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Nematopodius formosus, Gr.—Monks Soham garden on frequent in 1905-31. N. linearis, Gr.—One female on Monks Soham window, 11 July, 1927. Pycnocryptus peregrinator, L.—Common throughout the Cou Spilocryptus incubitor, Strm.—Ipswich, Peasenhall, Walberswick S. cimbicis, Tsch.—Common parasite of Trichiosoma everywhe 5. abbreviator, Fab.—Apparently uncommon : Gisleham pit, etc. Gambrus ornatus, Gr.—Several bred from Zygcema trifo Oulton. Aritranis carnifex, Gr.—In bogs only : Brandon, Tuddenham, Dunwich, Oulton, Covehithe. A. signatorius, Fab.—Rarely seen : Foxhall, etc. [Preys on Odynerus leevipes, Shuck.] Idiolispa analis, Gr.—Common : Tuddenham, Brandon, Barham. Demophorus robustus, Brsch.—Males at Brandon in Augu 1906 and September, 1907. Goniocryptus titillator, L.—Common from Bentley to Tuddenham Fen. Cryptus tarsoleucus, Sehr.—Frequent on umbells during mid summer. C. vidnatorius, Fab.—Very common on Silaus-üov/ers, etc C. obscurus, Gr.—Common in woods throughout the County. C. albatorius, Vill.—Occurring with the last, hardly more rarely. C. tuberculatus, Gr.—Rarely seen: Ipswich on elm, July, 1897. Habrocryptus porrectorius, F.—Less common than in Ke Bentley Woods. Canocryptus antennatus, Bdg.—Monks Soham windows on August, 1910 and 1911.

Subfamily PIMPLIN^ Ischnocerus rusticus, Frc.—Apparently rare with us : Stavert in July 1921 ; Bentley Wood in June 1935. Xylonomus pilicornis, Gr.—Certainly rare here; Wortham marshes in 1900. Rhyssa persuasoria, L.—Ipswich (Baylis), Bury and Rushbro R. curvipes, Gr.—Rare : Ashfield-Thorp mere 1921 and Barton Mills 1916. Ephialtea manifestator, L.—Yarmouth (Paget), probably a error for next species. E. carbonarius, Chr.—Bury (Butler), TostockT (Tuck), Bramford. E. heteropus, Th.—One male in Bentley Woods on 23 May, 1 Perithous Mediator, Fab.—Onehouse (Watson) ; Monks Soha garden : common. P. varius, Gr.—Rarely noticed : Tostock, Bury (Tuck), Monks Soham, etc. P. divinator, Rssi—Rarely noticed : Barton Mills in 1914, etc.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii