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Bryan Duncan, married to Caroline


Site Manager at Leiston High School

Member since:

October 2009

Best thing about SAM:

The members; a) Always friendly, b) not twowheeled psychopaths, c) always willing to help me learn and improve.

First bike ridden:

Nondescript Italian moped ridden around the back garden in 1959 aged 10 (the shrubs never did recover).

Current bikes:

BMW R1200GS Adventure & Suzuki GSXR1000 K6

Best Bike:

Close call, but it’s the Suzuki GSXR1000 K6

Worst Bike:

BSA 250cc C15 (A premonition that the British Bike Industry was about to go down the pan) – don’t get me started…….!

Favourite roads:

UK – A5 from Telford to Holyhead. Abroad – not ridden abroad yet (I assume the NW200 and TT doesn’t count).

Favourite food, drink, TV etc: Food; Italian, Drink; Adnams bitter, TV; Anything that is not either a Game show, Reality show, Cookery, Antique, Property, Celebrity, Soap or Sports program (excluding motorcycle racing, of course). Hobbies:

Motorcycling, Clay pigeon shooting.

Change one law:

Working at a school, it would have to be the ban on corporal punishment – lack of the fear of retribution is the biggest cause of disruption in schools.

Person I admire:

A chap I heard once gave a talk; he had just finished a solo walk to the North and South poles – unfortunately I cannot remember his name? Austin Vince runs a close second.

The SAM Observer February 2011

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Profile for Suffolk-Advanced-Motorcyclists

The SAM Observer  

The February 2011 edition of "The SAM Observer"

The SAM Observer  

The February 2011 edition of "The SAM Observer"