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I. extensorius, L.—Common in winter grass-tufts, and on the wing in spring. I. gradarius, Wsm.— First found in Britain at Tuddenham ; par. of Charceas graminis. I.gracilentus, Wsm.—Not uncommon in May: Bentley Woods, etc. I. confusorius, Gr.—Common everywhere, especialy in winter grass-tufts. I. albiger, Wsm.—Found with the last, in moss ; and at Oulton Broad in May. I. primatorius, Fst.—A male on Angelicaflowersat Barnby Broad in August, 1898. 1. gracilicornis, Gr.—Certainly uncommon with us : Frostenden. I. queesiiorius, L.—A female bred from Nonagria typha Beccles in 1931 (Doughty). 1. insidiosus, Wsm.—Females common in winter grass-tufts : Bentley Woods, etc. I. raptorius, Gr.—As common as, and occurring with, the last. Exephancs lularis, Gr.—Rare : the female has occurred once twice only. Chasmias motatnrius, Fab.—Common : Covehithe, Frostendo Bramford, etc,. in winter. Limerodes arctiventris, Boie — Close tc the sea on marram-g Lowestoft and Southwold. Ctenichneumon castigator, Fab.—Rarely seen : by Dunvvich 24 September, 1930. C. funereus, Frc.—One taken near Bury by Wrattislaw (in coli. Beaumont). C. amputatorius, Pz.—A female at Tuddenham on 21 August, 1924 (Harwood : cf. EMM. 1910, p. 37). C. messorius, Gr.—Taken in " Suffolk " by Fred. Smith (Lowesto 1858 ? ; in Mus. Brit.). C. divisorius, Gr.—Onflowers,local; abundant at Freckenham on Silaus in August 1930. C. heereticus,Wsm.—A pair onflowersat Easton Bavents c in July, 1924. Spilichneumon occisorius, Fab.—Rarely seen: in Ana ca tufts, Bentley Woods, etc. Amblyteles palliatorius, Gr.—Abundant everywhere in wood where females hibernate. . A. glaucatorius, Fab.—Rare : a male taken at Tuddenham dur 1925 (Harwood). A. vadatoris, III.—Local: " Suffolk " (Mus. Brit.), Tuddenham and Freckenham on Silaus. A. fiegatorius, F a b . — " Suffolk" (Mus. Brit.), Claydon and Southwold on flowers. A. subsericans, Gr.—Bury by Wrattislaw (Beaumont) ; rare abo Brandon in September. A. armatorius, Fst.—An abundant species everywhere.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii