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Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn At A Glance • LinkedIn is a social network aimed toward professionals • More than 50 million users • Usually seen as an online version of your resume, but it’s actually so much more than that • LinkedIn can help you grow your business, expand your knowledge, and promote your best work!

Getting Started

LinkedIn can: • • • • • •

Increase visibility Create outlets to gain new leads Connect you with vendors, future partners, and clients Build trust in brand Establish leadership in the industry Allow for you and your company to demonstrate expertise, knowledge, quality of service, etc.

Building Your Profile Your LinkedIn Page is So Much More than a Resume!

Setting Up Your Profile The Photo • Choose something professional • For a company profile, choose your logo or a photo of your team

The Summary • Make it explain why someone would want to do business with you • Your elevator pitch • Read it out loud - would you stop and take a closer look?

Experience & Skills • Explain what you've done as well as what you CAN do

Interests, Groups & Associations • Showcase where you're active

Recommendations • You need them • Testimonials to your service, expertise, and skill can build trust and make you look more attractive

LinkedIn Questions & Answers

• A lot like Yahoo! Answers, only with more targeted categories • Get a feel for the industry atmosphere on LinkedIn and how you might fit in • Also use it to gain insight for marketing efforts • Share useful articles, published by you or a partner company • A great way to network with other vendors in the industry • Show others that you have an edge over the competition

Growing Your Network Asking to connect is like sharing a business card.

Growing Your Network Building your network from the beginning: 1. 2. 3.

Start out by connecting with people you know Search feature Let LinkedIn scan your email address book and select who you want to connect with

Growing Your Network: Best Practices • Seek out current employees, clients, friends, and professional connections • Introduce contacts to one another • Suggest an expert in the industry • Answer questions in relevant groups or forums or in the answer feature • Notify your contacts on interesting events happening in your company • Recommend employees, partners, or vendors • React on the successes of your contacts • Start and have conversations with those in your industry, including prospects and leads!

Other Ways of Growing Your Network • • • • • •

Develop your network by asking for introductions Join groups and communities Use LinkedIn's Questions & Answers feature Use your LinkedIn URL in your email signature Link to your LinkedIn profile on your site Link to your LinkedIn profile on your Facebook or Twitter

LinkedIn For… 1.

Lead Generation • • • •


Used LinkedIn Questions & Answers to find and respond to targets Participate in industry-related groups where your leads may be Reach out to leads by providing assistance Include appropriate contact information in your profile

Gaining Testimonials • •

Ask for recommendations from your existing network Respond in kind

The secret of LinkedIn….

…the more you give, the more you get!