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NEW CNC Robotic Hand Type Deburring and Washing Machine

JCC 603 ROBO Introducing the World’s First Ultrahigh-pressure Deburring System The world’s first 245 MPa(36,000 PSI) ultrahigh-pressure water jet enables deburring of steel materials that had previously been difficult to clean up.

Advantages 1.245 MPa( 36,000 PSI) Ultrahigh-pressure Water Jet Unparalleled deburring with an ultrahigh-pressure Mach 2 water jet that is programmable and adjustable to wash and deburr a wide range of materials. 2.Newly Developed Drive Shaft Patent-pending The use of a new 2-axes joint developed to make targeting small workpieces easier, combined with XYZ 3-axes high-speed, high positioning accuracy allows flexible and efficient hole and edge targeting. 3.Consolidated Cleaning

A single machine covers applications that previously required separate processes and machines for deburring and washing.

Recommended Applications

Main Specifications

Parts such as common rails, brakes, engine components, transmission components, and manifolds. Any other parts having deburring problems.

Deburring Applications Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel



245 MPa (36,000 PSI) × 1 GPM

Pressure × Flow Rate


X-650mm Y-500mm Z-500mm

Rapid Feed Rate

160 ft/min (X, Y, Z-axis)

Positioning Accuracy

0.08 mm (Total Stroke)


±0.05 mm



After deburring

at 50 Mpa (7,250 PSI)

Machine Body W 1,500mm D 2,820mm H 2,620mm Tank W 1,500mm D 2,000mm H 2,150mm

Machine Dimensions (W×D×H)

After deburring

at 120 Mpa (17,500 PSI)

Machine Weight

After deburring

at 245 Mpa (36,000 PSI)



Power Capacity

用 途

Body 4,000 kg Tank 2,000 kg 0i-MF

49 kVa

Machine Layout

① Sliding door ② Operation panel ③ Electrical control panel 1 ④ Electrical control panel 2 ⑤ Primary tank ⑥ Oil skimmer ⑦ Primary filter ⑧ Secondary filter

⑨ Secondary tank ⑩ Mist collector ⑪ Ultrahigh-pressure pump

Office U.S.A. France Germany Czech Rep.

Sugino Corp. (Chicago) Sugino Corp. (Michigan) Sugino Machine France S.A.S. Zippel GmbH Sugino Machine Limited-Praha,Branch Office


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Sugino Corp JCC 603 Robo Leaflet  

Sugino Corp JCC 603 Robo Leaflet

Sugino Corp JCC 603 Robo Leaflet  

Sugino Corp JCC 603 Robo Leaflet