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Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 52

Dyke. In 2015, the first butterflies flying along the Devils Dyke were seen on 27 April. Two survey dates were organised in 2015 and the first survey took place on 13 May and focussed on the eastern Kings Forest. Numbers of Dingy Skippers seen were noticeably low compared to previous years, however, the weather in the morning was not very suitable as it was damp and cool. As mentioned above the area surveyed was noted to be subject to extensive forestry work involving felling and clearance work. This meant that some of the routes undertaken in previous years had to be abandoned due to access being restricted or on health and safety grounds. The survey reinforced what was noted in 2013 and 2014 in that the flight area was still biased towards the eastern edge of the forest. The Wordwell ride, in the south east corner of the forest, provided most butterflies seen and continued to show the benefits of the ride widening work undertaken. The second survey date was on 20 May and again this was a complete wash out in the morning due to heavy rain. In the afternoon, limited coverage was possible and this led to counts being undertaken along the Chalk Lane path in the Kings Forest and then an exploration of sites along the St. Edmund Path. Here small numbers of Dingy Skippers were found at both locations. Over the next week further searches were undertaken on Thetford Heath area and sites nearby. Unfortunately, despite being looked for, no Dingy Skippers were found at Elveden Center Parcs. Also, no surveys were undertaken on any MOD sites which was disappointing given the successful visit to RAF Barnham in 2014. A summary of survey records by site is given below: Kings Forest-Wordwell: 10 May TL 8372- 1 10 May TL8373- 2 13 May TL833729- 7 Kings Forest-Archery Area: 10 May TL828737-1 13 May TL827738- 2 13 May TL828737- 1 13 May TL832739- 8 Kings Forest-Rides around Archery: 13 May TL834736- 1 Kings Forest-Griffins Covert North: 13 May TL838734- 2 Kings Forest-Griffins Covert South: 13 May TL837734- 3 Kings Forest-Chalk Lane: 20 May TL826752- 2 20 May TL831750- 2 Thetford Heath- St Edmund Way 20 May TL840797- 2 20 May TL841798- 1 20 May TL842801- 4 Thetford Heath- Re-Stock 20 May TL849808- 5 NWT= Thetford Heath 23 May NW Corner TL846806- 8 23 May NE Corner TL849807- 4 23 May NC Corner TL847807- 14

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 52 (2016)

2015 Suffolk Butterfly Report  
2015 Suffolk Butterfly Report  

W. Stone