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NF is part of the Egmont group, one of Scandinavia’s leading media companies. Its business is the development, production, and distribution of creative content in movies and games. It is active in many industries within entertainment as well as education, such as comics, school books, magazines, films, theatres and TV, as well as games and gaming consoles. NF operates mostly independently, but the board of Egmont has a say in important business decisions such as larger investments.

Nordisk Film Biografer (NFB) and Nordisk Film Live (NF Live) are both subsidiaries of NF. NFB is the largest cinema chain in Denmark with six million guests every year. NFB’s largest cinema is Imperial, located in the centre of Copenhagen. With 1,102 seats and state-of-the-art technology, Imperial is the largest and best equipped cinema in Scandinavia. All NFB cinemas have recently been renovated to ensure not only a high viewing quality, but also to provide the flexibility for hosting alternative experiences such as sporting events, concerts, and operas. Figure 6: An overviewof the connection between Egmont and Pumpehuset



Nordisk Film

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Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film



Owns 50 % of the company Pumpehuset A/S


Frederik Juul

-Board Member at Pumpehuset

finance big-scale theatre setups, such as large commercial theatre concerts and other live entertainment. Throughout its existence, NF has been known for providing entertainment with a broad appeal. The same is true for the new business NF Live. Pumpehuset board member Frederik Juul, who is also CEO of NF Live, explains that the goal is to reach an audience that does not necessarily attend the theatre. Since this is a new business concept, it is impossible to assess whether it will work out as planned. Industry experts such as Stig Jarl, associate professor in the Department of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen, believe that the audience will appreciate a broader offering within the theatre industry. He points out the opportunities for cross-selling, such as selling cinema and theatre experiences jointly together. This could be an opportunity to attract new audiences that traditionally have only been interest in either theatre or cinema. At the same time, there is a certain risk of an oversupply of entertaining performing arts in Copenhagen. Adding 100.000 or 200.000 additional tickets per season will certainly stir up the competitive landscape, since it is uncertain whether the demand will grow accordingly. Being backed up by the parent company NF, which not only produces television and film but also owns a large cinema chain, could turn out to be a great asset for the competitive situation of NF Live. As Stig Jarl points out, the discussion surrounding the prospects of this new business model is in many ways comparable to the debate on the new production of opera films around twenty years ago. At that time, there was a fear by many theatres that it would result in a decline of people attending the opera. In fact, however, the effect was the opposite: By having it made more accessible, even more people became interested in the opera and went to see their favourite opera movies live on stage.

Pumpehuset benefits from its relationship with NF by capitalising on its organisational resources for many administrative and operational tasks. This gives Pumpehuset the opportunity to function well with only a small team of employees. Furthermore, the operational costs of Pumpehuset are kept quite low. The individuals employed at Pumpehuset are the following:

Marketing director Jabok ElkjĂŚr-Hansen -Board Member at Pumpehuset

Pumpehuset A/S In February, NF announced the launch of its new business NF Live. NF Live business concentrates on producing live entertainment for a broad audience. The first project of NF Live is the theatre concert with music from the Beatles called Hey Jude. NF Live will both produce and

Chief Executive Officer (full-time) Head of the creative area (full-time) Communication employee (full-time) Production manager (part-time) Facility manager (full-time) Light manager (Trainee) Event coordinator (Trainee) Part-time assistant to the CEO (part-time)


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