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Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatre A Be df ull of For e igne r s

by Dave Freeman Southwold: Wednesday 11 – 21 July. Aldeburgh: Thursday 26th July – 4th August th


Stanley and Brenda Parker are enjoying a quiet motoring tour of France, When they check-in to a ramshackle hotel, they feel set for a night of love and romance… What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything!

Rip -roaring comedy with a saucy European flavour!

Write Me A Murder by Frederick Knott rd


Southwold: Monday 23 July – 4 August.

Aldeburgh: Tuesday 7th – 11th August

Writer David Rodingham hopes to inherit the family fortune. Nothing stands in his way except his older brother Clive. However, when David meets an aspiring thriller writer his prayers may have been answered… the plot thickens!

S u pe rb l y craf t ed s us p en se f rom t he a u th or of Di a l M F or Mu rde r an d Wai t Un t il Dark.

Two And Two Make Sex by Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon Southwold: Monday 6 – 18 August Aldeburgh: Tuesday 21st – 25th August th


George is having a mid-life crisis and falls for a younger woman – Jane. His wife, Clare, decides that two can play at that game… BUT complications abound! T his d eligh tfu lly fun ny come dy is c o-writt en b y Rich ar d Har ris, au th or of S t e pp i n g O u t . A fu n - f i ll e d even i n g – su i t a b l e f or ALL th e F a mi l y !

The Curse of Dracula Adapted by Mark Simpson from the novel by Bram Stoker Southwold: Monday 20th August – 1st September Aldeburgh: Monday 13th – 18th August For solicitor, Jonathan Harker, a simple conveyancing job turns into a Gothic nightmare, threatening not only the life of his new wife, Mina but the entire population of London! Do you dare to be scared? M a r k S i m p s o n – a d a p t o r o f T h e L a d y V a n i s h e s - b r i n g s t h r i l l s, h u m o u r a n d romance to one of our most famous horror tales.

Five Finger Exercise by Peter Schaffer Southwold: Monday 3rd – 15th September

Aldeburgh: Monday 27th – 1st September

The Harrington household is in crisis. Into this domestic tinderbox comes an attractive young man to tutor their daughter,Pamela during the summer holidays. Very soon their idyllic Suffolk retreat becomes a battlefield!

Ri vet i n g f ami l y dr a ma fr om th e au th o r o f Equ u s an d Am adeu s

MONDAY – FRIDAY evenings 8.00 pm SATURDAY (& Thursday Matinee days): 5pm & 8.15 pm See overleaf for Midweek Thursday Matinee dates

Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatre SOUTHWOLD EARLY BOOKINGS From THURSDAY 1st MARCH – FRIDAY 25th MAY Monday – Friday: 10.30am – 1.30pm 4 Foster Close, Southwold. IP18 6LE



From 26 May – 15 September

From 11 July – 15 September

Monday – Friday: 11am -4pm Saturday: 11am – 3pm

Monday – Friday: 5pm - 9pm Saturday: 4pm – 9pm

Tourist Information Office 69, High Street, Southwold IP18 6DS

St Edmund’s Hall Cumberland Road. Southwold IP18 6JP

Telephone: 01502 724441

Telephone: 07527 228657

Ticket prices from £6.00 (matinees) through to £17.50 Performances: Monday to Friday: 8.00pm

Saturday (& Thursday Matinees): 5pm and 8.15pm

Midweek Matinees (Thursdays 5pm): Southwold: Aldeburgh:

Thursday 9, 16, 23, 30 August, 6 & 13 September Thursday 16, 23, & 30 August

ALDEBURGH EARLY BOOKINGS From TUESDAY 8th MAY – FRIDAY 17th JUNE Monday – Friday: 2pm – 5pm Mr M Cunliffe, Bealings Brook, Bealings Road, Martlesham IP12 4RW



From 18 June – 1 September

From 26 July - 1 September

Monday – Friday: 11am - 4pm Saturday: 11am – 2.30pm

Monday–Friday: 6pm - 8.00pm Saturday: 4pm – 8.15pm

The Suffolk, 152, High Street Aldeburgh IP15 5AQ

The Jubilee Hall Crabbe Street Aldeburgh IP15 5BW

Telephone: 01728 453007

Telephone: 07527 228984

Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatre 2012 Programme  

Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatre 2012 Programme.