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BLISS - Exclusive Interview as they talk about 20 MAHOGANY reality shows, growing up Samoan, their fashion beauty secrets, life and Love.

24 Miss Samoa Jolivette Ete chats about her amazing year! 44 Bonus Mag – Your 2011 Polynesian NRL calendar! Se-Xi a! SUGA’s – in celebration of Samoa Independence 56 Independent day we talk to successful entrepreneurs 60

GIVEAWAYS – Kerastase launch their new line of Anti Frizz products!

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FEATURES doing their OE’s – Find out what these career women 26 SUGA’s are doing overseas! at 14 – Scared and nowhere to turn. SUGA talks to 28 Pregnant young Rape Victims in Samoa and Samoa Victim Support’s fight for Justice. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger on her new role as 30 Polynesian X Factor USA judge!

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FASHION AND BEAUTY that SUGA? Our gorgeous celeb stylist Larissa works her 32 Who’s magic and only 50 bucks! Makeover - You’ll look forward to going to work 34 Corporate everyday!

HEALTH AND FITNESS Miss Samoa NZ Beauty Maree Wright shares valuable 42 Former food and exercise pointers

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SUGA’s and SEX – Can you talk to your folks bout Sex? Probably not. Get the facts here.

The ‘SOLE’ PAGES special SOLE editor reviews the latest New York Bestseller , 46 Our Steve Harveys “Act like a lady, think like a man.” Talk with the SOLE’s – What they REALLY look for in a 48 Street girl!

LIFESTYLE – Learn to help manage finances wisely on these 50 Fa’alavelaves occasions. a lasting impression on the visitors with quick and easy 52 Make yummy recipes!

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Mahogany Bliss Exclusive Interview as they talk about reality shows, growing up Samoan, their fashion beauty secrets, life and Love.

Sisters (clockwise): Maureen, Faye, Helen and Trina

Sharing the same experience has made it so special.

MAHOGANY: FEATURE SPREAD These four sisters Maureen 27, Faye 24, Helen 22 and Trina 26 seem destined for the stage. With seven kids in their family they learnt to sing through family jam sessions in their South Sydney home. The girls are influenced by Destiny’s Child and The Jackson Five. Having spent time as back up performers for Guy Sebastian earlier this year, the girst have had a lot of experience in the industry but never secured that elusive record deal. They are hoping that will change with the X Factor. On auditioning, Faye says: “We actually haven’t done many autiions before and we though, what is there to lose? We’ll just do our best and see what happens.” Mahogany impressed the judges with their performance of ‘Thank You’ by Boyz II Men, and quickly progressed through the next rounds. They are ready to get started: “We’re looking forward to working with the incredible professionals on the show, performing and developing our identity.” The girls have put their careers on hold for the X Factor – both Maureen and Faye are primary school teachers; Helen works in retail; and Trina is a case manager at NRMA. Mahogany, a wonderful fusion of musical talent featuring four beautiful young sisters, Maureen, Trina, Helen & Faye. While each of these young artists possesses an abundance of talent and originality in their own right, their performance as a group is simply sensational. The girls possess an instinctive ability for harmony and their repertoire covers a selection of classic favourites spanning four decades from the 60’s to hits of the today. Mahogany won the 2006 A.C.E. Award for Best New Talent. Highlights to date include performing as support act for both Michael Jackson & Mariah Carey in Australia. The talent of these four young ladies has no limits Mahogany have revealed that taking part in the Australian version of The X

Factor has brought them closer together. Sisters Maureen, Trina, Faye and Helen Fiso, who took part in the latest season of the reality television show, said that they have avoided conflict during the whole series. Faye told Woman’s Day magazine: “We hardly ever fight now. If we do, it’s only ever over really minor stuff,” while Maureen said: “Sharing the same experience has made it so special.”

X Factor has brought the sisters closer together

Faye added: “We did have a lot of silly fights when we were little, but our dad used to be really strict. So I think we learned early on to get along and live with each other.” Casula quartet and X Factor stars Mahogany are not letting their recent elimination from the show get them down.With the pressure off since their departure last week, the girls focused on their return performance on Monday night’s grand final alongside the top 12 contestants. But while they had no regrets about the show, Faye Fiso told the Leader they were disappointed when controversy erupted earlier this year over their relationship to judge Guy Sebastian.

had to just let the music speak for itself.” The group was eliminated last week after performing their own arrangement of Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. Despite some criticism from judge Kyle Sandilands, Fiso said she stuck by their interpretation of the song. “You just have to be yourself and stay true to who you are and not get caught up in everything around you,” she said. The four girls - Helen, 22, Trina, 26, Faye, 25, and Maureen Fiso, 27 - still live with their parents at Casula but are unlikely to be based at home for long.

“It was way blown out of proportion,” Fiso said. “It came across as us making the top 12 because we did one tour with Guy. “That was a bit of a disappointment because straight away people had negative perceptions of us. “In the end we

Sisters influenced by Destiny’s Child and The Jackson Five


YOUR PERSON STYLEAL 100 w ays to fin d that sex y SUGA in you.

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Your Polynesian NRL Calendar!


Independance Day Samoa

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