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The following were claimedasprobablyoftheGreenlandform:— seven Sudbourne, April 29th (HP): 12 Westleton, May 3rd (FKC) : one trapped at Walberswick, May 3rd (DBC) : one Holbrook, May llth (ALB): two Reydon, May 12th (BAC) : one Hitcham, May 16th (ALB) : c. 20 Nacton, May 19th (ACCH) : one Gorleston, May 20th (LFC). 317. Stonechat.—One pair bred at Westleton (FKC, GMSE, DSI, MSVO, DEP). A pair at Sutton, March 27th and a male seen on many occasions throughout the breeding season probably indicated breeding there (HRB, CGC, HH, DW). A male at Snape, April 23rd, again later in breeding season, and in July (GK, PAS). Two pairs at Ingham, May 28th, but no evidence of breeding (EFC). Odd birds and an occasional pair seen Jan. to March and Oct. to Dec., at Gunton, Pakefield, Easton and Southwold, but no breeding records (LFC). One Havergate, March 23rd and Sept 8th (RSPB). Three or four Walberswick, Jan. 2nd (JFWB). Two Brantham, Jan. 30th (PT). One Minsmere, March 22nd (GB). Two Walberswick, Oct. 9th (DBC). Two Sizewell, Oct. 9th (HRB). One Minsmere, Nov. 12th (DJP). One Westleton, Nov. 26th and Dec. 3rd (DJP, MSVO). 318. Whinchat.—Bred in fair numbers. First seen April 26th at Havergate (RSPB), and last seen, Sept. 25th, at Benacre (LFC). 320. Redstart.—First seen, March 26th, at Pakefield (LFC), and last seen, Sept. 24th, at Lowestoft, (LFC). 321. Black Redstart.—There was no breeding recorded at Lowestoft (LFC). One Bures, March 29th (WHP): one Lowestoft, April Ist and Corton, April 3rd (LFC) : one Sudbourne, April 4th (HP) : one Dunwich, April lOth (DEP), and two at Minsmere (RSPB). One Westleton, Sept, 17th (FKC) : one Lowestoft, Oct. 23rd (LFC). 322. Nightingale.—First seen April 7th, at Stowmarket and Reydon (EFC, LFC). Last seen on Oct. llth, at Minsmere (per DATM)—an exceptionally late date, füll details were submitted. 327.

Grasshopper Warbier.—Recorded in several areas.

333. Reed Warbier.—First seen, April 18th, at Fiatford (JMW), and last seen, Sept. 17th, at Walberswick (DJP). 337. Sedge Warbier.—First seen, April 12th, at Walberswick (GT), and last seen, Sept. 24th, also at Walberswick (FKC).

Suffolk Bird Report for 1955  
Suffolk Bird Report for 1955