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From The Editor Buy Local Promoting local business is as simple as having other company’s business cards or brochures posted on a board in your store. In an effort to promote your area, we are distributing decals that say “Check us out at,” in hopes that local shoppers will visit the site to find local restaurants, clothing, specials, coupons and more. We are doing our part, so please join us, and promote your local merchants, and everyone will benefit!


Top Ten reasons to Think Local Local - Be Local – Help Local Businesses

1. Buy Local -- Support yourself and your local antiques shop. Many studies have revealed when you buy from an independent, locally owned business in the your own area, rather than a nationally owned businesses, considerably more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses. Local businesses continue to strengthen the economic base of the local community. These include case studies showing that local local owned businesses generate a premium in enhanced economic impact to the community and our tax base.

2.Support Local Area Community Groups:

Non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller area business owners than they do from large companies.

3. Keep Your Area Unique: Where we shop, where we eat and have fun -- all of it makes our community home. Our one-of-a-kind local businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character. Local tourism businesses also benefit. “When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” ~ Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust.

4. Reduce Environmental Impact: Locally owned businesses in your area can make more local purchases requiring less transportation. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

5. Create Additional Jobs: Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in the community, provide the most jobs to local residents. 6. Receive Better Service: Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of the products and services they offer, and take more time to get to know customers. Cont. next page Online Magazine | 2009 5

7.Invest in Your Community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, and they are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future. 8. Put




Good Use:

Local businesses require a relatively little infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering your area.

9. Buy What you Want, Not What Big Advertising Budgets Want you to Buy: A South Carolina marketplace comprised of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term. A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products and services based not on a national sales plan but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, promises a much broader range of product choices.

10. Promote Local Prosperity: An escalating body of economic research shows that in an increasingly homogenized world, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character. Larry Local Editor in Chief Online Magazine | 2009 6 Online Magazine | 2009 7

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Marquetry Definition decorative artistry where pieces of material (such as wood, ivory or shell) of different colors are inserted into surface wood veneer to form intricate patterns such as scrolls or flowers; found in furniture or decorative accessories made of wood Pronunciation mar-kuh-tree

Nappy Definition a shallow open serving dish with no rim Pronunciation nah-pee

Charleston’s Office Of Cultural Affairs launches, as thier new arts Web Site From: Charleston Currents The City of Charleston’s Office of Cultural Affairs has launched, a companion Web site to the OCA’s primary page at the city’s official site. will be updated daily with information and features, including an arts calendar that users can search by date, artist, presenting group or venue; social networking widgets; and a directory of local arts and cultural organizations and venues. “We are hopeful that will be a major benefit to local artists and arts organizations by disseminating information about their events with the most up-to-date information to a broader public,” said Ellen Dressler Moryl, director of the Office of Cultural Affairs. Other options for users at include the following: • Arts organizations can download forms from the Office of Cultural Affairs, submit events, update contact information and compare performance dates with other area organizations. • The Tools for Professional section of the Web site features job listings for arts professionals, including full time and part time work as well as internships and volunteer opportunities with arts and cultural organizations in the tri-county area. • Updated grant opportunities for arts organizations, with detailed information, including deadlines, application and contact information. • Call for Submissions and Call for Auditions pages with details about the location, deadlines, fees and additional requirements. The new Web site also hosts connecting pages for general information on the Office of Cultural Affairs and its projects: the Charleston Farmers Market, the City Gallery at Waterfront Park, Holiday Magic, Happy New Year Charleston!, the Holiday Parade of Boats, the Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant Program, Piccolo Spoleto and the MOJA Arts Festival. The Web Site was developed and is being hosted by Carolina Media Services ( . Online Magazine | 2009 10

Antique Definition a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period, and according to many customs laws, at least 100 years ago Pronunciation an-teak Also Known As items older than 50 years old although the definition is quite subjective in today’s antiques market Examples The table Donna inherited is an antique dating to the late-Victorian period.

Belsnickle Definition a somewhat sinister looking Santa Claus figure modeled of papier-mâché, usually of German origin, made around the turn of the 20th century Pronunciation: bel-snik-el Also Known As the Pennsylvania Dutch Santa figure, Pelze Nichol, which was pronounced “pelsnickle” by Americans and eventually became belsnickle Examples Diana bid on a number of vintage Christmas decorations including several 12” belsnickles.

Cabriole Definition a curved furniture leg with the knee curving outward and the ankle curving inward terminating in an ornamental foot; commonly associated with Queen Anne and Chippendale styles Pronunciation cab-re-ole Examples When used with Chippendale furniture, the cabriole leg commonly terminates with a claw and ball foot.

Chafing Dish Definition a utensil for keeping food warm, especially at the table or on a buffet that usually consists of a large pan with a cover, sometimes raised or footed to provide a spot for a small warming candle underneath Pronunciation chay-fing dish

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Collecting Antique Musical Instruments Almost every family throughout the past 2 centuries have had one family member that played a musical instrument. A flute, violin, banjo, or any of the hundreds of other instruments are stored in attics and basements across the US, just waiting to be scooped up by collectors like you. Antique musical instruments often go unnoticed by most antique collectors and dealers. Part of the reason is most people simply just don’t know anything about musical instruments. The average person may have heard of the famous Stradivarius violins from the 16-1700’s. Most people do not even know if violins are being produced today anywhere in the world. Yet there are local auctions held across the country every week where the auctioneer has had to almost give away vintage electric guitars, violins, pianos, cellos, ukuleles, banjos and many other instruments. Part of the reason that these antique musical instruments are not sold for premium money is that many times these old dusty pieces of musical equipment are missing strings, have a few nicks and scratches, have a dull finish, and generally just don’t look like they would ever be able to play again. You would be really surprised what a quality music store can do to restore an on banjo, cello, violin or trumpet that has seen it’s better days. Not only can these vintage instruments be used again but they can be made to almost look brand new. If you have ever priced or bought a new musical instrument, you may have been surprised know how expensive they can be. It might just be in your best interest to take a second look at that antique clarinet, trumpet, drums, or guitar standing alone in the thrift shop. Collecting antiques doesn’t mean you have to buy something and keep it in a show room often times the best part is restoring them and using them as they were originally intended. Don’t be afraid to experiment with an old crusty instrument that with a little TLC may play better than a newer model. It could also be worth a small fortune one day.

Claw-and-Ball Foot Definition furniture foot fashioned to represent a bird’s claw gripping a ball; often carved entirely of wood as seen in many Chippendale style furniture pieces, but examples featuring a metal claw gripping a glass ball are also common Examples Lynn wondered if the chair’s claw-and-ball foot could be repaired.

Delphite Definition opaque blue glass made beginning in the 1920s by Jeannette Glass Company but also used by other companies such as McKee; a good amount of Depression-era kitchenware was made using dephite glass but dinnerware pieces can also be found in patterns such as Doric and Cherry Blossom Pronunciation del-fite Examples Jennifer quickly realized completing a set of delphite dinnerware would be difficult, so she decided to focus on kitchenware instead. South Carolina’s #1 Business Directory

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Visiting Murrells Inlet South Carolina

Murrells Inlet, located along the northern coastline of South Carolina just below Myrtle Beach, is as rife with history as many of the more well-known cities of the south. Although it was a popular site for rice plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries, the community did not officially receive recognition as a town until their first post office was established in 1913. The origin of the name is unknown, though local legends attribute it to vague stories of pirates which used to frequent the quiet, protected inlet. The residents of Murrells Inlet Before the rice barons arrived, Murrells Inlet was home to several different native American tribes, followed by Spanish explorers in the 1500s and early English colonists in the 1600s. However, when the plantations arrived, the entire landscape of this unassuming inlet turned upside down. Once a thick maritime forest, most of the coastal land was cleared for rice fields and by 1850, almost 47 million pounds of rice were being shipped out of the port. Online Magazine | 2009 24

During the 1800s, residents of the larger cities, such as Columbia, would make an annual trek to Murrells Inlet to escape the oppressive heat of the city, much like the residents of Charleston would travel to Sullivan’s Island. The summer residents would take a train to either Conway or Georgetown, then catch the steamboat which docked at the Wachesaw river landing. From there, it was horses and carts until they reached their cottages.

Murrells Inlet and the Civil War

Murrells Inlet was hit hard by the Civil War. Union warships knew that the inlet was a popular port along the South Carolina coast and would frequently attack the Confederacy’s blockade runners as they attempted to sneak cotton and rice to England in exchange for weapons, food and medicine. The rice plantations suffered, but might have survived if not for the 1893 Sea Islands hurricane, a category three which wiped out the last of the stable rice crops. By 1916, the last commercial rice grower in Murrells Inlet closed their doors for the last time. Fortunately, commercial fishing was starting to take hold in the community and as early as 1914, deep sea charter fishing trips were being offered for $5 a person, a price which included the captain, a 20 foot skiff, and a full day of fishing. Online Magazine | 2009 25

The Huntingtons come to Murrells Inlet

The small town’s commerce received a huge boost in the early 1920s when Archer Milton Huntington of New York decided to build his estate in Murrells Inlet. The 9,000 acre plantation required almost all of the small Town’s craftsmen in order to be built. Brick masons, landscapers, carpenters and painters worked day and night on Huntington’s home, as well the church, medical clinic and community center, which Huntington had built for the residents of nearby Sandy Island. The main residence, named “Atalaya”, was a sight to behold, with 36 rooms, 22 fireplaces and even a special room for oyster shucking. Huntington’s wife, Anna Hyatt, was a skilled sculptor and the gardens around the main house were filled with her nationally acclaimed works. Visitors can still see the Huntington’s property, which is now the Huntington Beach State Park, and admire Anna Hyatt’s gardens in sculptures in what is now known as Brookgreen Gardens.

Dining in Murrells Inlet

Today, Murrells Inlet is known for its excellent cuisine and in fact, a section along its shoreline is known as “Restaurant Row”. The close proximity of marinas, seafood markets and charter boats practically guarantee that you’re going to get the freshest fish available and the influence of southern cuisine is obvious in the menu selections. However, the small town feel is not lost to commercialism in Murrells Inlet. Residents are happy to talk about the earlier days of their town and will gladly share tales of ghost ships and rogue pirates as you take in the ocean breeze on a gently sagging front porch. Whether you come to Murrells Inlet for the dining, the history or the breathtaking art, this sleepy little town has something for everyone and will surely surprise you with its endless array of entertaining and educational things to do.

Dovetails Definition tightly-fitting interlocking pieces shaped similar to a bird’s tail used as strong, decorative joints in woodworking Pronunciation duhv-tail Examples Noting the dovetails holding the blanket chest together, Jim surmised it was of quality construction.

End of Day Definition a term to describe an object made with two or more colors swirled together as commonly seen in Bakelite jewelry and glassware which refers to workers factories combining small leftover batches of plastic or glass at the end of the day to avoid wasting costly materials

A Passion For A South Carolina Antique Collection

The reasons that people in South Carolina become enthralled with antique collections are as numerous as the collectors themselves. It is safe to say antique collectors all share the same passion about antique items. The collectors are interested regardless if it’s one particular period piece, or antiques over 100 years of age that has value among collectors. Whatever you wish to call it; a hobby, avocation, or a form of escape with therapeutic value, or collecting, antique collecting usually starts with a love of whatever antiques Grandma had in the attic and strengthens with additional knowledge. Gaining that knowledge, which is always your best weapon, translates into fun and passion for antiques. For many people, antiques are sometimes vestiges of the best human efforts and higher functions of a bygone era. In this day and age of mass production and cutting costs, antiques make a statement through the handiwork of master craftsmen of expert quality and beauty. The value of an antique to its collector can also be highly prized simply because it reflects a revered past. The Internet, and sites like the South Carolina website, are a great way to get started looking for antiques, and antique dealers. Even a novice antique collector can find antiques throughout the Palmetto State. Other antique collectors look to various books available in nearby South Carolina public libraries, which are good sources of information to start your journey. Using these resources will help you seek out any particular antique item; furniture, clocks, jewelry, books or silverware, just to name a few, in which you may be interested. Finding out the history behind the antiques in which you are interested, and their average price range among collectors, will also help you in your search for the desired antique piece. Getting started with antique collecting should usually begin at a reputable South Carolina antique dealer. These dealers are in the business to make a profit. As such, dealers have little incentive to delude potential

customers by selling antiques that are not genuine. Antique stores are where even beginning antique buyers can purchase the kinds of items that interest them at a small or reasonable price. Just because it looks old does not mean it is an antique. Remember, an antique’s value is based on demand due to suitability and limited supply. Other Sources for Finding Antiques: If you really want to get your juices flowing regarding your antique digging, you can also go to garage sales and yard sales, or estate and seized property auctions, that can sometimes yield previously uncovered antiques. Another way to search for antiques is at an antique show. These shows are sometimes held on an annual basis; on other occasions they are strictly one-time special. As is the case in South Carolina, many states across the country have auctioneer associations that deal heavily in the sale of antiques. Getting your Antiques Appraised In South Carolina When you find that special piece or treasure, make sure that you have it appraised. You should consider having it appraised before purchasing the antique to confirm that it is authentic. Having the antiques appraised will also help if you ever have to make an insurance claim. But be prepared to shell out a few dollars to find out how much an antique may be worth. South Carolina professional appraisers can charge $100-$150 per hour for their services. They charge high fees because appraisers shoulder great responsibility for insurance companies and lawyers settling estates. The best part about searching for antiques is the hunt. So be ready to scrape off some shoe leather! Get out there and get into the chase!

Ephemera Definition paper collectibles that were originally meant to be thrown away after use such as calling cards, political pamphlets, movie posters, advertising hand fans, greeting cards and the like Pronunciation eh-fem-er-uh


Definition: to give the appearance of being genuine Examples 1) Jeannette applied a faux finish to the table to give it a weathered look. 2) The ring contained several faux pearls that looked surprisingly genuine.

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Foxing Definition a condition issue affecting old books, prints and ephemera consisting of brown spotting caused by exposure to excessive humidity, extreme temperatures and/or the aging of inks originally used in processing Pronunciation fock-sing

Geschutzt Definition Geschutzt is a mark sometimes found on antiques of German origin which translates to protected or copyrighted; similar in meaning to the U.S. patented and pat. pend. marks Pronunciation gess-schtootz

Caring For Your Antiques and Collectibles As any antique dealer will tell you, proper care and maintenance of the items you have purchased will preserve the items (and their value) for years to come. When purchasing an item, remember to gather information from your antique dealer on how to correctly store and preserve it. Most antique dealers recommend keeping your antiques in a moderately humid or cool place, and always away from direct sunlight. You should always handle your antique items with care and not clean excessively, as this could be detrimental to the condition of the item. There are many antiques and collectibles guides available for first time antique buyers, as well as books on how to start an antique collection. However, working with a local antique dealer will provide you with the best resources available. Light can harm to almost any Antique or Collectible. This is true especially organic materials like

wood, paper and textiles. In addition to fading colors in prints and fabrics, light can dry out many materials and can speed up chemical reactions that occur naturally over time. Therefore, all collections should be displayed away from direct sunlight. Even things that seem indestructible, like plastics, can melt when stored near a sunny window. Lights in display cabinets should be used as little as possible for the same reasons. Turning display lights on when the air feels a bit damp helps alleviate humidity, however. In general, light levels should be fairly low for most collectibles so displaying them in a hallway or specific room with adequate window coverings can help. Humidity, a good balance remains important for most antique items. When there is not enough humidity, items like paintings, wood and paper can shrink, crack and become very brittle. When humidity reaches excessive levels, rust can

develop on metal items, mold can grow and insects are encouraged to breed. Both light levels and humidity can be tested in the home for those who’re really serious about protecting their valuable collections. Light meters can be purchased at photo supply shops and hygrometers for checking humidity are available at most hardware stores. A good tip is to keep Humidity at about 50% when possible. Temperature. Avoid the extreme temperature fluctuations of storing collectibles in attics or garages, especially when considering organic materials, like paintings, wood and paper. The ideal temperature for preservation is around 64 degrees. That’s a little cold for most people. And in South Carolina you would spend a lot trying to maintain that temperature during the summer. If you have one room in your home that tends to be a little cooler than the rest of the house year round, that will be your best place for displaying and storing collections. Again, hallways and dimly lit rooms seem to provide a little more coolness so consider those areas for fragile items like paper and textiles. And if you decide to change the way your storing items, moving from hot to cold and vice versa, do so gradually. Most antiques can be shocked when exposed to temperature extremes too quickly. For example, when exposed to extreme temperature changes the tiny cracks in the glaze of ceramics, called crazing, can appear more rapidly than they would have naturally. Always consider Lighting, Humidity and Temperature when caring for your collectibles and Antiques. If you have any questions, ask you local dealer.

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Hobnail Definition a glassware design featuring an all-over pattern of raised dots forming a bumpy texture Pronunciation hob-nail

Glaze Definition a mixture of predominantly oxides applied to ceramic ware which forms an protective moisture-proof coating and often imparts a ornamental lusture Pronunciation glaz (long “a�) Online Magazine | 2009 41

Shopping for Antiques in South Carolina Shopping for antiques in South Carolina has become one of the most popular things that bring visitors to the state. From the Upstate to the Low country, there are hundreds of reputable antique dealers with pieces that are sure to impress any collector. Antiques have always been popular collector’s items, but have recently taken a turn to become more functional in the home. Many collectors are beginning to use precious antiques in the decoration of their home. With proper care, these items will not only increase in value, but will enhance the atmosphere of your home. Antiques are, by definition, collectible items that are 100 years old and of some aesthetic value. Furniture is one of the most popularly collected antiques, but clocks,

china, artwork and other items are also popular. Avid antique collectors usually have a particular time period or collection they prefer, and they will search far and wide to find what they are looking for. Other collectors, however, choose antiques based on what appeals to them aesthetically or would look nice in their homes. When shopping for antiques, there are several tips and suggestions to keep in mind. Before you even consider buying antiques in South Carolina, you should do some research. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of antique dating and appraising will keep you from making bad purchases and help you spot good deals when you see them. The internet is a great place to start learning about antiques. Additionally, most book-

stores carry guidebooks pertaining to antiques. You can find books about buying, selling, starting a collection and proper care of antiques. Remember, antiques are only valuable if they are original works. To successfully purchase antiques, you need to be able to tell the difference between genuine pieces and impressive reproductions. Finding a Reputable Antique Dealer: One of the first places you should go to when deciding to purchase an antique is an auction being held by a reputable auction house or antique store in South Carolina. Purchasing from a reputable auction house will ensure that the item you are purchasing is genuine. Most auction houses should provide you with a certificate of authenticity or originality. You should make a conscious effort to visit antique auctions regularly if you want to keep up on the latest items coming in. Believe it or not, garage sales are a good place to find antiques. You may even be surprised when you find a rare item at a very good price. You will need your knowledge of antiques when shopping at garage sales, since most sellers have no idea

what their pieces are actually worth. Even though the internet is a good source for information relating to antiques, this is not the case when you are considering purchasing an antique online. It is not possible for you to have a first hand look at the item being sold on the internet and many times the photos showing on the website will often hide any defects or deficiencies that the antique may have. Unless the item is being sold through a reputable dealer, consider looking for the item elsewhere and only using the internet for research. What you first need to consider when making the purchase is the piece’s condition and authenticity. You will find many rare antiques come at a high price; do not be fooled by fake replicas, which are usually cheaper. You will find that some antique dealers in South Carolina will put up refurbished items for sale. Antiques really look their best when they have not been refurbished, but be careful to not purchase and item that has been greatly devalued because of its defects. Remember, the condition of the antique is what makes it valuable.

Incised Definition figures or letters carved by hand or impressed by machine into the surface of an object; often used in reference to marks on pottery and ceramics Pronunciation en-sice Also Known As engraving Examples Marge turned the vase over to discover the incised Van Briggle mark.

Intaglio Definition an engraving technique seen in antique glassware and cameo jewelry where a figure or design is cut into glass or stone so the cutting lies below the surface, the opposite of carving in relief; an intaglio design can also be molded into glassware or jewelry rather than carved

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Storing Antiques in

South Carolina

Deciding the best method to store your antiques depends largely on the type of antiques in your collection. By definition, an antique is anything older than 100 years, which possesses some sort of aesthetic value. Such a broad definition can include jewelry, vintage clothing, furniture, china and much, much more. Some collectors have only one type of antique they collect, while others have a wide variety. Your method of storing the items may go a long way towards preserving their value. For example, if you collect both 18th century British furniture and Chinese porcelain, you need to know the proper way to store each of them. Caring for and storing your antiques properly will ensure they stay in good condition and maintain their value for generations to come. Antique collectors take several views when it comes to the storage and display of antiques. Some collectors believe antiques should be displayed under glass, and only used as a piece of artwork to be admired by others. Others make their antiques functional by using them to decorate their home or mixing them in with their existing furniture, china, etc. Still others pack their antiques away and rarely show off. Regardless of how you believe antiques should be displayed, it is important to do so properly. The Internet is a wonderful resource to educate yourself about antiques and their proper storage. If you are working with an antique dealer, they also have information regarding proper care and storage. Additionally, they can provide you with a list of people specializing in antique cleaning and restoration –as that is not something you want to tackle yourself.

Persian or Oriental rugs, carpets and tapestries can be stored in several ways. If you choose to use your rugs in your home, you should be sure to put them in a low-traffic area. This will protect them from dirt tracked in on shoes and from being worn down due to excessive traffic. If you choose to store your rugs, you need to ensure they will not be damaged by insects. Rugs should be stored in a clean, dry room and covered in acid free or cotton paper. Should your rugs need cleaning, take them to someone who specializes in cleaning Persian or Oriental rugs. This is the best way to ensure your rug stays looking its best and maintains its value. Breakable antiques, such as glass, porcelain or china should be handled with extreme care to prevent breakage or chipping. If storing these antiques, you should wrap them in protective packing material –such as bubble wrap. The items can then be placed in small plastic storage containers. Here are some Antique Storage tips to remember: • Plastic storage containers are better than cardboard for breakables –as they are sturdier and less likely to be crushed during transport and storage.

• Breakable items should be stored in a cool, dry environment. If you are placing antiques in public storage – be sure to rent a climate-controlled unit. • Extreme heat or cold can very easily damage your fragile items- be sure to rent a climate-controlled unit. • If you decide to display breakable antiques in your home, remember to place them on sturdy surfaces that are out of reach of any children you may have in your home. • For extremely valuable antiques, consider glass display cases or other means of further protection. Antique furniture storage depends on the size and material of the pieces. Sturdy wood furniture is best stored by wrapping in blankets and storing upright, if possible. Refrain from stacking furniture, as the weight may weaken or damage your pieces. Additionally, furniture should be stored in a cool, dry place. Extreme heat and humidity can severely damage wood furniture.

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Definition a large ornamental vessel made of earthenware or ceramic used to hold flowers or plants; American pottery (Weller, Roseville, etc.) and Victorian majolica pieces can sometimes be found with a matching pedestal which adds value to the jardiniere itself Pronunciation jar-den-air Examples Sandra shed a tear when she realized her aunt’s Roseville jardiniere was damaged beyond repair.

Jadite Definition opaque green glass made beginning in the 1940s by companies such as Fire King (Anchor Hocking) and McKee; prolific amounts of kitchenware were made using jadite glass but dinnerware sets can also be found Pronunciation jay-dite

Working with Antiques and Collectibles Dealers in South Carolina

Many people in South Carolina are now finding antiques are a great investment and a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of their homes. However, you should consider several things before purchasing any antiques you may come across. Antiques can be any collectible items that are approximately 100 years old and have aesthetic value. Grand clocks, pianos, silverware, ivory, FabergĂŠ eggs or jewelry items are just some of the most collected antique items. Each collector will have their own preference for what sort of antique pieces they are interested in. Finding Reputable Antique and Collectibles Dealer: The first thing to do when searching for reputable antique and collectibles dealers in South Carolina, is ask around. If you have friends or family members who collect antiques, chances are they know of some reputable dealers in the area.

You can also read reviews online or check with the Better Business Bureau. One of the best places to go to when looking to purchase antiques and collectibles is an auction being held by a local auction house or antique store. Purchasing from a well-known auction house will ensure that the item is genuine. The antique piece should also come with a Certificate of Authenticity or originality. To keep up with all the newest pieces you will have to make a conscious effort to visit antique auctions in South Carolina regularly if you want to get that coveted item for your collection. Buying Antiques and Collectibles From a Reputable Dealer : Before you purchase any antiques or collectible, you need to be certain of their authenticity and condition. If you are confident you are working with a reputable dealer, this process will be much easier. You will find many rare antiques come at Online Magazine | 2009 51

a high price; do not be fooled by reproductions, which are usually much cheaper. You will find that some antique and collectibles dealers in South Carolina sell refurbished antiques. A reputable dealer will tell you this upfront, and explain to you that refurbished antiques are usually not as valuable as ones that have been left in their original state. Antiques really look their best and are their most valuable when they have not been refurbished. You should also be careful to not purchase items with defects that bring down the value of the piece. Remember, the authenticity and condition of the antique is what determines its value. Researching Antique and Collectibles Dealers in South Carolina: The best thing to do before you purchase any antique is to research both the item, and the dealer you are looking to purchase it from. The Internet is in fact the best place to carry out such research and can provide you with valuable information relating to the price of similar antiques and provide information about your seller’s history and reputation with other buyers. Reputable Antique Dealers Know the Difference Between a Replica and a Treasure: If you are a beginner in the world of purchasing antiques and collectibles, and you have not carried out research correctly, you may have difficulty

telling the difference between a reproduction and an original antique. All antique pieces should show some wear and tear and such small details are something that you should look out for when considering a purchase. Reputable dealers will be able to tell you the extent to which a defect effects the value of an item. If you find the item looks flawless, more than likely it is not an authentic antique. Working with an antique and collectibles dealer in your area has definite advantages. * First, you will develop a working relationship and confidence that you are being given accurate information and a fair price. * Second, many antique dealers keep in mind what their clients are looking for when they go looking for items to purchase. This way, your dealer will let you know if they come across something you may be interested in adding to your collection. * Third, establishing a working relationship with an antique dealer provides you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Dealers can help you enhance your collection, take care of your collection, or even sell pieces of your collection if you decide to do so. Always remember that sometimes you get what you pay for, and if you think a deal you are getting is too good to be true, it just may be that.

Limoges Definition whiteware porcelain often decorated with Victorian motifs and gold trim produced by many different makers and often signed with a maker’s mark and the Limoges, France mark Pronunciation la-mohz

Kneehole Desk Definition a type of desk first manufactured in England in the early 18th century featuring a flat top supported by two banks of drawers or cabinets separated by a space for the legs of the person using the desk; this type of desk has been manufactured in a wide variety of styles since its inception and is still being produced by modern furniture manufacturers

rate with the tax advantages of a mortgage, and you have an incredibly cheap way to build wealth, but you better act now.

Time to Refinance Buy !?


Right now, mortgage rates are at their lowest level since 1971. Think about that. Twenty-five years ago, homeowners were paying as much as 18% on a 30-year fixed. Today it’s just a little over 5%.Combine that

Real estate guru Barbara Corcoran has already seen a tremendous surge in refinance applications – more than triple the average – and the number of people getting approved is astronomically higher as well, she says. But that doesn’t mean the low rates are a panacea for the ills of the housing market. It is only once home prices start to go up that we will finally see a light at the end of tunnel, Corcoran says. Until that happens, we are still going to have to crawl out of this mess. “[Low interest rates are] a not a lifesaver,” Corcoran says. “This is just a helping hand.”

David Kittle, chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association, has this advice to homeowners looking to refinance: Do it. Don’t get greedy searching for another quarter-point. Lock in rates now. He is seeing applications soar over 125% just since Thanksgiving due to the low rates. Of course, you should only refinance if it saves you at least 3/8 on the rate and if you plan on staying in your home for at least four years, Kittle says. Along with good credit, proof of income and money by means of a down payment or equity in the home, there are certain things every homeowner needs regardless of interest rate levels. Online Magazine | 2009 55

About Mt. Pleasant South Carolina

Originally occupied by the Sewee Indians, Mount Pleasant’s first white settlers arrived from England on July 6, 1680 under the leadership of Captain Florentia O’Sullivan. Captain O’Sullivan had been granted 2,340 acres which included not only the island that bears his name, but also the land that was to become Mount Pleasant. On the earliest map of the time this area was called “North Point.” In 1696, 51 new settlers arrived. Each family was allotted several hundred acres in the area that became known as Christ Church parish. In 1706 the Province of Carolina withstood several attacks by the Spanish and the French and were victorious in defeating French invaders in an area known as Hobcow Plantation. Hobcaw Plantation, located between Shem Creek and the Wando River. Later, it was also known as Shipyard Plantation because its deep water and abundance of good timber made it ideal for a shipbuilding. On September 24, 1860 a public meeting was held in Mount Pleasant that produced the first secession resolution of the state. With the advent of the Civil War, Battery Gary and an adjacent floating battery between Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island were instrumental in defense of the town, as well as attacks on Fort Sumter. The town was also defended by a line of fortifications from Elliot’s Creek at Boone Hall to Copahee Sound. Mount Pleasant was also the secret training ground for the nine-man crew of the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley. It was from Breach Inlet in 1864 that this small vessel was launched to attack and sink the USS Housatonic. Mount Pleasant is separated from Charleston by the Cooper River. For many years it was primarily populated seasonally by Charleston residents wealthy enough to afford summer homes across the river from the Charleston peninsula. The population of Mount Pleasant was centered in an area of the town now known as “The Old Village.” On July 16, 2005, the eight-lane Arthur Ravenel Bridge opened for traffic, replacing the two aging bridges. A week before the new bridge, one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the western hemisphere, officially opened, pedestrians were allowed to cross the bridge, and commemorative coins were distributed. Also, a fireworks display was a part of the ceremonies leading up to the actual opening of the bridge. Several cars from the same time period as the Grace Memorial Bridge, including several restored Model A Fords, made a final crossing of the old bridges. The remaining portions of the old bridges were demolished. Local residents watched as the bridges were blown up in spectacular shows.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt Online Magazine | 2009 58

Antiques Magazine is South Carolina's premier Free Antiques website with links to hundreds of antique dealers, collectors, collectibles, estat...

Antiques Magazine is South Carolina's premier Free Antiques website with links to hundreds of antique dealers, collectors, collectibles, estat...