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Freshers 2014 Greenwich Nights Surviving Student Halls


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Editorial Hello everyone! To all the freshers, welcome to Greenwich, welcome back to everyone else. This is the Freshers issue of Latitude Lookout, the magazine written by students, for students, for the coming year. This year the editorial team are hoping to provide a lot more content on the Latitude Lookout website so we are looking for lots of new people to contribute, (you don’t have to be a fresher to join!) If you join, you can write as much or as little as you want when it suits you and as long as it is approved by one of the editors you can pretty much write about whatever you want. In this issue there is a lot of information and advice for freshers from students who have experienced it all before. Hopefully it will be useful! We have study guides, advice on living in halls, a recipe for you to try and much more. If you would like to become involved with the magazine come along to our meet and greet on the 24th of September at 6pm in Bar Latitude. If not you can contact me: or the editor who is responsible for your area of interest. To receive updates about the magazine and what we are doing find us on Facebook and Twitter: / Good luck in your first term as freshers and hopefully we will see some of you when you join the magazine! Lucy Editor in Chief

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Words From the President

Welcome to Greenwich, the next adventure of your life starts here. You will, over the coming days and weeks, be fed a huge amount of information; fellow students, staff, local organisations, national organisations will all be vying for your attention. Your Union will be one of them, but we hope in the long run to make your life, and your university experience, easier, funner, less stressful, more equal, and most importantly worthwhile. But how exactly are you going to achieve such lofty targets I hear you ask. Well there’s plenty of time to find out about that, whether it’s in this very magazine, on our website, during one of huge freshers fairs, or even through a chat with one of the 15 elected officers or hundreds of volunteers. I guarantee you’ll find something that’ll take


your fancy, and it may just very well change your future forever. If you’re coming back to Greenwich after a wonderfully relaxing and sun blessed summer then you have learnt the hard way about all the information that is thrown at you in the opening weeks. You are now in the lucky position to no longer be the primary attention of seemingly everybody in the world, but your Students’ Union haven’t forgotten about you. I, for example, didn’t get involved in Union politics or activities until my second year so that is testament to those age old words “it’s never too late.” But enough about that, what have the Union been up to since the last time this magazine was published? Well at the end of June we said goodbye to the outgoing officers and welcomed our new ones, this turnover of

elected officers means a whole new set of work too. Whilst I’m lucky to be able to continue some of the work from last year, there is now a whole new set of priorities. From getting more women involved in the Union, to the General Election in May, to campaigns around accommodation costs, to more liberation awareness. There’s a whole bunch of new and exciting campaigns to be worked on over the coming year—and I’d suggest that if you’re passionate about them, get involved! So despite popular belief, elected officers don’t get time off over the University holidays (unless of course we take some), and it’s not actually that much quieter despite the majority of students not being on campus. There is however time to evaluate the work from the previous year, hand over work to new officers, spend time creating new campaign plans and strategies, and of course planning freshers. Between now and the next time you pick up an issue of Latitude Lookout later in term one there will be loads of opportunities to meet me, my fellow officers, and the amazing staff team at the Students’ Union. Even if you don’t attend many freshers events (which you really should), we’ll be flying in and out of lectures, tweeting furiously, running around in our bright red jumpers, and just generally trying to make sure you get settled, or even resettled. All that’s left to say is that I’m so excited to meet you all. My challenge to you if (when!) you meet me is to suggest a topic, and I will where possible work a pun into each and every one of my columns around that topic. Last year I had sandwiches, and it was jamming. So spread the word (Sorry!). Follow me on Twitter @PresGreenwich, find me on Facebook, and of course follow your Students’ Union @sugreenwich

Alex Brooks President



Owais Chishty – Vice President Education Education is a platform which facilitates learning, gaining knowledge and building skills in people which transfers from generation to generation. In the past, educational resources were fairly poor and rarely accessible to everyone. Despite this lack of resource students spent a considerable amount of time with the lecturers. Students used to travel long distances every day to gain knowledge because they were passionate about their learning and understood the value of it. Communities across the world valued those who were educated and deeply respected those who did the teaching. These days technology has became a vital part of our lives and access to education and its resources are far better than in the past. However, the values of education have changed. A common problem across universities is a lack of engagement from students, a lack of value placed in education. Lecturers often dump their slides on students without encouraging engagement. The question I pose to you is whether the current system of education is outdated and old fashioned? Is technology a learning tool or a distraction? Is education all about getting job? What is the value of education to you?

Twitter: @VPEGreenwich Facebook: /VPEGreenwich

Edward Oakes – Vice President Campaigns and Welfare Here it is, my first freshers fortnight as a full time elected officer! Looking back at my first freshers as a student, I turned up a ‘fresh’ faced 18 year old ready to enjoy myself and to maybe get some work done as well. I had no idea of what the Students’ Union was and even less intention of getting involved. So how come I’m now a Students’ Union officer? It actually started the first night I stepped foot in the bar, I was greeted by a guy wearing rugby shorts and racing around the place with a sign-up sheet and a pen. Immediately I got drafted to join the rugby team. From there I went on to become the team vice-captain and get involved in a number of societies in my second year and went on to be a part-time Students’ Union officer in my third year. These experiences were what made me run to be a sabbatical officer. So get involved in a sports team, a society, or become a campaign volunteer and see what you can gain from getting involved in your union. You never know you might end up being a Sabbatical Officer in the near future!

Linda Yuma Black Students Officer

Joshua Knight Disabled Students Officer

Nimalathan Althavan International Students Officer

Peter Mills Mature Students Officer

Carolyn Snitzer Postgraduate and Part-time Students Officer

Christy Anne Mackrill Women Students Officer

Kathryn Eversfield Avery Hill Campus Officer

Jitendra Naga Godavarthi Medway Campus Officer

Abdulmajid Osman Greenwich Campus Officer

Jack David Kilner LGBT+ Students Officer

Twitter: @VPCWGreenwich Facebook: /VPCWGreenwich

Harry Hodges – Vice President Student Activities Student Activities for me was a pastime, something to keep me entertained when my course was a bit boring. It has come to be so much more than that, but for so many of the students who are engaged and involved that is just how it started. I was pretty lucky to be presented with opportunities to get involved and organise the things I love through being a Committee member, but it wasn’t until the end of my second year that I realised I had been an active and contributing Students Union member all along. It’s the fact that so many Students are involved in extra curricular activities, volunteering, societies, sports etc. and are integral contributing members to our Union, without even realising it. So it’s difficult to hear people say, the Students Union has got nothing to do with me. Because of this it’s one of my priorities this year to help develop Student Groups and Student Opportunities, encouraging and widening student participation alongside developing our recognition and support structure. When I was a Committee member I would have loved for somebody to explain all the possible development opportunities and the ways I could have helped made my group better, so that’s what we aim to do, through better Committee training programmes, a tiered recognition scheme, development plans and Union awards for those who achieve the most. If you are a student like me, excited and interested in the possibilities of what Uni life holds, keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. There’s a lot of fun to be had!

Twitter: @VPSAGreenwich Facebook: /VPSAGreenwich

Carney Battenti Volunteering Officer


Meet the team

gues / Editor-in-Chief Lucy / Editor-in-Chief Hi, I’m Lucy this year’s Editor of Latitude Lookout. We are hoping that this year will be a great year for the magazine with a lot more content being written for the Latitude Lookout website. We are also hoping to send writers to report on University of Greenwich sports games and events that other societies hold. This means that we need a lot of contributors! If anyone has any ideas or specific interests that they feel they would like to write about for the magazine contact one of the editors or come along to a meeting. New content is very welcome at the magazine.

Jade / Assistant Editor Hi I’m Jade, the Assistant Editor for Latitude Lookout. Since joining Greenwich I have watched the magazine undergo a huge transformation into a more gratifying publication to read and be a part of. As we take over from last year’s editorial team, we are keen to recruit new members that can increase readership and help it become a regular part of your Greenwich student life. If you think you have something to bring to the team please contact us and get involved!

Kavell / Entertainment Editor Hi, I’m Kavell I study English Literature and I’m your Entertainment Editor for the Latitude Lookout magazine this year. Articles under this section include book, film, video games and TV show reviews, so if you read any great books over the summer there is space for you both in print and online. Also, I would like to have articles about current pop culture topics including debates about the politics of the entertainment business.

Sara O’ Brien / Creative Submission editor Hello all! I’m Sara O’Brien and this year I am the Creative Submissions Editor of Latitude Lookout. This means that I am in charge of choosing which pieces of creative work submitted by students, either poetry or short stories, are included in the creative writing section featured in each issue of the magazine. This year I am eager to make this section flourish and live up to its potential. I hope to get the word out to the many creative writers at the University who may want to have some of their work published. I am excited to shine the light on some of the very talented writers we have here at Greenwich and hopefully encourage others to make their own attempts at writing and submit their work to be included. Any submissions for the creative writing section can be sent to

Ruya/ Music Editor My name is Ruya and I’m the Music Editor of Latitude Lookout. Last year, when I was just a music journalist, I was lucky enough to meet and interview great artists as well as enjoy their gigs. I found out about new artists, and even became a fan of some. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the industry, and see behind the scenes with my own two eyes. Music is a key industry in our changing world and helps us connect to people in so many ways. If you ever want to contribute our music section, just drop me an email!

Heather/ PR Hi, I’m Heather and I am the PR for Latitude Lookout. My job is to keep you guys updated with everything that’s going on with the magazine, deliver it to you, and be the middle man between you and all of our lovely editors. I also write a couple of articles every month (mine are the cringey ones). If you want anything advertised within the magazine, or contact us via our social networking sites, then it’s me you will be talking to. So, don’t be shy, I don’t bite! (much), and get in touch!


What i wish i knew in Freshers Hindsight is a wonderful thing. After all your years at uni, between those dreaded 9am lectures, those all-nighters you pulled and that time you woke up to find a traffic cone in your hallway, you learned a lot (mostly crammed in the 5 hours before your deadline in the library). If you could go back and give a few nuggets of wisdom to your Fresher self, what would you say? Here’s a few handy tips, from people who have been there, done it and got the university hoodie. By: Heather Scott

Olivia Cunningham, a second year Events student says: “Learn your timetable, where all the rooms are, where the library is, the local TFL information… just do your research! You can tell a fresher from a mile away… clueless and terrified.”

Joseph Burgess, a third year Architecture student, says: “Sometimes, you need to remember you can say no. I went a little crazy in my first year partying and nearly failed the year. Uni is fun, but remember why you’re here.”

Yasmin Barber, a second year Law student, says: “Don’t try and pack your whole bedroom! You really do not need an outfit for every occasion, I survived the year wearing jumpers and hoodies, and the rooms in halls are probably as big as a walk in wardrobe…”

Paige Wilson, a third year English Lit student, says: “Go to every event in Freshers! Don’t hide in your room… some of my closest friends are those I met during Freshers week.”

And finally, my personal words of wisdom: “No matter how much all that travelling in your gap year ‘changed you as a person’ and made you feel like you’ve ‘really outgrown everyone’ because you’ve got ‘like, so much life experience now,’ there’s thousands of other people uttering those exact words. So, honestly, just be yourself!


First Year Study Guide Being a fresher may be one of the most exciting things in life and starting university means fun, friends, parties but above all, personal development. So, though you might want to lose yourself a bit in your first year like everyone does, you will also discover yourself through your education. We wanted to provide you with a guide that will help you understand some key points to study in your first year. By: Rüya Yönak 1 Always attend lectures. You’ll always have Moodle to help you out on missing points but engaging with your professors and asking them questions is the only way to understand a subject.

6 Learn how to do Harvard referencing. You will be expected to know how it’s done. You can use the “my learning” tab on the portal to go to study skill workshop, where you can find guides on how to write your essays properly.

2 Definitely learn to use Moodle. So many things will be put there, from important dates to essay questions, readings and more.

7 Manage your time. Most people either party a lot, stay up late, wake up late, but never do anything productive. It is expected but sometimes you need to work and discover new things.

3 Do your reading. You might think a reading is boring but only if you haven’t been to its lecture. Remember, you are improving yourself and your knowledge. Don’t turn your back on new things, you might well find new interests. 4 If you don’t like the reading you’re given, try researching online or even go to the library to learn more about the subject. You’ll get higher marks for your essays if you use additional sources from the ones your professor gave you in class. 5 Essays. They are very important. (Duh!) Never. ever. postpone or you will come up with a last-minute essay that your professors will probably know you didn’t really work on.


8 Be in a study group. You’ll see that discussing ideas on a topic is the best way to formulate your arguments and to find answers to your questions or even to come up with new ones. 9 If you have a technical course, make sure you use the university’s resources to improve your skills. They are free and open for students. 10 If you are having difficulties on a subject, first talk to your professor and ask for advice from your tutor. Remember, everyone’s here to help you.

Exploring London London can be an exciting and scary place for those who have never lived here before. There are many things to do and your first year of uni, Freshers in particular, can be the best time to familiarise yourself so you know what you’re doing for the rest of your time studying at Greenwich. By: Lucy Weller


The best place to start is Greenwich, as it is the easiest to find since you’re already there! The Maritime Campus itself has some interesting places that are worth a visit if you haven’t seen them already such as the Painted Hall and the Chapel which are both free to enter. Just across the road from the campus is the Maritime Museum which can be interesting for any student who is interested in the history of the British Empire. Greenwich Park is a great place to go in the summer and it may be a nice place to take some books and revise for exams. If you walk to the top of the hill there is a beautiful view of Maritime Greenwich.

Museums and Art Galleries

There are many museums and art galleries across London most of which are free to enter and easy to get to via public transport. There are places to suit every interest such as the V&A which has a great exhibition on fashion, the Natural History Museum for those who want a more interactive experience or the Tate Modern where there is always something extraordinary on show. There are always different temporary exhibitions out on at the museums and galleries, which you do have to pay to get into, but there is usually a discount if you have your student card.

Prime Locations

Even though as a student you may not actually be able to afford anything in there, Harrods is an exciting place to visit. It has souvenirs; food and high fashion set over several floors and as it gets nearer will become a winter wonderland for Christmas. As it is 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, The Tower of London has transformed itself to remember this. It is surrounded with ceramic poppies with more being added in the lead up to the 11th of November. This is definitely worth going to see, perhaps more than once as it will look more impressive as time goes on and more poppies are added. Just make sure you go before the 11th of November!


Freshers at Avery Hill By Heather Scott

Hello students new and old! Freshers Fortnight is back and I promise it to be some of your best nights during your university life. This is the time where you can ruthlessly explore your social skills and go on consecutive nights out without feeling the gut wrenching guilt of not staying in and doing your uni work. Oh, don’t worry, you will have all that to come. For the continuing’s to another year of trying to balance your coursework and social life! But before all that, dear freshers I would like to introduce to you the sports and social hub of the University of Greenwich which is, Avery Hill Campus. Avery Hill is the largest campus we have at the University, and students who study at Mansion Site are primary placed here in halls of residence. However, just because you do not study here does not mean you cannot visit! Personally, I study on the Greenwich campus


and discovered the wonders of Avery Hill at the end of my first year. Had I known earlier about the variety of events available at Avery Hill campus, I would’ve come a lot sooner. So now, I’m giving you a head start! You can thank me later... If you haven’t been to Avery Hill then please do! We have a FREE inter-campus bus service that lets you travel between Greenwich and Avery Hill campus every hour. You can find the timetable on the SUUG website. When you get there you will enter into ‘The Village’, where you will find the halls of residence, the Village Shop, the launderette, ‘The Dome’ which houses a gym and cafeteria, the Doctors Surgery, the accommodation office, teaching rooms, tennis courts and football fields. Yes, it is like a real village! We also have our own free cash point which will either become your best friend or your worst enemy by the end of the first term...

Now, on the subject of Freshers Fortnight, the name on everybody’s lips will be ‘Sparrows’. No, this is not a bird sanctuary that everybody goes to socialize (although we do have a real life bird sanctuary at Mansion Site!) No, this is the Student Union bar and entertainment facilities, and the venue for most of the sports clubs meetings and party themed events. If you check out the Events Timetable on the SUUG Freshers 2014 website, you will see a range of events all being held at the Sparrows Bar. The Freshers Launch Party will be held there on the 13th September, so remember to take your student I.D, and go and explore! Now I have gifted you with this knowledge, there is no excuse! So get out and enjoy yourself, and always try to be safe. See you there! Learn more at:

Surviving Student Halls Finally, a life away from the parents! You are thinking living alone is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It is. But you will be living with or around other people. So we decided to make a list that will help you survive the student halls without pissing anyone off, or struggling by yourself. You’ll have responsibilities but responsibilities don’t have to be regarded as difficult or boring. By Ruya Yonak

and it will suck most of the time. The best way to use the kitchen is to share the work. If you can get some of your flatmates to team up with you, the expenses will be cheaper and you can eat different types of food! Also, you wouldn’t have to clean dishes all the time.

Your Room Laundry

Unless you have 365 t-shirts and jeans, you’ll have to do your laundry at some point. Make sure you ask your mom how to do it and don’t worry because laundry rooms have guides to get you through this alien process. “How does mom do this?” “How frequently do I have to do it?” “Can’t I just put them all together?” can become your mottos if you don’t. Also, you’ll see people who wash/dry their clothes but don’t come to pick them up. Always try to set an alarm on your phone and get your clothes out on time or you may find them lying on top of the dusty laundry machines.

Keeping your room clean is the most important part of a bug-free stay in student halls. Don’t let your room get too humid after showers, because you will see immediately there will be bugs on your carpet and take the bins out regularly.

Facebook pages for halls

All important news about halls is posted here. Mostly parties, but hey that is the most important news. If you lose something or if something’s wrong in the halls, post on fb. Also, there are students in halls responsible for making sure no one’s having problems so they will contact you about serious issues and help you get through them. They’re called Resident Assistants and you can find out who yours are by asking at the Accommodation Office.


They usually get shut down for getting reported by other people. Invite everyone if you are having a party and if you are not invited to a party don’t report it unless you have a job interview next morning, even if you do, remember it’s student halls and young people are supposed to be able to party at night and still wake up the next morning sober to attend an interview.



This is the part of your flat that can easily get very dirty. Yes, washing your plates every time you cook/eat something is not going to be easy

Fire Alarms

They basically go off every second, no one knows why. (yeah right) Try not to smoke inside or you’ll get the whole building frustrated. (especially if it’s 3 am)

This is very important. If you don’t have student insurance, make sure you always remember to lock your door and keep your flat’s door closed. Don’t let strangers use your electronic key to get into McMillan!

Welcome to adult life. 11

Student Activities Student activities – “what’s that?” I hear you cry (well, maybe ask in a polite way). “Surely its just anything I do, as I’m a student?” – well, yes and kind of.

Here at your Union we have a ‘Student Activities’ section, which is all of our student groups, plus the Give it a Go programme (more on that later), and our volunteering recognition scheme. ‘Student Activities’ exists to provide opportunities for everyone at Greenwich to take part in activities and events outside of your course. From playing sports to going on trips, to meeting students with the same hobbies, or volunteering in the community – we’re here to help support all of our students to make friends, pick up new skills, and most importantly have some fun! We have over 70 student groups, and that number is always growing as any student can start a group! We have sports clubs and societies, which cover a massive range of different activities and interests – just check out the list on the next page to see.


If you can’t see anything that interests you yet, then you can start a student group. It’s really easy and you’ll get support from the Union – all the information is at activities/new. All of the students who run our groups are volunteers, along with hundreds of other students who are programme reps or volunteer in the community. We run a skills and volunteering recognition scheme to say ‘well done!’ to everyone who takes part in any of these activities, or paid work, through our online Employability & Volunteering Toolkit. You can use it throughout your time at Greenwich to keep track of what volunteering you do and what skills you’re building up (through volunteering, work, or on your course!) and then get a nifty ‘Skills Record’ which will help you write your CV, as well as

being eligible for our end of year Union Awards! The Toolkit is all online so any student can use it at any time – check it out at volunteer. Finally, we also look after the ‘Give it a Go’ programme of one-off and recreational sports, activities, events and trips. Right now we’re recruiting full-time and student staff to run this scheme, and it will be launching in late October. Keep your eyes peeled for information on this – everything’s included in this, from playing dodgeball through to going on trips round London or learning a new skill, so it’s a great way to try something different!

LIST OF STUDENT GROUPS (as of 8th September 2014)

SPORTS CLUBS • American Football • Athletics & Running • Badminton • Basketball (mens & womens teams) • Cheerleading • Cricket (outdoor) • Football (Mens) • Football (Womens) • Hockey (mens, womens & mixed teams) • Judo • Netball • Rugby Union (mens & womens teams) • Snowsports

CAMPAIGNING, AWARENESS & SUPPORT GROUPS • Amnesty International • CoppaFeel Society • Disabled Students Network • Feminism • Green • LGBT+ • Mature Students Network (Society of Old Gits) • MikeyP Appreciation Society • Palestinian Solidarity • RAG Raise & Give • UNICEF on Campus • Womens Hub

ACTIVITIES & GAMES GROUPS • Anime & Games • Climbing and Mountaineering • St John Ambulance LINKS • Table Tennis




In 2015 the United Kingdom will elect a new Government. This is a vital time for students to have their voice heard and make a difference. We’ll be running voter registration drives, speaking to students to understand the key issues affecting them, and running on-campus debates with the candidates who are running for election in our local areas.

ADDITIONAL COSTS IN ACCOMMODATION The Accommodation Additional costs campaign is looking to achieve a reduction in the cost and the amount of additional costs faced by students living in university halls. This includes the removal or reduction of some charges for things such as broadband, electricity and end of year damages.


• Accounting • Bright Futures • Economics & Business • English • GLaS Landscape & Architecture • GRE.Events • History • Law • Marketing • MathSoc • Midwifery • Politics • PR Fraternity • Private Equity • Psychology • Real Estate • Student Computer Society • Trading and Investment

We’re looking to improve how the university’s extenuating circumstances procedure works for students who have genuine problems that are affecting their university performance. We want a fairer system, that’s easier for students to use, and more transparent in operation.


Did you know it was university policy not to teach on a Wednesday afternoon? Well it is, except in a number of rare circumstances. This time is deliberately left free so you can take part in self study, playing sport, joining a society, or taking part in some volunteering. It’s important that students challenge why they have scheduled teaching on a Wednesday, and we’re here to help.

CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS & BELIEF GROUPS • African Caribbean • Charismatic • Christian Union • Edification Ministry • Ghanaian Students • Hindu • Islamic • Jewish • Polish • RockSolid Christian Fellowship • Russian Speakers


MUSIC, PERFORMANCE & MEDIA GROUPS • Creative Film • Jammin’ • Latitude Lookout • Latitude Radio • Latitude TV • Performing Arts • Photography • Rock & Indie Music

The list is always up to date online at

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS The stigma that surrounds people with mental health is a huge problem and prevents those that need support from seeking it. So we want to remove the stigma around mental health, raise awareness of what it is and how it affects people, and finally make sure that the university provides suitable services to those who need them. We’ve got more campaigns than this, to find out how to get involved and what else we’re up to visit our website:


Greenwich rag society Greenwich RAG have some exciting events planned for 2014-2015 and we would love for you to get involved. RAG, also known as Raise and Give, is a society whose primary goal is to fundraise money and give our time in order to support charitable causes. We will be supporting numerous charities throughout the year, so you’ll have a chance to support causes close to your heart. This year we’ve got a massive relaunch to start the year with a bang! Fancy travelling while at university? We have put together a challenge to Romania with the challenges provider Challenges Abroad in order to raise money for the FutureSense Foundation. We will be building schools and teaching children in the community whilst also enjoying the cultural history Romania has to offer. For the first time ever, we are planning a RAG Ball, a chance to don your best outfit and raise money for a good cause.

How far do you reckon you could get from campus in 36 hours without spending any money? The UK? Europe? How about a different continent? Why not give it a go during our Jailbreak challenge? Some students have gotten as far as Australia before! We would love to get more students involved in our events. We have opportunities for members to get involved in planning and running our events throughout the year. For those who would like to get involved in our Romania Challenge, we have group fundraising events to help with fundraising totals all year round and you’ll be supported throughout the year. Our membership is FREE! So why not get involved? Come and meet us on Thursday 25th September at 6pm at Cooper Building and join our Facebook page to hear more. Simply search ‘Greenwich Raise and Give’.

GRE.Events Society Another major aspect of the society is writing events blogs on all things from venue visits and event reviews to speaking with industry experts. By doing so, you will improve networking skills and gain valuable connections with businesses, which you could potentially work for one day. The society committee consists of second and third years who are here to offer you support in your studies and help you make the most out of your time at the University of Greenwich! Our upcoming events include Zoo After Dark at Sparrows Bar, Avery Hill Sept 29th 9pm- 2am! With House and Ibiza style music as well as full body paint available on the night! Buy tickets on the events society SUUG Page.

Winners of the Best New Society 2013/14,GRE.EVENTS facebook page), as well as academic events with Society is suited to anyone who is passionate about industry experts giving presentations. The society has planning, holding and/or attending events. also been presented with many opportunities which have allowed members to gain valuable experience; We have been very successful in the last year, which including working with well established event was our first year as a society. We held popular student companies, for example with Original Sin UK on the events, including Zoo Project, White Party and University of Greenwich Summer Ball. Spring Break (pictures of which can be viewed on our


First society Social/ Meet and Greet at Sparrows Bar, Avery Hill 7pm on Sept 24th. Contact us if you are interested in coming: JOIN ONLINE AT: eventsoc/ LIKE our FACEBOOK: greevents1 FOLLOW us on TWITTER: FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM: @GRE_EVENTS

The Economics and Business Society As a fresher new to life at university, joining a society might not be among the top priorities on your to-do list. However, university may become surprisingly lonely during the first year and joining a society enables you to meet fabulous, like-minded people outside of the student halls and the courses you are enrolled on. The Economics and Business Society is not restricted to students pursuing a degree in Economics or Business. The only requirement is that you are passionate and interested in the subjects, and eager to experiment and test your limits. Not only does it allow you to acquire new skills, through workshops such as ‘How to start my own business?’, but it is also a great way to network with academic and company representatives through lectures and different company tours. During the previous years the members of the society were given tours at Bloomberg and the London Metal Exchange to name a few.

For the more adventurous members and those who enjoy a good time, a treasure hunt around the City Of London was held, and will be held this year too. The treasure hunt is great if you want to socialise and meet the other society members, while having a good time. If the society sounds interesting, which it most definitely is, or you are eager to find out more come check our Facebook page (University of Greenwich Economics and Business Society). The page is frequently updated and will include meet and greet dates for Freshers Fortnight for those who are interested. To join the society you have to pay a small membership fee, which can be done either online or at the student union. We hope to see many new faces in the coming year.

The University of Greenwich English Society If you study English, or just love to read or write, then the University of Greenwich English Society is for you! The society is run by four third year English Literature students; Heather Scott, Paige Wilson, Amanda Renwick and Jade Burnett. We aim to make an easily and widely accessible society bringing together lovers of literature! Absolutely anyone from first year to graduates who have an interest in books and exploring literature can join the English Society, even if English is not your main subject of study, you’re still welcome to join us! If you need any help or advice which is coursework related, then we are also here to help! The English Society will provide you with connections to English students from all levels of experience, so if you’re stuck on something, just ask us!

Joining the English Society not only looks great on your CV, but it’s also a chance to meet and socialise with others in a fun and relaxed environment. Our previous events included a Harry Potter Night, where members dressed up as their favourite characters and won prizes! We also brought in a guest speaker from the committee of the Young Publishers Society to talk to us about careers in Publishing. We hope to continue both fun and academic events that will benefit you in the future. The society is usually £3 to join for the year, and this is to cover any costs from printing to socials and trips. However, if you join in Fresher’s Fortnight, you can join for only £1! We want to welcome as many new faces as possible! Find us online: Facebook : Twitter: @UogEnglish


Halls: A Few Tips on How To Make the Most of It You spend nine months in halls and it’s an essential part of the traditional university experience. For many Freshers it’s the first time that you move away from your parents and venture into the world on your own for the first time. Making the most of halls is important. Here are some tips. By: Kavell Dennis


We all have to pay rent, whether via our parents or student loan. The best advice is to pay it ASAP. Nothing is more stressful than getting to the end of term and panicking because you spend your rent money on that pair of shoes or the newest video game. You can still go out and enjoy yourself while being responsible.

Your flatmates

Acknowledge and get to know your flatmates, they are all in the same boat as you. You might make some great friends...You may not get along with everyone, but you should at least make the effort.


Some ways to make living with flatmates easier Spend time together: have dinner

together, maybe watch some movies together. One quick way to bond in halls by far is playing drinking games; inhibitions are on the back burner and shy people come out of their shells.

Compromise: if flatmates have 9am lectures,

remember that may not be the night to have an epic flat party. Be aware of the people around you.

Communication: if you have a problem

don’t hesitate to speak your mind in a respectful way, nothing is more awkward than walking around a flat with tension. (Trust me on this one!)

Socialising (Quite possibly the most

important one): Get out of your room besides lectures. Go to some flat parties, go out for drinks. Make friends with people outside if your course and flat. You are away from home, go out and have fun! You are at uni now, get crazy and make some great memories!

Student Meals

Chicken Piccata Many University students are known to opt out on cooking real, let alone healthy, meals, settling for the notorious Pot Noodle or going on the ever popular beans on toast route. While often it may seem hard to find the time and more importantly the money to put together a good, proper meal, there are many recipes out there that take hardly any prep time and contain ingredients both cheap and commonly used. One of my favourite recipes that I have come to love and almost master is a lemon chicken dish called Chicken Piccata. By: Sara O’Brien

Ingredients for two servings: These measurements can be easily amended for more or less chicken depending on your preference.

2 chicken breasts cut in half Salt and pepper Plain flour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil ½ cup of chicken broth (125 ml.) 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of capers 2 tablespoons of butter Fresh lemon slices Optional: white wine, garlic and parsley.

To start, you need to season the chicken with salt and pepper then dredge it in flour, which is simply coating the front and back of each chicken breast with flour. While doing this, have a frying pan on the stove coated with the 2 tablespoons of cooking oil warming up on a medium-high heat. When ready, cook the chicken about 2-3 minutes on each side, then transfer the chicken to a platter and remove the excess fat and oil from the pan. If you chose to cook with wine and garlic, now you can add the white wine and garlic to the pan after adding more non-stick spray or oil to deglaze the pan. Once the garlic is slightly brown and the liquid in the pan is almost evaporated after around 2 minutes. The next step is adding the chicken broth, lemon juice, and capers and then returning the chicken to the pan to cook in this sauce for one minute on each side. Then, you remove the chicken once again and finish the sauce with the butter and lemon slices, cooking it until the butter melts and the sauce is complete. After which, you can garnish the chicken with parsley if you so chose. This procedure should take no more than 30 minutes in total and once finished, it is ready to be served immediately and is great when accompanied with either pasta or any vegetable of your choosing.





Photos from Original Sin Events - University Ball Specialists


Greenwich Nights Nightlife in Greenwich is what you make of it. Despite being a quiet tourist town, there are many things to do on a night out. By: Kavell Dennis

Across the road from Cutty Sark Hall is Up The Creek comedy club. Join them on a Thursday evening for free during their open mic night in which new and established talent take to the stage. Sunday’ are the night for big names such as Russell Howard, Alan Carr and Seann Walsh to headline for £5 for students. Student Unions have lots to offer, if you don’t feel like travelling for the club nights at Sparrows in Avery Hill then why not check out the music nights, comedy nights and socials that are held at Bar Latitude in the Cooper Building near the campus library. MacMillan Student Village is also a ten minute walk away from Goldsmiths SU bar which holds club night once a week for a few quid. Around town are quite a few bars, the cheapest being Wetherspoon’s. There are some great bars with decent London prices for cocktails such as the cocktail bar above Desperados, the Mexican restaurant on the corner of Creek Road. For something a bit different, Oliver’s Music Bar is a jazz bar hidden near Greenwich Theatre. Also, keep an ear out for the Events Management nights. During the year students have to organise events for other students around Greenwich and London. The prices are pretty decent as they are by students for students. Why not watch movies for free? Join E4’s Slackers Club at the Picturehouse in Greenwich and watch the latest movies for free once a month on Thursday evenings or see a movie for £5 on a Monday. Their student memberships are only £10 for the year and include free tickets, discounted prices and a free drink on Tuesdays. 20

Cold Specks

Neuroplasticity By: Ruya Yonak

Cold Specks is the creation of Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx, who describes her music as Doom Soul. It may be the perfect explanation for the genre of music she makes as there is darkness to her voice that complements her lyrics and the sound Cold Specks captures. Her songs move through different levels as if they are accompanying you in a twisted fairytale. As authentic as Al Spx’s voice, Cold Specks’ second album Neuroplasticity is trusted to be a brilliant addition to any melancholic’s playlist. She has also collaborated with Moby on his latest album Innocents, which produced one of the best tracks in the album, A Case for Shame. (a must-listen!) A Broken Memory is the opener of Neuroplasticity, which pretty much sets the scene of the album; it is an obscure but exciting track. Bodies at Bay is much lighter in comparison, but shows the harmonic quality of Spx’s voice. Old Knives breaks the pattern in a good way, it is one of the most experimental songs of the album. A Quiet Chill has powerful rhythm, but the highlight of the album is Absisto, having that story-telling aspect all over, which makes the punchy single very enjoyable. Cold Specks will be performing in Village Underground on 30th September. Definitely don’t miss it! A useful tip is listening Cold Specks with your eyes closed.


writers showcase Hello all! Thank you for your submissions for our very first issue of the year! Keep the writing coming and be sure to know that any work which was not included in this issue will be considered in our creative writing competition, where all four winners will receive prizes donated to us by Palgrave Macmillan along with the publication of their work in our next issue. As this year’s Creative Editor, I am looking forward to working with the many creative writers here at Greenwich and I encourage all of those with eager pens to submit any original pieces of poetry or short stories to Sara O’Brien, Creative Submission editor

The Hug

Nature’s Girl

What did it feel like? I try to recall the friction Of skin meeting skin, dead cells Rubbing against each other Under the fabric shield

She was the girl with the winter bones, With snow frosted eyes and crystallized lips Burning she ties golden hair through a sky streaked by sun And struck by cold, she breathes suspended clouds into life

What did you smell like? Maybe it was the same smell That always lingered in the room After you’d left – sweet and sticky Like jam brushed on toast

She had trees growing through her veins Tightly woven roots sewn to the core and tied to her heart A source of life wet, dark, and reaching for a host Collar bones sharp, snowy peaks of sloping mountains A burrow deep within the earth where life is secretly growing

Did you smile like I did? The signals from the brain Rushing through the body To shape the lips Into a crescent moon And did you cry inside? When the air came between us Like a jealous lover To push our bodies apart And separate the hearts By: Matilda Svensson


She was the girl that you’d travel the world with Her fire-tipped fingertips and wind-beaten wings A starry soul falling through your aching hands She gave her heart for the blades on the ground To give the concrete world a little more hope for life. By: Kayleigh Miller

What the FAQ? Frequently Asked Questions answered by your own Students’ Union Advice Service I came through clearing. Now I need some help to clear up the mess with my Student Finance! I didn’t think I’d be able to come when I got disappointing A-level results. I was delighted when I was accepted by Greenwich, but I didn’t have a lot of time to apply for a student loan. Student Finance England have told me that they’re still dealing with it. They’ve warned me I might not be assessed until November. I had a summer job, I’ve got about £200 saved up, but I can’t afford to pay my rent and pay for my food. Either I eat, or I have a roof over my head, but I can’t do both. Help! To start with, you’re not alone. Every year we’re working with students who have experienced the same problem. The University’s Student Finance team can offer a £300 Bridging Loan from the Access to Learning Fund for Home students who are in financial hardship, while you are waiting to be assessed. If you’re in University accommodation, contact your local Accommodation office and tell them why you’re not able to pay the rent yet. The University will usually give a reasonable time to help you sort out your funding. And if you need help explaining your situation to your landlord, then contact the Students’ Union Advice Service. We may be able to speak with your landlord to negotiate more time for you to pay.

If you need extra income, have you thought about working part-time? Try registering with the Guidance and Employability Team’s Jobshop, or visit your local Job Centre or search online for vacancies at What we would NOT advise you to do is to take out a Wonga loan (or other payday loan) to help you manage until your student funding is paid. You will get into a worse problem than you are already in, and very quickly. Some debts are less bad than others: if you’ve got a student bank account with an interestfree overdraft, then use it to pay for your essentials if you’ve got no other choice. We’re talking about rent and food, not so much about Vodka Redbulls. But do check with us or with the University Student Finance team that you have applied for all the financial support that’s available. A lot of students will have a hard time budgeting for themselves. We estimate that students need an income of roughly £1000 per month for their time at University if they’re living in London and not at home. Up to half of this is typically the cost of a room with shared facilities, whether you’re renting privately or in University Halls. There’s a lot of useful guidance in the Student Money Manual, included in Freshers’ goody bags and online at http:// . The website also has a Budget Builder section, to help you create a practical budget online.

For free and independent advice on money problems, contact your Students’ Union Advice Service. We are licensed to provide free money advice by the Financial Conduct Authority. And for information on student finance, scholarships, bursaries and University hardship funding, contact the University Money Doctor Service, or contact your Campus Student Centre.

Got questions of your own? Email the Students’ Union in confidence at:

Phone: 020 8331 8267

For further information, see: (Avery Hill & Greenwich-based students) (Medway students) 23


Latitude Lookout September 2014  

The September 2014 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.

Latitude Lookout September 2014  

The September 2014 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.