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Order of Worship Service

11:00 am Song Leader ……………… Bro. Trey Thrower Scripture Reading ………… Bro. Glen Headen Prayer……………………… Bro. Willie Thomas Sermon……………………….Bro. Alan Brown Responses……………………Bro. Randy Henry Communion & Collection.… Bro. Albert Lee Closing Prayer…………… .. Bro. William Bolden

6:00 pm Song Leader………………… Bro. Brian Smith

Sunday Services Bible School……………………………. 9:45 am Sunday Evening Worship……...………. 6:00 pm Third Sunday Bible Study…...….... …….4:30pm Third Sunday Worship ………………….5:30 pm Wednesday Bible Study Morning Bible Study……....…………...9:00am Evening Bible Study…………….…….7:00 pm

Prayer……………………… Bro. James Morris Jr

Sunday Morning Bible Class

Sermon…………………… …Bro. Gary Lockwood Responses ………………

Bro. Randy Henry

Harry Woolford 3/16 - 5/4

Communion & Collection...

Bro. Javori Morris

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Closing Prayer…………… …Bro. Curtis Welch

Ed McClure 2/19 - 3/26


William & Mary Bolden Ronald & Michelle Brown

25th 30th

NEW MEMBERS Robert Dailey Jr. Louise T. Gausi TaToya J. Bivens Alton Gudiel JoAnn Norris-Cook Helen Holland Walter McBryde Georgia Alford Antonio Baldwin Natasha Harston Vermell Martin


2/9/14 2/11/14 2/16/14 2/23/14 2/23/14 2/23/14 3/2/14 3/13/14 3/16/14 3/16/14 3/19/14

Baptism Baptism Baptism Placed Membership Baptism Baptism Baptism Baptism Baptism Baptism Baptism

What Must I Do To Be Saved? God's Plan of Salvation

1. 2. 3. 4.

3932 Sofley Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206 704.598.5331

Sunday Morning Worship……................ 11:00 am

Scripture ………………… … Bro. Cameron Reddig

MARCH BIRTHDAYS Pamella Chisolm 1st Robert Curd 2nd Jourdan Price Meercedes Sloan 3rd Rhonda Crowder Selah Taylor 4th Shontrell George 5th Rosie L. Bright 6th Geneva Simpson Bonnie Baldwin 7th Johnny Chislom Girlene Eady 7th Olympia Johnson 8th Corey Fleming 9th Aaron Carter, Jr Lawrence Jones 10th David Chislom 12th Samuel Baldwin 13th Joseph Burch 11 14th Francisco Juraez Lurlean Spencer 15th David J. Moise 17th Alethia Morris 18th Rosalind Craig 22nd Sharon Etheridge 23rd Timothy Johnson 24th Eko Maryanto Simone Jones 25th Marie James 27th Nedral James Nathaly Nicole 27th Elisha Bowden 28th Sherae Myers Cameron Rouse 28th Geraldine Holmes 29th Teresa Massey 31st

Sugar Creek Church of Christ

You must hear the gospel. Romans 10:17 You must believe the gospel. John 8:24 You must repent of your sins. Luke 13:3-5 You must confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Matthew 10:32 5. You must be baptized for the remission of your sins. Mark 16:16

Equipping for God’s Service

March 23, 2014 EVANGELIST Leslie B. James MINISTER EMERITUS David T. Chislom OFFICE MANAGER Susie A. Johnson MINISTRIES & SERVICES ACADEMIC LIFE 1st Contact Orientation Disciple Maker’s Academy DMA Teaching Team Fisherman’s Pier Leadership Development Mission Support Bible School CONGREGATIONAL LIFE College Life Community Engagement Divorce Care Feast & Fellowship Marriage Ministry Mass Chorus Men’s Ministry New Moms Senior’s Ministry Small Groups Visitation & Bereavement Women’s Ministry Widow’s Ministry Yokefellows Young Men’s Mentoring Young Sister’s Academy Youth Ministry

WORSHIP & GUEST SERVICES Nursery Children’s Worship Greeters & Ushers Medical Professionals

THE HARD SAYINGS OF JESUS "Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?" - John 6:60 The hard sayings of Jesus are the closest way for us to know Him personally. I believe them to be the most accurate record of the ministry of Jesus – what he thought and taught and the words He Himself lived by. Some of these words breathe life into our souls, with the freedom they invite us to enter. Other sayings are not so easy to hear – they can be a tough medicine to swallow. Jesus commands to love our enemies, turn the other cheek, and forgive those who wrong us; seventy- seven times may be challenging, to say the least. The clarity and simplicity with which Jesus preached His message makes salvation understandable to even the youngest child. Yet, all students of the Bible agree that while the majority of Christ’s teaching is readily accessible, a few of His statements require more study if we hope to understand them properly. There is a despondent and prevalent attitude among preachers who minister to cultures that are openly hostile to the gospel. The desire to not offend hearers, in a hostile culture, is misdirected toward the holiness of God. The cultural context we minister in must not shape the doctrine we preach; rather, our doctrine must in-

form and shape the culture. I am convinced that preaching must boldly proclaim the demands and rich doctrines of God. In this series, we reveal the meaning behind the hard sayings of Jesus. You will discover why Jesus made His audience uncomfortable as He led them to salvation. With careful attention to the original context, we will understand the meanings behind these, sometimes perplexing, teachings and how they contribute to the holiness of God. Faithful over a few, Bro. Leslie B. James

Exposing the Word

Sugar Creek Church Empowering the Church of ChristExalting the Christ

ACADEMIC LIFE Power Hour Reader’s Challenge! Luk 1:26-56 thru Luk 4:115 & Deu 10-11 thru Deu 26– 27 Divorce Care Support Group-Do you know someone who is hurting or struggling with being separated or divorced? Help is within reach. Join the Divorce Care Support Group each Tuesday at 6:30pm


We have a newly married couple at the Creek! We want to wish the best to Mr. & Mrs. Delon Saunders . They were joined in holy matrimony on Tuesday, March 11th.

5th Sunday service

at Sugar Creek - Bro. Mayberry, Northside COC ; March 30th , 3:00pm

Speaker: Bro. Alan Brown, Capernum Church of Christ Scriptures: Topic: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Financial Peace University-(April 2-June 4th) Do you know someone who is always stressed about money? Would you benefit from learning how to manage God’s money God’s way? What if you could change the financial course of the next generation? Register now for the 9 week Financial Peace University at Sugar Creek. Only 13 seats remaining. Register at:

Please see table in the lobby for area and church announcements and sign-up sheets.




Deborah Blake– Andrews Jan. 30,2014 Katrina Dorsey Jan. 30, 2014 Anna Ohin Feb. 5, 2014


DMA Graduation—March 30th— Our guest speaker for morning worship will be Bro Orlander Thomas of the Liberty City Church of Christ, Miami, Florida. DMA Graduation Cer emony; immediately following wor ship service at 1:00 Youth Fundraiser—Order your lunch for the 30th—Hot dog, chips and drink for $3.00 Get your ticket at Wed. night Bible study or order it online ( Pick up your plate, in the DTC Life Ctr., after the DMA graduation.. No purchases made on Sunday at the door. WORSHIP & GUEST SERVICES Nursery Children’s Worship

. Danielle C. & Susana B. Angela G. & Allison W. Priscilla C. & Jasmine B. Danielle C. & Jasmine B.

(3/23) Ronny R. & Jazmine M. (3/30) Evelyn S. & Marie J. (4/6) Sherrida S. & Audrey S (4/13) Brenda M. & Liz L.

The Nursery is looking for a few good sisters and brothers to volunteer in the Nursery/Children’s Worship. If you are interested , please see Sis. Allison W oolford.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

PRAYER REQUESTS Brandi Jones, Chariss & friend, Ronnesha Green & family, Sabrina James, Essence Thomas, Debra Andrews & family, Mark Jones, Rosie Bright & family, Danielle Thomas & co-worker & family, Roslynn Price & mother, Tony Clark, Mariam Patterson & family, Tereaha Berry & family, Sherika Johnson, Sabrina Dailey & uncle, Cynthia Mobley & mother, Tiffanie Travis, Ana Juarez, Pena, Juarez, Hernandez Perez & Tolentino families & Andriana , Alton Gudiel & Martin, Sandra Faison, Esther Ketita & family, Quesilyn Fennel, Susie Johnson & family, Lovenia Bowden & family, Vanessa Keith, Geraldine Holmes, Josephine Timmons, Travis White, Joan Green, her daughters, Olivea Jones & Qiana Grimes, Marilyn Johnson, Natasha Harston (Baptized), Antonio Baldwin-(Baptized) Veronica Davis, Madeline Thompson & Mother

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Welcome Visitors and Friends to Sugar Creek Church of Christ. You are our honored guests. We are delighted you could join us for worship and we invite you to ask any questions you may have.

Sick & Shut -In

Dorothy Odom at Britthaven Nursing Home Warren Hallman at Charlotte Health Center, Thomas Johnson @ 704-726-2591 Donn Perkins is Home


CHURCH VISION “To raise the next generation of Christian leaders who will honor God in our theology, culture, and practice of the gospel."

Hard Sayings of Jesus_ march 23 2014  
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