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Alsaleh Sugati Architecture Work Samples

“Profound architecture makes us experience ourselves as complete embodied and spiritual being� Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of The Skin

Abstract : This thesis focusing on multifunctioning school spaces; by using the building day and night, as a school building and community center. Defining space by three major elements (Scale, Materiality, and Light) that crates a special conditions into spaces. During school time; the building will teach students about color theory, and sense of time. After school, cultural light will invite people to use facilities such as Gym.

Finding Intersection Between Community and School.

Intersection Community + School - M.Arch Thesis Jeddah, K.S.A Main Street

Mosque Open Space Residential Area

Existence Condition

Underground Parking


School Entrance

Main Street

Proposed Condition

Site Plan

Space Configuration - Lighting Concept

Fall/Spring 2018

North Elevation Perspective

Entrance Space & Library Courtyard

HVAC System and Stack Effect

Community Space

School Space Light






Intersection Community + School - M.Arch Thesis Jeddah, K.S.A

Conceptual Lighting Solutions for Hot-Humid region

Classroom Space

Structural Layer

Sun Screen

Glass Pane

Daylight Analysis

South Elevation Layers

Fall/ Spring 2018

Community Center Entrance - Cultural Light

Transition Wall School to Community Center

School Entrance - Temporal Light (Summer Time)

Secondary School Entrance

Ansel Adams Art Gallery

Lighting Studies

Blacksburg, VA

Design Concept: The main idea of this gallery is to provide different lighting condition in each season based on Adam Sandler idea of contrast. Integrating Design with performance is essential in this project. It’s answering how is and how much light inside space. During summer, a contrast between light and shadow is going to drop on the northern wall that holding Ansel Adams photography. In winter, light going to drop on the floor dramatically expressing temporal light, which rising the performance of the building by keeping concrete floor warm. North Elevation Perspective

Section A-A

Sun Path Diagram

Floor Plan

South Elevation Perspective

Wall no.1

Wall no.2

Daylight Factor Wall #1

Daylight Factor Wall #2

Fall Equinox

Spring Equinox

Winter Solstice

Summer Solstice

Fall Equinox

Systimacity & Randomness – Art School Roanoke, VA

In Industrial cities, such as Roanoke, There is notably lack of vegetation. This building is designed to solve this problem. Classrooms and recreational main space have view to the landscape areas, which also increases creativity to students since it’s an Art school. The building has some organic features, such as columns and walls. The southern walls, wraps and connects to roof in order to maximize daylight during winter and act as shading element in summer.

North East Perspective

Design Concept Development/ Site Analysis

Spring 2017

3D Section

2nd Floor Plan

Structural Diagram

Urban Connectivity – Boutique Hotel Blacksburg, VA

Double Height Reception



Developing connectivity between the historic area (Downtown) and Virginia Tech campus. Blacksburg today is a typical U.S. Car Parking college town. Its historic economic regional basis has long disappeared. A primary concern of the Town of Blacksburg is the linkage of this development to a broader strategy of urban design. This strategy should bear the potential to articulate an appropriate character of this town and inspire its modern growth accordingly.

Ground Floor Plan

Fall 2016

North Elevation

South Elevation

Solar Energy Research Center Jeddah, K.S.A

Solar Chimney


Research Centers


3D Isometric – Heat Island Effect


Spring 2014

South Elevation – Sun Path Tracking Low Air Pressure

Metal Calendar

High Air Flow

Hot Air Rise

Solar Chimney enhances air quality, by increasing air temperature on the top, which keeping the air circulation movement.

Mixed Use, Waterfront Tower

Spring 2014

Jeddah, K.S.A

Site Analysis




Female Campus, Recreational Center

Spring 2014

Jeddah, K.S.A

North Elevation Perspective

Concept Sketch

Site Plan

Ground Floor

Faรงade Study

Architectural Problem Generator

Fall 2017

Duration (5 Days)

Warm up Studio Project

Competition Concept : Using Dice & Playing Card to select (Site, Size, North Arrow, Terrain, Access, Orientation, Program and Materials). Church + Library Site & Terrain




South Elevation Perspective

3D Section – Building Function

Ground Floor Plan

Private House no.2

Fall 2016

Duration (5 Days)

Warm up Studio Project

Reviving the ruins by turning it into a functional space, entrance and reading room, In addition to linking the old and new space by indoor landscaping. Ground Floor

North East Perspective

Master Bedroom

First Floor

Physical Models

Lighting Explorations

Architectural Details

Fall/Spring 2017

Building Construction & Materials

Calculate U-Value (Lightweight Wall) 4.25 in

Outside Air


Wood Shingles


Plywood Panel 0.5 in


Exp. Polystyrene 1.5 in


Plywood Panel 0.5 in


Gypsum Board 0.75


Inside Air


Total R values


Wood Shingles Plywood Panel Expanded Polystyrene 2in Gypsum Board 0.75 in


Q = U x A x TD 1/R(U)


Mxm. in Blacksburg



945 sf

TD = 72 - 13

59 F

Q = 0.08 x 59 x 945 = 4460.4 Btu/Hr. Wall Thickness 4.25 in

Using Mechanical Equipment to Dispose Heat


Architectural Details

Fall/Spring 2017

Building Construction & Materials

I-Beam Steel

Glass Pane Assembly Screw

Expanded Polystyrene

Rain Water Gutter

Steel Anchor

Concrete Deck

Stone Wall

Gabble Steel Roof Transition

Cistercian Abbey

Modern Art Museum – Tadao Ando Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Kimbell Art Museum - Louis Kahn

Marty Leonard Chapel - Fay Jones

Kimbell Art Museum - Renzo Piano