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Stretching my eyes across the vast seascape, my sense of self expands beyond the physical contours of my body.

To hover in an indefinite horizon.

My eyes, scroll back towards the place where I stand. Thin sheets of effervescent waves seep through the pores of sand, to draw back into a larger body of water. I follow the arc made by the sea as it greets the sand, and discern a string of brilliant white crests bubble and break into smooth, film-like sheets as they touch the soles of my feet.

What is felt from perceiving this external motion inside my body as a spatial container?

How do I carry the sea not only as an imprint in the architecture of my mind, but also through the continuously evolving soma?

I try to engage with the language of sea, as a bodily entity made up of layers of embedded history.

What is my kinaesthetic response when trying to apprehend forms and shapes through bodily impulses and reactions?

How does it sound, sea cry inside of me?

Sea Cry  
Sea Cry  

Visual poem written by IMP member, Adam Hussain. Printed on 7 ft long acetate attached onto large window overlooking Edinburgh city. This p...