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This picture creates a triangle of the trees at the fence. The road on the left side helps the triangle not to be too in the middle of the picture.

Green Hillside

The edge of the field makes the foreground seems like it is angle. The hill and the trees surround the background.

Family Field

Show the atmosphere around the statue and the Wat-Umong where there were people admired at the statue.

Around the Statue

Landscape Cityscape

Stair Way Down to the River The water pours from the upper hill to the lower hill step by step then transforms itself and disappears into the stream.

Beginning of the Stream This picture was taken on a sunny day so the result was quite bright. I named it ‘the beginning of the stream’ because the water goes along the way to the endless.

Contrast by the Sun Orange of the sunlight and the blue sky bring up colour contrast. The picture seems like in the frame because the shadow of the trees.

Winsomeness of the Morning Light of the sunrise make the mood of the picture be a winsomely morning as it touches the grasses. The audiences can notice only the shape of it not a clear whole grass.

Simply but Classy A single wall may look normal to most viewers but I personally think it is classy because it made of brick that is classic and antique.

Lines Curves & Patterns

One Bright Hole This S line brings audiences’ eyes to its end, which is in the middle of the picture. The trees help creating frame as I took the photo quite dark on a sunny day.

Shiny Chilli The folk dried chillies on the bract, the skin of chillies reflect with the sunlight so we see glossy skin on them. Nevertheless, the chillies and the bract create interested pattern by the colour also the skin as glossy red and dry grey.

Unexpectedly Verticality This is unexpected because the monastery at the back looks similar to the subjects at the foreground.

Ant Eye View A group of metal straight line, it is the floor blur at the background and foreground to focus at the middle.

Sunlight to Shadow Sunlight combines with the shadow from the grasses bring up semi-circle shape that is called Curve.

More Than Straight Line It is more than a straight line because the line itself also go up as well so it is almost curve.


Frisky Smile A Lady chuckling when was asked to pose. This shows that she was a bit shy.

Pose On Purpose At Doi-Su-Deb stair, a Chinese man stop and look at me like he sincerely to give me a pose.

Irritating Poser The seller felt angry when I tried to shoot the photo.

Community At Large The monk was seriously working on the task for the temple also for the public.

Exhaustive Work A neatly task was done by this monk who was concentrate and calm from Doi-SuDeb.

Old Man In White An old man at the night market was producing goods for customers. He was meant to be white because his shirt is white as well as his hair.

Night Pictures

Colour Night The night was colouring by many different tone of the colour from the light. Also give the viewers the feeling of time to have fun.

Peaceably Prayer The prayers peaceably prayed for the statue in front of them with their calm mind.

Brighten End I took this picture from the wall where I climbed to get this angle. The brighten point is at the end of the road. However, this the light from one car only.

Cross Hole This cross hole was on the wall I mentioned on the page before. It gave me another side of the street view.

Start New Wish with New Fire I get this shot when we went to the river to release the Kome-Loy. This is the fire under the Kome-loy that make it flied.

Texture Collection

Troop of Bubbles Huge amount of water from waterfall created bubble texture that gave feeling of rush to me.

Various Footmark There were many footprints placed on the way up to strawberry field. The footprints showed deep holes and shallow holes became taxture.

In Order The chair that made out of leaf gave me a neatly texture where every line is place in order. The texture was dry and grey cam from dead leafs.

Left Leafs Green and fresh leafs are gone, what left there were only texture of depressed leafs.

Man-Made Pattern This is two tone shiny texture of the stair at Doi-Su-Deb. As the elements overlaps the each other and green so it seems like animal skin. Actually it is snake skin that guarding the stair.

Colour Mosaic

Violet Violet is considered to be hot tone colour but doesn’t look too hot compared to other colours in hot tone side. Moreover, present beauty of not only man-made objects but also nature.

Personal Selection

Slope Hill The shadow of the hill frame up the picture and contrast the sky. Slope brings more space on the right side in the picture.

In to the Temple People have to walk through the door and the distance before get in to the peace. The light inside the door represents holy of Buddha.

Strong Forwards The statue is meant to be strong as this is the Great King Rama 5 of Thailand who once brought development there. Strong feeling come from the eyes that look forwards and how antique the statue is.

What Left At Here This monk statue was taken at Wat-Umong where every statue were there as well but this one was lying down seem like separate from others. However, blur background make audiences interest at the statue.

Up This picture was taken at riverside when we released the Kome-Loy so when it reached the dark sky it also created positive/negative space which drew attraction of audiences to the subject.

Chiang Mai Trip - Tookta  

Chiang Mai Trip 2012

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