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Features California's Women Who Brew By Jayce Baron


Harold & Belle's Celebrates A 50th Anniversary and a Golden Future By Veronica Hendrix Photos by Kai Byrd

>> 42 Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo 35th Anniversary By Ashley Yancy

>> 60 FLAIR Fashion Extravaganza Charitable Gala By Ashley Yancy

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What Does It Mean To Be Community Minded?

2019 Summer Events >> 54

From the Publisher It's Good To Be Back >> 10

>> 18

Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo 35th Anniversary

Afrmed: One Woman's Story of Racial Healing

>> 60

By Wendy Gladney

By Sabra Marie

>> 20 Dare To Leave So You Can Live By Cherie Smith-Mosbey

>> 22

By Ashley Yancy

FLAIR Fashion Extravaganza Charitable Gala By Ashley Yancy

>> 64 Bolden Movie Spotlight

Summer Reading List

By Ashley Yancy

By Ashley Yancy

>> 68

>> 24

SuiteCauses Deepening Our Roots by Vincent Jones

>> 28 Tacos Can Help End Youth Homelessness >> 32

National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) 20th Annual Media Summit >> 71

California's Women Who Brew By Jayce Baron

>> 42

Photos by Joshua Berrymon

>> 14 Agenda So Cal 2019 Summer Events >> 53 The Suite List featuring Event, Media and Marketing Professionals >> 72 Gift Suite 5 Suite Treat Giveaway Ideas >> 75


>> 36

By Veronica Hendrix Photos by Kai Byrd

SuitePlaces Scenes from the President Barack Obama Boulevard Street Naming

Concierge Travel Fast and Save with CLEAR >> 76


Harold & Belle's Celebrates A 50th Anniversary and a Golden Future

Contributors Meet The Suite Team >> 12




It’s Good To Be Back! Welcome to the inaugural issue of Suite Life So Cal Magazine, a concierge magazine for people who love to stay connected and engaged. If you routinely are planning an event, attending an event, or just curious about what's happening around you, then you have found the perfect publication for you. This edition follows in the tradition of our previously published magazine called SAVE THE DATE – rst released in December 1999 until 2010 – except with an expanded vision and mission. With SAVE THE DATE, we proudly took on the task of providing a master calendar of events for the greater Los Angeles area. Back then, before social media and powerful search engines, you had to collect newspaper after newspaper to pull together a meager resemblance of a comprehensive calendar of events. We saw a need and strived to ll it. Today, while we still recognize the need to have a master calendar – we still get calls about it – we also believe that there is more to do. A close second to the “what's going on” calls are the “do you know who does” calls. The growing requests for information, regarding professionals and businesses that provide services related to events, marketing, media, printing and creative needs help spark the creation of The Suite Life, where having a suite of tools and resources via a centralized source elevates your chances for success. In each issue, we will feature The Suite List, an events and marketing industry resource guide; along with the Agenda So Cal, our new calendar of events guide. You will also nd informative featured articles, city spotlights and proles on useful products and services to aid you in planning a successful event. In addition, we will soon integrate the magazine onto our new website for greater capabilities. We invite you to stay in touch and provide feedback. Our new website will be up later this summer, but you can visit us at to view our homepage and sign up to receive updates. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Sarah Harris, Publisher #suitelifesocal

Finally, I must express my deepest gratitude for all the support and encourage through this process on getting this rst issue out. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I thank you all – family, friends, clients and colleagues. Too many to name, but you know who you are. Stay Suite!



Suite Life SO CAL



CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jayce Baron, Wendy Gladney, Veronica Hendrix, Vincent Jones, Sabra Marie, Cherie Smith-Mosbey, Ashley Yancy CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Joshua Berrymon, Kai Byrd, Sabra Marie ADVISOR Wendy Gladney

CONTACT Suite Life So Cal: 6709 La Tijera Blvd, #625, Los Angeles, CA 90045 323.445.6745, Visit us online: (coming September 2019) Follow us on: Instagram " Facebook " Twitter @suitelifesocal #suitelifesocal FALL 2019 ISSUE ADVERTISEMENT DEADLINE: AUGUST 2ND, 2019



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Veronica Hendrix

Suite Team

is a Los Angeles-based food writer and creator of the food blog

who help make this inaugural issue a reality.

collardgreenscaviar collardscaviar collardgreensandcaviar


Ashley Yancey


Jayce Baron

A Gemini sun with a Leo moon, I am whiskey in a tea cup personified. Midwest raised, East Coast built, and West Coast enlightened means I am no stranger to good food, epic rap battles, and cautious optimism. It’s a marathon, not a sprintproceed accordingly.

is a published author, producer, and advocate based between Southern California and New York City. Visit him at jaycebaron fancyayancey

Sabra Marie



is a writer and photographer, aspiring to inspire through her storytelling.

Kai Byrd

Follow her journey at: sabra_marie

is the owner of Kai Byrd Photography and provides Editor and Digital Assets services | ©Kaibyrdphotography Follow Kai at: kaibyrd_



Kirsten Garrison

Professional problemsolver – empathic soul with boundaries – healthy foodie, but raised on a Midwestern/Southern diet. Balance is key. xoxokb kbthebusyb 12




Joshua Berrymon

is an urban street photographer based in Los Angeles. “I’ve been taking pictures for over 2 years now and I'm loving how I can serve my artistic eye through the lens. When you search “urban Los Angeles,” I want my images to be the first thing you see. coolin_caughtit

I take my inspiration from those who have smashed barriers, fought for change and, many times, suffered greatly in the process. I trust that if my contributions measure a tenth of their efforts, I will have made a difference. — Sarah R. Harris




Suite Places


fter introducing a motion to rename “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard,” City Council President Herb Wesson moved swiftly to make the change happen. On Saturday, May 4, 2019 — a beautiful sunny day — the community poured in onto Rodeo Road to see the black draped cloth come down to reveal the new vibrant blue signs with “Obama Boulevard” imprinted upon them. Our street photographer, Joshua Berrymon was there to capture this momentous day in photos. We count President Barack Obama Boulevard as a Suite Place to be.







Suite Life SO CAL

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What Does It Mean To Be

Community Minded? Story by Wendy Gladney Photo by Kerry James


ver a quarter of a century ago, I had the idea to start a company that would help community-based organizations, nonprots, and small businesses with their event and meeting needs. My formal education was not necessarily in that eld (I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science), but I've always had a heart for community and many of my talents and skill sets were in line with this type of work. What I didn't know, I was willing to learn. Over these past twenty-ve-plus years, I've had the privilege of working with many of the best organizations and companies in Southern California and I've been able to employ many full- and part-time employees. Throughout the years, because of the various groups and organizations I've either worked for or helped, I was able to meet some amazing people that gave me opportunities that eventually opened other doors for me. I became a columnist for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper, a weekly guest expert on Front Page with Dominique DiPrima on 102.3 KJLH Radio, and a columnist for the Inland Valley News, as well as other media outlets across the country. These opportunities gave me a voice that the community came to trust and depend on for information that was pertinent to our community. I am humbled by this trust and I don't take it lightly. With time, things change. I learned that if I wanted to stay relevant, I had to continue to grow and increase what I could offer to my clients. My commitment and love for the community has never wavered and I know that whatever I do and no matter where I may go, my home is the community. We must never forget where we've come from and the people who have helped us as we are moving forward and growing. I also remember some of the core values my grandmother taught me as a child: to be kind to others and to always try to 18


nd a way to help others. Don't ever make something just about you. As I've evolved and grown over the years with my business, I've taken classes to stay sharp and on the cutting edge of my industry. While I was heavily involved with the meetings and events business, I realized that clients needed someone that could also help them with things like soliciting sponsorships, developing collateral materials, putting together auctions, writing press releases, and basically helping them by being an ambassador in the community on their behalf. Everything became building blocks to the next season. Some of my clients over the years also became friends. The more we spent time together, the more I became a part of their inner circle and sometimes even a condant. As these relationships developed, they began to also ask my advice for certain things pertaining to either their personal or professional lives. This trust caused me to consider once again upping my game to be in a better position to serve. I went back to school to become a Certied Coach (Life, Legacy, and Leadership). Most recently, I graduated from the Protocol School of Washington (PSOW) where I am certied as an Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer. This provides me with the intellectual and practical information to help others with understanding etiquette, diversity, protocol, and diplomacy and how it can help you in your everyday life. At this phase of my career I've launched what I call “Season of Greatness.” More to come on that. As you can see, everything about me and what I do is with the community in mind. I believe that when you lift others you can't be left behind. More than ever, we must remember to help others. After all, someone has helped us get to where we are. When all is said and done, I hope I will have done more than I said.

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on! To learn more, visit: Wendy is an international coach, consultant, author, and speaker. WendyGladney SeasonofGreatness





One Woman's Story of Racial Healing Story and Photo by Sabra Marie


ocal community leader, Dr. Michele G. Turner, also known as “Sheli” to her friends, wears many hats. She

is an executive, educator, entrepreneur, advocate, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. As Executive Director of the USC Black Alumni Association and a champion for the students she serves, Dr. Turner is committed to advancing policies that promote higher education access, equity, and inclusion. Because of her family background and upbringing, she understands the importance of afrmation and the need for racial healing in today's political climate.

rner Sheli Tu

As a biracial woman who spent her summers with her grandparents in the conservative South, Turner was led to tell her story. AFFIRMED: Life Lessons in Racial Healing and Transformation is a compilation of thirteen unique "life lessons." In her story, she breaks her silence about being biracial in America and delves into the depths of the love, the heartache, and the resiliency of a life transformed through racial healing. Sheli was inspired to tell her truth concerning being an individual surrounded by afrmation, encouragement, and love and how those ideals shaped her into the woman she is today. In offering her story as lessons to others, Turner doesn't just tell a story; she offers an authentic, thoughtful response to the social conicts regarding black/white division that keep American society in crisis. Beginning in a time prior to Loving vs. Virginia, Sheli's story traverses San Francisco and Virginia, exploring three generations of family. Anyone with a curiosity about humanity, family, race, politics, and social justice will enjoy learning her story. Turner hopes that in sharing her story, people will learn that intention is the backbone of racial healing, and that when we make the decision to live intentionally in this regard, we cannot help but see life differently. To learn more about the author and her story, visit:









Dare To Leave So You Can Live By Cherie Smith-Mosbey


s it possible to prevent domestic violence? We’ve all heard of it, some of us have seen it, someone we know and love may be going through it, and some of us have lived it. What if there were signs like a trafc light to show how relationships go from green to yellow to red? What would you do to avoid the red? Cherie is a freedom strategist who helps her clients get unstuck, build condence, and elevate their relationship intuition. In her 14 years, as a criminal investigator, every domestic violence case she handled ended in homicide. She observed a pattern of evolution in those cases and it’s her mission to educate on that evolution to save lives. She wrote Dare to Leave So You Can Live to share the phases of relationship escalation and the freedom strategies to get out before they turn violent. Her company, Walking Without Weights, inspires and empowers all to pursue healthy relationships because no one should be abused, beaten or lose their life because they fell in love.

Cherie Smith-Mosbey is a Retired Criminal Defense Investigator, Freedom Strategist & Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate. She is also a Coach, Author and Speaker.

clsmithmosbey WalkingWithoutWeights


SUMMER 2019 | SUITELIFESOCAL.COM walking_without_weights


Summer Reading List By: Ashley Yancey


We Cast a Shadow by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

A brilliant satire about racial identity in America, this futuristic novel set in a Southern town explores what happens when a biracial young man undergoes an experimental demelanization medical procedure, all at the insistence of his father. By examining the extremes of prejudice, Rufn's debut explores just how far one may go when desperately attempting to survive racism in America.


What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker by Damon Young

From the co-founder of the award-winning blog, Very Smart Brothas, Young's debut of provocative and humorous essays proves to be a refreshing approach to the mundane, disheartening headlines that plague our society today. Helping to redene what it means to be black (and male) in America, this is sure to be a welcome addition to your summer beach reads.


The Care and Feeding of Ravenous Girls by Anissa Gray

A stunning debut novel from a senior editor at CNN, Gray has penned one of the most anticipated books of the year. When a woman and her husband are arrested for a crime their small-town police department refuses to disclose, her younger sisters decide to take matters into their own hands to protect the family's honor. Much in the vein of An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, this is a story of love, family, and forgiveness.


The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

Hailed as an urgent call to courage for all, Gates shares many of the stories and experiences she's had building up societies of women, helping them escape poverty and lead their communities to empowerment and wellness. As she shares in the introduction, “That is why I had to write this book–to share the stories of people who have given focus and urgency to my life. I want all of us to see ways we can lift women up where we live.”


The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

In this powerful follow-up to his award-winning debut novel The Underground Railroad, Whitehead brilliantly dramatizes another little-known piece of American history. Based on the real story of a horric reform school in Florida during the mid-20th century, the ctional Elwood Curtis nds himself sentenced to an undened term at The Nickel Academy, a local reformatory, after making an innocent mistake during the Jim Crow era. Once enrolled, he discovers the Academy is actually a devastating house of horrors and to survive, his idealistic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sensibility may need to be cast aside in favor of a more conniving, drastic approach. 24


Check out the Leimert Park Village Book Fair

Saturday, August 24, 2019 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Application Deadline: Monday, July 1, 2019


NOTE: The authors profiled below are not necessarily affiliated with the Leimert Park Village Book Fair.


The Source of Self-Regard by Toni Morrison

Possibly the most-celebrated and awarded writer of our era, this collection of Morrison's essays, speeches, and mediations spans decades as it discusses our society, culture, and art. Split into three sections, it includes a prayer for the victims of 9/11, a meditation on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a eulogy for her beloved James Baldwin. Intimately personal, Morrison effortlessly exes her literary prowess throughout the pages and delivers a beautiful portrait of much of her life's work.


Heavy by Kiese Laymon

A bold, courageous memoir from the critically-acclaimed Southern writer, Heavy explores Laymon's complex and at times problematic relationship with his mother. Exploring topics of abuse, family secrets, addiction, gambling, and racism that all semi-dened his upbringing, Laymon offers a deant, yet vulnerable, reection on what it may take to responsibly love and ultimately, become free.


Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

From the award-winning author who brought us A Brief History of Seven Killings comes the rst in a fantasy trilogy that can best be described as an African Game of Thrones. James marries African history, myth, and fantasy to create a thrilling saga that follows Tracker, a vigilante hunter, who is hot on the trail of a missing boy who has disappeared for unknown reasons. With the lm rights recently acquired by the actor, Michael B. Jordan, there is more we can expect to see in the future from this title.


Finding My Voice by Valerie Jarrett

Best known as the close friend and condante of the Obama's, Jarrett is the ultimate Obama insider who has chosen to share her own journey as a mother, daughter, public servant, and business leader, to become one of the most sought-after advisors in American government. Passionate about civil rights, women's rights, and justice for all, this intimate reection offers an optimistic perspective on how we can all lift our voices to positively impact the spaces we choose to inhabit.


The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

By examining the dynamics at play with large, diverse groups, Coyle (the author of The Talent Code) teaches us not only how to build and sustain culture, but how to strengthen it once weakened. Unearthing strategies that have helped and harmed large groups-including Navy SEALS, San Antonio Spurs, Zappos, and a gang of jewel thieves-we receive a roadmap on building trust, sparking collaboration, and driving positive change. Culture is not always who we inherently are; sometimes it's what we do.



Congratulations to

Sarah harris on the Launch & Unveiling of

Suite Life Magazine

So Cal

As an Executive Coach for 20 years, I get extremely excited to see dreams realized and I know this has been a sweet dream of yours for some time. Here are a two quotes by me found in pages of books I have written:

“Success is not determined by how much you understand, but how much you believe." Authority Overrides Power: Quick Reminders for Daily Success "I am willing to make the necessary adjustments spiritually, intellectually and emotionally to be the leader I was born to be." Restoration: Seven Compelling Reminders of God's Promise

Barbara A. Perkins, MA, PCC — Inspirational Speaker, Coach and Author 6 818-571-1097 For information on Coaching Services and Professional Development, visit:


Deepening Our Roots The housing crisis in our communities is part of a deeper problem; we're working to address the systemic issues.

By Vincent Jones



From South Los Angeles to Oakland to Long Beach and beyond, California’s historically black neighborhoods are being hit hard by the housing crisis. In community organizations, churches, and family functions, we hear stories of how neighborhoods are being turned upside-down by displacement and gentrication. Unfortunately, the California dream is becoming a nightmare for a growing share of African Americans who are locked out of the abundant opportunities available in our state due to a lack of affordable housing options. At California YIMBY, we’ve been working hard to make sure that the people in Sacramento hear what we’ve been feeling in communities of color for decades: a disparity in housing opportunities for black and Latino families. We’re also working diligently to contribute to the solution with reforms at the local, regional, and state levels that could ensure housing equity isn’t just a catch-phrase for debate, but an actual principle and practice in how our communities grow. There’s no denying the depth of the crisis. In Los Angeles, we’ve learned that over 30% of people experiencing homelessness are African American - despite making up just 9% of the population. In Oakland, the black population has fallen from its high of 47% in 2000 to 31% today - a loss of 27,000 African Americans during that time. The reality hidden behind these numbers doesn’t just happen on its own. Inaction and, at times, intentional efforts to change the complexion of neighborhoods lead to these results. A history of racial redlining - the practice of legally prohibiting black families from living in certain neighborhoods established long-standing patterns of neighborhood segregation that continue to this day. Indeed, Berkeley, California, home to a rich history of black activism, pioneered the practice of drawing lines around neighborhoods of singlefamily homes and saying “No Blacks Allowed.”

From this historic and abhorrent practice, one can draw a straight line to the wealthy, exclusionary, single-family home neighborhoods scattered throughout California today. These neighborhoods have reaped the benets of our state’s remarkably strong economy while shutting out people of color from access to those same opportunities. How have they done this? By banning apartment buildings, duplexes, fourplexes, and other types of “starter homes” that are affordable to the majority of middle and lower income Californians. It is literally illegal to build multi-family housing across large swaths of many California cities. In parts of Los Angeles, the small apartment building you live in today - built before the down-zoning trend of the 1970s - could not be rebuilt legally. California YIMBY (YIMBY stands for “yes in my back yard”) is engaged across our state in efforts to reform these outdated local rules that inhibit access to opportunity for all Californians. Our motto is “California is for Everyone,” because we believe there’s plenty of room in California for everyone to pursue their dreams - especially those of us who have been prevented from doing so by centuries of racist and exclusionary policies. Right now, our biggest push for reform is through Senate Bill 50, the More HOMES Act. The bill, which has the support of non-prot housing developers, unions, environmental groups, and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (among many others), would essentially tear down the invisible walls built around many California cities and communities by creating more four-unit apartments affordable to workers like teachers and nurses across the state, while providing for larger apartments for families and lower-income workers next to our transit services and in areas with high concentrations of jobs. The More HOMES Act also has provisions that prohibit developers from evicting current tenants and demolishing buildings in order to build luxury developments, by creating the strongest renter protections ever offered by the state. It creates a mechanism for sensitive communities - neighborhoods at high risk of gentrication and displacement - to determine additional ways to increase affordable housing options, and gives them control over their futures through long-range planning. And it has the rst-ever statewide requirements for below-market-rate affordable housing, set aside for those who earn low incomes. Last year, a group of prominent civil rights leaders and scholars praised similar legislation for its potential to reduce racial disparities in access to affordable housing in areas with the kinds of jobs, schools, services, and other amenities that we’re all worthy of enjoying. After all, we all paid for these amenities. We all deserve to enjoy them. That’s what we mean when we say California is for everyone - not just those with access privileges, but all of us who call the Golden State our home.

Unfortunately, Senator Anthony Portantino, who represents a district known for being exclusionary, is trying to subvert the democratic process by denying a vote of the full State Senate on the legislation - a vote that is critical for the bill to continue through the process of being debated and improved by the legislature. Ironically, Senator Portantino’s solution for the housing crisis is to issue a vanity license plate that raises money -- not to create more housing, but to raise awareness about the housing crisis. No legislation is perfect. The legislative process, when it works well, is intended to lead to a result that can work for many. The More HOMES Act is the product of many organizations and community leaders across the state weighing in with their thoughts and ideas. It deserves a vote. Learn more about California YIMBY and the More HOMES Act at and join us in this ght.




Tacos Can Help End Youth Homelessness If you are in the vicinity of at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, August 17, 2019, you are surely to smell the delicious aroma of sizzling tacos. Your taste buds will beckon you to come closer to take part in the 2019 L.A. Taco Festival. Organized by Jovenes, Inc., a local nonprot beneting homeless youth, the L.A. Taco Festival is a chance to bring the city together over a well-loved food–tacos, and to support a cause we can all get behind – helping homeless youth succeed. Jovenes is a place of personal transformation for homeless youth between the ages of 18-25. Jovenes provides everything from emergency shelter to permanent housing, helping youth get off the streets and into an apartment of their own. Starting in 2009, Jovenes had an ambitious idea to bring the city together to support our youth by celebrating a food we all love, TACOS! Somehow, there wasn't a Taco Festival in Los Angeles, so Jovenes jumped on the opportunity to close off a few streets at Mariachi Plaza, showcase some of East LA's tastiest tacos, bring in some awesome bands, and create a unique experience where

people can get full, have fun, and support a great cause. Now an annual event, the L.A. Taco Festival has outgrown Mariachi Plaza and moved to Grand Park in the heart of Downtown, attracting thousands of people from across L.A. The best thing is that the festival continues to support homeless youth! Jovenes is launching an innovative new program to take on the crisis of student homelessness on community college campuses in Los Angeles. With the support of the community, they work to help homeless students have the housing stability they need in order to graduate and move their lives forward! Tacos can help end youth homelessness! Everyone is invited to come out to Grand Park on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 12 noon to 8 p.m. for good food, music and a great cause. Proceeds go towards creating homes and community for homeless youth. For vendor information, contact Guillermo Torres at or call (323) 260-8035. For more information, visit or

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for abused/disadvantaged girls and women

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Start earning rewards It works on any smartphone, in seconds! tablet, laptop, or computer.

IT'S EVERYWHERE Available at thousands in-store and online.

Sign up today at: or scan the QR code in the left corner. For more information, call (323) 445-6745.



Give back. Get back.

AA A f ric an A me ri c an B

LI B oa r d L ea d e r s hip I ns t it u t e




They do! The African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI) is the foremost educational organization of board governance for leaders to have an impact in the communities that they serve. AABLI was established in 2011 to develop a pipeline of qualified African American candidates for membership on governing boards and is the only organization in the country created to exclusively train and assist with the placement of African Americans on all types of governing boards and commissions. AABLI offers:

§ § § §

A rigorous board governance certificate program, Board placement assistance, Transformative growth, aligning talented leaders with dynamic organizations, and Access to its community of talented professionals and distinguished alumni network

Learn how to use your voice - visit today!

BLACK BEAUTYSHOP is where beauty and wellness merge bringing everything that makes us beautiful, from our bodies to our minds; where we hang or who we hang with; what motivates us to how we relax. The Black BeautyShop Health Foundation turns Black women’s interest in beauty and personal care into opportunities for raising awareness of how to prevent and manage disease. We are a vehicle for access to health information, free health screenings and education to address the critical lack of services to women of color through Black owned Beauty Shops across the United States.




| License #0M53170 (951) 218-0299

Our services include:

Planning for your memorial service: u u u u

Removes the emotional, as well as financial, burden so family members won’t have to wonder, “Did we do the right thing?”. Allows you to control your own celebration so it truly reflects who you are. Organizes data so your family doesn’t worry about locating vital information. Shows your sense of responsibility for family by making decisions, so others won’t have to—saving them from potential disagreements.

Advantages of funding your service in advance: u u

“Lock” or “freeze” the total cost of your funeral service. The rising cost of funeral services will not affect you. Your policy is completely transferrable. No questions asked!





Ting Su, co-founder of Eagle Rock Brew and The Women's Brew Forum

It seems like it was just yesteryear when the grotesque Budweiser Bullfrogs were the rst thing that came to mind when you thought of an ice cold beer. Frat games and Homer Simpson belching carbonated remains was the impression most of America's pop culture envisioned. Eventually, the fermented wheat water's reputation began to curve landing on a more sophisticated platform. The intricate science behind brewing craft beer has become more of an interest to the inquisitive masses. How exactly does one create the Super Bowl's favorite social beverage? After the curiosity came community and an inux of new craft brewers across the nation. From a restaurant to right at home, independent brewing has become an interest to anyone exploring a more intimate experience with their beer. Still, the “manly man's drink” narrative is rampant not only in the consumption of beer, but the knowledge, work, and meticulous science behind brewing. Southern California has not only been a hub for some of the most innovative avor palates and aromas but is the home of some of the more diverse brewers. Eagle Rock Brew has been hosting the Women's Beer Forum for eight years in the pragmatic neighborhood tucked away in the outskirts of Hollywood. Created as progressive space for people, regardless of gender, the forum provides a face-to-face experience with the chemistry behind craft beer. Members gain an internal understanding of beers so they are better prepared when ordering when they visit bars and restaurants. “I was still working behind the bar a lot and was noticing how women were generally just told what to drink by the guys they were coming to the brewery with, even when the women tried to ask me questions about other beers,” said Ting Su, cofounder of Eagle Rock Brew and The Women's Brew Forum. “I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of preconceived notions

on what types of beers women would be into, just because of gender rather than their palate preferences.” A rst-generation citizen in the United States, Su's parents moved from Taiwan to Florida where she was raised. Growing up in a restaurant family in an immigrant household gave her a rst-hand example of building the American Dream. That same ambition led her to earn her Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) degree and work a successful decade in the eld. Ultimately, her hospitality roots eventually rerouted her talents and skills to Eagle Rock Brew. “...women were generally just told what to drink... I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of preconceived notions on what types of beers women would be into, just because of gender rather than their palate preferences.” Not only is she a boss at work, but a boss at home. Being a parent and having a career in any eld can be difcult. Being a business owner takes that to another level. Ting Su manages to be a mom and a leader in the brewing community. “It's a challenge that I try to gure out daily. Since I'm very involved with the day-to-day operations at both the brewery and the restaurant, I tend to get home really late at night,” said Su when asked about work/life balance. “I send my little guy to daycare later in the mornings so that I can spend a bit of time with him before I start my day.” SUITELIFESOCAL.COM | SUMMER 2019


SuiteBiz Homebrewing

Tyler Sadler, an up-and-coming Brew Master.


Outside of the giant machinery and professional drafts, some have taken an even more grassroots approach to brewing craft beer. With a simple kit from Amazon and researching the correct concoctions of yeast, oaks, and everything in between, people are brewing right at home! “Homebrewing is a task which makes it seem like a weird hobby to most. Why not just buy beer you know will taste good from the store or from your local brewery?” says Tyler Sadler, an up-and-coming Brew Master in the community. “Many claim you save money making your own beer but that is up for debate.” Born and raised in Riverside, CA, Sadler is now working and living in Los Angeles as a successful Production Coordinator. Ironically, always having a passion in elds mostly populated by men (like sound engineering), Tyler Sadler has always thrived as sometimes the only woman in the room. Introduced one unruly night after graduation, her taste matured and genuine intrigue forced her to explore the varieties of beers into adulthood. She took her allure to the next level and started brewing at home as a hobby in 2018 to delegate her time and energy creating holistic balance in her life. “There's a lot of stuff online and in books that can seem very overwhelming in terms of equipment you 'absolutely need' to brew beer, but technology and innovation in the brewing industry is so amazing that it's denitely possible to brew great beer in a small one bedroom apartment,” explains Tyler. “My process involves using the least number of vessels as I can. This simple new method called 'Brew in a Bag' helps to eliminate the number of vessels you need.” Both Ting and Tyler shared their ups and downs being successful women of color in an industry that stereotypically appeals to men. Although challenging at times, Tyler joyfully explained that after the occasional initial shock (especially with her name), she's learned the fellas are harmless and will treat women equally and with respect. Regardless of gender, building a tribe of like minded individuals can be benecial for the development of your passions. A sense of community provides understanding, growth, or even just a sincere smile. As the accessibility to brewing your own beer becomes more sovereign, the Su's and Sadler's of the community will, with open arms, stir the pot and even chink a glass.

So where’s the party at? Well, here’s a list of upcoming events to get your chug on. JUNE 15 | 1-4pm

AUGUST 10 | 1-7pm

11th L.A. Beer Week Kickoff Festival 2019

LA Taco & Beer Festival '19

Los Angeles Center Studios 450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA JUNE 20 | 6-9pm

Eagle Walk: Sip & Savor

MILKFARM 2106 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA JULY 6 | 7-10pm

Los Angeles Beer Festival

Pershing Square 532 South Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 38



CA Craft Beer Summit 2019

Los Angeles Center Studios 450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA

Long Beach Convention Center 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA

AUGUST 24 | 12-5pm

SEPTEMBER 14 | 12-5pm

2019 Taste of Brews Long Beach

Summit Beer Festival 2019

Shoreline Aquatic Park (AKA Lighthouse Park) 200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA

Marina Green Park 386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA


CA Craft Brewers Association

CCBA is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association representing the craft and specialty brewing industry in CA. Visit:

LA County Brewers Guild

The LACBG’s mission is to promote and protect local independently-owned craft breweries and advocate for the strengthening of the craft beer industry. Visit:


HAROLD & BELLE'S Celebrates a th


Anniversary When you walk into Harold & Belle's, there's a sense that you've stepped into a bit of nostalgia nestled in an inexplicable vivacity. Third generation husband and wife restaurant owners, Ryan Legaux, 39 and Jessica, 39, have a lot to celebrate. This year Harold & Belle's is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the community. There are very few family businesses in this town that have withstood the test of time, trends, and travail and yet continue to stand and thrive. But the Legaux's stand tall on the wings of a venerable past. The young and passionate culinary duo, which has owned and operated the restaurant for the past 10 years, couldn't be more proud than to be a part of a gastronomic legacy. Prior to them taking the helm, the restaurant was owned and operated by Ryan's father, Harold Jr., his mother Denise and their partners Al and Sue HonorĂŠ. 42


and a





“My grandparents moved from New Orleans and settled into the Jefferson Park area. When they got here they found a sense of community with a lot of people they knew from Louisiana.” 44


Legaux's Go West

Culinary Royals Make Waves

The restaurant's tradition of Creole cuisine all began when native New Orleanians, Harold Legaux Sr., and his wife, Belle, moved to Los Angeles in the 1940s after the war. The Legaux's were among the scores of African-Americans who left the deep South as part of “The Great Migration,” a northward movement from Southern states. During that era, over 6 million African-Americans headed North and West in hopes of nding greater economic opportunities. Harold Sr. became a serial entrepreneur. His business ventures included owning a bike shop, paint store, and at one time, he was a Texaco franchisee. Belle found employment at Northrop Grumman. “My grandparents moved from New Orleans and settled into the Jefferson Park area,” said Ryan. “When they got here they found a sense of community with a lot of people they knew from Louisiana.”

Today, food is the main ingredient. Ryan and Jessica have built upon the foundation laid by his grandfather and his father Harold Jr., who is credited with tripling the seating capacity of the restaurant, increasing the size of the kitchen, and expanding the menu to include classic Creole favorites like Gumbo Filé, Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Creole, Crawsh Étouffée, and Clam Chowder. The “culinary royals” are a dynamic team. Jessica says Ryan is her balance and has a great mind. Ryan says she has strong principles and is willing to stand on them. Together they have made some head turning changes to the restaurant that pay homage to the restaurant's history and signal a new wave has come ashore. The recently renovated dining and bar area are quaint and inviting. The French Colonial décor is the right balance of casual elegance and comfort. The light xtures, seating, art, wall color, and chair rail trim imbue warmth with a splash of decadence. Then there's the brand new Peacock Lounge, a separate, detached

A Tradition That Inspired a Legacy One of the New Orleanian traditions Ryan says his grandparents continued when they settled into the Jefferson Park community was having get-togethers with friends. In true entrepreneurial spirit, his grandparents decided to open a little spot bearing their names in 1969 at the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and 12th Street. Harold & Belle's quickly became known as the neighborhood spot to shoot pool, play cards, have cocktails, listen to music, and talk about the social issues of the day. “The food was really an afterthought,” said Ryan who grew up knowing that he would continue the family business. “When the patrons got hungry, there was always a pot of red beans on the stove top, a Po' Boy sandwich on a cutting board, and gumbo was served at least once a week.”

Meeting set up in the Peacock Lounge




multi-media, state-of-the-art banquet structure that is used to host private, catered events. “We wanted to update the look and feel of the restaurant and make it more relevant, but not too ultra-model,” said Jessica. “We decided to keep a lot of the original Harold & Belle's glass pieces around the restaurant. They have minor defects, but to us it just adds character.”

A Few New Things Ryan says their classic menu favorites are more popular than ever. A few new menu items have been added like okra gumbo for those who want a vegan option, beignets, charbroiled oysters, plus a few hearty, new salad options. They've also added a new happy hour menu served only in the squawky, newly remodeled bar area which features Ryan's signature barbeque salmon bowl with spinach and brown rice, along with other tasty happy hour specials. On Friday nights, the restaurant has live music. “Some changes have been made in the oils we use and a lot of the premade packages which had preservatives have been replaced with freshly made ingredients,” said Ryan. “But we know people come to Harold & Belle's and they want what they want, and they want it to taste how it's supposed to taste. We have stayed true to our traditions.” Harold & Belle's has been a favorite dining spot for A-listers like Steve Harvey, who bestowed the restaurant with the coveted Hoodie Award in 2001. Other notables who have dined with them include Denzel Washington, Tiffany Haddish, Kendrick Lamar, Clint Eastwood, and John Legend. City ofcials and many business and community leaders have continued the long tradition of meeting at Harold & Belle's to break bread, develop strategies, and



make deals. Displayed on the wall of the restaurant is a signed menu by civil rights icon Rosa Parks who dined at their restaurant before her passing in 2005. The excitement about Harold & Belle's has been felt exponentially, and it's reected in the wave of new and returning diners coming to the restaurant. “The community around the restaurant is changing,” said Jessica. “We are seeing a lot of diverse cultures visit our restaurant as well as an inux of patrons from the West Side.”

Vegan Soul For the past ve years Jessica has been a vegan. That means no meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, or even seafood. It's a choice she has made because of the overall health and wellness benets derived from a diet free from animals, sh, and shellsh. Since she's gone vegan, she's had no regrets. Jessica has found ways to enjoy Creole cuisine with ingredients consciously prepared to celebrate her vegan soul. “Creole cuisine is so innovative. It's very easy to accomplish the same avors without the meat. You just take the basic ingredients and seasonings, and you can create anything,” explained Jessica. Po' Boys, red beans and rice, and gumbo are all vegan inspired options that Ryan has created for Jessica. “Ryan made me the most wonderful vegan gumbo with Lion's Mane mushrooms,” said Jessica as she smiled at Ryan. “When you break them apart, they look like chunks of crab. It was the best.” While Jessica says they don't have plans of creating a separate vegan menu at the restaurant, they haven't ruled out creating a separate vegan enterprise. But for right now the focus is “making sure the ship is solid” before they explore other paths.

“Ryan made me the most wonderful vegan gumbo with Lion's Mane mushrooms. When you break them apart, they look like chunks of crab. It was the best.”




H & B Today Harold & Belle's enjoys a robust presence and following on social media. The numerous posts of the restaurant's entrees by guests are mouthwatering and moving. They underscore that the restaurant is more than a trend or a place to eat; it's a place to make memories. “There are very few places in the community where you can bring a big group to celebrate graduations, weddings, birthdays or have private, catered events,” said Jessica adding that after 50 years, there remains a lack of African-American-owned, sit down restaurants in the area. “It kind of feels like we are the last man standing and for us, we feel a sense of responsibility to the community.” For this “golden anniversary,” Ryan says the public can expect to see more of Harold & Belle's all over the city. Their roving food trailer is geared up to bring the taste of New Orleans to many outdoor concerts and festivals this summer. In April the restaurant held its inaugural Los Angeles Crawsh Festival. The annual, summertime all-you-can-eat Block Party will be an amped up celebration. Launching a Harold & Belle's cookbook, Creole Seasoning blend, and opening another location are all projects Ryan says are on the horizon. But he says this moment in time is for “sharing the story of the restaurant's history and vision,” as they celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their family business. “It's a point of pride for us. It's not just important to Jessica and I; it's important to a lot of people who have supported us and kept it going,” said Ryan. “We do our work on the back end, but without people coming through the door, there is no business.”

About Harold & Belle's Harold & Belle's Creole Cuisine Restaurant is located at 2920 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. Open 7 days a week. Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Phone: (323) 735-9918 Website: Follow them on: /haroldbelles


haroldandbellesrestaurant 48



Ryan and Jessica are feeling positive about a bright future.







Sponsored by

2920 West Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90018




LIVE MUSIC AND DJs, FACE PAINTING FOR THE KIDS & MORE! Children 10 & under get in free until 2 PM (half price after) HAROLDANDBELLESRESTAURANT.COM " (323) 735-9918 /haroldbelles




Wendy Gladney COACH | AUTHOR SPEAKER | CONSULTANT (951) 313-4732 WendyGladney SeasonofGreatness


Congratulations to Sarah Harris. Here’s to “The Suite Life”. And to Harold & Belle’s on their 50th Anniversary!

Z o e A s s o c i at i o n I n t e r n at i o n a l

Jul 31 - Aug 3



Higher! (Gen. 13: 14-15)



BISHOP ED SMITH Zoe Christian Fellowship - Whittier Zoe Association International, Presiding Bishop





Zoe Christian Fellowship - Los Angeles Zoe Association International, Founding Bishop

New Day Christian Fellowship - Corona Zoe Association International, Vice President


ROBERTS Potter’s House at One L.A. and Potter’s House Denver


WINSTON Living Word Christian Center, Forest Park, Illinois

ZOE OF WHITTIER 10252 Mills Avenue, Whittier CA 90604

Wed s Thu s Fri 7:00 p.m.

Thu s Fri 9:30 a.m.

$50 REGISTRATION FOR BOTH DAY SESSIONS SESSIONS FOR: Men, Women, Youth, Young Adults and Children. Childcare available PASTOR TERESA








The Life Center Church Host of TBN Salsa’s “Believe”

Charismatic Renewal Ministries International, Malawi

Change Bible Church, South Africa

South Hills Church

For registration and payment information, visit us at or contact Josie Martin at 562-758-9855 or

Agenda so cal

INSIDE: 2019 Summer Events Features: > Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo 35th Anniversary > FLAIR Fashion Extravaganza Charitable Gala > Bolden Movie Spotlight > National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) 20th Annual Media Summit




Agenda so cal

Chambers & Associations Fri, June 7 | 10am – 5pm

ELEVATE Procurement Symposium Presented by: California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CAHCC) Dept. of General Services 707 3rd Street, Sacramento 95605 >> Wed, June 12 | 5:30pm – 9pm

Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner Presented by: Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica 90401 >> Gigi de Pourtales (310) 393-9825 ext. 1114 June 13 @ 11:30am – 1:30pm

Women Business Leaders Champions of Change Presented by: Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Sheraton Gateway LAX 6101 West Century, Los Angeles 90045 >> 310.677.1121 Thu, June 13 | 6pm – 8pm

7-Eleven Franchising Opportunity Presented by: Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 4030 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles 90008 >> Tue, June 18 | 6pm

2019 Salute To Black Music Awards Dinner Presented by: Black Business Association California African American Museum 600 State Drive, Los Angeles 90037 >> (323) 291-9334 | | #salutetoblackmusic Wed, June 19 | 8am – 5pm

BIZCON SOCAL Presented by: L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce Sheraton Universal 333 Universal Hollywood Dr. Universal City 91608 >> Wed, June 19 | 5:30pm – 8pm

128th Annual Gala Presented by: Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce The Westin Long Beach 333 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach 90802 >> Amanda Donahue (562) 432-7830 | FB: lbchamber | TW: TheLBChamber IG: longbeachchamber



Thu, June 20 | 8am – 11am

Fri, June 28 | 6pm

Economic Development Summit ‘19

Inaugural Gala & Silent Auction

Presented by: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce W Hotel, 6250 Hollywood Blvd, 90028 >> #HollywoodSummit

Presented by: Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Langham Huntington Hotel 1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena, CA >> Leanne Waggoner 626-795-3355

Tue, June 25 | 11:30pm – 1:30pm

Business Owners Roundtable

Wed, July 10 | 7:30am – 9am

Women's Business Council Installation Luncheon Presented by: Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Hotel Maya, 700 Queensway Drive, 90802 >> Judy Nelson (562) 432-8128 | Wed, June 26 | 4pm – 7pm

Culver EXPO 2019- Wander. Discover. Explore. Veteran's Memorial Park Auditorium 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City 90230 >> Wed, June 26 | 6pm – 10pm

Latinas In Business Awards – Honoring Women of Excellence Presented by: National Latinas in Business Association-Los Angeles San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 320 S Mission Dr. San Gabriel 91776 >> Wed, June 26 | 5:30pm

GLAAACC 20th Anniversary Ed Fund Scholarship Reception Presented by: Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce California African American Museum 600 State Drive, Los Angeles 90037 >> (323) 292-1297 Thu, June 27 | 8am

Rise & Shine Hawthorne Social Presented by: Hawthorne Chamber Courtyard by Marriott 4427 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne 90250 >> (310) 676-1163 | Thu, June 27 | 11:30am

Chairman's Circle Reception Presented by: Carson Chamber of Commerce DoubleTree by Hilton Carson 2 Civic Plaza Dr, Carson 90745 >> (310) 217-4590 IG/TW: CarsonChamber FB: ChamberofCarson Fri, June 28 | 11:30am – 1:30pm

California Visionary Luncheon ft. State Senator Tom Umberg Presented by: Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Hilton Long Beach 701 W Ocean Blvd., Long Beach 90831 >> Amanda Donahue (562) 432-7830

Presented by: L.A. Area Chamber 350 S Bixel St., Los Angeles 90017 >> Catalina Aldridge (213) 580-7590 Wed, July 17 | 6pm – 8pm

Green Businesses Presented by: Asian Business Association Los Angeles LACI Ampitheater 525 S. Hewitt St, Los Angeles 90013 >> (213) 628-1222 | Thu, July 25 | 12pm – 4pm

2019 Grow Your Export Forum Series Presented by: CalAsian Chamber of Commerce Orange County SBDC powered by Cal State 1 Banting, Irvine 92618, USA >> (916) 446-7883 Thu-Sun, July 25-28

20th Annual NALIP Media Summit and Latino Media Awards Gala Presented by: National Association of Latino Independent Producers The Ray Dolby Ballroom 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood 90028 >> (310) 470-1061 | TW/IG: @NALIP_org | #WeAreInclusion #NALIP20th Fri, July 26

Installation & Award Luncheon Presented by: Carson Chamber of Commerce DoubleTree by Hilton Carson 2 Civic Plaza Dr, Carson 90745 >> (310) 217-4590 IG/TW: CarsonChamber | FB: ChamberofCarson Fri, July 26 | 6pm – 8pm

24th Annual Golf Tournament Dinner Presented by: Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce California Country Club 1509 Workman Mill Rd, Whittier 90601 Contact: (310) 677-1121 Thu, August 15 | 5pm

The API Legislators Reception Presented by: CalAsian Chamber of Commerce Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, USA >> (916) 446-7883 Tue-Fri, August 20-23

40th Annual Convention Presented by: California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Statewide Convention University Plaza Waterfront Hotel 110 W Fremont St, Stockton 95202 >> FB/TW/IG: @CAHispanic #CAHispanic

Wed, September 4 | 6pm – 9pm

Together We Are Saving The West Presented by: Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce and Saving The West Gas Company Lofts 810 S. Flower St, Los Angeles 90017 >> (323) 293-2900 FB: crenshaw.chamber IG/TW: CrenshawChamber Fri, September 6

Minority Women's Business Conference Presented by: CalAsian Chamber of Commerce Location TBD >> FB/IG/TW: calasiancc Sat, September 7 | 11am – 4:00pm

Buy Local Health & Fitness Festival Presented by: Santa Monica Chamber Reed Park 1133 7th Street, Santa Monica 90403 >> Contact: Gigi de Pourtales (310) 393-9825 ext 1114 Thu, September 19 | 5pm

Hawthorne Invitational Golf Classic Presented by: Hawthorne Chamber Rio Hondo Golf Club 10627 Old River School Rd, Downey 90241 >> (310) 676-1163 Sat, September 20 | 8am – 5pm

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong Presented by: CalChamber and Hong Kong Trade Development Council JW Marriott Los Angeles 900 West Olympic Blvd Los Angeles 90015 >> (213) 622-3194 #thinkasiathinkhongkong Thu, September 26 | 7:30am – 2:30pm

6th Annual Golf Classic & Government Awards Presented by: Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center 901 Via San Clemente. Montebello 90640 >> Thu, October 10 | 6pm

ABA 43rd Annual Awards Banquet Presented by: Asian Business Association Los Angeles The Langham Huntington, Pasadena 1401 South Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena 91106 >> FB: aba.losangeles Thu, October 24

4th Annual Women in Business Leadership Awards Presented by: Culver City Chamber of Commerce Doubletree by Hilton Los Angeles Westside 6161 W Centinela Ave, Culver City 90230 >>




Agenda so cal

Business & Community Sat, June 8 | 9am – 3pm

2019 People Power Convention by Community Coalition Los Angeles Trade-Tech College – LATTC 400 West Washington Boulevard Los Angeles 90015 >> @CoCoSouthLA Sun, June 9

Los Angeles River Ride 2019 Presented by: LA County Bicycle Coalition The Autry Museum 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles 90027 >> 213-629-2142

Sun, June 30 | 7am

Sun, July 21 | 12pm - 3pm

The Color Run 5K Los Angeles

Hats, Heels and Bow Ties Fundraiser

Presented by: The Color Run Dignity Health Sports Park 18400 Avalon BLvd, Carson 90746 >> #TCRLove, #RunWild, #Happiest5K

Presented by: The Regalettes, Inc. Ritz-Carlton 4375 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, 90292 >>

Sun, June 30 | 5pm – 9:30pm

Fri, July 26 | 5pm – 10pm

10th Annual Eagle Rock Concert in the Park and Fireworks Show

Long Beach Crawfish Fest

Presented by: Councilman Jose Huizar and Eagle Rock Chamber Eagle Rock Park 1100 Eagle Vista Dr, Los Angeles, CA >> (323) 254-5295 Thu, July 4 | 11am – 10pm

Fourth of July Fireworks Show & Community Festival Presented by: Councilman Curren Price & The NEW 9th District Exposition Park 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA >> (323) 846-2651 Sat, July 6 | 7pm - 10pm

Sat, June 15 | 11am – 7pm

Los Angeles Beer Festival

Vegan Playground Los Angeles 2019

Pershing Square 532 South Olive St. Los Angeles, CA >>

Pershing Square 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA >>

Sat-Sun, July 13-14

Sat, June 15 | 1pm – 4pm

39th Lotus Festival

11th L.A. Beer Week Kickoff Festival 2019

Presented by: City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and Los Angeles Lotus 751 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles 90026 >> (213) 485-5027 |

Los Angeles Center Studios 450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA >> Thu, June 20 | 6pm - 9pm

Eagle Walk: Sip & Savor Presented by: Eagle Rock Brewery MILKFARM 2106 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, June 29 | 12pm - 6pm

11th Annual Summer Block Party & Crawfish Boil Presented by: Harold & Belle's Restaurant 2920 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles 90018 >> (323) 735-9918 FB: haroldbelles TW: haroldandbelles IG: haroldandbellesrestaurant #haroldandbelles50th

Mon, July 15

Future Festival Los Angeles The Landmark 10850 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA >> Thu, July 18 | 4pm – 8pm

L.A.'s Largest Mixer 2019 Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green St, Pasadena 91101 >> (310) 862-2878 | Sun, July 21 | 3pm – 7pm

Rainbow Lagoon Park 400 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA >> Sat, July 27 | 6pm

FLAIR Charitable Event: The Jazz Age of Fashion Dinner, Fashion, Music California African American Museum 600 State Drive, Los Angeles 90037 >> Sun, August 4 | 10am – 6pm

21st Annual TASTE OF ECUADOR Food Festival & Parade Olvera Street 845 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA >> Thu-Mon, August 8-12

LA Summer Bachata Festival Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel 6101 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, August 10

Back 2 School Drive Presented by: Soulful of Noise Leimert Park 4343 Crenshaw Blvd, Leimert Park 90008 >> Sat, August 10 | 1pm - 7pm

LA Taco & Beer Festival '19 Los Angeles Center Studios 450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat-Sun, August 10-11

BeautyCon LA 2019 Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA >>

3rd Annual Los Angeles Westside Food & Wine Festival

L.A. Taco Festival

Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles Century City/Beverly Hills 10320 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA >>

Presented by: Jovene, Inc. Grand Park 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles >>

Sat, August 17 | 12pm – 8pm

Sat, June 29 | 1pm – 4pm

Think Like a Boss Presents: California Dreamin’ Presented by: Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss 5239 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90038 >> IG: thinklikeabossnj #bosstribe Sat, June 29 | 5pm – 9:30pm

13th Annual Boyle Heights Concerts In The Park and Firework Show Presented by Councilman Jose Huizar >> (323) 254-5295



LATINAFest 2019: Mind, Body & Soul is coming Sun, August 25th

Sat-Sun, August 17-18

Pacific Wine & Food Classic Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina 1131 Back Bay Dr, Newport Beach, CA >> Fri-Mon, August 23-26

2019 DTLA Proud Festival Presented by: DTLA Proud Festival Pershing Square 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, August 24 | 11am – 5pm




Charity Golf Classic Swinging Against HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Leimert Park Village Book Fair Presented by: Leimert Park Village Book Fair Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 3650 W King Blvd, Los Angeles 90008 >> (323) 730-0628



Sat, August 24 | 12pm – 5pm

2019 Taste of Brews Long Beach Shoreline Aquatic Park (AKA Lighthouse Park) 200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA >>

rls i G e r o #NoM

Sun, August 25 | 12pm – 6pm

LATINAFest 2019: Mind, Body & Soul LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes 501 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA >> Sun-Tue, August 25-27

Sabor Latino Food Show

e childr n e t t o forg

g ninc.or

nds s a o c e S 0 e very 3 n becom g


Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA >>

erso ckin Traf her p t n o a n m A of Hu victim

Aug 30 – Sep 22


LA County Fair Pomona, CA >> Thu-Fri, September 12-13

CA Craft Beer Summit 2019 Long Beach Convention Center 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA >> (916) 228-4260



Monday, November 18, 2019


Seacliff Country Club


6501 Palm Avenue Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Sat, September 14 | 12pm – 5pm

Summit Beer Festival 2019 Marina Green Park 386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA >> 916-228-4260 Sat, September 14

8th Annual Black Business Women Rock Presented by: Black Business Women Rock Carson Convention Center 801 E. Carson St, Carson 90745 >>



8-9:45 AM

$100,000 Shoot Out


Chance to Win A Brand New Car!

4 PM

Cost $200 per Golfer or $750 Foursome

includes: Green Fees, Cart, Games, Auction & Awards Banquet

Registration ends October 14, 2019

Spectators Fee $40

Sat, September 28

2nd Annual Health Fair Coalition of 100 Black Women Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center, Baldwin Park Blvd >> Sat, October 26

NABJLA Media Summit & Career Fair >>

For more information ON SPONSORSHIPS: contact Tera Hilliard at (310) 871-6594 or #nomoregirls

Find us on:





Agenda so cal

Summer Entertainment Music Sat-Sun, June 15-16 | 2pm

Fortnite Summer Block Party The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >>

See Earth, Wind & Fire perform at the Hollywood Bowl’s Fireworks Finale, September 13-14 .

Sat, June15 | 8pm

Opening Night at the Bowl f/ John Legend Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Thu-Sat, June 20-22

BET Experience L.A. Live – Various Venues Los Angeles, CA >>, Sat, June 22 | 6 PM

Cardi B STAPLES Center 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, June 22 | 6 PM

30th Annual MARIACHI USA® Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, June 29 | 7:30pm

Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >> Tue-Thu, July 2–4

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular: Nile Rodgers and Chic Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Sun, July 7 | 2pm – 6pm

Soulful Sundays X Comfort LA Comfort LA 110 East 7th St, Los Angeles 90021 >> Wed, July 10

2019 ESPY Awards Microsoft Theater 777 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, July 13 | 7pm

Paul McCartney Dodger Stadium 1000 Vin Scully Ave, Los Angeles, CA >>



Fri-Sat, July 19-20 | 8pm

July 27-28 | 11am – 7pm

Queen + Adam Lambert: The Rhapsody Tour

24th Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival

The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >>

Presented by: Councilman Curren Price & The NEW 9th District Central Avenue between King Blvd and Vernon Ave >> (323) 846-2651

Sat, July 20 | 7:30pm

70's Soul Jam f/ The Stylistics, The Chi-Lites, Heatwave, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, William Hart's Delfonics The Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, July 20 | 7pm – 11pm

Soulfulofnoise X Venice Beach Venice Beach Bar 323 Ocean Front Walk, Venice 90291 >> Sat, July 20 | 8pm

Hugh Jackman Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> July 20-21 | Sat, 6:30pm, Sun 3:30pm

35th Annual Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo Industry Hills Expo Center 16200 Temple Ave, City of Industry 91744 >> Margo Wade-LaDrew (310) 674-6700 or (303) 373-1246 Thu, July 25 | 10am – 7:30pm

17th Annual Gardena Jazz Festival Rowley Memorial Park 13220 Van Ness Ave, Gardena 90249 Presented by: The City of Gardena >> (310) 217-9500 Sat, July 27 | 7pm

Robyn: The Honey Tour 2019 The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >>

Fri, August 2 | 8 PM

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic The Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> August 3 | 12pm – 7pm

Soulfulofnoise Music Festival Leimert Park 4343 Crenshaw Blvd, Leimert Park 90008 >> Mon, August 5 | 8pm

Lionel Richie Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> August 8 | 7:30pm

La Familia 2019 featuring Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Ozomatli, Lisa Morales promoted by Goldenvoice + Bobby Dee Presents The Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> August 8 | 7pm

blink-182 & Lil Wayne The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >> Fri, August 9-11 | 5pm – 10pm

Long Beach Jazz Festival 2019 Rainbow Lagoon Park 400 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA >>

Thu, August 15 | 7pm

Fri-Sat, September 13-14 | 8pm

Sat, June 29 | 12pm – 10pm

Kirk Franklin

Fireworks Finale: Earth, Wind & Fire

The Wiltern 3790 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90010 >>

Hollywood Bowl, North Highland Ave, Los Angeles >>

L.A. Writers' Workshop Festival 2019 New Plays Forged In L.A.

Sat, August 17 | 7pm

Fri-Sat, September 13-14 | 7:30pm

Leela James

John Mayer

Burton Chace Park, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey 90292 Presented by: Marina del Rey Summer Concerts >>

The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >>

Sun, August 18 | 6pm

Fri-Sun, September 20-22 | 8pm

Smooth Summer Jazz

Maná: Rayando El Sol Tour 2019

Hollywood Bowl 2301 North Highland Ave, Los Angeles 90068 >>

The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood 90305 >>

Fri, August 23 | 8pm

Wed, September 25 | 8pm

Soulfulofnoise Ladies Night


Lucky Strike Live – Hollywood 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 143 Los Angeles 90028 >>

The Novo by Microsoft 800 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90015 >>

Sat-Sun, August 24-25


Brick Fest Live® LEGO® Fan Experience

Now thru July 7

Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA >>

Ahmanson Theatre 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles 90012 #IndecentPlay === From Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel, Indecent follows the incredible true journey of a groundbreaking piece of theatre, Sholem Asch's God of Vengeance, and the passionate artists who risked their lives to perform it. >> Groups call (213) 972-7231

Wed, August 28 | 8pm

Jazz at the Bowl – The Roots Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat, August 31 | 8pm

Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly The Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA >> Sat-Sun, September 7-8 | 8pm

Maluma: 11:11 World Tour The Forum 3900 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood 90305 >> Sun, September 8 | 7:30pm

Gladys Knight – The Kingdom Choir Hollywood Bowl, 2301 Highland Ave, Los Angeles 90068 >>

Kirk Douglas Theatre 9820 Washington Blvd, Culver City #LAWritersWorkshop === Celebrate the unrivaled diversity and excellence of the playwrights who call Center Theatre Group and Los Angeles home at our second annual L.A. Writers' Workshop Festival: New Plays Forged in L.A. >> July 9 – August 11

The Play That Goes Wrong Ahmanson Theatre 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles 90012 #BwayGoesWrong === What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python had an illegitimate Broadway baby? You'd get The Play That Goes Wrong, Broadway and London's award-winning smash comedy! This classic murder mystery is chockfull of mishaps and madcap mania delivering a riotous explosion of comedy (Daily Beast). >> Groups call (213) 972-7231


Mon, June 24 | 7:30pm

A Special Evening with Jay Leno and Friends Benefitting No Limits for deaf children and Geffen Playhouse – GIl Cates Theater 10886 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles 90024 === Jay Leno returns to the Geffen Playhouse for a one-night-only show to benefit No Limits for deaf children and the Geffen Playhouse's Education and Community Engagement programs. >>

August 20 – September 29

Witch WEST COAST PREMIERE Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater 10886 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles 90024 === Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory, Florence Foster Jenkins) is featured in this fiendishly funny new play by Jen Silverman (The Roommate, Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties). A charming devil arrives in the quiet village of Edmonton to bargain for the souls of its residents in exchange for their darkest wishes. >> September 11 – October 13

A Play Is A Poem Mark Taper Forum 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles 90012 === World Premiere - If the audience laughs it was a comedy. If the audience nods with new understanding it was a drama. If the audience both laughs and nods, but can't say why it's funny or what they've understood, it might be A Play Is a Poem, the new collection of one-acts by celebrated playwright and filmmaker Ethan Coen. >> Groups call (213) 972-7231 September 17 — October 13

Little Shop of Horrors The Pasadena Playhouse 39 S El Molino Ave, Pasadena 91101 === Power-hungry, R&B-singing, carnivorous plant sets its sights on world domination! This deviously delicious sci-fi musical comedy favorite comes to the Playhouse with some deliciously devious new twists. >> (626) 356-7529

“THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG” appearing at the Ahmanson Theatre through August 11.



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Celebrating the



of the

Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo Story By: Ashley Yancey

Photos By: Cyril Bailleul, Ed Miller and Marvin Kelly

In the United States, PRCA–America's largest and oldest governing rodeo association–counts more than 600 active rodeos they sanction and thousands of cowboys among their membership. Of these, none of the rodeos are black. In fact, when looking at Western representation in American lm and literature from the turn of the century through modern-day, black contributions continue to be rare. Despite factual evidence that says otherwise, the trend of black erasure in American Western culture persists. Lu Vason–a successful producer/promoter in the music industry–confronted this disparity and in 1984 founded the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo (BPIR), an allblack rodeo show named after the greatest African-American cowboy to have ever lived, Bill Pickett. This year BPIR is c e l e b r a t i n g i t s 3 5 t h a n n i v e r s a r y. Unfortunately, it took over 100 years before America was ready to welcome the new addition. 60


After the Civil War when America was pursuing the great expansion out West, cowboys were depended on to not only break-in wild horses and act as ranch hands, but to herd cattle north where they could be processed at meat-packing factories. Because this work was often challenging due to a nomadic lifestyle, black and white cowboys found themselves working diligently alongside each other. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 cowboys at that time was black. When it came to wrangling together unruly cattle, one cowboy in particular

invented a technique that forever changed the American cowboy experience. After watching bulldogs chase after cattle and aggressively bite their upper lip, Bill Pickett took note of how easily the stunned animal could then be dragged to the ground. Pickett began riding his own horse alongside large steers before grabbing the cattle by the horns, biting it's upper lip, and dragging it to the ground. Pickett built up such notoriety that the act went on to become known as “bulldogging,” which has evolved into a standard American rodeo event. At his prime, Pickett starred

in a few Western lms during the early 20th century, but unfortunately he is only briey mentioned in history books. By the late 1900s, his star power was all but forgotten until Vason created BPIR. After attending a rodeo show in the early 1980s, Vason was disheartened to notice that not a single black contestant was represented that day. He believed there was a market for this void and, after sourcing several cowboys and cowgirls, with the permission and blessing of Pickett's family he founded BPIR in 1984. Today, BPIR is the only black rodeo in America, and features black cowboys and cowgirls, all aiming to entertain and educate its audiences on the contributions and impact of black culture in the American rodeo experience. Over the years, BPIR has stood out as not only a champion of the black

wester n experience, but a leader in highlighting women's contributions, leadership, and skills. Women compete in the same and/or similar events as men, with BPIR taking special consideration to ensure adequate participation and skill levels for a truly competitive show. When Vason passed away in 2015, his wife Valeria Vason-Cunningham, continued the mission her husband began so many years b e f o r e . U n d e r Va s o n - C u n n i n g h a m ' s leadership as President, the executive board touts several long-standing women among it's ranks including Margo Wade LaDrew. LaDrew has dedicated over 20 years of her life with the rodeo, currently serving as it's National Development & Marketing Director. Proud of the work she's done, LaDrew is excited about continuing the legacy for generations to come. “To elevate the rodeo to SUITELIFESOCAL.COM | SUMMER 2019


Agenda so cal

Valeria Vason-Cunningham, President, BPIR

sell-out crowds, bring national attention to the event through media partnerships, and now working to preserve the history and secure opportunities that will assure the rodeo continues after I am long gone,” is a personal mission that has dened her tenure. LaDrew relishes the opportunity she's been given to amplify and support such a critical piece of the Black American experience. “Being able to continue to work with my people to uplift, entertain, and see the joy on their faces when they attend the event year after year fullls my spirit.” In addition, an added boost of support for the rodeo is its continued interest and participation from celebrity talent at its sold-out shows. Denzel Washington, Chris Tucker, and Jennifer Lewis are all fans of the rodeo. Emmy-award winner Glynn Turman, who has served as Grand Marshall for over 30 years, even has an event named after him, the Glynn Turman Relay Race. James Pickens, Jr., Obba Babatunde, and Reginald T. Dorsey have also served as Co-Grand Marshals over the years. “What we do is more than produce an entertainment event. We marry entertainment and education providing information and knowledge about our past as cowboys and cowgirls while providing a vehicle through which black cowboys and cowgirls get to tell their stories, showcase their skills, and compete for awards,” says Vason-Cunningham. “And best of all it’s a ‘Family Affair’ where parents and children, even the teenagers, can come and enjoy themselves in a wholesome environment.” For the 35th anniversary celebration, BPIR will be making stops in ve cities across the country including DC/DMV, Memphis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Oakland-where their entertaining shows continue to draw large crowds. New cowboys and cowgirls are presented for an ever-changing slate of talent honing their skills, and competitive events keep the energy high. A new surge of corporate sponsors and partners have come on board, including Toyota, who is the ofcial auto sponsor for the 2019 35th anniversary tour. “There are great things in the forecast as we forge ahead. The possibility of going to new cities, expanding the Bill Pickett Memorial Scholarship Fund and Rodeo for Kidz’s Sake,” shared Vason-Cunningham. She continued, “The BPIR will continue in the tradition of team work, collaboration, respect, and appreciation for one another, while connecting to the community as our foundation continues to grow.” Please visit for more information and secure your 35th anniversary tickets. 62


Margo Wade LaDrew, National Development & Marketing Director, BPIR

Join the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo in Los Angeles, July 20-21 at the Industry Hills Expo Center 16200 Temple Ave., City of Industry 91744

Purchase your tickets today at For group tickets and vendor information, contact Margo Wade-LaDrew 310.674.6700. For general information, call 303.373.1246.

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Unforgettable Fashion Extravaganza Returns to Los Angeles By: Ashley Yancey





Faye Clerk Moseley FLAIR - Founder, Chair & President /Ebony Fashion Fair Alum

For over 50 years, the Ebony Fashion Fair® traveling runway show trailblazed contemporary black fashion and beauty, permanently transforming American history on the catwalk.

By touring across the North America and featuring new black designers and models, including supermodels Pat Cleveland and B. Smith, Fashion Fair® introduced an aspect of black culture that had never been highlighted on such a grand scale. Attending a Fashion Fair show afforded its attendees the opportunity to view the latest couture fashions, mingle with celebrated black models, inuencers and celebrities and nally, cement their own status as supporters of the arts. “I have a very deep and strong sense of pride from participating in this cultural transformation that changed how Black women were perceived in terms of beauty, style and empowerment,” says Faye ClerkMosely, a Fashion Fair® alum, who toured with the company. “The lives of millions of individuals were transformed by raising $55 million during a 51-year period of time. Our legacy and that experience was an

opportunity of a lifetime…simply priceless.” In 2012, Clerk-Mosely, wanted to ensure this rich legacy of black excellence would not be forgotten. As an effort to pay homage to Fashion Fair® she created FLAIR, the Fashion Legacy Association for Industry Recognition, a non-prot, 501(c)3 organization. “It really means a lot to me that FLAIR is able to continue that legacy by supporting the next generation of industry contributors, showcase multi-cultural fashion designers and honor achievers who have made an impact in the fashion and design industry - many of whom who have ever received any recognition for their achievements,” elaborated Clerk-Mosely. “[FLAIR] represents a unique experience that 500 plus individuals shared over ve decades. It is an experience that will never be repeated in the manner in which we presented the event throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.”



Agenda so cal

This summer, FLAIR is returning to Los Angeles to bring us an exciting weekend of events that culminates with their signature charitable event, FLAIR 2019's themed “The Jazz Age of Fashion,” a fashion show with a purpose. Taking place in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, July 27th at the California African American Museum, FLAIR is a benet to raise money for mentoring programs and scholarships for students and multi-cultural fashion designers. Beginning at 6pm, this unforgettable evening opens with a VIP reception with awards and dinner before the fashion show kicks off, featuring former Ebony Fashion Fair® models and live jazz. More information about the full weekend of events, including Friday's opening reception/screening and Sunday's signature “All White” Jazz Brunch, can be found at their website: www. “We partner with fashion and design schools throughout the country and always look forward to introducing our FLAIR Cares Scholarship recipients at this anchor event,” says Clerk-Mosely. “These students represent the next generation of fashion and design achievers.” This year featured honorees include Stephen Burrows (Fashion Designer, Versailles '73); Carole Brantley Pines and Elaine Galloway; Theodis Rodgers, Jr. (Ebony Fashion Fair Musical Director; Actor, Composer & Jazz Pianist); Pamela Fernandez (Ebony Fashion Commentator & Model; Jazz & R&B Vocalist); Derrick Rutledge (Celebrity Make-Up Artist, DRAF); Angela Dean (Celebrity Designer, DeanZign); and Rufus Barkley (Designerposthumously). Models will be strutting down the runway draped in fashions by prominent designers including Mario B Productions, Tina Summers, Wachtenheim Furs, Zenele Knitwear, DeanZign, and Grayscale. “It's always a success when we are able to connect with great brand sponsors that understand our mission, the importance and relevance of our legacy - OSI, U.S. Bank, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Dr. Fred Parrot-Real Men Cook, Capital Group Foundation, Mercedes-Benz Beverly Hills, Union Bank, Sony Playstation, Xerox, LATTC and others,” Clerke-Mosely shared.




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Bolden, the Biopic Highlighting an

Unsung J z Musician, By: Ashley Yancey

is a Force to be Reckoned With

Kicking off the summer is one of the season's most highly anticipated lms in years. Bolden is the story of Charles “Buddy” Bolden, the unsung New Orleans cornetist who is widely believed to be the pioneer of Jazz. Despite there being no existing recording of his music and little biographical information known, this didn't stop Dan Pritzker–the lm's writer, director, and nancer–from scouring secondhand accounts and taking a few artistic liberties to create this dramatic historical retelling of one of the most legendary musicians in American history. A labor of love, Bolden was conceived by Pritzker who spent eleven years doing various shoots, reshoots, and recasting to ultimately create the only historical retelling of the dramatic work and tragic life of the musician. Employing the talent of internationallyacclaimed Jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis, to compose the entire musical score (who also serves as an Executive Producer), Bolden stars Gary Carr in the titular role (known for his role in Downton Abbey) as well as Erik LaRay Harvey, Yaya DaCosta, Reno Wilson, and Kearia Schroeder. To create a coherent soul for the lm, Bolden relies heavily on historical context and placement to illustrate the late 1800s New Orleans culture which Buddy thrived in. Buddy's style of playing, characterized by improvising ragtime, folk, and blues music, led to his growing popularity where he became known as King Bolden, the leader of the most successful Jazz band in New Orleans. Tragically, Buddy suffered a mental break, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and survived his nal years in a mental hospital. During these later years, his former life as a musician was all but forgotten. Having been involved in both the early stages and nal reshoots of the project, Schroeder (who acts as Grace, Buddy's muse and eeting love interest in her breakout role) couldn't be more pleased with the nal package. “We were all family, coming together to create a story that [Dan] wanted to make sure was done right.” She continued, “Bolden is so important because…in history, oftentimes African-American triumphs are barely celebrated. I believe more stories like this help educate and celebrate the AfricanAmerican experience.” 68


“Bolden is the rarest form of originator: one who invents an approach that is itself an entire universe.” — Wynton Marsalis

“I believe more stories like this help educate and celebrate the African-American Bolden is now available on digital. To learn more about the movie and cast, visit


experience.” — Kearia Schroeder



20th Annual NALIP Media Summit The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) is hosting its 20th Annual Media Summit from July 25-28th, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. Founded in 1999, NALIP has existed for the last two decades with the purpose of assisting in the advancement of Latinx content creators, from writers and directors to producers and other industry professionals in the media. In addition to its Media Summit each year, NALIP has six other national initiatives with programs including: the Latino Lens, Latino Media Resource Development, Latino Media Market, and their Diverse Women in Media Initiative. Champions for diversity, inclusion, and representation, they are a leading organization promoting and pushing forward Latinx talent, both in front of and behind the camera. The upcoming Media Summit is a four-day event geared towards bringing together Latinos in the media, providing tools, professional networking opportunities, and information that will aid them in making progress in their respective elds or careers. Each day will be lled with workshops and seminars with featured guest speakers throughout. A total of 24 speakers will be present; each one bringing their unique perspective on their experiences in the industry. One session particularly notable is the “Signature Conversation with Franklin Leonard,” founder of the Black List. The Black List is an annual publication that gives unknown writers a chance to be recognized and celebrated, highlighting some of Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays. Many great scripts never made it to the screen for lack of access. With the Black List, Franklin has created a space for writers all over the world to be seen and heard, giving them a chance to connect with lmmakers, have their screenplays read, and in some cases,

FRANKLIN LEONARD Founder | The Black List

reviewed for feedback. Of the scripts submitted to the Black List, over 325 have been produced as feature lms, earning more than 250 Academy Award nominations and garnering 50 wins. Franklin Leonard has worked tirelessly, advocating on behalf of writers and audiences who have been historically underrepresented in lm and television. In the span of his career, his accolades and accomplishments have been many. He has served as a juror at Sundance, Toronto and Guanajuato Film Festivals, and for the PEN Center Literary Awards. He was named one of Hollywood Reporter’s “35 Under 35,” Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” and was awarded the 2015 African-American Film Critics Association’s Special Achievement Award for career excellence. He is also a member of the Associates Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The Black List is doing much to revolutionize the industry and NALIP is providing a front row seat to explore the mind of its creator – a man who has pushed boundaries and broken barriers in the entertainment industry and has given diverse writers exposure and opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more, this “Signature Conversation” will be held on July 26, 2019 from 2:30pm-3:30pm at the Latino Lens Space. To register, visit




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Gift Suite

So, What’s in the Bag?


‘Suite Treat’ Giveaway Ideas

For most of us, receiving a bag with a few surprises at conferences and special events is really exciting.

However, that excitement immediately wanes when you open your bag and discover that you’ve been given the same old unoriginal ller type of items that are handed out at most events. Conference and event goody bags have great potential for promotional marketing. Companies can improve the overall impressions of their attendees by handing out gift bags lled with useful high-quality gifts. Ultimately, you want attendees to leave with a positive opinion of your event. Unique gift bag ideas will keep attendees talking about your conference long after they’ve headed home. Rather than gifting a predictable pen, ash drive or mug, create corporate gift bags your event attendees will love, keep and probably share on social media. Try shaking things up with these meaningful ideas:

Branded Phone Screen Cleaner

PopSockets Custom Cell Phone Stand & Grip If you can splurge a little bit, surprise your attendees with this trendy custom cell phone stand & grip PopSocket. Costs range from $5 to $6 per unit.

You cannot fail to make your guests happy with these easy to use custom phone screen cleaners. This is an easy and affordable choice with usual costs less than $1 each.

Push-Button Aluminum Promotional LED Flashlight Creative and easy to use, this vivaciously colored promotional LED ashlight makes a great giveaway that everyone will love. Typical costs range from $2 to $3 each.

Vibrant Magnetic Custom Clips This magnetic clip is for all the busy bodies out there! These handy memo holders are great for reminders, phone numbers and notes. There are various options available for under $1 each.

For more ideas, here are a few product promotion companies:

Flavored Custom Lip Balm - SPF 15 With this branded full-avored custom lip balm, you’ll stay in your guests’ and clients’ hands and minds daily. In most cases, the cost ranges from 40 cents to $1 per unit. Los Angeles SNAP Marketing Marlene Bonner (310) 638-2998

Encino PromoShop, Inc. (818) 654-8814

Riverside Gorilla Marketing Jay Kalish (951) 353-8133




Travel Fast and Save with CLEAR If you travel often then you are familiar with those dreaded, excruciatingly long lines at the airport. Waiting in long lines is stressful, annoying and it can take an hour or more to get through. Thankfully, this company called CLEAR helps you speed through airport security and get you to check out faster. CLEAR is a privately run trusted-traveler program that uses biometrics such as your irises and ngertips to conrm your identity. CLEAR allows you to cut the Pre-Check lane and saves you the hassle of presenting your ID. Having a CLEAR membership can signicantly reduce your time spend in line at the airport. Here's how the process goes: as soon as you arrive at the airport you can jump ahead of the long line and go straight to the CLEAR lane, where you complete verication of your identication at the Clear kiosk and move quickly and smoothly to the physical screening. As a standard airport procedure, passengers are required to undergo an ID and boarding pass inspection by a TSA agent. CLEAR members have the privilege to circumvent this initial security checkpoint, skip to the front, and use a separate lane to check in faster. This allows you to move through airport security more quickly. After your identity has been veried, a CLEAR representative will escort you to the actual security screening, bypassing all passengers waiting in line. Another benet is that CLEAR members have guaranteed access every day with no randomized exclusion of passengers.

Benefits of the CLEAR program Only members of CLEAR can enter the CLEAR line. Each member knows how to operate the CLEAR system. In addition, CLEAR is approved by the Department of Homeland Security and is compliant with the Safety act, so you don't have to worry about the security of this process because they've made sure that proper security measures are in place for your safe ying experience. The one hitch with CLEAR is privacy. The CLEAR kiosk is open and unguarded. CLEAR operates by using biometrics and doesn't require a code or pin number hence this becomes a minor issue. But fear not, no one can steal the information of your ngertips or iris by lurking over your shoulders.

CLEAR across the country CLEAR is expanding throughout airports all across the country. Currently, it is available at 26 airports and counting. Recently the CLEAR program became available at LAX airport where the CLEAR kiosks are stationed at terminal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 and 7.

Signing up for CLEAR Thankfully, signing up for CLEAR is easy and not even that expensive. Head to and register for your membership to enjoy this time-saving convenience. The cost per year is $ 179. CLEAR allows children under the age of 18 to use all their services for free as long as they're traveling with a CLEAR member. As a CLEAR member, you can add up to three additional family members to your account for $50 per member. This huge discount is worth every penny and will save your sanity the next time you and your loved ones y.



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