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Interior Designer Portfolio Suhaila Hamad Hussain Al Shaali

Artist Statement I’m a designer that gets inspired by simply everything. I’m a perfectionist; I like to contribute in my free time by spreading ideas and inspiring people. Passion, organization are words that describe me. Fashion and travelling are my top inspirations. Looking at designers and how creative they get with even the simplest thing inspires me. Travelling and learning different designs from different countries and exploring them helps me a lot and gives me inspiration as well as seeing how developed and global my country becoming. My design explores various global cultures and Arabic culture, and my work explores designing small spaces. I want to achieve my personal goals, which are taking the designs in the Arab world to a whole new level. Also, I am interested in developing my country to the extreme and make every minute of my design career counts by achieving those goals.

When it comes to starting a design the atmosphere around me becomes silent and my focus is only on what I’m working on. When I start something I don’t stop or give up until finishing it. Looking at the art world it’s a whole different world to me, it is creativity, it is life, and it is everything that I can’t describe. My aim is to help everyone from my family in my own house to foreigners in a different country and give them ideas and help motivate them to better designs so we can live in a better future.

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Suhaila Hamad Al Shaali , Emirati, Born in January 1991 ,18. She is currently a student at Zayed University in the College of Art and Creative Enterprises studying Interior Design. Her design process combines sketching, drafting, modeling, and illustrating. Took classes in painting, drawing, Chinese painting, graphic design, rendering, and Auto CAD. Suhaila has participated in various workshops and competitions such as Design Days Dubai workshop on leather weaving on the 19th of March 2012. She also participated in the Sit in Shade design competition in March 2012. Moreover, she participated in MenaLAB AlKhor Discovery Walk 2012. She volunteered as a guest usher in TEDxZU in May 2012

"I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right." Dorothy Draper

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Interior Design

Thesun is the power that produces life. Without the sun, nothing will grow and this world will be frozen, barren, and a lifeless planet.

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Lighting Redesign

Color and Light

Lighting Fitting Design

Color and Light

Using my understanding of lighting and light fitting. I was required to design and build a 220 voltage light fitting for the interior of your room that had been surveyed and redesigned.

Illustration This project is done by usiing Illustrator. The aim is to be able to create different designs of letters and combining them together.

Graphic Design

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Interior Design Portfolio