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P. Hercynicus, Gr.—Not rare ; Tostock (Tuck), Barnby, Eye, Foxhall, etc. P. bre-vitarsis, Th.—Once beaten from fir-trees at Bentley in April. P. nitidus, Gr.—Common on flowers in autumn ; Monks Soham, Foxhall, etc. P. ovatus, Gr.—Apparently rare, though I have it from Monks Soham in May. P. fumator, Gr. One of the commonest British Ichneumonids. P. inflatus, Th.—Not uncommon ; Benacre and Bungay (Tuck). P. scaposus, Th.—Not uncommon [many bred from Celery Fly (Acidia heraclei, L.)]. P. dimidiatus, Th.—Common ; Monks Soham, etc. P. rotundipennis, Th.—Very rare; one at Bedfield in 1918. Panargyrops tenuipes, Gr.—Tostock (Tuck), Farnham, etc. P. cereus, Gr.—Doubtless a common species, rarely noticed. P. pellucidator, Gr.—Very common ; Tostock (Tuck), etc. P. claviger, Tasch.—Apparently rarely seen; Monks Soham window in 1929. Orthopelma luteolator, Gr.—Abundant is Rhodites-galls ; Monks Soham, etc. Spinolia fulveolata, Gr.—Brandon, Barton Mills, Barnby, Oulton Broad. Hemiteles fulvipes, Gr.—Common on windows at Ipswich, Southwold, Monks Soham. H. marginatus, Brdg.—Hardly rarer than the last species. H. varittarsus, Gr.—Clavdon bridge, Southwold, and bred at Reydon. II. necator, Gr.—Abundant in spring and autumn. H. bicolorinus, Gr.—Nearly as numerous as the next kind. H. areator, Panz.—Omnivorous, and very numerous everyvvhere. H. cingulator, Gr.—Common on house-windows. H. pedestris, Fab.—Monk Park and Bentley woods, Barnby, Southwold, etc. H. subzonatus, Gr.—Common ; Tostock, Finbro and Bungay in autumn (Tuck). H. incisus, Brdg.—Beaten from birch in Tuddenham Fen ora 6 May 1907. H. brunneus, Morl.—Tostock (Tuck), Claydon and the tpye on an Ipswich window. H. floricolator, Gr.—Probably not rare ; Assington Thicks, etc. H. niger, Tasch.—Certainly uncommon; Foxhall, Bentley, Southwold, Tuddenham Fen. H- tristator, Gr.—Frequent in June and July, sometimes at light. H- similis, Gm.—Abundant evervwhere, usually on windows. H- melanarius, Gr.—Of infrequent occurrence on Monks Soham windows. H. Icevigatus, Rtz—Norton Wood (Tuck), Brandon, Barton Mills and Alderton.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii  
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii