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6 AMAZING SUICIDE SQUAD JACKE David Ayer’s action flick already made us go crazy after the unexpected action sequences and the charm is not fading anytime soon. Apart from the amazing story line and highest box office collections of this movie, fans have liked the charismatic range of Suicide Squad Jackets that everyone crave for the stylishly stitched premium celebrities leather jackets. From Will Smith to Karen Fukuhara, you’ll find a nice jacket to boost your personality and shine through parties or on casual days. If you love wearing movies leather jackets, there’s a perfect match for your body type in this long list of Suicide Squad jackets that we picked specifically for aspiring fashion lovers.

Suicide Squad Joker Purple Trench Leather Coat Joker is known for his surprising entries and deadliest actions. Another element that everyone admires in his personality is the stylish approach that he uses when choosing wardrobes. converted by

admires in his personality is the stylish approach that he uses when choosing wardrobes. This time, the purple trench coat made so many hype in this movie that earned Jared Leto so much praise and appreciation with respect to costume selection and dressings. However Jared didn’t get the chance to perform many scenes in this movie, he surely spell a magic with his energetic cameo upon fans. When an unknown creature attacks the Earth, he sees an opportunity to snatch back his love Harley Quinn from US prison. But his plans fail when Amanda launches a rocket to track down his helicopter and leave him unconscious. As the movie progresses and finally reaches to an end, we witness Joker intruding the highly secured prison premises to save Harley Quinn once again. The trench coat has been made with synthetic leather material and purple color made everyone praise its beauty. You’d love the peak collar with button closure to maintain a formal feel in this attire.  Shop Now

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Harley Quinn Satin Fabric Jacket: In that red and blue baseball jacket, Margot Robbie stole many hearts with her amazing performance and a psychopathic aura in her personality. Her fans appreciated these celebrities leather jackets that complimented her character’s demand with two ponytails that gave her a crazy appearance as per character’s demand. As the movie starts, we witness Joker’s love attraction locked behind rodes and chained so she won’t run away from the prison. Initially, she proves to be timid and irritating to everyone with her jokes and discontent laughing sounds. But she knows what she’s doing by hiding behind a heart of normal psychiatrist who fell in love with a psychopathic criminal and misses him every moment of her life. On the way to metropolis, they befriends with Deadshot who acts like a guardian to this timid and funny villain in the team. As the story progresses, she demonstrates her thoughts and feelings for not being too cruel at a certain point when everyone acts cowardly and thinks to sneak away from the danger. Margot Robbie’s costume made her role more lively and attractive amongst celebrities leather converted by

Margot Robbie’s costume made her role more lively and attractive amongst celebrities leather jackets each character has in this movie. The viscose lining and satin fabric makes your experience very supple and leisurely when you wear this jacket on. The front zipper closure is aided with YKK zippers to zip up the jacket swiftly when traveling in cold. You’d love the waistline pockets these Suicide Squad jackets have on each side to tuck your hands in and walk like a confident diva on road. The erect style rib knit collar boosts your self esteem and charm to set a new fashion trend in your circle.  Shop Now

Jay Hernandez Blue Letterman Jacket For Mens Once a deadliest criminal who produces fire from his hands, El Diablo gives up a life filled with rage and crime and turns into a dead man by dwelling in dark prison cell. What people liked about his character was the tattoos all over his body and the varsity jacket that gave him a casual but appealing appearance. When everything seems impossible, he share his past that makes everyone think over completing the mission and save the world from that evil creature dwelling in railway station. The wool material gave this jacket a new life with cozy feel to keep your body warm. You’d love the black and white color combination this jacket has. Another amazing thing about this varsity jacket is the viscose lining that makes your experience very comfortable.  Shop Now

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Deadshot Red and Black Leather Jacket: Like always, Will Smith demonstrated one of his best acting performances with Deadshot’s character in this supervillain based movie. What fans noticed in his personality this time was the appealing red and black standup jacket that increase his appeal and machoness during converted by

various movie scenes. Deadshot’s character uplifts the story and plays an important character in Task Force X’s formation when everyone thinks of running away from Amanda Waller’s grasp. Initially reluctant to leave the mission behind, Deadshot steps in with a kind thought to accomplish the mission and meet his daughter and look in her eyes without any guilt or shame. Being an assassin by profession, he quickly makes himself aware of the situation Amanda has put the whole team into. His character is liked by serious punch lines that makes one laugh suddenly in between of a serious movie scene. When confronted by the Enchantress, he proves to be a teamplayer and exhibits his bravery and strategic fighting techniques to combat magic spells and delusions created by the wise witch. Fans are not limited to watch their favorite superhero in action as they can benefit one of the best Suicide Squad Jackets that Smith wore during the movie. The jacket was made with 100% pure leather material and viscose lining makes it one of the best Suicide Squad jackets to try. The erect collar gives you a trendy appearance and front zipper closure protects your front torso very beautifully. You’ll love the waistline pockets these Suicide Squad jackets have along with two inside pockets to keep important stuff handy wherever you go. The red and black color patches put a new life in these movies leather jackets of Will Smith. Pick your size from these celebrities leather jackets and look in shape instantly.  Shop Now

Captain Boomerang Trench Coat: Being one of the most versatile actors we got in film industry, Jai Courtney always steals the show with his out of the box performances. But this time, he was noticed for that amazingly stitched trench coat that gave him a fierce look in this movie. Playing Captain Boomerang, he attracted massive fan base with one of the best Suicide Squad jackets during his action sequences. Throughout the movie, Captain Boomerang distracted everyone with his cowardly ideas to secure their freedom and leave everything behind to start anew. But as the story progresses and everyone feel an obligation to save innocent people of USA, he joins the team to retain a respectful position in squad. Often times, he’s seen messing up with other team members and distracting them from real task they were assigned under the supervision of Flag. When every strategy fails, it is Captain who suggests team members to win the lost fight and even takes part in the tussle between black magic and humanity. Above all the controversial acts he did, fans still liked his costume that made him prominent and hunky guy in this movie. Captain Boomerang’s costume was made with premium quality leather to keep the body warm in cold weather conditions. The viscose lining adds even more comfort in your experience. You’d love the waistline pockets that are stitched at perfect position along with two additional inside pockets to keep important things near you. The black color uplifted this trench coat’s appearance and boost your personality everywhere you wear this attire. Just converted by

wear this coat on and secure yourself against cold winds by retaining style standards high.  Shop Now

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Crocodile Biker Leather Jacket: Despite being ugly and scary, Crocodile does have a style standard that he proves with Suicide Squad jackets during different movie scenes. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje made everyone wonder about his transformation into a crocodilian physique that usually scares one off with horrifying facial expressions and wide jaws. But the jacket he wore in this movie surely convinced everyone about his stylish approaches. In the movie, he’s seen most in a pipeline due to the mutant characteristics his character possesses. But when Waller forms a special team to combat an unknown enemy, he proves a valuable asset to Task Force X by contributing his share in this special mission. Instead of using dry roads, he makes his way through gutters and drainage lines and swims through the city to locate the main source of all destructions and anarchies happening in the city. His black studded jacket grabbed many eyes due to the stylish patterns and peak collar feature. The other noticeable factors were the synthetic leather material and two waist pockets that leverage its design. You’d love the concept of shirt style collar accompanied with a hoodie. A zipper closure is added at the front with YKK zippers and finest stitching quality to give you an elite appearance in this beautiful leather jacket. Show your love for Killer Croc with this amazingly crafted biker jacket.  Shop Now

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