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Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 26

A declining species in Suffolk, through loss of habitat. Still on the Suffolk Wildlife Trust Reserve at Lakenheath Poor's Fen, TL78, v.c. 26. See S.W.T. Reserves Handbook, 1989. Myrica gale L., Bog Myrtle. Barnby, TM49, v.c. 25, JM and T A , 1986, 1987, 1989. Now very rare in Suffolk. Recorded here in Hind's Flora, 1889. For many years until about 1970 several bushes were observed in an area near the railway line (FWS). The Single specimen at Pashford Poor's Fen, Lakenheath. is reported by M G R as now dead (FWS). Rumex maritimus L., Golden Dock. (i) Wangford, TL78, v.c. 26, PJOT and M G R , 1988. Also one plant on rubbish dump, JWP, 31/7/88. Det. Dr. J. Akeroyd. (ii) Gedding, in pond, TL95, v.c. 26, JCW, 1987. Det. MNS. Seen again in the same pond, then dried up, Sept. 1989. (iii) Beccles, in R. Waveney, TM49, v.c. 25, JM and T A , 1986 and 1987. Conf. G W M . An uncommon Dock, shown to be persisting in TL78 and TM49, where it is recorded in Simpson's Flora. It has never before been recorded from the Gedding area. Amaranthus blitoides S. Watson, an Amaranthus. Ramsholt, near Church, TM34, v.c. 25, E M H , 8/10/89. Det. E. J. Clement. Hb. E & M H . About a hundred prostrate plants in two adjacent arable fields, some small seedlings, others fully mature. One striking plant measured over a metre across. (A few plants of Nettle-leaved Goosefoot, Chenopodium murale L., also in one of the fields.) Second record for East Suffolk and the third for Suffolk as a whole. Mirabilis jalapa L., Marvel of Peru. Ipswich, Stoke Park, garden weed, TM14, v.c. 25, JT, 1976. Det. MNS, from description. A half-hardy annual in various bright colours, easily obtainable from seed-merchants. A native of tropical America. First Suffolk record. Phytolacca clavigera W. W. Smith, a Pokeweed. (i) Reydon, TM47, v.c. 25, PGL, 1982. Det. E. J. Clement. (ii) Falkenham, in donkey meadow, TM23, v.c. 25, MNS, 20/6/89. Det. MNS. Probably bird-sown. (iii) Felixstowe, Western Avenue, TM33, v.c. 25, M R L , 1/9/89. Det. MNS, from photographs. These are the first, second and third Suffolk records of a plant fairly frequently grown in gardens and occasionally found bird-sown in odd places. A native of Asia. Montia sibirica (L.) Howell, Pink Purslane. The Grove, Felixstowe, TM33, v.c. 25, PT, 18/5/89. Two clumps near footpath among Holly. A pretty little annual plant with pinkish-lilac flowers,

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 26 (1990)

Some recent Suffolk plant records  

Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.