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THONBURIRAMA The second-class theater

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A mongst the flourishing area and several multiplex cinemas, Thonburi Rama movie Theater, is a second-class “theater. This theater is a family business, and was

established by the family father since B.E. 2516. Now it’s 38 years old. Presently Mr. Suksum Virairod the son, is the person who inherits his father business. Thonburi Rama movie Theater is the first theater in Thonburi area. Historically, it was a first class theater and it showed only single movies. In that time, a theater mainly showed Chinese movie. Then later on, the second-class theaters are more popular and they make more profit throughout the year. Therefore, this theater changed into a second-class theater. In the past, a second-class theater shows two consecutive movies. If this theater has been mentioned up in Thonburi, then surely that the population around Thonburi area will notice it for it’s former reputation. Ticket price was 7 baht per movie. In a day many people come to see the movie in this theater. There were 30 staffs, indicating the most prospering age of this theater. When time passes, much has changed with this theater. The changes include decreased number of customers due to highly competitive market, changing value of society or even laws. The decreasing numbers of customers were 20-30 customers per day. The outstanding point of this theater is that its ticket price is 40 baht and customers can enter to see the movie all day long with unlimited intervals. However weak points are that this theater showed old release movies and the theater’s appearance seems to be old. “The hope that a second class theater would get back prosperity as the past is very dim. It’s hard that this theater would be recovered and has been prosperous like the past. Since people’s values have changed over time, less people would see the movie in this style of theater. However, if a second-class movie could gain popularity like the old days, it should be improved further as long as it can because it does not hope for profit.” The second-class theater may not be Luxury Theater like huge theater in department stores today. But it is a memorial place to collect historical story of movies. We as the new generation should pay attention to this theater and preserve it for our next generation to come.

Back to the old time

This is in front of the second-class theater among the prospering area. We can see an ancient atmosphere through advertising signs and old style of text format

First sight

The atmosphere inside the theater is just so touchable, and I can feel the ancient scent. The ancient scent that I felt came from the decorations and interior design of the place (dots, lines, different patterns and materials.)

Inside the theater

The large theater, which can loads the capability of 415 people. This theater has soft and comfortable seats, huge screen and great functional air-conditioner. Surprisingly, the theater’s machineries still are well functional even though its appeaance looks old, and even if the machines have been used for a long period of time already.

Theater’s workers

This is a photograph of the theater personnel who were waiting for customers. Even though its a second-class theater, it has strict regulations in similar to theaters in today’s lives

This is a photograph of a snack shop in front of a theater. In this photograph, theater personnel was reading newspapers, representing an old theater that was overlooked by people/customers.

Theater’s workers

The worker’s in uniform have been doing their jobs all day long. Their eyes have been glazing and hoping for customers to enter, and wishing for the theater to be wealthy, successful and full with customers.

Theater staffs in the projector room was standing next to a projector with his pride in this position over 10 years.

The projector room

The atmosphere and appearance of the projector room hasn’t changed much after several years have passed by. The projector in the room has kept its image as a classic scent, which is very charming and attractive. It looks so enchanted.


Film rotator and film roll has been used for many years. Before a movie starts, the staff rewind the film preparing for the next round. One movie used around 4-6 roll films. When films were completely changed, the next step of entertainment begins.

The processes

The processes

The steps to present each movie are to rill the film and insert it into the top of the projector, then the film will run along to the projector trails at the bottom of the projector. After that, start up the projector so that the moving pictures of the movie will spear on the movie screen. When the first film roll is about the run out, the staffs will be preparing to insert the next film roll by holding onto the next film roll to stand by for the roll to finish so the movie doesn’t stop in the middle of the show. The workers only have around 5 secs to open the 2nd projector with the light bulb system. The film constucture were use normally the only changes is the 35 mm film. Another material that is used is an audio monitor. It is a mono system audio type, and it is a Doby Digital audio system, for a better quality of the movie.

Behind the scene

While a movie is showing, workers are to ensure that the movie will not stop during the show, so the workers could not leave the theater. However, personnel perform repeated tasks so that they could feel bored. Moreover, the workers have to repeat their job positions many times over and over again until they get bored, to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

The end

at 9.00 pm. the theater will be closing but after that no one konw when will it be open again...... if you see no valuable in second-class theater soon it will just fade away.

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