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3. Jonellus, Kirb.—Rare at Barham, but workers abundant on Heather at Lowestoft. B. Cullumanus, Kirb.—A male at Barton Mills, after 1911 (EMM. 1923, p. 277) : confirms Kirby. B. Sorcensis, Fab.—Both sexes near Ipswich, and a male at Barton Mills. B. terrestris, L i n n . — T h e Common Bumble-bee. Apis mellifica, Linn.—Honey Bee. Nesting wild in an elm at Brantham in July 1899. Total is 324 Suffolk species of Aculeata, out of (say) 408 in Britain.

CHRYSIDIDAE. Ruby Tails. Cleptes pallidipes, Lep.—Sandhills, July and August, common (Paget); Pakefield (Ent. Annual 1860, 92). On poplar at Kenny Hill in Mildenhall; Aying by Gipping, Ipswich. C. nitidula, Fab.—Swept in marshes at Brantham and Mildenhall in late June ; on umbelliferous flowers at Blakenham Parva chalk-pits in August. Both species were first taken during 1836 in a little wood near Sudbury (Ent. Mag. iv, 233). Notozus Panzeri, Fab.—Several by sweeping heath-grasses in Barton Mills woods in July (Elliott); T u d d e n h a m in 1922 (Harwood) and singlv at Brandon. Elampus aneus, Fab.—Very rare in mid-July in marshes at Bramford and Brandeston. E. auratus, L i n n . — I n Brandon district, 1899 (Perkins); singly in July at Levington Heath, Shrubland Park and Parham. Hedvchridium integrum, Dhlb.—Suffolk ( E M M . 1900, p. 108). In Breck district during 1916 and at T u d d e n h a m in 1922 (Harwood). Brandon in late June 1914, 1918 and 1922. H. roseum, Ross.—Extremely rare : one female entering a Bee's hole in the Frostenden brick-pits on 27 July 1926. H. ardens, Coq.—Mildenhall (Perkins); singly at Brandon, Bentley Woods and Staverton. Fledvchrum nobile, Scop.—A single specimen at Tuddenham ' i n July, 1916 (Harwood). A couple of females on Heracleum-Üower in Bramford marshes on 17 July, 1901. Chrysis neglecta, Shk.—One in the above Frostenden brick pit, at Aculeates' burrows, on 30 July, 1926. C. succincta, Linn.—Used to occur on Heracleum-Üowers at Bentley Woods, but not seen for twenty years. C. cyanea, Linn.—Generally distributed and common at Aculeates' b u r r o w s : Dunwich (Blair), etc. C. viridula, Linn.—Extremely r a r e : One in a gravel-pit at Bentley Woods, 30 May, 1927.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii