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T. fenestralis, Morley.—Monks Soham only, on windows and at light, 1905-31. T. fasciata, Bdg.—One of the undescribed females, Monks Soham window, 13 August, 1919. Banchus pictus, Fab.—Rare : Suffolk (Curtis), Bury (Wrattislaw), Bentley Woods. B. volutatorius, L.—Rare : Gorleston and Easton cliff. B. falcator, Fab.—Common: Tuddenham (Sparke), Bury (Tuck), all along the coast. Xenoschesis fulvipes, Grav.—Hitherto UNRECORDED FOR BRITAIN. The first indigenous specimen was swept from a birchbush in Barton Mills woods, Suffolk, on 4 June 1916 (Ernest A. Elliott, in coli. Morley) [ three at Lichfield in 1919 (L. A. Carr); one female from Colchester (Bernard Harwood)]. Exetastes cinctipes, Retz.—One of the commonest garden Ichneumonidae. F.. nigripes, Gr.—Very rarely noticed : Ipsvvich in Juiy, 1896. E. guttatorius, Gr.—Scattered uncommonly all over the County. Subfamily


Metopius denattus, Fab.—Rare: bred at Gorleston 1924 (Doughty), Bentley Woods. M. micratorius, Fab.—Yarmouth (Paget); Southwold (Curtis) and in 1899 (Tuck). Chorinceus cristator, Gr.—Frequent: Timworth (Nurse), Tuddenham, Covehithe, etc. C. funebris, Gr.—Uncommon : Foxhall in May 1907 (Chitty), Monks Soham. C. longicornis, Th.—Not rare : Finbro (Tuck), Henstead and Bentley Woods. C. tricarinatus, Hlg.—Marshes : Tuddenham Fen and Harkstead. C. talpa, Hai.—Verv rarely seen : Tostock on 21 April, 1900 (Tuck). Hyperaemus crassicorvis, Gr.—Very rare : one swept in rougn marsh, Barton Mills, 18 June", 1915. Polyclistus femoralis, Frc.—Monks Soham windows only. P. 'mansuetor, Gr.—Bury and Benacre (Tuck); Monks Soham common, rarely on ivy-flower. P. flavteeps, Ratz.—Foxhall bred, Monks Soham and Southwold. Exochus podagricus, Gr.— Taken occasionally on hazel in Bentley Woods. E. pallidipes, Hlg.—With the last, and on Angelica-tiowas, at Tuddenham Fen. E. globulipes, Dsv.—Not rare: Tuddenham, Foxhall and bred in east Wangford wood.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii  
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii