had “freedom and justice,” and that is why we have been almost exterminated. We shall not forget this.”

Designing a brighter future for our Nationhood

It is our mission at Sukapi Times Media to combat and alleviate the aforementioned social dilemmas. The content of Sukapi Times Media aims to eliminate the oppressed state of mind or “Conquered Nation” mentality that permeates throughout the community and replace it with inspiration, hope, optimism, change, encouragement, humor, aspirations and a revitalization of traditional values and culture. It’s our objective to break the chains of oppression and despair and inspire unity throughout the community. We must stop experiencing oppression individually and start eliminating it collectively and Sukapi Times intends to be that basis for positive change. We must stop waiting for change to happen and start making it happen!

We, the new leaders of the Amskapi Pikunii and the Blackfoot Confederacy announce to the world that we are here to take our place among the sovereign Nations of mankind, responsible to no one person or authority, because there is no one greater than ourselves except the Iit-tsi-pah-tah-pii-oop (Great Source of All Life.) Sukapi Times Media provides the means of bringing the Niisitapi and other Native Nations back to our great and beautiful legacies, a time when people honored and loved each other and felt their native spirituality at the center of their being. The late Chief Yellow Horn of the Blackfoot Confederacy said,

“We are the children of the Great Holy Being, iit-tsi-pahtah-pii-oop (the Source of Life) We gather together of our own free will because the Creator made us to be free and to live in harmony. We call together those who have been members of our alliance in the ancient past. We welcome those who wish to join us from among the other nations. We call you home to be our relatives in the shining light of knowledge and the love of our Creator. Once again, we shall live by our sacred vows, spirituality, traditions, and beliefs. We have created a great and powerful nation based upon respect and honor for all beings of this Earth and beyond.”

Real Talk

Sukapi Times / Nai-ko-pot-to (16)

Wade’s Words “The Spring Shift”

By: Wade Davison “Nii-ta-ka”

Tribal Accountability Project

This is a Sukapi Times concept project with the objective of ending government & individual corruption, miconduct, theft, & unSukapi Times lawfulness within our Blackfeet Territory. We ask the community As we shift into Spring 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere, more Light to please send us any information regarding unlawfulness within is now entering our days. We welcome this shift with open hearts be- our Nation’s borders. cause we know of the gifts that this increase in energy will bring to us. The dismal days of winter are behind us, and a sense of excitement fills We would love to investigate any wrongful the fresh spring air. This shift is all about the growth and expansion of conduct that is not in the best interest of our life. As creatures of Earth, we have been programmed and conditioned Blackfeet Nation. through our experiences to expect this seasonal change to bring flowers, fresh food, and fun in the sun. As the hibernating animals begin to wake up out of their deep slumbers, this is also the perfect time for the ALL NAMES & INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL IT LAWFULLY BECOMES PUBLIC INFORMATION humans of the planet to wake up from the dream world that we have been collectively experiencing. With this shift in the seasons, I invite you to begin to shift your mind and perspective. Just as we have been programmed and conditioned to expect spring to bring longer days and new life, we have also been pro- H K N L W A R B O N N E T B X S grammed and conditioned to expect other things in life. For example, we have been raised and led to believe: that the mainstream media, R E M M U R D S I O M Q H E D S through corporately owned newspapers and TV broadcasts, gives us accurate and unbiased information; that government officials and lead- R S R E H T A E F Y J C W L A A ers are setting policies that are in the best interests of the people; that police and military operations are making our world a safer and more T N I K S K C U B C R B I L E R secure place; that other’s experiences will be our own experiences; and Y R L N G G W K E X G G N S R G that things as we see and hear them are just as they seem to be. We have been at the mercy of our handlers ever since we came into existence in this world as a newborn baby. By “handlers” I mean O A A N N O C O G C I G D G B F parents or guardians, elders, doctors, teachers, priests/pastors, government officials, and other “authority figures.” If we did not comply with Y B L D I U I A S S V X I M Y E the demands of our handlers, we faced consequences that were often painful, and those painful consequences left lasting impressions. If C M T E I S K P H I E I A Z R M we misbehaved when we were children, we were spanked, punished, and grounded. If we acted-up in school, we had to miss recesses or N K O M R T A U I X A P N O F A stay in after-school detention; or worse yet for those who were the victims of some residential schools. We have been shaped and coerced A B Y B F N I C P T W U T A S G to conform to and comply with the demands of our authority figures, and to accept their truth as our truth, without question. We have been F F S V L C A O C I A K A F Z D programmed and conditioned to blindly accept things that we are told without questioning it for ourselves. We have been taught to accept the M H I C K I E I N O Y A C A B N narrow and limited versions of others. We have been conditioned to see through the eyes of someone else, while neglecting what our own O E R O D E O U D A M E O M K A eyes see. It is time that we begin to create a new reality for ourselves. L V N I G G A N S N L N A I K H It is time that we begin to ask deeper questions, both to others and ourselves. Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything we hear is opinion, not K H T B L A N K E T I S E L Z N a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” I encourage every one of you to begin the process of analyzing the information that I D O J I N G L E V S Y E Y S D you are bombarded with on a daily basis with a little more skepticism, giveaway pukunni and to begin questioning things a little more before accepting that thing bells blanket grass rodeo as being true. It is time to realize that we do not have to blindly accept handgame snaggin the opinions and perspectives of others around us. We do not have to buckskin drummer hickie sneakup listen to the voice that is the loudest; we have to begin listening to the indianrelay tipi whispering voice coming from within our hearts. We must shift from family fancy indiantaco toys being victims of the world around us, to being creators of our world. jingle traditional Every moment is a new moment! Take a deep breath of spring air and feather frybread moccasin warbonnet see the world around you with fresh eyes and a pure heart.

Sukapi Times / Ih-ki-tsi-ki-ko-pot-to (17)

Same ol; Same ol By: Jerry Blevins

Real People

Sukapi Meme of the Week

“In these United State we can be anything we want except for the Indian. Created by the laws of this Nation and condoned by its subsidiary, the socalled Tribal Government is designed for the Indian to fail; to be expendable, to be eliminated!...Tribal governments are not one of our (Indian) institutions. It is foreign to us, even to this day. We have yet to recover!” -Russel Means According to Russel Means, corruption is rampant in the contracting offices of the B.I.A and their surrogate Tribal Government. In addition he says the B.I.A., the infamous colonial office of the Dept. of Interior and the initiator of sleaze in Government, has been regulation contracting on our Indian Reservation since 1824. Contractors receive contracts only to produce shoddy dangerous bridges, buildings, schools, roads and damns. The Indian is the scapegoat when there is failure and always the one indicted. Mr. Means has tried to develop economic development on several reservations but failed. He summed it up by saying: “I now realize that Tribal Government does not want economic development unless graft is a major ingredient.” Again, Means puts it plainly to the Committee on Indian Affairs. “The poorest and the richest reservations are suffering from the exact same problems: mismanagement, a bloated patronage system, no checks and balances, and the Tribal Governments waiver of Sovereignty in order to initiate debt. This is nothing new; it is an everyday occurrence in all Tribal Governments. The Problem is leadership. Good leaders are supposed to work for a better quality of life for their people never-the-less; a vast majority of tribal officials, parasite on the incestuous world of tribal politics. The game of who is the most important rules. It is embarrassing. Every time the U.S. Government interfered with Indian lifestyle it has proven disastrous.” This was a part of Russel Means testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs in 1989. Nothing has changed. A good friend of mine has a paper written in 1939 complaining about the very same thing. Do you honestly think that voting-in different individuals will really change anything? The problem is systemic. We will never be rid of graft and corruption till we fix the system and design it with oversight by a separate entity. A few years ago I suggested we have a separate agency if you will. You can call it what you want. I call it a real Internal Affairs Commission authorized to investigate internal corruption and spending by placing a check and balance system in place to actually stop graft and corruption. Such an agency could perform audits on a bi-annual bases and check with funding agencies for accuracy. Its authority would come directly from the people through voting. This agency would not be a part of the actual tribal government as it would not be able to interfere in tribal business only to ensure above board transactions. The Tribal Council would have no authority over said department but would in fact have to comply with business practices and procedures put in place by the Internal Affairs Commission. You can look at it from a traditional perspective and call it a society. The functional byproduct would be graft and corruption largely reduced, ensured honest elections and proper use of funding and up to code structures and infrastructure. You may not agree with what I have proposed but it begins to start people thinking about solutions on a larger scale. The proposed constitution would have allowed for even more graft and corruption because the people were left out without a REAL voice, no one looking out for the people. Traditionally this is not leadership and as Means puts it, “it is an insult for the state and federal government to call tribal councils leaders.” This time vote for fresh blood with good ideas, not for the same old politicians pushing their same old agenda but not really concerned for the welfare of the people.

Developing Stories 1. Glacier County illegally taxes tribal members. 2. The Town of Browning is illegally stealing the Pikunni Nation’s water. 3. Greatest buffalo site in Pikunni History may be destroyed by the construction of a new Federal Boarding School. 4. Tribal factionalism and the loss of tribal monies. 5. Earl Old Person’s legitimacy as chief & why our Nation has gone into more poverty & suffering since he became chief


Please share your story. All ideas, opinions, knowledge are welcome!

Place your Advertisement’s in

Q: I have a situation. I am re-

ally attracted to this one guy and I think he likes me too. But my dad says we’re cuzents. The problem is he says that about every guy I am thinking about getting with. How far back does this cuzent thing go anyways and why does it matter? Can you help me? -Everyone’s Cuz

ASK Omar Shabazz Bear Braids

Dear Everyone’s Cuz, Sukapi Times That’s a nice wedding vow: “Till blood do us part.” Does this Advice columnist guy have a sister? He has to be bleeping gorgeous with chokecherry eyes and smell like frybread for you to question your bloodlines. I know that it might require more effort but try to go away from grandma and grandpa’s house when you are looking for some loving fun. If you don’t want to put much effort you could chase a brother or uncle as well. If you need concrete proof about your cousin you should seek out the advice from grandparents. If all else fails and you are related to everybody in the corner of the rez, marry a Crow, Cree or Cut Bank person.

Q: I am a single mother with one child. I would like to get back into the dating game but I don’t want to get with someone at a bar or a tire fire. Also, I’m afraid no guy will want to be in a relationship with me because I have a kid. Do you have any dating advice for me, or am I doomed to be alone forever? -Single Mom

Dear Single Mom, You have just listed the only options you see on most reservations, as a staggering one-anddone or turning your home into an imaginary Guantanamo Bay. It sounds like you are picking your last meal for death row. “Spoiled pork chops or festered ham?” You’re a t-bone so act like it and if you put yourself on the market make sure you look for the best venues. One possible scouting trip would be the local work-out facilities but please don’t stare long enough to where your eyes dry open and you’re considered a danger to others. It’s alright to peek over the fence at out-of-towners. If our town offers your legal hobbies in locations then go there to scout. Use the same instincts you would use at the local watering hole. On-line classifieds don’t spell desperate but Craigslist happenings could shy away even the bravest. Is it too soon to mention that? Please keep in mind that kids are a gift and shouldn’t scare away any buck deer, unless you are raising the reincarnation of everybody’s favorite uncle, Charlie Manson. Don’t sell yourself short unless your nose beats you around the corner by 5 seconds or you have a uni-brow that can be made into a small child’s jacket. If you need more encouragement, the term MILF should help keep your head up. Mr. Bear Braids (alias) received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Montana. We welcome any questions that you may have. Preference is given to questions regarding life on the reservation. Facebook sukapitimesmedia/facebook or email

“We Hope you enjoyed the Sukapi Experience!

We encourage everyone to participate in next week’s 14th edition of Sukapi Times

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