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Hey folks! The last few weeks of 2013 will be over in a flash and you know what that means...Winter break is almost here, the temperature is dropping, and let’s not forget deadline, after deadline. After a few weeks of getting over the summer blues, and catching ourselves from Freshers Fortnight, it’s crunch time. I hope you are all surviving out there! I’d like to thank everyone who has read the first issue of the year. The team and I appreciate all the feedback and are glad you’ve enjoyed it. This month’s issue has been great fun to put together. There is something to read for everyone, from a homophobia in Greenwich exposé, an interview with German rapper and Greenwich student KeZ, to Play Station4: all you need to know. Also, because it’s that time of year there are enough Christmas writeups to put everyone in the festive mood. We’re not back with our next issue until February so I will like to wish everyone a very happy holiday. In the New Year the website will go through a complete transformation but in the meantime get it now for your dose of film reviews, music, and much more at Sincererly, Chenae (Editor in Chief)

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14 LGBT+ at Greenwich

Assistant Editor: Alexandra Sims Layout Designer: Mahesh Subramaniam Creative/Entertainment Editor: Sophie Hall Music Editor: Lucy Cave PR: Jade Burnett Writers: Holly Ambrose, Kavell Bean, Lauren Cadogan, Stephanie Gonzalez, Amanda Hinkin-Page, Tonje Lyseng, Amber Melvin, Sara O’Brien, Mohammed Omar, Nilsu Öztürk, Lucy Weller and Rüya Yönak Photographers: Beyrl Kandemir, Dhanny Burridge, Lauren Cadogan and Patrick Hollins (Front cover photograph: Kavinda Kariyapperuma)

How does university life at Greenwich fare for LGBT students?

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Sit down with singer/ songwriter Lydia Baylis

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Words From YOUR President got going on, and definitely give us a follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook. But providing you with fun things to get involved with at university isn’t our only function. We also represent you, the student. As President I sit in on all senior level meetings at the university where decisions are made about your future and where strategic decisions are made about the future direction of the university. My colleagues sit on a number of committees related to their roles as well and it’s one of the reasons why we spend so much time engaging with and talking to students – it’s important that we hear your views. As students you’re represented by four Sabbatical Officers who work full time at the Students’ Union and eight Part-time Officers who are volunteering their time. Please reach out to us and tell us your concerns or if you’re feeling nice you can tell us what we’re doing well.

Alex brooks Here’s hoping you’ve recovered from Freshers and the first term of the academic year is going well. At your Students’ Union we’ve been busy working towards improving and enhancing your student experience, but we’re not just focused on the fun side, we’re also fighting for your academic experience to be improved too. You might be thinking, who’s this guy and what is a Students’ Union? Don’t worry you’re not alone, so let me take some time to explain. The Students’ Union is your Union, led by a team of student officers (one of them is me!) and is here to provide you with student opportunities that are a bit different to those pesky degrees you’re doing at university. If you imagine university life is like a sandwich then the university itself is the bread and we’re the awesome ham and cheese and you can’t have a sandwich without the filling. If you catch my drift… And what is this filling I speak of? Well it’s more than just sport and people getting drunk in bars, it’s a lot more than that. I don’t really have enough room to explain all of it here but we’ve got a ton of sports clubs ranging from American Football to Cheerleading, Women’s Football and a lot more. We’ve got societies offering awesome opportunities to network, make new friends, attend events and learn new skills - this very magazine is run by a society and is completely student run. We’ve also got Give It A Go, which offers opportunities like a trip to a theme park for a day, casually playing dodgeball, or practising

your CV writing. There’s really no end to what Give It A Go offers. Then we have the more visible parts, the bars and shops, which offer you student priced food, drink and essentials but also opportunities to get part-time flexible jobs and learn some of the skills involved in the running of commercial outlets. That’s not even half of what we do – you should come visit us to check out what we’ve

You can follow me on Twitter (@PresGreenwich) or stop me on campus if you see me, I’m usually dashing around in a bright red hoodie! Tune in next issue and I’ll give you some more sandwich based analogies. Who doesn’t love a good sandwich anyway? Alex Brooks

World News

Art Despite the War By Nilsu Ozturk No matter how desperate the situation looks or the how much violence is going on in Syria, art is always there to put a smile on your face. Tammam Azzam is a Syrian artist who is now based in Dubai, his work inevitably influenced by the on-going situation in his country. One of his well-known works is the ‘Freedom Graffiti’, the reproduction of the famous painting ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. What makes ‘Freedom Graffiti’ great is that it was painted on the front of a ruined building (or you could say what is left after the bombing). I thought instead of reporting on the casualties or those seeking refuge in different countries, it would be better to show what good still remains. Because all we see in the news is depressing enough and what we need is hope for the future. Azaam has a gallery in London, if you are interested in going check out his website here:

Sparrows Scare

Were You There?

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'La Belle Vie':

From A Student In France By Stephanie Gonzalez

Erasmus : is it really for you?

Since I was a teenager I’ve always heard of Erasmus. The Erasmus programme is studying in another European country or just enjoying a year in a different university abroad. But we always wonder: is it really for us? There are many reasons why students do it. Most of them decide to go on Erasmus because they study foreign languages with their degrees and this is a good way to improve them, others just want to have a different experience, meet new people and live for a year in another country. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity to learn other cultures and the country’s lifestyle. However, we have to be aware of the reasons which involve your career success in the future.

university; you will be qualified from a as there are deadlines to apply and it is a long university in another country. process because the university that you pick have to accept you. In the European job market, the ability to communicate in foreign languages is Once you decide that you want to live this desirable when applying for jobs. In fantastic adventure, you should immediately addition, you will develop important inform your Erasmus coordinator as they skills such as adapting to new situations, will guide you with the process and the establish relationships with new people, requirements for it. If you are not a student self-independence and responsibility in new from the European Union you have you be environments. All of these skills will make you aware of the European visa requirements to stand out and employers will notice you. travel around Europe. In my case, I decided to do Erasmus in France because I study French with my degree and it was a fantastic opportunity to get to know French culture, French people and of course improve your French language. It is important to know that all the help that you need for a year abroad will be given to you from the European Erasmus Programme.

I understand that it can be a difficult decision to make in your first year, but you have to consider all the advantages of it. Maybe you think that you have to start again in a country where you don’t know anyone and that you also don’t know the language that much, but everyone will be in the same situation and there is when you will meet new people from around the world and start having fun! Don’t If you want to do Erasmus in your second year limit yourself and take the risk - I did it and so it is important to start thinking about it soon did plenty of others, so get information, give it a try and you will never regret this experience!

Photos by Lisa Damen

Students and employers agree that Erasmus is an ideal opportunity to stand out in the job market. Nowadays the job market is an international one, so you will not only graduate from a British

societies profile

gre events Who is eligible to join? Anyone who studies events management, or has a passion for attending or putting on events is eligible to join the events society. They are able to join by logging in with their portal details on eventsoc/ and paying just a £3 membership fee.

Who runs the society? The University of Greenwich Events Society called GRE Events is run by four second year students studying the Events Management BA degree. They include: Lauren Verdeille: Chairman Shannon Marais: Treasurer/ Chairman Gabrielle Kay: Secretary Hannah Leary: Social Secretary

How can you benefit? Joining the society will help you gain valuable work experience by working on the various events that we are going to hold throughout the year, as well as helping you know the important factors when setting up events to help events management students when they put their own events on. Another major aspect of the society will be the writing of an events blog, whereby you can visit and review events as well as speaking to industry experts about their events companies. This will help you to improve your networking skills and gain valuable connections with businesses, which you could potentially work for one day.

Find out more about us: We are currently in the process of designing our webpage : Anyone interested in the events society should LIKE our Facebook page: greevents1 to find out the latest information on events we are holding and society meeting information. As well as FOLLOW us on twitter https:// If anyone has any questions please email us on

Marketing Society Who runs the society? The Marketing Society is run by a committee of 4 Advertising and Marketing Comms Students in their second year, Martin, Hannah, Georgia and Sophie. Who is eligible to join? Anyone is eligible to join, be it if you study marketing, or just have an interest in marketing and want to know more. How much is it to join? The membership fee is £10. How can you benefit? There are many benefits of being a member, on the academic side we have a guest speaker in every month, this is a great insight into real life marketing. We also hold many social events, as some students live off campus, and/or don’t socialise with fellow students

outside of lectures. This brings people together and creates a great atmosphere and new friendships. What events are you going to run this year? We already have had a very successful guest speaker last month, the CEO of Meantime Brewery and are currently confirming dates with more speakers. We are hoping to run a variety of socials in the coming months, from bowling to trips. Find out more about us: If you want more information then email and we are on Facebook search “Greenwich Marketing Society”

Ask Sara By Sara O’Brien

The general consensus is that when life gives you lemons, it is best to make lemonade. In my second year as an international student from the States, I’ve faced beyond what could be described as one’s ‘fair share’ of so-called bad luck during this time alone. Stretching from bed bugs and an end to a long-distance relationship in the beginning of my first year all the way to the ceiling in my living room falling down a few days before moving in for my second year. Uni life has been a unique experience. Living so far from home, I’ve had to cope with these things without the comforts of the friends and family I left. I took every pity soaked “don’t worry, it will be alright” and “just make the best of it” remarks and threw

them out the door along with the ceiling plaster that covered the living room floor. Call me a cynic, but I’ve decided to live with the bad as it is, not disguise it as something its not, and consequently gained a lot of good things in doing so. Venting problems and stories does more to help in the process of figuring it all out. Life will never be a perfect glass of sweet lemonade, it can and sometimes will be sour, no matter how much you try to sugar-coat it and its best to act accordingly. If you’ve got a question, story, or anything to share - problematic, interesting, or even comical you can send it my way and I’ll be sure to give you some good, honest advice…and try hard not to laugh.

Sex Advice The Christmas Edition By Chenae Rodrigues

Every year around this festive time you’ll find a cringing column telling you how to ”sex up Christmas” (their words not mine). As university students, the Christmas holiday might be the first time in months for you to get some much needed... we’ll say “affection” and this might incline you to read those corny Christmas sex tips. Our Advice: don’t read it. If you shamingly do, we beg you to stop there and don’t bring what you just read to the bedroom. Here’s why: let’s start with the ‘dress up like Mrs Claus with edible panties underneath’. There’s a lot of Christmastime-specific lingerie and the columns will tell you to dance around the Christmas tree in your Mrs. Claus teddy or red negligee ready to seduce, but there’s something wrong about this picture. Firstly this is Christmas not Halloween, if you want to dress

up like a sexy Mrs Claus save it for the ghoulish holiday a month before. At least then you can wear zombie make-up. This goes for you too guys. Dressing up as Santa Claus will never be sexy. Secondly edible panties, really? Some call them candy necklaces but what they really are is an elastic string thong that will be covered with the saliva of your partner. Gross. Not to mention the possible dangers of your partner choking on the small parts or the candy going up your bits (hey, it could happen!). Stick with the traditional chocolates when stuffing your boyfriend/girlfriend’s stocking. Never ever wrap yourself up

as a present. Yes it’s Christmas, but your significant other already knows you’re the end prize of their holiday; they don’t need you wrapped in a ribbon and box as a reminder. Also milk and cookies are for Santa, don’t bring them into the bedroom as edible props. Christmas may be a great time for sex, but that’s no excuse to get reckless. That means no excusing yourself from Christmas dinner for a quickie in your parent’s coat closet. If you are so inclined to try any of these (or not) the most practical advice for the Christmas holiday is to practice safe sex. We’re all smart people so we know what that means. But admit it, alcohol plays a big part in the decision you make over the holiday season, so don’t let it cloud your judgement that you forget about contraception. If so you might walk away with an unwanted ‘present’ - pregnancy or an STI. Not exactly how you planned to start 2014 right?

Gift Guide By Amber Melvin

Brace yourselves, Greenwich. The baubles and reindeers are creeping into the shops and Christmas shopping is about to interrupt your budget like a coughing fit in a law lecture. Here’s your handy guide to keeping your nearest and dearest happy this Christmas… FAMILY “Oh, don’t get me anything, dear, you should spend that money on yourself!” is a straight-up test of your love. It’s harsh, but that’s how it is. With that in mind, it’s best to weigh up the levels of unconditional love your particular family has going for it and, assuming you score the national average, go middle of the road with bath goodies and paperbacks for mothers and grandmothers, and some kind of throat-scouring spirit for fathers and grandfathers. Or the other way round, if you’re a particularly modern family. For anyone else, attempt to muscle in on your parents’ gift-giving. Signing your name under your mum’s on a gift tag covers a multitude of sins. Suggested budget: £15 per parent; £5-10 per grandparent (grandparents are always more lenient).

CLASSMATES Don’t be that person handing out trinkets to everyone you’ve ever sat next to in a darkened lecture hall. You’ll wind up broke and everyone will have forgotten your generosity by New Year’s. Just give out your best wishes at the end of term and bring a friendly offering if somebody throws a party. Suggested budget: A party-sized vodka or two plus mixer. Ironically, this being London, this may amount to more than any of your other budgets. BOYFRIENDS AND GIRLFRIENDS You will get it wrong. No matter what you do, you will get it wrong. That sexy underwear will make her feel like she isn’t already appealing enough for you. That fancy aftershave will make him wonder what’s wrong with a good spritz of Lynx. Just take them out to dinner. Everyone loves dinner. Suggested budget: A fancy restaurant pizza to share should be about £15. Allowing another person to touch your pizza? Now that’s the spirit of Christmas.

BESTIES Depending on your particular brand of friendship, this might be your big spender category, or it might be your cheat card. If you’re the kind of friend who has 900 pictures of the two of you hugging on your Facebook, you’re going to want to push the boat out a bit. If your declarations of platonic love are more about punching, competitive alcoholism and liberal use of the term ‘banter’, well, there’s a massive sex shop just along from Tottenham Court Road tube. You know what to do. Suggested budget: Anything from £5 to £30. Think hard about how much you owe them… and how many terrible secrets they know about you. WORKMATES Operate on roughly the same basis as for classmates. Your contribution to the office party should be directly proportionate to your wages, but inversely proportionate to the amount of Christmas overtime you’ve put in. Suggested budget: Scale up based on how much you’d like to keep working there after graduation.


Welcome To Wonderland By Lauren Cadogan

Something magical happened on the 22nd November - Hyde Park saw the return of its popular Winter Wonderland. Largely inspired by German Christmas markets, it’s a fantastic place to visit if you’ve never been before. If you have been before, it’s worth going again if you want to get into the festive spirit. Spend hours browsing the quaint Christmas markets, full of unique and extraordinary gifts. There are also a variety of food and drinks available, including German-themed beer and bratwurst (sausage, to you and me). If you’re not a fan of German sausage, then you could head for one of many traditional cafes. Seating can be an issue, so if you go as a group it’s a good idea to find somewhere to sit before you buy your food.

There are also a number of rides available and this year sees a total of three roller coasters for those who like a thrill. There are also children’s rides and a ghost train. Other attractions include Zippos Christmas Circus, The Magical Ice Tour and Ice Skating. However, entry to these attractions are timed - tickets can be booked at www. hyd e p a r k w i nte r wo n d e r l a n d. co m / tickets. It is advised that you book ahead - Winter Wonderland is very popular and tickets for these attractions do tend to sell quickly. Make sure you take lots of cash (or your card to make extra withdrawals, at least) as some of the food and drink can be quite pricey. If you know your way from Hyde Park to Marble Arch station, there are a couple of regular places you can go to eat. The only downside to this is that it kills the novelty - there’s nothing like mulled wine at Christmastime. It’s great during the daytime and won’t be as busy during the off-peak hours, but it is really something in the evening - everything is lit up and the atmosphere really is magical. Be warned - the weekends get packed. So if you’re lucky enough to have a day off during the week, check it out then, especially if you’re not a fan of crowds. The Winter Wonderland will be open from

23rd November 2013 - 5th January 2014 (excluding Christmas Day- they will be open on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day). The opening hours are from 10am - 10pm. Father Christmas will be available to see from 10am - 6pm throughout the duration of the Wonderland. The nearest tube stations are Marble Arch (Central line), Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly line) and Green Park (Victoria, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines). Green Park station has step-free access. For more information, head over to

Christmas In Greenwich By Kavell Dennis

Christmas is soon approaching and where better to shop for gifts than the town we spend the most time in: Greenwich. There are many shops around town to get great presents for a decent price, whether it’s a cute little trinket or a funny gag gift to make your new and old besties laugh for the holidays to come. One of the great advantages of Greenwich Town is the beautiful market in the centre and the many shops around it. There are so many stalls that offer great, fun presents and shops that cater to a variety of budgets. Go to Suze Been Busy stall for cute little trinket boxes. Versatile and adorable, a trinket box can be used as part of a present. Suze’s offers handmade and also some DIY felt cupcake trinket boxes to keep jewellery. Both at £4, they are a great addition to any stocking. If you have a friend that enjoys plush toys, then maybe a 3D key ring from Amy in the market may be a good idea. At only £4 she offers a great deal with various colours and characters. Also, the stall offers really soft, cute cushions for around £10 and up. Next to shop is Biscuit Biscuit. If you have a decent amount of cash they have great gift ideas for parents. We walk past it all the time and it looks like so much fun, but the prices are higher than may be expected. Prices start at £10 and go up to around £20 so maybe save this for someone really special. Don’t forget Joy! If you’re looking for funny gifts for a close friend this is the shop to be. Just outside of the market it offers some great joke gifts sure to get a few giggles around the tree (or flat). Why not encourage some D!rty Italian for £6.99 or a mug with a moustache for that friend that grows the dodgy facial hair. Also, there are many novelty gifts such as Large Patterned Letters (£9) to make halls feel even more homely and give new people a good guess at your name. These are just a few ideas from around town, hope it helps in the stressful period leading up to Christmas. Good Luck!


Campus Fashion by Jade Burnett and Lucy Weller With winter fast approaching we at Latitude Lookout had a look around campus to see how students were managing to deal with the cold weather whilst staying stylish at the same time.


Studies English Coat from Next We spotted many students layering up in the way that Charlotte has with a shirt and jumper underneath a coat. We loved her choice of monochrome layering by using a white fitted shirt under dark a sweater .


Studies Business Management Shirt from Zara and boots from Schuh We loved Jakes button up shirt with cuffed jeans!


Studies Drama Trousers from Zara Patterned scarves can be used to brighten up coats and dull wintery days. We also loved Harry’s print trousers and cute vintage rings.


Studies English Literature Bag from Zara, Boots from ASOS and scarf from Accessorize The slip on boots that Kavell was wearing are a must have for getting around in the cold weather. They look great for casual wear with trousers and skirts or will look great on night’s out- when it’s too wet or snowy for heels!

Student Spotlight By Mahesh Subramaniam

What attracted you to Greenwich and London? I came with a fellow student of mine, we both study Music Management in Berlin, and we had to do a foreign semester. We were looking to go to a place just known for huge impact on music and when it comes to Europe, London is a huge place to be. So we really wanted to go here and check out how it is, and I really like it, especially Greenwich its beautiful. Everyday I walk to university it’s like a 25 minute walk from here, and I can go through Greenwich Park, have a look at the skyline, and the buildings at the university are just breath taking. How long have you been performing music? Performing? It’s weird actually, I’ve done it now for 12 years, but I never used to perform much (when I started). I have to say that I’m kinda shy, I like to be on stage, but when it comes to me I’m really just down in my room with a pencil and paper writing and creating music. But I’m definitely looking forward, my next ep ‘ Trust me’ will be out January 2014, we’ll try to promote it in Germany of course, America as well because its English language, so we have a chance to make it global so If people like it I would love that. You said you were shy… what was it like performing for the first time? (Laughs) The first three times that I went on stage I was lacking words and rhymes so I messed it up but I’ve been in theatre groups before so I knew how to act so nobody would realise.

So every time since then, when I know I’m going on stage, I think I might make mistakes. But it’s what I love, I’m not afraid of it, you get an adrenaline rush and pumped up… plus I have to go to the bathroom several times before I go on stage (laughs) But it’s what I chose to do and it’s a part of performing, that’s the part where I can connect directly to people through music so I really enjoy it.

What inspired you to be a Hip-Hop artist? Inspirations? I have to say I love rap music and Hip-Hop, when I started it wasn’t about becoming an artist, there was no image I was chasing for, I basically started writing poems because of girls (laughs). I started when I was thirteen and until I was 18, there were only three or four songs, I didn’t write too much it was more poems. When I was 18 that was the time where the music became more important, so that’s when I developed my hunger to pursue what I really like and what I really love, so that is my inspiration.

Photo by Patrick Hollins

London is famous for its music, from David Bowie and Queen to contemporary artists like Jessie J and Adele all spawned from London. It’s almost as if London is a fountain of rejuvenating creative energy, and it’s that energy that’s drawn KeZ, an upcoming hip hop artist, from Germany here. KeZ studies music management in Berlin, but he has decided to study in Greenwich for a term. Latitude Lookout was kindly invited to his video shoot to conduct an interview.

Were there any artists that influenced you? Oh huge! So many! Back then I bought the Dr Dre album “2001”, which I believed had a huge impact on the whole industry. I really like Dr Dre, Snoop dog, Wu-Tang, but I always enjoy different characters or artists, whoever feeds me stories I can relate to. I also would like a song if I can’t relate to the story, long as I think it’s good music. What was the Inspiration for your EP? It’s funny I’ve been working on this mix set for two years, which Is uncommon because as an artist you change in your views and your thinking. Therefore, just to be able to capture a specific phase in life, I would normally take less time – but obviously there can be times, in which reconsideration and reflection must be taken into the process. I’m an artist that likes to try several things, so on the mix tape there are many different styles and people might be overwhelmed. But I want people to trust me and trust in my sound and just give it a shot…give it the chance, listen to it, then judge and criticise.

KeZ will be unveiling a free mixtape at the beginning of 2014 for updates and to listen to his music visit

LGBT & University By Sophie Hall

For some members of the LGBT community, going to university can be, in one’s imagination, some sort of haven. We’ll be able to meet and socialise with other people of the same sexuality as ourselves while walking on rainbow-cobbled streets to lectures (or was that just me?). But it’s a lot more meaningful than that. For some of us, university could be the place that will vanquish our insecurities; that we’ll proudly hold the hands of our boyfriend or girlfriend around campus without the care of being judged, or let someone know our sexuality without feeling that moment of dread beforehand. God knows some of us have been ruled by that fear since learning of our sexual or gender identity. Homophobic and transphobic incidents are an everyday occurrence, whether they’re attacks or a throwaway jibe. Either way, they remind us that the society we live in is far from equal. Greenwich student Jason Thomas says, “I was queuing up for class in about year 10 and we were messing about, and his friend was walking past and said “what are you doing, gayboy?” with so much disgust in his voice.” Another student Dimitar Dimitrakov recalls, “I have met nasty homophobia once some years ago near Barking station when I was hand in hand with my boyfriend. It was not very scary – there were two of us and a policeman in sight so we simply replied to the “are you mother fucking faggots” with “do you

enjoy being a father sucker” to a passing drunk guy. The guy’s jaw dropped to the ground in surprise and we asked him if he dared to be beaten up by real faggots.” Homophobia doesn’t just exist in the forms of verbal and physical abuse, though; in some cases (and especially) for bisexuals, it can also be denied. Helena Cydermelier Power says, “I haven’t experienced biphobia in a few years, actually, though I guess we’re a little more hidden on the sexuality spectrum. I’ve been called everything though, ‘lesbian in denial,’ ‘sexually confused’ and even had someone tell me my sexuality ‘doesn’t exist.” Bi-phobia is quite common not just with straight people, but also amongst the LGBT community. In response to Helena’s comment, Dimitar says, “In Bulgaria, we have an almost similar expression about the ‘gay in denial’. Lack of understanding occurs even between LGBT and LGBT friendly groups. I am no exception and I once declared that bisexuality did not exist. So I was a bi-phobe. I no longer hold this view. Why? I just learned to actually listen to people.” Dimitar also adds, “I now believe sexual orientation is not a constant during lifetime. It may change. It is still beyond our control just not a constant. And to be precise I do not mean bisexuality is a change from hetero to gay. It is on its own. You can walk into a pub and you find both sexes attractive at the same time, but then after a year you find only the opposite sex attractive. This is the change.”

person, we should start by putting our attention on the actual homophobia and why it’s there in the first place. So what does the LGBT community ask the students of Greenwich to improve on in terms of homophobia? Well, acceptance for one thing and no that does not necessarily mean that you have to be happy about us belonging to the LGBT community. Rather, just accept the fact that we are and have the decency to not vocalise your discomfort of our sexuality upon us. There are various things in life that we don’t agree with or understand, but judging someone based on your own personal views should not be the result of that. Like a wise user on Tumblr once said, “Being gay is not a choice; being homophobic is.”

Even though sexuality cannot always be a changing thing (it can be set in stone from the get-go), Dimitar’s gradual understanding of bisexuality should be an example for people with a lack of understanding of someone’s sexual or gender orientation should strive towards. So anyway, how does university life at Greenwich fare for LGBT students? On encountering homophobia at university, student Jeth Lee says, “In my first year, me and my friend were in Sparrows talking and a drunk guy basically asked how much it would be for one of us to fuck him. We were shocked but laughed at him.” “I wore heels to a flat party and a couple of guys were very hostile”, remembers Jason. “They asked questions like, “why are you wearing heels, isn’t that a bit weird?” and “That’s horrible, why are you doing that?” Then when I took the heels off, one of the guys kicked the heels across the kitchen. They treated the whole thing like it was so unnatural and repulsive.” It’s not just on nights out that people encounter homophobia. Of the sports societies and how they handle people from the LGBT community, Jeth comments, “Footballers constantly tell me they accept me as one of their own as I constantly “prove” that they see a different side to homosexuals and bisexuals, not that they know the difference. They are really clueless

Greenwich has a great LGBT+ society where we’re currently working on an antihomophobia campaign. Through that and through the allies to the community that we have, we can hopefully transform about the different sexualities and refer to them Greenwich into the haven that some hoped all as gay.” However, he also adds “But they university would be. respect me enough to not be rude to me or say anything.”

Though the threat of encountering homophobia is ever present, does it determine whether students are comfortable displaying their sexuality around campus? Helena says, “I’m still happy to be open about being bisexual though; I may not necessarily flaunt the fact, but I won’t hide it as I’m fully comfortable with being who I am.” Dimitar answers, “I am a 1st year mature student in Greenwich and I feel very comfortable to make people aware of my sexuality (when necessary for the topic of the conversation of course). Two of these occasions were when speaking with other (most likely) heterosexual guys from my classes and I really enjoyed the moment of shock in their eyes and the “all right, that is ok” attitude immediately afterwards.” Jason on the other hand replies, “I told myself I’d be out and be myself when I got to university, but I still do find it hard. I feel comfortable to be myself when I’m meeting strangers when I’m with a group of my friends, so in case the strangers don’t like me, my friends would probably disapprove of them. But by myself, not so much.” How homophobia impacts people can be entirely on the individual. However, with the evidence of what discrimination can affect a


What does the society do? Promote and support the LGBT community through formal meetings once or so a month, have awareness campaigns and general social events. Not only here to promote though, but to also provide a safe environment with like-minded people, support if needed and generally a hell of a good time. How much is it to join? It’s only £2 to join! You can either sign up on the Student Union website at http://www. or at the SU receptions.


Q&A With Cherry Smyth By Lauren Cadogan

Tell us a bit about the novel. How did the idea arrive and what can readers expect? It’s a Historical novel, set in London and Paris during the 1860s. It was inspired by a real-life character: a model who was also the lover of two painters. There are images of her, but I wanted to give her a voice. Are you more excited or nervous for the release of the novel? I’m definitely more nervous than excited. It’s my debut novel... I’m a poet passing into novelist territory. Cherry Smyth is a poet and lecturer at the university who teaches poetry. Her debut novel, Hold Still, has just been published. I caught up with her ahead of the press release to discuss the novel.

Why did you want to write a historical novel? I’m interested in the contemporary, I’m asking contemporary questions, just in another time. How was the process of writing a novel different from writing poetry? In some ways, poetry demands a more isolating reality. Prose is like doing laps, and poetry is jumping in with a splash. Poetry is a condensed form that reveals an insight, and prose is an extended form in which I’ve shared those insights out. I may carry a poem in my head for 2-3 weeks, but with the novel I carried the characters for 2 years.

But you’ve written short stories before, so you’re not a stranger to prose. Yes. I’ve had twelve short stories published, but sustaining a novel was a different challenge.

Hold Still, published by Holland Park Press, is available for purchase at

Bare Review By Amanda Hinkin-Page The History Boys meets We Will Rock You with an explosion of fast-paced choreography, belting songs, and the occasional glimpse of a penis piñata in this teen rock musical. Jon Hartmere and Damon Intrabartolo offer their provocative piece Bare: the rock musical to Greenwich Theatre. Since 2000 this two hour angst-fest has hopped from one country to another, finishing its European Tour here in London. The action takes place in a Catholic boarding school, modern day Massachusetts following a group of anguished (and short-skirted) teenagers with more hormones than sense, who bounce and grope their way through school. The story focuses on two boys, Jason (played by understudy Ashley Gilmour) and Peter (Michael Vinson) who struggle with the consequences of their secret romance, whilst rehearsing for a school production of Romeo and Juliet. We are ushered to our seats with a call to mass, facing a stage that resembles a Mary Shelley novel. Brick walls are lit-up purple from the back, smoke machines

are a go-go, and the altar looks suitably menacing as if it were broadcasting waves of religious oppression. Through the first ten minutes of the show it is difficult to know where to look. The music, heavy and addictive pushes the cast along with it, strobe lights seep into crucifixes, as skirts are flying and pews are juddering. The first act offers an astounding energy, with Vinson clearly stealing the spot light. His charming clear cut vocals and piercing blue eyes makes us biased from the start and ultimately he delivers a more than sentimental performance. Gilmour offers a skilful and emotive display, with some well carried oneliners such as “there’s no such thing as heroes that

are queer!” that urge you to stand up and shout ‘YES THERE ARE! LOOK AT STEPHEN FRY!’ Sister Chantelle (Claudia Kariuki, who doubles up as Diana Ross/Virgin Mary) also hits more than one remarkably high note and sparks a smile or two with her attitude and sass that leaves you tickled pink. She comforts Peter in his time of need stating, “Honey, there’s a black woman inside every gay man.” Hartmere and Intrabartolo arrange a shrewd and comical score, demonstrating a long game of lyric tennis. However you were left feeling as if some of the songs were a little redundant, especially in the slower second half. Furthermore, the tragedy of the piece seems somewhat out of sync with the rest of the light hearted comedy in the production. As a zealous and affordable night out in Greenwich (student prices at £15 ticket), the cast deliver fully on talent, style and cheek (pun intended). Making the production Bare: The Rock Musical, a colourful and zesty production from Greenwich, full of relevant controversy and rock momentum.

All you need to know

Playstation 4 By Mohameed Omar

Seeing how the debut of the PS4 is nigh, it would make sense to talk to about its imminent release right? The majority of those who have pre-ordered it most likely did so without knowing what exactly it has to offer. I mean, why wouldn’t you know that? It’s not like we have to spend hundreds or anything just to get our hands on this beast. Well, here’s where I come in. I’ll be filling all you lovely fine folk with everything you’ll need to know about your new (or soon to be) console.

The Controller

Anyone who is familiar with past Playstation consoles would know that the controller design never undergoes significant changes within each generation. This tactic has always proved useful. However, if you want to see an example where it hasn’t, check out E3 2005 where Sony revealed the atrocity known as the ‘Boomerang’ for the PS3. That, according to the company, “was very clearly designed as a design concept, and was never intended to be the final controller,” but we all know it was. On topic now, the first things you’ll probably notice about the PS4 controller is that it hosts a touchpad (like the Vita) as well as a light bar at the front. The light bar will change colour according to what player you are, making it less tedious than the LED lights of the PS3 controller (yay for colours!). The touchpad is clickable when pressure is applied; the sticks have been tightened to allow a more precise movement. You’ll also see that there is no longer a ‘start’ or ‘select’ button, they’ve been replaced by an ‘option’ and share ‘button’. The controller also has a headset jack as well as a mono speaker; the triggers are now curved outwards making it more natural when playing your favourite shoot ‘em ups. The list goes on!

Specs :

• Single-chip custom processor • CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine • GDDR5 8GB • 500GB Hard disk drive

Games available at launch •Knack. •Killzone Shadow Fall •Battlefield 4 •Call of Duty: Ghosts •Assassin’s Creed IV •Skylanders: Swap Force •FIFA 14 •Madden NFL 25 •NBA 2K14 •NBA Live 14 •Lego Marvel Super Heroes •Just Dance 2014 •Need for Speed Rivals

The PS4 boasts 8GB RAM, this allows it to do things that PS3 couldn’t. For instance, the long awaited cross-game chat will make its debut on the PS4. Those who have no idea what that is, it’s a feature (as seen in the Xbox 360) that gives you the ability to communicate to your buddies regardless of what game they’re playing, pretty neat right? You can also record the last several minutes of gameplay from your console and share it using the ‘share’ button. This means that your friends can see what part of the game you’re up to. Sony have even managed to take it a step further by allowing you to turn off your console and once you’ve turned it on again, you’ll start right from where you left it off! As you can tell, the PS4 packs a punch in its software and hardware departments. It’s priced at £349.99 which is £100 cheaper than the Xbox One, what more can you want ? I’ll leave you to look at what titles you’ll be able to pick on launch and to let you decide. The PS4 will release in the UK on the 29th November 2013. Happy gaming y’all!

Give Back & Volunteer By Holly Ambrose

It is widely known that students aren’t the richest of people. Living on a constant supply of beans on toast and one pound pizzas can often take its toll so it is no wonder why so many students are desperate to find a part time job to coincide with their degrees. However, with such limited work available and so many applicants going for the same job vacancy, it can often be difficult to even be selected for an interview. One way for your CV to stand out to possible future employers could be through volunteering. It will not only demonstrate you have the skills needed to be valuable in the workplace, but furthermore will provide you with the beneficial experience that will make you stand out from rivals when applying for jobs. Since starting university, I have been volunteering with a local charity group called “DIS.” So far, during my time with the team I have helped disabled and special needs individuals with activities such as gardening and painting to engage them in the local community. Of course, I can add this to my CV to attract employers but moreover the sense of fulfilment I feel when helping this exceptional group of people cannot

be challenged. The combination of the group members’ personalities I find inspiring and I (surprisingly) look forward to going to work. In and around Greenwich, there is a variety of charities and organisations to get involved in. Here are some that might interest you: Friendship Works is currently looking for volunteers to become mentors to young people. This entails giving up some of your spare time to help children and teenagers who are in a time of difficulty by going out for lunch,

help with homework, listen to their problems and simply be a friend to a person in need. ASG Sports Foundation is for anyone interested in sport. They are asking for new volunteers to give up 1-3 hours a week to assist with local dance, rugby, football and cricket teams. The British Heart Foundation is searching for new volunteers to work in their local shops and contribute to fundraising events in London which will be of benefit if you wish to pursue a part time job in a high street store. If you are interested in getting involved in volunteering or would like more information visit the website http:// Although the prospect of volunteering may appear daunting at first, once you start it will become clear how rewarding giving up your spare time can be. You will meet so many new and inspiring people, and gain valuable skills which will be very advantageous in the future and it’s surely better than sitting in your flat for another evening watching another box set of Breaking Bad? For information on how to log your volunteering with the Students’ Union go to:


When first stepping into Greenwich Market you will find Arawak Cuisine on your left and Head Chef Robert Robinson will greet you with a big smile. The stall of Arawak Cuisine is colourful and fun, and reflects the taste of the Jamaican food that you can purchase here, just by the gates of the University. Arawak Catering Service is a family owned business started by Robert and Stephen Robinson, and is now run by the two brothers, their father, Lionel Robinson, and Safya Ibrahym. They wanted to blend Caribbean, European and Asian Cuisine and with 16 years of experience, they do it very well. Tuesdays through Thursdays, Arawak Cuisine will be at the Greenwich Market to sell visitors food

goat and oxtail, when the weather gets colder. We pass the Greenwich Market every day on our way to and from University, and Robert has taken notice of this and wants to offer us a student discount. It is not set just yet what it will be exactly, but he is in contact with the Student Union and there will be an official offer shortly so that students can pop by when they’re hungry without blowing their budgets. on-the-go. It’s currently their 4th week there and it seems to be going quite well. There are always a few waiting in line to order their food, which would most likely be for one of their best selling dishes jerk chicken (£5.50) or chicken or pork wrap (£3.50). Robert says that he is going to start serving signature Jamaican dishes, such as curry

Check out Arawak Catering Services on Facebook or their website for more details on how to book their services for your next event, or better yet, drop by their stall at Greenwich Market on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 11.00am to 5.30pm for a taste of their delicious Jamaican food.

NO EXCUSES By Tonje Lyseng

We are now well into a new year of University and whether you’re a fresher or a returner at the University of Greenwich, we could all do with some new motivation to keep ourselves from falling into the too well known student trap of eating processed, cheap ready meals straight from the microwave and only moving our bodies to the music in the nightclub a few times a week. Even though you might enjoy these things a lot you have to remember that over time it might not be so enjoyable. If this trap sucks you in, it’s easy to get in deep pretty quickly even without being aware of it, and the deeper you get, the harder it is to get out. So bear with me on this one, pump up your motivation for living a healthier life, and I’ll be here as the Health Guru for Latitude Lookout and online for a refill of motivation when you need it throughout the year. First of all: lose the excuses. We are all studying and we are all working hard, but priorities and dedication is the key to succeeding, no matter what you want to succeed at. Another key in making this healthy lifestyle go round while studying is planning. If you want to be able to study, work out, eat well, be with your friends and go club-

can bring with you tomorrow? You won’t go hungry, you will save money on not buying anything from the cafeteria, and you will (hopefully) eat something healthy, it’s a win-win.

bing – all in the same day, planning your day is how to make it happen. If you’ve never really planned anything you were going to do next, start small and just think about tomorrow and what you want to accomplish during those 24 hours. You might not have time for a work out after lectures, but if you don’t stay up as late as usual today, you will be able to wake up an hour earlier and go for a run before Uni in the morning. Or if you have a long day ahead of you and you don’t have time to pop home for lunch, why not go in the kitchen right now and make something you

I know that doing this is work, and you must want it to succeed at it. This means that you must find something you enjoy doing to keep up this healthy lifestyle, and that again means finding something you enjoy eating which is also healthy, and finding a form of exercise you like so that you are able to do it regularly. You don’t need to be at the gym 7 times a week lifting weights if this isn’t for you. Exercise is so many different things and as long as you move your body regularly, no one can tell you that it is the wrong way of doing it. As I have already said, planning is the main thing when it comes to making this work in your every day life. Start out simple and build your way up, and the next thing you know you can make out how the next week will look before it has even started. We all have to start somewhere, so if you haven’t started yet, do it today and take your time to find out what suits you, your body and your 19 schedule.

Latitude Lookout's Miserable Christmas Playlist By Lucy Cave

While the Christmas classics are amazing (and don’t deny it either!) sometimes they just don’t relate to how you might feel around the holidays. But don’t worry, Latitude Lookout have got the guide to best alternative Holiday hits that will give your grievances a much needed comfort.

The Pogues Fairytale In New York Before you say “Latitude Lookout, this is a popular Christmas song” is it really? It talks about the heartache of splitting up on Christmas Day for goodness sake. While it has that famous catchy verse (you know what one I am on about) you just have to appreciate the sadness of this song, and sing it over and over.

The Killers (RED) Christmas EP Did you know that since 2006, The Killers have released a Christmas song in aid of a charity? They have, and they have been all amazing so far. Not necessarily in our miserable category, but tracks like “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” and the Elton John and Neil Tennant collaboration “Joseph, Better You Than Me” we have never been more happier to get into the Christmas spirit in such an alternative way.

Hurts All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day If you’re going to be miserable this Christmas you can’t actually enjoy it, at least make the songs good. No, I’m totally kidding. But this one is still a singalong, despite its sad undertones (The opening line is: “Everybody waits for Christmas/For me it's new year's day/That's gonna come and take my blues away”) you will still find yourself swaying in your ironic Christmas jumper, beer can in one hand.

Paloma Faith and Josh Weller It’s Christmas (And I Hate You) Do you see a theme recurring here? Yeah, most “Christmas Alternatives” are a bit angsty, but this one takes the traditional duet in a much funnier way. With lyrics like “I’m leaving you/ You Ho Ho Ho” you can’t take this one too seriously, but still sing along as it has chorus that will put all the classics to shame.

Blink 182 Happy Holidays, You B*****d Sitting in at a whole 42 seconds long, Blink 182’s “Happy Holidays” is a good way to wrap up our angst filled Holiday alternative. It’s good ol’ fashioned pop punk that just does not crop up anymore, and it’s the perfect interlude song for any moment.

So there you have it – our guide to a miserable holiday. But whether you’re miserable or happy, we hope it’s a good one.

You've Missed It! By Rüya Yönak

Sitting in Bar Latitude on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, it’s not exactly the time you would get the chance to meet one of Britain’s young and rising stars, but it did happen. Bar Latitude is hosting ‘Coffee House Sessions’ in conjunction with a Students’ Union Tour and Singer/Songwriter Lydia Baylis is the first artist to be featured. Before she took the stage Latitude Lookout got a chance to talk to her about influences, her music and just what advice she’d give to up and comers. Lydia Baylis is a London based musician and this year she has traveled all around the country for the Coffee House Sessions. She was born in England but grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. Baylis was only young; she says it was cold and she couldn’t appreciate how beautiful it was. She has also lived in New York, and you could see the sparkle in her eye when she was talking about the Big Apple and living the American Dream. She also told us about her trip to India, which she described as “magical”. As someone who is so well travelled and one who has encountered many different cultures, we asked her if her experiences while on her journeys have ever inspired her work. “My songs are predominantly from personal experiences but also quite a lot from literature. I have a song about Virginia Woolf. I also have

a song about a play called ‘Murder in Barn’. I wanted to try to make it a bit more extensive than just kind of ‘girl meets boy love songs’. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting”. Her musical influences range from Daughter to Wolf Alice and not surprisingly Florence + the Machine. Lydia has worked with Paul Statham, who has worked with her biggest influence of all: Dido. When the grand old question of “any advice for musicians starting out?” popped up, Lydia came up with an intelligent reply. “I would say two things: don’t give up because it’s hard work, it’s worth it because you are doing something that you love. I would also say, be wary of compromising too much to get what you want. You know if someone says you have to dress a certain way, you have to write a certain song, don’t do it. Remember why you’re doing it because it’s what you want to do not what anyone else is telling you to do”. After Lydia completes the Coffee House Sessions she will be coming back to London for more gigs. She also plans to release an album in 2014, but if you can’t wait till then, check out her website

Writers Showcase Hi again! Thank you for all of your submissions this term. If any of you want your short story (500 words maximum), poetry or artwork to be showcased in the magazine, email your work to I hope you all enjoy your winter break! Sophie Hall, Creative and Entertainment Editor

The Mature Student So you come in after a day at your university, lectured for as little as an hour a day, maybe up to five hours at best…BUT for the killer, advised to study an hour on top of that for each seminar and lecture group. Then think on this: term times from ten weeks to topping off at fourteen, times that up, then over one-hundredand-fifty hours (just over six day) per term studying to try and enjoy the finer things in life later down the line. LATER down the line?!? I got entitled to that the minute I left the secondary school gates! I studied hard, barely played, thinking about the end goal of University away from the forced contrivances of it all, just to end up in another forced, contrived education establishment… AND leave with heavy debts? How much line is there left? Oh yeah – I haven’t told you who I am yet: you obviously care since you’re reading this. My name is Adam Doen, and I’m a 23 year old first year at South Bank University, but a doctorate from the University of Life and a head boy from the Grammar School of hard-knocks. Good parents, good head of hair and other discernable features, I am a miracle at work – I work hard at what I do. I just think that when you study Media like me, having off time to watch football and spend days in your pyjamas is about right. Analysing something you literally watched gloss over your face over and over again is painful. Speaking of painful…it’s that essay to start. If only essays were like a computer game: put the difficulty at easy, you complete it in a day, all your mates yell at you things like “You noob!” and “You suck at this!” or “How’d you do that? Must’ve put on easy” and they’d be right, but who cares – I’ve done it. But…no. IT ISN’T. So, I hit the laptop power button, I watch the

blue bar of Windows opening up, the bar’s pulse moving in sync with my own lazy heartbeat. And there’s the noise! The laptop is up, I open Word 2010 and I look at the template for what my essay will become: a blank state, open to interpretation; that’s my excuse for not doing a fifteen-hundred word essay, and if the marker doesn’t like it then… “You noob” echoed in my head, so screw it. Time to start the essay: Title…name…content? In Media Studies…Yep, that’s enough. I don’t know…maybe I could just write a few hundred for tomorrow morning. In Media Studies…In Media Stupid…In Media Stupid Students…DAMMIT! [LATER] OK…I’ve done it now. Only taken till midnight, but you know what: I feel something, something akin to maturity or a capability to do something, some work of greatness. Yes, Mr Doen has a future ahead of him after all this time working, maybe as a powerful Media kingpin: that’s the place left at the end of the line for me maybe. No, definitely. And tomorrow morning, wait and see, because that Adam Doen is going to be a mature man who gets his grades and gets his end goal. Wait and see… [THE NEXT MORNING] OK, I’m tired from working last night…I wonder what film’s on… Prometheus! Sure, why not? By PC Man

Of Hunting and Of Naming As the sun reached its apex, its warm rays touched Aquila. At first there was no sign that he had awakened, but then his eyes opened. The wings he kept tucked in unfolded and the large raptor took to the skies. There was no wind, so Aquila had to use more strength than he would have normally done. Luckily, an up draught caught his broad wings and propelled him upwards. In front of his eyes, the azure blue ether spread as far as forever. Not quite clear, but not quite obscure either. The moisture droplets that hadn’t had the chance to fall clung together, forming the few clouds allowed to roam the heavens. Aquila’s gaze snapped down to the forest below.; something had caught his attention. Something that moved very fast, something long and whipcord thin. It was slithering towards a hole at the bottom of a tree. Aquila knew that he had found food. He spread his wings wider and glided forward, his talons flexed in anticipation. With the wings tucked in and his claws extended, he dropped towards his prey. It was time to hunt. The serpent’s scales flashed green and brown. At times, they seemed to split the white rays that hit it into separate colours, spitting them back at their master, the sun itself. The snake wasn’t aware of the immediate danger it was in. Not until the sharp

talons closed around its body and the heavy beak of the golden eagle plunged it into oblivion. The boy that had not yet been named opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the roof of the tent. Smoke curled up from the fire, almost making him choke. The scent of burning wood and something else, something with a sharper tang to it, permeated the small space. There was only one person tending to the blaze and the boy stirring into consciousness was passed unnoticed. “Twice-mother?” The boy croaked. The figure tending the fire remained silent for a few heartbeats. “What have you seen?” The boy swallowed and sat up. “I saw the skies, twice-mother. I felt the air with my wings. They pushed me higher and higher. I saw the serpent on the ground. I- I-“ “Yes, twice-child?” “I killed it.” The figure turned then, her remaining teeth flashing white in the firelight. “From this day onwards you are nameless no more. The spirits have shown you who you are and who you could become. Eyes Of The Eagle. Do you accept your name?” By Sam Obigbesan

quarters We – Me and my brutha Bein only a quarter black And the rest white Must almost always Convince folk we know Bout de Caribbean Like how my brutha Aged two, would feast On him great-grandmother’s Cou-cou, along with flying fish (Eight for a dollar, when plentiful) I was not so keen but enjoyed all the same A plate of chicken and pasta By Lauren Cadogan


Latitude Lookout - December 2013  

The December 2013 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.

Latitude Lookout - December 2013  

The December 2013 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.