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In the future we will design cities for nature and the countryside for people‌

At the moment we don’t even really design cities for people…we design cities for…

Berkeley Homes Aspiration for Net Gain in their new developments

Berkeley Homes Aspiration for Net Gain in their new developments

Nature-based Solutions in the Urban Realm from green roofs November 9th 2017

Dusty Gedge - Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd European Federation of Green Roofs and Green Walls

Do nature-based solutions deliver meaningful biodiversity? •

Small green roof guide

Based in Essexs

Anyone interested in attending a workshop let me know

Are green roofs nature based solutions? Can they deliver meaningful biodiversity?

Does meet the GRO minimum

Biodiverse - ‘brown’ roof

Tension - brick and biodiversity

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Green Roofs

Interlinking Benefits

Amelioration of stormwater Reduction in the Urban Heat Island

What •

Two main types of green roofs


Extensive –




Intensive •

Parks and gardens on roofs


Urban food growing would be intensive

Extensive Green Roofs - this is the ‘problem’ area

‘Brown’ ROofs

What a bad idea!!!!

License to dump ‘crap’ on roofs

Brown Roofs - Biodiverse Roofs • Have tried to move ecologists away from brown roofs • Biodiverse green roof is provides same ecological benefit • Should be verifiable in terms of substrate and plants • Less maintenance

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Let’s weave a solar biodiversity story

• CombinINg technologies

Biosolar roofs

Green roofs and biodiversity • Can designed green roofs for specific species especially birds and invertebrates • A general wildflower and sedum seeded and planted green roof can deliver OPEN-MOSIAC HABITAT • Intensive green roofs should be design 50% native and 50% non-native of known wildlife value

Are green walls naturebased solutions and can they deliver biodiversity?

Rain Gardens

Designing for Nature and Naturebased solutions •

Nature-based solutions don’t necessarily deliver meaningful biodiversity

Designing for nature on buildings is not product based - requires ecological input and design

Off the shelf solutions tend not to deliver the

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Podcasts on Green Infrastructure

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