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albicoxis, T h . — I n f r e q u e n t : Henham Park and Barnby Broad. cognatus, Hlg.—A common species throughout the County. laticarpus, T h — Rarely notcd : Henstead marsh on 12 Julv, 1900. pulchellus, Hlg.—Abundant throughout the County] dorsalis, Hlg.—Uncommon, usuallv in marshes : also at Monks Soham. P.festivus. Fab.—Not very common : Bungay (Tuck), Peasenhall, Coddenham. Labrossyta scotoptera, Gr.—Once common by Stanstead Great Wood, 14 June, 1900. Sphecophaga vesparum, Curt.—June, rarely seen : Ipswirh, Brandon, Redlingfield. Mesoleius virgultorum, G r . — T u d d e n h a m and Ingham (Nurse), Brandon, Bentley, etc. M. semicaligatus, Gr.—Generally distributed : in autumn. M.fallax, H l g — A male in Norton Wood on 7 October, 1899. (Tuck). M. erythrocerus, Gr.—August, apparently r a r e : Worlington 1906, Bedfield 1918. M. rufolabris, Zett.—Rarely noticed, in marshes at T u d d e n h a m . M. dorsalis, Gr.—One male at Freckenham on 20 May, 1923 (G. B. Walsh). M. hamulus, Gr.—By no means uncommon at Bentley Woods and Monks Soham in May. M. armillatorius, Gr.—Common everywhere : Monks Soham, etc. M. bicolor, Gr.—Tangham Forest, bred from Lophyrus sertifer (Trans, supra i, p. 179). M. molestus. Hlg.—Common in m a r s h e s : Pakenham, Beccles and Monks Soham. M. aulicus, Gr.—Mildenhall, Blythburgh, Rishangles, Bedfield. M. variegatus, J u r . — F r e q u e n t : Reydon, Bentley, T u d d e n h a m . M. heematodes, G r . — O n e female on Angelica in Finbro Park 24 September. 1900 (Tuck). M. maculicollis, Ste.—Several beaten from birch at Covehithe. M. dubiiis, Hlg.—Not rare : Brandon (Elliott), Wangford, Herringswell, T u d d e n h a m . M. formosus, Gr.—Rare in May : Palmers Heath in Brandon, and Bentley Woods. M. filicornis, Hlg.—Uncommon : once in T u d d e n h a m Fen during August. M. multicolor, Gr.—Apparently very rare : Bentley Woods and Monks Soham. M. niger, Gr.—Apparently verv r a r e : Westleton lamb-pits in July, 1900 Vyspetes prrerogator, Linn.—Abundant everywhere on flowers. Trematopygus lativentris, Hlg.—One in Stanstead Wood on 30 May, 1898. T • albipes, Gr.—Benacre Broad (Tuck), uncommon at Foxhall.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii