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H. hempiterus, Fab.—Dunwich in September, 1928 (Blair). H. variicornis, Gr.—Wherstead, Foxhall and Brandon, in marshes. IL ridibundus, Gr.—Not uncommon ; Tostock (Tuck), Tuddenham Fen, Monks Soham. H. oxyphimus, Gr.—Very common in all our marshes from May to August. H. nitidus, Brdg.—A homotype was taken on lawn at Monks Soham, 10 May, 1906. ' H. astivalis, Gr.—A common species throughout summer. / / . gracilis, Th.—'Tostock (Tuck), Foxhall fir-wood in April. H. solutus, rl h.—Autumn ; Faston Broad in Sept. and Bentlcv fir-wood in Oct. / / . micalor, Gr.—Probably not rare ; Ipswich, and at Bentley lir-wood in March. H. Angitcanus, Morl.—A female on Monks Soham House windou. H. distinctus, Brdg.—My tvpical male was taken at Brandon on 8 June 1903. H. politus, Brdg.—Perhaps not rare ; taken in Barnby Broad. Cecidonomus Westoni, Brdg.—Tostock (Tuck), Monks Soham. C. xylonomoides, Morl.—The type was found at Bentley Woods in late May. C. inimicus, Gr.—Monk Park wood, on windows at Bradley and Monks Soham. Pezomachus Aquisgranensis, Fst.—Once commonly in moss in Bentley Woods. P. Kiesenwetteri, Fst.—Bramford, Barnby Broad, Kessingland, etc. P. zonatus, Fst.—By no means uncommon and generallydistributed. P. costatus, Brdg.—Kessingland and Pakefield sea-clitfs in August. P. rufipes, Fst.—On sand everywhere, especially in Gisleham pit. P. cemulus. Fst.—Apparently rare ; swept at dusk in Bentley Woods. P. pilosus, Cap.—Beaten from pine-trees in Bentley Woods, April. P. acarorum, L.—Common and widely distributed. P. festinans, Gr.—On Brandon heaths in June. P. hieracii, Brdg.—On heaths ; Potters bridge, Southwold and Brandon. P. nigritus, Fst.—Brandon, and on coast at Corton and Southwold. P. micrurus, Fst.—Taken at both Barton Mills and Oulton Broad. P. formicarius, Fab.—Distinctly uncommon ; Bentley Woods, etc. P. Mulleri, Fst.—Not very common in our County. P. distinctus, Fst.—Brandon on reeds, Barton Mills, Gisleham. P. analis, Fst.—One taken at Brandon on 11 August 1906, onlv. P. attentus, Fst.—In marshes, Monks Soham and Brandon, spring and autumn. P. pumilus, Fst.—Common throughout the County : Brandon in August 1906, etc. P. gonatopinus, Th.—Probably rare ; Reydon alder-carr in July. P. anthracinus Fst.—Common in marshes : Barton Mills, Tuddenham Fen, etc.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii