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Over a year ago, we began having conversations about the unique and vibrant culture at Sugar Creek. Our discussions focused primarily on our growth and areas we sought to protect. We then took a closer looked at our congregation demographically, socially and spiritually. What we found was not only amazing and honoring, but worthy of High Praise! We discovered five key areas that exemplify our culture at Sugar Creek. We value Biblical Authority in our preaching and teaching; Intimacy with God in our prayer life and personal study; Intentional Evangelism within our family and workplace; Strategic Service in our community and Relevant Ministries that meet our needs. Our values are seen and celebrated when new converts obey the gospel and reach their maturity milestones. They are seen when our young people engage in meaningful ministry and adults graduate into the academy. We see such moments when singles, seniors, married couples and Yokefellows experience deep fellowship. We are a group of Christians whose lives are being transformed for Christ and by Christ and this is what High Praise seeks to capture and celebrate each quarter.

High Praise Ι Page

April (04) Friday (5th): Singles Bible Study Saturday (13th): Shelter Visit at Salvation Army Saturday (20th): Love & Logic Parent’s Seminar Saturday (20th): Sick & Shut In Visitation Saturday (20th): Reconcilio: Support Group Saturday (27th): Health Fair & Pancake Day Sunday (28th): Yokefellows Orientation & Training

May (05) Friday (3rd): Singles Bible Study Sunday (4th - 8th): Great Day in May Saturday (18): Reconcilio: Support Group Sunday (26th): Singles’ Feast & Fellowship Meal

Various (14th, 21st, 28th): Cooking Classes

June (06) Sunday (2nd): Married Life Sunday Friday (7th): Singles Bible Study Saturday (15th): Sick & Shut In Visitation Saturday (22nd): Singles’ Workshop Saturday (22nd): Movie Night Thursday – Saturday (27th – 29th): Ladies’ Retreat

Empowering the Church, Exalting Christ

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This quarter we are pleased to feature a couple that has given themselves to a life of service and Christian excellence. Over 41 years ago, God placed his hands on a young couple that has exemplified the core vales we celebrate in High Praise. It was through Bro. Chislom's bold and humble leadership that Sugar Creek became the place it is today. On a personal level Bro. Chislom, has been a great friend, mentor and a father in the faith to me. He has taught me to teach and preach God’s Word out of delight and not duty. I will never forget some of his classic sermons. He preached a sermon entitled, "The Calling of Samuel." It was this message from God that pricked my 17-year-old heart and led me into the ministry. The true genius of Bro. Chislom was seen in his creation of his "SOS Charts." Through him, God has led hundreds, if not thousands, to Christ through his teaching method. Finally, I want to thank Bro. Chislom for entrusting me with the leadership of this church. It is through his example that our vision “to raise the next generation of Christian leaders" was first realized. I want to thank his lovely wife for modeling Christian dedication, graciousness and giftedness. As a woman of indelible influence, Sis. Chislom understands the shining values that make Sugar Creek a remarkable place. When their earthly course is completed, I believe this will be the legacy of Bro. David Chislom and Sis. Sandra Chislom: they labored by the grace of God to leave us with a vision of God. On behalf of your entire Sugar Creek Family, we say thank you for nearly a half-century of service to God and His children. Faithful over a few, Leslie & Marie James

Quarterly March 2013

Quarterly March 2013


High Praise Vol. 1  

Over a year ago, we began having conversations about the unique and vibrant culture at Sugar Creek. Our discussions focused primarily on our...

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