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Suffield Academy is a coeducational, independent secondary school serving a diverse community of boarding and day students. Our school has a tradition of academic

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excellence combined with a strong work ethic. A commitment to scholarship and a

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our students a sense of responsibility, and they are challenged to grow in a structured and nurturing environment. The entire academic, athletic, and extracurricular experience

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prepares our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and active citizenship.

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Suffield Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed,

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national or ethnic origin, citizenship, physical attributes, disability, age, or sexual orientation. We administer our admissions, financial aid, educational, athletic, extracurricular, and other


policies so that each student is equally accorded all the rights, privileges, programs, and

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facilities made available by the school.

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Headmaster’s Column: Headmaster Charlie Cahn highlights an unusual fall term and the triumphant spirit of the Suffield community.


Reunion: Hundreds of Suffield alums returned to campus for a very memorable weekend, complete with our first October snowfall.


The Tigers faced highs and lows this fall season, but the stunning story of football’s fourth consecutive Super Bowl appearance grabs the headline.

The Teed Family Mark ’75, Reagan ’08, Joe ’12

class notes Alumni from the classes of 1932 to 2011 tell us what they have been doing.

special section The Annual Report features the grand list of donors along with profiles of families who have made Suffield a priority.


Creating Hope: A look at Suffield’s core value of service to others that extends beyond our community.

Fall 2011 | 1

we will not soon forget

an Autumn

We had a memorable fall term at Suffield. We will not soon forget the five-day power outage in Connecticut, which started for us on the day of our Alumni Reunion. Brinley Ford Ehlers ’86 and other Class Agents did a masterful job of helping convince a record number of alums to return to campus for a special few days. Here are two notes that capture what we experienced together: Charlie, We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed spending time at Suffield this past weekend. We especially enjoyed getting to know you and your family. We could not have scripted a better time... the storm was awesome! Sledding on Bell Hill with my daughter?! WOW! Suffield was and continues to be a special place for me. -Mark Sollinger ’76 Our 50th Reunion illustrated a “time warp” to reignite friendships and personalities that had diversified and matured over five decades (yet in many ways had not truly changed) and fast forward into an environment of elevated experience—the massive infrastructure improvements; the leadership program; the outdoor program; and perhaps most importantly witnessing a campus full of excited, diverse, and happy individuals. -Mike Menzies ’61 On the final day of our power outage, as our faculty and students on campus bonded together with the good fortune of generator power, Board President Dan Tisch ’69, P’02 hosted a Suffield reception in Manhattan. Among alumni, parents, faculty, and friends of the school we discussed Suffield’s recent achievements and plans for the future, including the opening of the Hoffman College Counseling Center and the implementation of an exciting new four-year college counseling program. I received this note from a current parent the following day, as we started returning to our normal campus routines. You throw a cool party with enough enthusiasts to rebuild the town, as well as the campus. I was very impressed with the commitment and the loyalty you have generated. I was inspired, and my mood amid my own disasters has noticeably improved. Again my thanks. My family was lucky to find its way to your doorstep. Not all of my mail is this encouraging, but I should say that most of it reflects similar feelings. There is something unique about Suffield—especially at this moment in its history—that we need to preserve and care for closely. I have thought a good deal this fall about an area of modern study focused on “negativity bias” in human behavior. This is the idea that a genuinely happy life does not happen without effort. We are hardwired to register and remember negative events more readily than positive ones. The essential claim is that anger and fear are easier for us to access than happiness and fulfillment. Jonathan Haidt reiterates this message in The Happiness Hypothesis, explaining that a portion of our brain known as the amygdala has a neural shortcut that bypasses our standard mental processes, instantly putting our body into “red alert” if it detects a pattern that was part of a previous fear episode. In other words, our bodies reflexively react defensively (via the quick amygdala path) in the first tenth of a second before we can make sense of an event. As neuropsychologist Rick Hanson writes, “The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.”

2 |

a genuinely happy life does not happen without effort

I think seeing is believing. Suffield exceeded our expectations. Before we even walked into the admissions office four girls welcomed us. During our tour at least ten people said hello. It is such a friendly and positive atmosphere. We all want Suffield. One recent letter from the father of a family that interviewed at Suffield during the power outage has really stuck with me. They had come from Italy to see several boarding schools, but most of the schools would not host them during the outage. With no available hotel rooms in the area—they were all full or out of power—we housed them for a night in our health center. Charlie, My sincere apologies for not writing sooner. I saw the power was finally restored and imagine all is back to routine. Thank you for taking in two “wayward travelers” victim of the unusually early snow storm. With all the pre-visit preparation I tried to offer our son before leaving Florence, I could have never envisioned the circumstances we faced. More important, the unparalleled warmth, hospitality, and gracious manner in which you, and everyone on your team, welcomed us offered a lasting impression of what our family could expect from a relationship with Suffield. Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to everybody. (A short anecdote: The morning I awoke in your health center and with a towel over my shoulder on my way to the bathroom, I ran into two campus maintenance/security men passing in the hall with flashlights. Laughing at the sight of me they immediately asked: “Can we get you some extra towels, shampoo, or other amenities?” My friends in five-star hospitality would be thrilled to have such an affable staff!) I noticed that you closed last spring’s Commencement address by saying, “We have opportunities to inspire others, care for others, and be kind to others. We should take them. Thank you for caring about our school and about each other, and please follow your instincts and your hearts in the years ahead.” On our first visit to Suffield, I can affirm that you practice what you preach and all those under your guidance will be better for the experience.

our ability to sustain a culture of optimistic, positive people flies in the face of the negativity bias.

This message—that we are more receptive to negative events than to positive events—has serious implications for an organization like Suffield that thrives by having happy people and a strong sense of community. In short, how do we sustain such a positive environment in the face of this bias? Why is it, in this place where the demands on students, faculty, and staff are numerous, that we have a community marked by optimism and shared purpose? Why is it that I keep receiving notes like this one?

We have positioned Suffield in a great spot in the independent school world—an academically rigorous school with an encouraging, supportive environment. With this in mind, my essential point is that our ability to sustain a culture of optimistic, positive people flies in the face of the negativity bias. It takes self-discipline and close attention. Here it starts with alumni and trustees, and moves from the headmaster to the faculty, and finally to the students. I see it all around our school each day, and it is one the biggest reasons for my deep affection and commitment to Suffield. Fall 2011 | 3


Dennis Chalke P’08, ’12 Dennis Chalke is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Finance and Healthcare Operations at Baystate Health. He is also currently serving as the Interim Chief Operating Officer at Baystate Medical Center. Dennis leads the financial oversight of Baystate Health’s provider entities including three acute care hospitals and two physician organizations. His responsibilities include budgeting, financial planning and analysis, capital financing, managed care contracting, cost accounting, decision support, and oversight of revenue cycle functions. Dennis previously worked at United Technologies in the finance organization on mergers, acquisitions, and financial planning. He holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and a BA in Economics from Ithaca College. Dennis has had two daughters at Suffield: Kirsten ’08 (now at Johns Hopkins) and Jaclyn ’12. He serves on the board’s Long-Range Planning Committee and Budget, Finance & Audit Committee.

Susan Autuori P’06, ’08, ’10, ’13 Susan Autuori lives in West Hartford, Connecticut. Originally from Essex, Connecticut, she is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. Upon graduation she worked successfully in advertising and real estate, where she was responsible for managing a multistate retail and office property portfolio for a prominent Hartford area real estate family. Susan left that career to raise a family of four girls, Kimberly ’06, Pamela ’08, Michelle ’10, and Jacqueline ’13. She has served in a variety of ways at various charitable organizations in the greater Hartford area and has taught religious courses at her local parish. She also has been actively involved in her husband’s aerospace manufacturing company, Global Turbine Component Technologies, as an advisor and administrator as well as a liaison for international clientele. Susan serves on the board’s Long Range Planning Committee and Construction & Maintenance Committee.

Nancy Brooks ’87 Nancy Brooks is Vice President of State Street Global Markets. She is currently responsible for Transition Management Sales to Mutual and Insurance Funds. She also managed an Investment Manager Relations Program. Nancy is a member of the State Street Global Markets Women’s Exchange and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. She has led the Boston Chapter of the Suffield Alumni Association and organized annual receptions and outings. Nancy also serves on the Council for Women of Boston College, her alma mater. Nancy is on the board’s Investment and Development Committees.

4 |

kathy & bradley hoffman P’13

The Hoffman College Counseling Center

The 3,000 square foot Hoffman College Counseling Center opened this fall. The beautiful new facility will be home to six staff members and a bold, new, comprehensive four-year college counseling initiative. The center was made possible by several generous contributions from suffield parents and named in recognition of a lead gift from trustee Kathy Hoffman P’13 and her husband, Bradley. the space will help ensure that all suffield students have support with the college search process from the start of their experiences on campus. The overarching goal is to provide college counseling marked by individual attention and extensive programming. “We are thrilled to be in this great office,” says Director of College Counseling Ann Selvitelli, “This is a wonderful way to embark on our innovative new program.”

Alexander “Sandy” MacNabb ’46 class agent

By Thomas Foote

“Anything I tell you, it’ll start normal but then take a turn for the comic— that’s what keeps me going.” So said Alexander “Sandy” MacNabb ’46 at the start of our conversation, and he proved to be half right—there’s very little normal about his life, but I certainly laughed many times as we talked. How could I not when Sandy told me the story of how, well after the Cold War, he encountered two Russian diplomats at a serious affair in Washington, DC? The pair had learned Sandy spoke Russian but didn’t know how he had picked it up. When it came to light that Sandy had served in a Naval radio cryptology unit in the Pacific during the Korean War, one of the Russians played dumb. “But who were you listening to?” he asked. Sandy, 81 at the time, stood up, looked the man right in the eye, and growled, “Our enemies.” Amidst the laughs, Sandy’s found a way to live half a dozen lives. After being selected to the Torch Society and graduating from Suffield Academy at 16, he headed off to Colgate University. He left college a few credits short of graduation, though, taking a job as an detective in a New York district attorney’s office. Before he returned to Colgate in 1956 to finish his degree in political science—he also was close to completing majors in geology, languages, and pre-law—he found time to work as a journalist and archaeologist, spend 18 months in Sweden, and fulfill his four years of Naval service. After graduating from Washington and Lee Law School in 1959, Sandy first worked with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, serving as an institutional parole officer. When President Johnson began the Community Action Program, Sandy worked closely with Theodore Berry and other Civil Rights leaders to provide aid to the underserved. From there, he moved to the Office of Economic Opportunity, where he served under the tutelage of famed statesman Sargent Shriver. But it was Sandy’s work with America’s native people, particularly at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), that saw perhaps his greatest impact. Sandy’s paternal grandmother was full-blooded Micmac, and a deathbed request from his father urged Sandy to do all he could to help American Indians. He certainly honored his father’s request, serving them for nearly half a century in a variety of jobs, including

class agent

Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs at the BIA and Director of Indian Programs for the Department of Labor. In 1979, before he left government service, he was recognized with the Labor Department’s Award for Distinguished Achievement in celebration of his efforts to strip away layers of bureaucracy to provide greater aid and self-determination for native peoples. Since leaving the BIA, Sandy has continued his life of service in a variety of ways. He worked on President Ronald Reagan’s incoming transition team in 1980. He has spent much of his time since then working in private practice for American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest, and in 1983 he served as legal counsel for the American Samoa Constitutional Convention. Just as Sandy has excelled in many career fields, he has enjoyed similarly wide-ranging success in lives he has touched. He praises politicians on both sides of the aisle, while also celebrating the days when civil servants heeded George Washington’s call toward moderation. A member of the National Republican Club of Capital Hill, Sandy counted the late Shriver, 1972 Democratic vice-presidential candidate, and six-time Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas as personal friends. He’s also a devout Catholic, and he and his wife Kathleen raised seven children, several of whom have followed Sandy into one of his many lines of work.

“But there are times when suddenly you realize you’re nearer the end than the beginning. And you wonder, you ask yourself, what the sum total of your life represents. What difference your being - Excerpt from Bridge on the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle there at any time made to anything.”

In the course of our conversation, Sandy quoted Russian proverbs and Spanish poetry, casually noted, “My Japanese is fair,” and mentioned that he picked up some Swedish and Samoan along the way. But when it came time to discuss the impact of Suffield, he turned to a great English writer. Citing Rudyard Kipling and crediting Reagan, who used the same quotation in his farewell address Sandy said, “‘We are at the opening verse of the opening page of the chapter of endless possibilities.’ That’s what Suffield meant to me... that one sentence, that says it.” Sandy’s life after Suffield bore out these possibilities. And while he says he doesn’t want to “look like a character out of Dickens,” he readily acknowledges, “My folks were working-class people,” and Suffield provided him with opportunities that he may not have had otherwise. As a Class Agent, Sandy led his class to 70 percent participation in the 2011 Annual Fund. While Suffield may not see another Sandy MacNabb, thanks to the hard work of Class Agents like Sandy and the generosity of many members of the Suffield community, the Academy will continue to provide students with such “endless possibilities.”

Fall 2011 | 7

thank you alumni class agents

This year, 207 alumni have volunteered their time and effort to help Suffield Academy. These Class Agents come from 61 graduating classes spanning 1946 through 2011. Our Class Agents are full-time professionals, retirees, stay-at-home parents, and students, but they still find time to give back to our school. Class Agents play a vital role for Suffield Academy, contacting classmates to communicate school news, encouraging them to submit class notes, asking for Annual Fund support, and thanking them for their donations.

8 |

A heartfelt thanks to our 2011-2012 class agents:

1946 Sandy MacNabb 1949 Bob Harrison 1950 Charlie Roberts 1951 David Baker 1955 Al Gesler Bob King 1956 Bob Houghton 1957 Ralph Jennings 1958 Bruce Glass 1959 Paul Grimmeisen 1960 Bob Dietrich Bill Galvin David Holmes Al Walden 1961 David Isaacson Jerry Kargman Mike Menzies 1962 Paul Connor Andy Spector 1963 Sandy Prouty 1964 Tom Webster 1965 Tim Hemingway Bill Kelly 1966 Charlie Claggett Bruce Fletcher Chris Frost 1967 Chris Harlambakis 1968 Tyler Bumsted Brian Hersey 1969 Greg Putnam 1970 Charlie Gallucci Kit Warner Chris Weeden 1971 Pierre Genvert Leo Letendre Brian Morris 1972 Chip Spear John Therriault

1973 Jody Cranmore Jim Knight 1974 Blair Childs Bud Hancock Tom Leonard 1975 Carey Fiertz Mark Teed 1976 Jennifer Cartmell Scott Craig Molly Debevoise Rennie 1977 Ed Kaplan Beth Tyler 1978 Ben Davol Lisa Longo Ed Palomba 1979 Matt Cartmell Steve Dutcher Ruth Kennedy Bob Stanley 1980 Mary Carroll Linda McCullagh O’Leary Joe Palomba 1981 Valisha Graves Mark McCullagh Evan McGlinn David Spitzler Alison Welch Davee

1989 Tom Burton Michelle Motta Stewart Jed Nosal Aimee Scherer Hodgkins 1990 Kelli Chamberlain Tosone Peter DaPuzzo Amy Newman Vaughn Courtney Wilson Nixon 1991 Kim Ames Ide Courtney Dansey Rogers Pat Kennedy 1992 Marigrace Canter Morris Ntsekhe Moiloa Sarah Nosal Smith Wadiya Peterson 1993 Alexa Economou Rice Pam Eisen Lauren Roginski Marla Zide 1994 Alison Kennedy Auciello Scott Sartwell Chris Saven 1995 David Asinas Joyce Moncrief McGovern Leigh Murphy Bryson Tillinghast 1996 Tabitha Bliven Heidorn Ryan Dowd Sarah Knapps Saven

1982 David Carangelo John Cook Margaret Figueroa Hern Madeline Phillips

1997 Amy Blake Cook Lewis Dunn Brian Hetzel Danielle Therriault

1983 Bob Churchill Marybeth DiBuono-Riley

1998 Mickey Allen Sarah Fletcher Sarah Hotchkiss Meghan Liljedahl

1984 Shelley Frazier Pelletier Peter Mitchell Lisa Reveruzzi Lisa Paolini Schmidt 1985 Andy Glover Michelle Hashioka Lord Chuck McGavern 1986 Sean Federowicz Brinley Ford Ehlers Kristin Hostetter Pandit Niko Mosko 1987 Betsy Coughlin Tod Jeff Martini Phil Riegel 1988 Beth Buoniconti Fernandez Kate Cleary Pat Dorsey Kiernan Flynn

1999 Steven Darling Maura Deedy Larry Griffin Pat Stone 2000 Michael Coleman Carmine Petrone Andrea Rich Manny Simons Meagan Ward Jenkins 2001 Paige Diamond Greg Hearn Russ Hearn Ashton Jones Katherine Pratt Coleman 2002 Sari Biddelman Alison Carey Hilary Golas Lynx LaCroix Erin Orr Ligay

2003 Lindsey Pell Lydia Pillsbury Lindsay Rousseau Bronya Shillo Eric Yale 2004 Jessica Aiken Kate Braden Alex Naboicheck Anthony Rousseau Andrew Scully William Taylor 2005 Rick Devlin Dan Fisher Steph Shaker Casey Shanley 2006 Alison Leonard Eric Litmer Jen Mais Luke McComb Gina Petrone Lev Saltonstall Chris Stafford 2007 Mike DiPietro Sydney Greenberg Katy Heydinger Charlie Huck Matt Jones Catherine Mis Erik Osborne Meredith Rarus Tyler St. Pierre Rob Zammito 2008 Becca Bathrick Kirsten Chalke Thomas Drummond-Hay Barbara Kaplan Kaela Keyes Lindsay Life 2009 Cordie Brady Tom Casey Rosemary Chandler Charles Ferguson Liz Monty Sam Stone Jen Yeaw 2010 Ben Adams Michelle Autuori Justine de Chazal Mariah Gonzalez Tom Leonard Alyssa Palomba Lucas Traber 2011 Emily Aiken Joe Begley Serge Derby Kachenta Descartes Karoline Hegbom Didi McDonald Joe Palomba James Park Shamier Settle Lester Taylor

Fall 2011 | 9

Grandparents’ Day The Suffield community welcomed grandparents from around the world as they shared a typical day in the lives of their grandchildren. It was a warm reminder of the sense of community we celebrate at Suffield Academy every day. Under the leadership of Arline and Harvey Steinberg GP ’09, the Grandparents’ Association has established the goal of endowing a $50,000 Distinguished Speaker Series Program to provide the means for guest speakers on a yearly basis. The purpose of this series will be to intellectually stimulate the student body and faculty in the areas of American history, civics, and the United States Constitution, with an emphasis on the responsibilities that come with citizenship. We hope many Suffield grandparents will participate in this project and thank all those who have already contributed.

Co-presidents of the Grandparents’ Association, Harvey and Arline Steinberg GP ’09 with Headmaster Charlie Cahn

Charles and Alma Offley with Trevon Offley ’12

Harrison Phillips ’12 with Peter Phillips

Warren Lutz, Kim Meunier ’15, Jo-Ann and John Meunier

Joan and Richard Zecher with Bailey Higgins ’14

10 |


eugenie mukeshimana Suffield Academy kicked off the 2011-12 speaker series with an address from Eugenie Mukeshimana. Eugenie is a native of Rwanda and a survivor of the 1994 genocide that wiped out approximately twenty percent of the small African nation. The chapel was part of the endowment established in memory of Dr. Barbara W. Cahn, Headmaster Charlie Cahn’s mother. The fund sponsors an annual speaker who focuses on the atrocities of genocide. Eugenie shared her vision of living in a world where individuals acknowledge the humanity and dignity of others through mutual understanding. She spoke of the importance of empowering victims of violence, and educating the world about horrific events like genocide in order to prevent them from happening in the future. Fortunate to survive the war, she immigrated to the United States in 2001. Since coming to the U.S., she has dedicated her life to helping other victims of genocide and increasing public awareness. In 2010, Eugenie established the Genocide Survivors Support Network to help genocide survivors rebuild their lives and to contribute to genocide prevention through education. The program, which has allowed survivors to share their stories with over 6,000 students nationwide, has also helped send many survivors to college and has assisted others in gaining access to services such as immigration, mental health care, career counseling, and health care.

Fall 2011 | 11


mike robbins Mike Robbins captivated the Suffield Academy community with his motivational speech. Mike’s strong ability to connect with the students helped him effectively and directly address the community theme of gratitude. Mike, who was drafted by the New York Yankees out of high school, is now an expert in concepts related to teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the power and appreciation of gratitude. Instead of signing a major league contract, Mike chose to play baseball at Stanford University, where he ultimately pitched in the College World Series. He did pursue a baseball career with the Kansas City Royals organization, but an injury forced him out of the sport. After baseball, and working at two Internet start-ups, Mike discovered his true passion as a keynote speaker, seminar leader, professional coach, and personal growth expert. He works with a wide spectrum of people, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, sports organizations, and children. He is also the author of Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation and Being. Mike stressed it is important that people stop and focus on what they are grateful for in life. Too often, humans are unable to do this because they are too stressed out, waiting for things to work out “perfectly,” or feel embarrassed about expressing appreciation. He encouraged everyone to create gratitude practices and understand the power of gratitude. It can transform lives and relationships in healthy ways.

12 |


mawi asegdom Suffield Academy was thrilled to welcome guest speaker Mawi Asegdom, the author of the school’s community text, Of Beetles and Angels. Mawi was brought to campus in large part due to the efforts of English teacher Rebecca Strong, a floor mate of Mawi’s at Harvard University, who introduced Mawi to the community. At just three years of age, Mawi’s life was torn apart by civil war in Ethiopia. He traveled hundreds of miles in dangerous terrain to Sudan with his mother and two siblings to join his father in a refugee camp. Within a few years, his family arrived in Chicago, where Mawi ultimately overcame poverty, self-doubt, racial prejudice, and the unfortunate death of his brother. He ultimately graduated with honors from Harvard University. Mawi, as he says he starts every speech, told the audience about his “Sandwich Rule”: “If you see me at an airport a year from now and tell me you liked my speech, I’ll shake your hand. If you see me at the airport a year from now and tell me one specific thing you did to improve your life as a result of my speech, I’ll buy you a sandwich.” Mawi discussed experiences not included in his book. He gave the audience an in-depth look at more personal aspects of his life. Mawi said he cannot expect anyone to directly relate to his experiences as a refugee, but from his many life experiences we can learn about the importance of gratitude, and the attitude and approach we take in life. He encouraged the audience to keep an inspiration log, which can be revisited when we face challenging moments in life. For we must remain grateful, respect others, and take advantage of life’s opportunities.

Fall 2011 | 13

David Balcar ’13, Carly Smith ’12, Brenna Turer ’12, Cole Hills ’13

Jasmine Brooks ’14

Performing Arts

Andrew Chen ’13, Duncan Wong ’12

Briell Smith ’12

front row from left to right Performing Arts Chair-Tom Dugan, Alexis Sarris ’14, Noel Nakamura ’13, Brittany D’Oleo ’14, Brenna Turer ’12, Grace Vianney ’12, Lohen Parchment ’12, Pank Praaneeprachachon ’12, Joanna McElnea ’12. back row from left to right Reed Barbe ’12, Victoria Page ’13, Briana Matthews ’14, Jasmine Brooks ’14, Piper Holliday ’15, Amanda Baildan ’15, Clare Guerrerio ’14, Cole Hills ’13, Teresa Sweeney ’12, Harrison Moore ’14, Jay O’Brien ’13, Ryan Malley ’14, Jono Nelson ’14, Bryant O’Connor ’13, Denny Smythe ’14, Carly Smith ’12, Greg Pentz ’15, faculty member Beth James. Missing Adam Liebowitz ’12.

An ambivalent Cinderella? A blood-thirsty Little Red Riding Hood? A Prince Charming with a roving eye? A witch... who raps? They’re all among the cockeyed characters in James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s fractured fairy tale, Into The Woods. When a baker and his wife learn they’ve been cursed with childlessness by the witch next door, they embark on a quest for the special objects required to break the spell—swindling, lying to, and stealing from Cinderella, Little Red, Rapunzel and Jack (the one who climbed the beanstalk). Everyone’s wish is granted at the end of Act One, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results. What begins as a lively irreverent fantasy in the style of The Princess Bride becomes a moving lesson about community, responsibility, and the stories we tell our children. Suffield Academy’s production of Into The Woods was performed on December 8, 9 and 10 at the Seaverns Performing Arts Center. The cast and crew of over 30 students brought this amazing tale to life on stage. The vocal and staging complexity in this production challenged our students to reach new heights as performers. The Fall Performing Arts Season also included a Parents’ Weekend Extravaganza, some of which is pictured above.

Iconic Radio Personality Retires When Ralph Jennings ’57 arrived at Suffield Academy in 1955, he was already a unique character. “Suffield was good enough to let me pursue my interests,” says Jennings, a nowretired public radio station manager. Jennings developed an interest in radio when he was 13 and began volunteering at the local Torrington, Connecticut radio station.

“By the time I came to Suffield I was producing a monthly program for the Boy Scouts on WTOR in Torrington. Suffield was good enough to let me go home once a month to record the program, line up interviews, and the like,” says Jennings. He speaks fondly of his Suffield experience, and he credits its dedicated faculty for allowing him to do the things that were important to him. “Suffield was a great place for me. There were rules, rules, and more rules, but at the same time there were people who encouraged me,” Jennings recalls. He shares his memories of beloved Headmaster Ap Seaverns saying, “He was instrumental in helping me after my father died, and allowing me to come to Suffield. He was tough and no-nonsense, but that was what I needed at the time.” Bill Pendleton and Paul Sanderson were also influential in Jennings’ life and future career choices. “I remember talking to Sanderson all the time about Dartmouth and his work at the radio station there. So, among other things, that was what I looked for in a college.” After Suffield he went to the College of Wooster in Ohio “for the sheer potential of the radio station,” and his career path flourished. Jennings and several classmates made arrangements with a local FM station to create a program service that mirrored educational radio of the day. They broadcast jazz programs, discussions with faculty members, classical music, and programs with wide-ranging, intellectual topics, which was much more than other college stations of the times offered. After Wooster, Jennings went to New York and landed a job as an operations director at WRVR, a station that was heavily involved in covering the Civil Rights Movement. “I spent a lot of my time chasing after Civil Rights leaders with 40 pounds of recording equipment,” he says. Then he went on to graduate school at NYU, earning his PhD in 1968. All this was a springboard for Jennings to take a job with the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ. The agency, led by The Rev. Dr. Everett C. Parker, became known for its groundbreaking work challenging the licenses of TV and radio stations that discriminated against minorities and women. Jennings eventually found his way to Fordham University for a 26-year stint as general manager of its radio station, WFUV. The non-commercial FM operation was ripe for re-shaping. He said it was struggling with old equipment and amateurish programming nobody wanted to hear. Jennings transformed it into what The New York Times describes as “radio with a brain in its head.” The Times goes on to describe what Jennings developed: “Free from commercial considerations, the station championed young talent: an unknown chanteuse named Norah Jones; performers like Susan Werner, James Maddock, and James Hunter; and groups like the Freelance Whales, Mumford & Sons, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Frightened Rabbit.” Jennings brought in professionals, and was successful in bringing WFUV-FM into the public radio system while providing training and work study jobs for dozens of students each year. “It was a place where you got to see change happen,” says Jennings. Jennings finds similarities between his experience at WFUV-FM and what was happening at Suffield Academy during his student days. “If Appleton Seaverns had not rallied the resources at his disposal Suffield might have closed its doors. He gave Suffield a new beginning.” Jennings sought to bring new life and purpose to WFUV during his years at Fordham. After 26 years leading WFUV, Jennings leaves with a singular hope, “When people join together with others, they can make a positive difference. I hope we have not lost our way and become too insular and self-serving. I hope people can embrace the good that comes from working together for a better world for us all.”

Fall 2011 | 15

bob clark ’77, p ’06, beth tyler ’77, p ’05, chris childs ’77, p ’07, ’09, p ’15, tom landers ’77

alumni golf tournament This year marked another successful Suffield Academy Golf Outing. Parents, alumni, and friends of the Academy came together at The Ranch in Southwick, Massachusetts on a brisk day in September. Jim Nelson P ‘08, ‘14, Paul Simeon, Dan Fleming, and Ray Barbiere won the tournament. The golf committee was led by Ed Kaplan ’77, P ’08, ’12 and Mike DiPietro P ’07, ’11. Bob Clark ’77, P ’06, Tom Landers ’77, and Beth Tyler ’77, P ’05 also played key roles in the success of this event.

Chip Spear ’72, p ’11, Phil Riegel ’87, Geoff Hoyt ’84, Scott Owsiany ’84, Joe Apkin P’12, Leigh Harrion ’72

brian hetzel ’97

Underclass Awards

Each September the academic community gathers to present academic prizes that had been voted upon by the faculty in the spring of the previous year. This event recognizes the extraordinary achievements of outstanding students and serves to provide inspiration and examples for the whole community. The list of award and prize winners is as follows:

English Department

Mathematics Department

Freshman English (Most Improved) Nicholas Booth

Freshman Mathematics Brittany D’Oleo, Schyler Murray Honorable Mention: Hannah Donnelly and Neelam Mahtani Freshman Mathematics (Advanced) Julie Doten, Jillian Haywood, Jisoo Hong Honorable Mention: Nicole Matysiak and Robert Zhang

Sophomore English (Best Performance) Alex Bicknell, Mariam Ibrahim Sophomore Honors English (Best Performance) Angelina Massoia, Olivia Poulin Brown Book Award (Excellence in English) Eliana Ferreri Junior English (Best Essay of Literary Criticism) Brooke Kelsey

Sophomore Mathematics Jacqueline Foley, James Johnson, Seth Magoon, Angelina Massoia, Olivia Poulin, Yun Jia Hong, Mariam Ibrahim Honorable Mention: Hanrui Dai, Jay Fields, Cheryl Kuo, Bozhou Lou, and Andres Fernandez Vilches Junior Mathematics Jason Chiang Honorable Mention: Shenna Bannish, Russ Grotto, Eleanor Kelly, Remington Lyman, and Sinclair Welch Junior Mathematics (Advanced) Michael Lombardo Honorable Mention: Brooke Kelsey and David Huang Fall 2011 | 17

Underclass Awards

Language Department

History Department

Chinese Hannah Thrall Honorable Mention: Geoffrey Lowe

Freshman History Jack Frank, Jillian Haywood

Chinese (Advanced) Sasinipa Praneeprachachon Honorable Mention: Billy Regan and Conrad Mish

Sophomore US History Jacqueline Foley Honorable Mention: Erin Ferraro, Cheryl Kuo, Olivia Poulin

Latin (Advanced) Victoria Ames, Dylan Downes

Sophomore Honors US History Angelina Massoia Honorable Mention: Paul Metscher

French Jacqueline Foley, Mariam Ibrahim Honorable Mention: Stevie Eagan and Izzy Thompson

China and East Asia Studies Su Sie Park Honorable Mention: Conrad Mish

French (Advanced) Katherine Battle, Kimberly Nault Honorable Mention: Shenna Bannish, Julia Maloof, and Emily Mandirola

European Studies Katherine Battle Honorable Mention: Julia Maloof

Spanish Victoria Kiarsis, Paul Metscher Honorable Mention: Angelina Massoia Spanish (Advanced) Alexandra Matalon Honorable Mention: Alberto Fernandez Vilches

Latin America Studies Ciara Beaulieu Honorable Mention: Isabel McDonald Holy Cross Book Award-Excellence in History Grace Vianney Honorable Mention: Eliana Ferreri and Julia Maloof Nelson A. Pomeroy (WALKS): Christopher Sonberg Honorable Mention: Angelina Massoia and Kimberly Nault

18 |

Science Department

Art Department

Physics: Denison Smythe Chemistry: Brooke Kelsey Biology: Katherine Battle, Emily Doran Bausch & Lomb Science Medal: Brooke Kelsey Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal: Michael Lombardo

Visual Art: Pixie Clauson Honorable Mention: Cheryl Kuo and Su Sie Park Ceramics: William Evangelakos Photography: Lauren Booth Fichtenholtz Award: Izzy McDonald Leishman Award: Duncan Wong Barnes Service Award: Emily Mandirola

Music Department Vocal Freshman: Denison Smythe Sophomore: Adam Liebowitz Junior: Brenna Turer Instrumental Jazz: Briell Smith Classical: Melissa Sych Honorable Mention: Annie Pitkin Scott Chambers Music Fellowship: Fredrik Randmael Theater: Harrison Moore

Book Prizes Williams Book: Emily Doran Harvard Book: Katherine Battle Yale Book: Kimberly Nault, Christopher Sonberg Smith Book: Eliana Ferreri Trinity Book: Patricia Clauson Amherst Book: Grace Vianney Dartmouth Book: Paul Metscher Mount Holyoke Book: Mariam Ibrahim

Fall 2011 | 19

2011 Fall Parents’ Weekend

Fall Parents’ Weekend is typically a wonderful time for parents to meet with faculty members, check in on their children, and delight in the splendors of fall in New England. October 2011 was a Parents’ Weekend not to be forgotten when Winter Storm Alfred descended upon Suffield Academy on Saturday, forcing many to take refuge on campus, where they discovered what it truly means to be part of a community.


Over 200 alumni returned to campus for Suffield Academy’s 2011 Reunion. Despite the unexpected Nor’easter, alums had a great time! The campus lost power, but with the help of a few generators, the unsung heroes of dining services and maintenance made a spectacular evening possible. People were camping out in all areas of campus; sleeping bags were abundant, but everyone was warm, happy, well-fed, and having fun.

Fall 2011 | 21

22 |


front Mike Menzies, Rick Engles, Peter Tufts middle Miller Longbotham, David Isaacson, David Lamb, Tom Walker, John Tinker back Tom West, Tony Hull, Jerry Kargman, Fred Ferreira, Karl Kellgren, Chuck Rotgin


front Chris Frost, Perry Gleason back John Scott, Bruce Fletcher, Fred Doepke, Doc Older


front Bill Johnson, Leo Letendre, Abe Adib-Samii middle Richard Weil, George Swinston, Brian Morris, Carl Oehrig, Karl Heinz-Fruth back Paul Loether, Pierre Genvert, Dan Moriarty, Mark Wright, Bill Glass, Doug Rebert, Flip Sheridan, Ken Turnbull ’73


front Claes-Johan Geijer, Sharon Fischer Grubaugh, Molly Debevoise Rennie, Mark Sollinger back Tony Castro, Richard von Riesen, Jeff Keeney, Jen Cartmell, Susanne Wechsler Spear


front Lou Jacobs, Barbara Cartmell Howaniec, Abbie Rosene Flaherty, Nick Katsoulis middle Tom Almy, Alison Welch Davee, Valisha Graves, Stacey Nath, Will Gourd, Geoff Kauffman back John Martin, Pete Snyder, Phil Landers, Mark McCullagh, John Tower, Chris Brady


front Brinley Ford Ehlers, Kristin Anderson Middendorf, Michelle Chesnut Stofle, Kristin Hostetter Pandit, Deanna Rogers Stutler, Brian Greenho middle Nancy LaPlante, Dominique Smookler Roberts, Laura Story Martin, Amy Whitten, Joe Cunningham, Joe Goethe, Liz King back Gerry LaPlante, Andrew Davenport, Jason Qua, Sean Federowicz, Dave Eckhardt, Marius Haas


front Matt Levy, Mark Germani, Kim Ames Ide, Kelly Powers Crosby, Brian Glynn, Dave Malley back Andy Roebuck, Nick Molander, William Graham, Ethan Hooper, Peter Cerrato


Andrew Konopacki, Rasheeda Walcott-Flournoy, Bill Rivers


front Ashley Hecker, Brooks Truesdell Dolan, Colin Riendeau, Keller Glass middle Katherine Pratt Coleman, Cheryl Demko, Salvatore Camerota, Peter Billings, Palmer DePetro back Jeff Witkowski, Jason Weiss, Garison Beale, Adam Benson


front Alison Leonard, Jane Fuller, Eric Litmer, Lawrence Jones, Rob Logan middle Chris Stafford, Ned Booth, Christin Peters, Amy Clark back Kristen LaPlante, Sam Boyd, Josh Yeston, John Henzy, Chris Schoelm

Fall 2011 | 25

suffield academy parents’ association


ap ri l 13, 20 1 2

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P Check is enclosed (payable to Suffield Academy) P Charge my P VISA P MC P AMEX P DISCOVER Card # _____________________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date  Name on card (print)  Billing Address  Signature 

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Car not redeemable for cash







rs rs

c c r r ExEpxp e e a a erieri t t enecnc i i n n es es g g i ni n SeSe h h rvri vi o o ce ce p p to to e e othoth e e

“The deeper I get into my Peace Corps service, the more I realize that each volunteer, whether in Kyrgyzstan or any other country, has a completely unique experience. The only thing that we all have in common is our employer.

Some volunteers are isolated with no electricity and no running water. Others live in eighth floor, downtown apartments with hot showers and high-speed internet access. Some volunteers live with their host families for two years; others move into their own place after three months. Some volunteers can wear T-shirts to work; others wear button down shirts and khakis every day. Some stay healthy; some get sick. The one thing you can bet on as a PCV is that your experience will be idiosyncratic and unduplicated.” -Steven Root ’06

Fall 2011 | 27

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. Officially established in March 1961 under President John F. Kennedy, the Peace Corps is a worldwide organization devoted to “world peace and friendship.” The idea of a governmental agency devoted to serving the poor of developing nations was the focus of a speech given by then-Senator Kennedy to a group of approximately 5,000 students at the University of Michigan in 1960. The future president issued a challenge: how many of them “would be willing to serve their country and the cause of peace by living and working in the developing world?” While Suffield Academy students obviously were not there to listen to this challenge, they have nevertheless always been schooled in a tradition of service. And while they could not directly heed President Kennedy’s challenge, they did heed the words of legendary Headmaster Appleton Seaverns and those who followed him. Headmaster Seaverns held firmly to a philosophy of service and instilled this belief in the Suffield community with the creation of the on-campus work program. Taking part in this program is a long-standing requirement for all Suffield Academy students. As stated in the school

Jeffrey McElnea ’67

28 |

handbook, “The program seeks to promote pride in the school, respect for other people and their efforts, a sense of responsibility and leadership, and a clean, attractive campus.” While students are no longer working side by side with the maintenance staff, they still have a great impact on the community. Service has also been formally incorporated into the curriculum in the form of sophomore leadership classes. These courses culminate in spring service projects that allow students to impact their community and world. Recent projects have included work in local schools, nursing homes, soup kitchens and a community garden, and a Haitian earthquake relief project. Although the work squad program is an ancient Suffield tradition, Suffield students first began to reach out en masse to the wider community to serve in the late 1960s, perhaps as a response to President Kennedy’s challenge. Then-student council president Jeffrey McElnea ’67 initiated a relationship between the Academy and Northern Educational Service (NES), a community support program in Springfield, Massachusetts. Suffield students travelled to Springfield several times a week tutoring underserved elementary school students; coaching baseball, soccer, and wrestling; and chaperoning children from the Riverview Housing Project on trips around the Springfield area. By its second year, the program had expanded to allow Suffield seniors to live in Springfield. According to an article by former faculty member Donald A. Bickford in the Winter 1968 Suffield Academy Record, when participants in the program “were asked if they would try to get involved in similar activities at their respective colleges, they all answered they would.” Even now, McElnea has positive words for the program. “Being able to participate in NES,” he says, “was one of my fondest memories of Suffield.” These concepts live on today at Suffield today and many Suffield students go on to serve larger communities through their experience with the Peace Corps.

person in the world.’” After crediting David Rockwell ’50 and others with driving that point home, Peter is impressed with the fact that Suffield still offers that same awareness to current students through the Leadership Program. He reminds us that “service to others, even temporarily, will make [us] better at anything [we] eventually do.”

Don Livingston ’62

Don Livingston ’62 served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala from 1967 to 1970. In what he called, “an incredibly positive experience,” Don worked at an agricultural cooperative, helped improve infrastructure, and taught about nutrition and animal husbandry. But Don’s work in Guatemala continued long after he returned home from his initial trip. He founded Computers for Hope, a non-profit organization with two major goals: to ship computers to schools, orphanages, and libraries, and to build a high school in memory of field director Rafael Randal Juarez. It is designed by Peace Corps volunteer and architect Jim Fanjoy. “It was important to me to build a high school,” Don says, “because of the positive experience I had at Suffield.” Don is also quick to look to Suffield for inspiring his life of dedication to others. At Suffield, service was “encouraged and recognized,” and the “whole community understood that ‘we had to help each other.’” Don particularly credits the on-campus work program for his desire to serve others after graduation. “After being on a ‘work squad,’ it was easy to segue into the Peace Corps,” he says. “I didn’t think twice about it.” What final thoughts does Don have for current Suffield students or fellow alums? On this point he is unequivocal: “23,000 children around the world die every day from preventable causes, often lack of proper nutrition or clean water. We can’t say that we don’t know about it, and we can’t say it’s not easy to do something about it. We are so privileged; it is unconscionable not to work for the greater good. We have an obligation—we have to give back. We have to find a way to give back.” Peter Kircher ’69 volunteered for the Peace Corps in the Sierra region of Ecuador from 1973 to 1975. He reached out to indigenous Quechua-speaking communities, helping to build bilingual schools so children could learn the Spanish of the economically-stronger parts of Ecuador. It was, though, “so much more than just building schools,” he says, and he recounts stories of supplying water and medicine, building roads, and, at the core, “serving as an ambassador for the United States.”

Steve Root ’06 agrees with his fellow alums. “I joined the Peace Corps for several reasons. The first and most important reason was to give back. I have led a blessed life, and I wanted to share my blessings with those less fortunate. I also wanted to learn about and adopt a new culture to gain new perspective on my own life. Finally, I was captivated by the ‘adventure’ appeal of the Peace Corps. Living on my own for two years in a foreign country while serving others was too great an opportunity for me to pass up.” Steve first became interested in formal travel during his sophomore year at Suffield. Greg Lynch, his chemistry teacher, would often regale students with stories of travels to faraway lands. Lynch is well-known among the Suffield community for his adventures around the globe, having arrived here after teaching in Pretoria, South Africa. Not only did Steve find inspiration and intrigue from his chemistry classes, he also found it in the newly formed Leadership Program. “The Leadership Program was fairly new when I was a student,” says Steve. “But one thing I did take away from it was the importance of service to others.” Steve has many fond memories of his time at Suffield Academy, but what impacted him most were the relationships he formed with others. He speaks fondly of strong bonds with students and faculty members alike, and he credits Suffield for his desire to form strong community ties wherever he goes. “SA provided me a unique opportunity to not only develop my own skills, but also to positively impact others.” Steve has had a great experience in the Peace Corps thus far, and he encourages Suffield students to get involved. “As you move through the remainder of your Suffield career and onto college, do as much volunteer work as you can. Anything will work: a two-hour soup kitchen or a three-week Habitat for Humanity project. Just get out there and volunteer. I also highly recommend studying abroad while you’re in college. My study abroad program (Semester at Sea) opened my eyes to the world and ignited my desire to live and learn abroad. If you’re determined to join and if you stay motivated, you could be heading overseas before you know it!”

Peter’s experience in the Peace Corps, in his words, “galvanized” him and “solidified values of conservation and care for the earth,” which had always been important to him. Finally, it helped show “it’s a really big world out there,” and, he says, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Peter also carried the spirit of service with him after returning home. He earned a master’s degree in special education and has been working in the Austin Public School System. The Peace Corps ethos of service to others echoed what Peter experienced at Suffield. At a young age, he says “Suffield instilled the message: ‘You are not the only

Peter Kircher ’69

Fall 2011 | 29

For an up-to-the-minute look at Steve’s experiences, read the following excerpts from his blog: So yeah… two weeks until the next two years of my life “officially” begin. I will be living in a super-tiny village called “Toguz-Bulak,” which translates to “Nine Springs.” The population is only 600, and I will be working at a school with only 110 total students! My life in Kyrgyzstan is very different from my life in the U.S. Since moving in with my host family here I have been offered a Kyrgyz wife, showered once, thrown snowballs, milked a cow, eaten sheep’s brain, drunk fermented mare’s milk, and trekked the muddy Lenin Street to get to language class. I am adapting well (at least I’d like to think so), and look forward to each day as a chance to become better acclimated to my surroundings and to further my language proficiency. Transportation is pretty interesting here as well. Peace Corps policy states that volunteers are not allowed to ever operate a motor vehicle, so public transportation is our only viable option for transportation between our villages and the hub site. Kyrgyzstan uses vans-turned-buses called “marshrutkas” that are jam packed with far too many people, but only cost about 10 som each way (roughly 20 cents). Navigating the marshrutka definitely took some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. Some general rules of thumb: empty your pockets BEFORE getting on the marshrutka, or someone else will do it for you (pickpocketing is a big problem since they are so packed), always give up your seat for an elderly woman, and keep your loud American mouth shut. Nightlife is literally non-existent for me. We have a six-day week where our entire day is tightly structured from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. At 5:00 P.M. each day we go home and interact with our families to practice our language, eat dinner, and help around the house. Sometimes we play games with our little brothers/sisters, other times we help make dinner, and sometimes we play soccer or Frisbee at the stadium. Because it is the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary this year, Peace Corps/Kyrgyzstan is going crazy for the ceremony. We have been told that the President of the Kyrgyz Republic will be speaking, and the US Ambassador will be in attendance as well. To say that this makes me feel like a badass would be an understatement. You know by now that I love my host family as well. This makes my home life pleasant and enjoyable. I look forward to coming home from work each day and chatting with my family, and my Kyrgyz gets better every day because of these conversations. My experience in the Peace Corps so far has been incredible, and I owe it in large part to my location. With every passing day, I have a greater understanding of my good fortune, and I won’t take it for granted. [See more at] Steve Root ’06

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Fall Athletics

Football The Suffield Academy football team captured its third New England title in four years, topping the Belmont Hill School 10-9 in the Tom Flaherty Bowl. The Tigers won in dramatic fashion, as Alton Sioussat ’13 kicked a game-winning 35 yard field goal with just 46 seconds remaining. This memorable and exciting game marked Suffield’s fourth straight Super Bowl appearance, a string that has seen the Tigers compile a record of 32 wins and 3 defeats. The Super Bowl game was a low scoring affair, and much of the first half was a battle of field position. Both teams had promising drives snuffed out by defensive stands. Ultimately, Belmont Hill struck first, scoring on an eleven yard touchdown pass late in the second quarter, and Suffield trailed 6-0 at the end of the first half. Suffield continued to move the ball both on the ground and through the air, but were unable to break through until the fourth quarter. Three minutes in, senior captain Paul McCarthy found Brice McAllister ’14 for a nine yard touchdown catch, and the Tigers took a 7-6 lead when Alton Sioussat booted the extra point. Belmont Hill answered, however, as a 26 yard field goal put them on top 9-7 with 6:36 left in the game. McCarthy and the Tiger offense quickly went back to work and put together an unforgettable come-from-behind drive. After 10 plays, which included a big 23 yard run from senior captain Trevon Offley, the Tigers reached the Belmont Hill 16 yard line with under a minute to go. After a timeout, Suffield called on Alton Sioussat to convert a career-long field goal, and the junior drilled the kick into the wind and through the uprights. One defensive stand later, the celebration ensued. This year’s team was captained by McCarthy, Offley, Russ Grotto ’12, and Paul Metscher ’13. The talented senior class also included Will Draper, JC Murtaugh, Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove, Chris Sonberg, Connor Kaplan, and Conrad Mish. Juniors who made key contributions included Steven Leo, Harry Farr, Cole Hills, and Alton Sioussat. A very talented sophomore class was led by McAllister, CJ Moore, Jaylen Berry, Drew Mahoney, Tyler Pinkham, Derek Chaney, Jimmy Quinn, and Matt Powers. Christian Wilkins ’15 and Trenton Bellows ’15 also played significant roles, along with fellow freshmen Tahj Herring, Jackie Zhang, and Greg Pentz. They help provide a promising future for Suffield football. Head Coach Drew Gamere ’93 said, “This group really maximized their potential and got better every day and in each game. They were a pleasure for us to coach and we are all proud of their achievements. Our success is exciting for the school, and for all of these students and their families.” 32 |

Boys’ Soccer The boys’ soccer team had a tremendous season as they reached the postseason for the first time since 2005. They finished with a 9-5 record and terrific victories over teams including Deerfield, Choate, Loomis, and Westminster. The Tigers made a statement from the very beginning of the season, winning their first four games and outscoring their opponents 15-3. After dropping three consecutive games, Suffield came right back by ripping off another four game win streak. It was the Tigers stellar defense that was the recipe for success. During this four game stretch they allowed just one goal, as Jess Phillips ’15 and Harrison Philipps ’12 emerged as a successful tandem splitting time behind goal. The Tigers ultimately drew the number six seed in the NEPSAC Class B Quarterfinal. The Tigers dropped a hard fought match against the third seeded Brooks School in a game where the Tigers truly left everything they had on the field. Leading the attack for the Tigers were captains Reed Barbe ’12 and Jordan Glassman ’13, who were both named to the Western New England Prep School Soccer Association (WNEPSSA) All-Star Team. Juniors Chris McCormick and Jack Patterson were both named to the NEPSSA Junior All-Star Team. In addition to the loss of Barbe and Philipps, the Tigers will miss the leadership provided by fellow seniors Matt Gollust, Kota Hotta, Andy MacPherson, Mike Murphy, Fredrik Randmael, Joseph Teed, and captains Patrick O’Brien, Brien Hard, and Sinclair Welch.

Girls’ Soccer The girls’ soccer team was led by a core of five seniors and a strong group of newcomers. The familiar senior faces of Shenna Bannish, Taylor Grand Pre, Alexis Page, Brittany Rodriguez, and Briell Smith helped led the Tigers all year long. Bannish, a consistent scoring threat, and Smith, a rock in the goal, were both named to Western New England Prep School Soccer Association All-Star team. Despite the impending graduation for this group, the future for the girls’ soccer team looks bright as freshmen Becca Titterton and Abby Blyler stepped up in a big way playing both forward and midfield.

Fall 2011 | 33

Boys’ Cross-Country With an 11-1 record in 2010, the boys’ cross country team entered rebuilding mode after graduating several key runners. Finishing with 3 wins and 8 losses, the Tigers had a number of new additions step up in a big way. Freshman Kaison Ifill led the team all season and at the NEPSAC Division II Cross Country Championships, finishing 14th overall with a time of 17:32. His top-20 performance earned him All New-England Honors. Will Sartorius ’12 was also a key runner all year for the Tigers and finished in 68th place overall at the Championships. The Tigers will miss Sartorius next year, as well as fellow seniors Frank Bolella, Billy Degen, Dylan Downes, and Marco Li.

Girls’ Cross-Country The girls’ cross country team had a stellar season that culminated in a 9-3 record and a third place finish at the NEPSAC Division II Cross Country Championships. With a top seven comprised entirely of underclassmen, the Tigers are primed to improve on this third place finish next year. In the championship race, the Tigers trailed second place Winsor School by just two points. Consistent leaders Anna Strzempko ’13 and Haley Leishman ’14 ran personal records in this race and came in 13th and 18th place, respectively. Both girls earned All New-England honors, and Emily Lowe ’15 missed the honor by just one place as she came in 21st overall. Filippa Brandolini ’13 shattered her personal best and followed only seconds behind teammate Amanda Leonard ’14. Kiley Caravella ’13 and Sara Berchuck ’13 rounded out the top seven for the Tigers. Suffield will graduate seniors Eleanor Kelly and Molly Stromoski, but have their eye on a New England Championship next season.

Field Hockey

After graduating several key seniors, the Tigers entered the 2011 season in a rebuilding mode. Highlights for the field hockey team included consecutive wins over Wilbraham & Monson Academy (5-0) and Hamden Hall (4-2). Offensively, the Tigers were led by a core group of seniors that included Kim Nault, Lucy Sheresky, Brenna Turer, Emily Doran, and Carly Smith. Doran and goalie Jackie Nicoletti ’14 were both named to the Western New England Prep School Field Hockey Association All-Star Team. Other seniors finishing their Suffield field hockey careers included Annie Pitkin, Emily Mandirola, Lexi Hildreth, Alyssa Fruce, and Lauren Booth.

34 |

Volleyball With an 8-5 record, the girls’ volleyball team had a strong season despite narrowly missing out in postseason play. After a slow 1-3 start, the Tigers streaked to four consecutive victories over Worcester Academy, Ethel Walker School, Wilbraham & Monson, and Miss Porter’s School. The Tigers then dropped two games but bounced right back to end the season on a high note by winning the last three contests. A 3-1 win over Kingswood-Oxford avenged a loss earlier in the season. Senior captains Pixie Clauson and Emma Cohen, as well as senior Kara Goings, provided invaluable skill and leadership for the Tigers. Junior captain Angelina Massoia was also instrumental in the Tigers success and looks to be the team leader next year. The other senior members of the team included Joanna Borg and Isabel McDonald.

Boys’ Water Polo The varsity boys’ water polo team reached the New England Prep League Tournament’s “Liquid Four” for the fourth straight year in 2011. The Tigers drew Loomis Chaffee for a play-in game, and came away with an exciting 9-7 victory and a number three seed in the final four. Unfortunately, the Tigers came up short in their quest for a championship and finished in fourth place after a loss to Choate and an overtime defeat at the hands of Phillips Exeter. Josh Galant ’12 led the team in scoring in the two games with five goals and Sam Prout ’13 (four goals), Geoff Lowe ’13 (three goals) and Austin Cunningham ’13 (two goals) supplied the rest of the offense. Goalkeeper Seth Magoon ’13 was named Liquid Four Most Outstanding Goalie, and Prout was named to the all-tournament team. Magoon, Prout, and Galant were each named to the All New-England Team, based on their strong play in both the regular season and in the tournament. Although the Tigers will miss the leadership of the senior class, the strong underclass core has the Tigers in position to be in the mix for a championship once again next year. In addition to Galant, seniors on the team included Dominic Fiallo, Michael Lombardo, Remington Lyman, Alex Porter, and Billy Regan.

Fall 2011 | 35

manhattan reception

top from left to right Chris Scholem ’06, David Godin, Wilky Colin ’99, Charles & Dina Ferguson P ’09, ’11, ’14, with brother-in-law Jack Warren ’88, Jennifer Lamontagne ’04, Jeannie LaPlante ’04, Theresa Lamontagne ’04 middle from left to right Matt Kotchen ’89, Charlie Cahn, Jared Dubey ’00, Mike Nochimson ’87, Jack Warren ’88, David Lovely ’87 bottom from left to right Joe O’Keefe, Tracy O’Keefe ’85, Bill Galvin ’60, Patrick Booth, Judy McElnea P ’12, Jeff McElnea ’67, P ’12, Jack Robinson ’60, Jason Lavine ’05, Jake Shea ’05, Serena Reynolds ’06, Casey Sullivan ’06

alumni sports day

front row Scott Owsiany ’84, Chris Saven ’94, Jet Jaturavith ’11, Tod Phataraprasit ’11, Jeff Depelteau ’02, Paul Dean ’84 back row Headmaster Charlie Cahn, John Corallo ’85, A.J. Yates, Brian Hetzel ’97, Ed Akel ’75, Jordan Dubey ’04, Jim Knight ’73, Justin Pepoli

36 |

center Geoff Lowe ’13

An Uncommon Bond

They sat across from each other in the same office for years. It was no surprise that they would develop a bond. At the time, there were no machines or computers rising up from their work space. Just two colleagues connected by common interests, shared pursuits, and close quarters. They found themselves together several times a day—checking in, sharing the day’s events, teaching each other about teaching. They were co-workers at first, colleagues second, and then friends forever. So began the relationship between former Suffield Academy Language department faculty members Trina D’Angelo P’94, ’99 and Elaine Mitchell P’94. It was a relationship that changed each of their lives. In the age of Facebook friends, it is both rare and uplifting to hear of true and lasting friendship. “I sat across from Elaine for 12 years, and she truly is a wonderful person,” says D’Angelo. “I felt that when she needed help, I couldn’t say no.” Helping a friend in need is admirable, but how does a person measure that help when it requires risking the health of a loved one? It was after Elaine retired from Suffield Academy that she received the dreaded news she had feared for years—Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) was slowly causing her kidneys to fail. She had already lost a parent and a sibling to the disease, and she knew she carried the gene. It was just a matter of time for Elaine Mitchell. After years of struggling with dialysis, she needed a new kidney. Family and friends lined up offering to help, but no one was a match. Having been on the transplant list for some time, she was fortunate to hear that a kidney was available. “You have no idea how difficult it is to find a donor,” says Elaine’s husband Tom. Elaine concurred, saying simply, “People offer, but it is very common for people to back out because of all they have to endure when donating a kidney.” The first kidney transplant failed. After weeks of struggling with a low-grade fever after the operation, Elaine was rushed to the hospital only to find out that the transplant had failed and that she had to go back on dialysis. She recalls, “It just didn’t feel right from the beginning, but you have to remain hopeful.” Her husband Tom felt like it was “being on a rollercoaster—good news then horrible news.” Just when things seemed to be at their darkest, Elaine’s friends came to the rescue—more specifically, her old friend Trina and her new husband Rick Treston. A little background information. Rick and Trina were college sweethearts who had gone their separate ways years earlier. Trina often wondered what had happened to Rick, and one day she set out to find him. Elaine lived through her friend’s experience as Trina searched and eventually found him living in Washington state. “I knew he was the one, and I sent him a note,” said Trina. Rick’s response to the note was simple: “What took you so long to find me?” It was meant to be. Trina and Rick quickly built their lives together, and Elaine remembered the joy she felt for her friend as she began her new life out West. Rick and Trina had years of catching up to do, but one person from her past stood out in Trina’s present life. That person was Elaine Mitchell. Serendipity struck, and three lives would be changed forever. Somehow, through a wonderful twist of fate, Rick was not only a perfect match for Trina but also a perfect match for Elaine. It was Rick who generously offered to donate his kidney. It was Rick who ultimately saved the life of his wife’s dear friend. When Rick shared his reasons for this selfless act, he humbly said, “I don’t feel like I deserve all that much credit.” Rick recalls reading an article in Time magazine about people who donate their kidneys to strangers, and he remembers saying to himself that if someone he knew needed a kidney, he would donate. “A person likes to think he lives by his principles,” Rick says. And so he does. It has been almost a year now since Rick donated his kidney to Elaine. She is doing well and is busy traveling and spending time with her children. She and Tom recently stopped to see Rick and Trina on their way to Alaska. “Elaine and I aren’t friends,” says Rick. “She is Trina’s friend, but it is really pretty special when we see each other.” Elaine feels the bond as well and remarked, “He helped someone stay alive. That is a pretty spectacular thing.” Elaine shares her secret to happiness. “Time is precious. Enjoy yourself. Live your life, and treasure your family and friends. It’s a good life, and I am grateful.”

Fall 2011 | 37

alumni art exhibit

Louis Heilbronn ’06 Luke McComb ’06 Kelley Riley ’05

38 |

LouisHeilbronn ’06 Louis Heilbronn ’06 became interested in photography during his sophomore year at Suffield. As his passion for the medium intensified, it soon became part of Louis’ identity. Louis continued his study of photography at Bard College, graduating in 2010. He recently spent nine months in Israel, assisting and working with a group of established art photographers. He will soon pursue similar work in Berlin. These images are part of a project completed at Bard. It began with death and beauty. Louis was photographing the landscape and found himself drawn to images filled with a dual nature—visual beauty and emotional anxiety. He soon abandoned traditional ways of binding images and moved toward pictures with a particular spectrum of emotions. His goal was to express these overlapping emotional tensions in his connections with people, objects, and settings. He was using photography as a way to map the world visually, and to push the subject beyond its literal boundaries.

Fall 2011 | 39

LukeMcComb ’06 Luke McComb ’06 works in Denver, Colorado, shooting predominantly portraiture, product, and outdoor-lifestyle photography. He has shot three hunting assignments for Outdoor Life, and his images from an elk hunt in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will be in the upcoming December 2012 issue. Luke has been on assignment for The Denver Post and Field & Stream, and has photographed the product line Geopalz, a children’s pedometer company. Luke became interested in photography at Suffield during a spring break trip with classmates to Italy and Greece. He went on to major in communications photography at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He began studying photojournalism but later switched to illustrative photography. Luke frequently heads into the Rocky Mountains to enjoy the outdoors, and he has been promoting his photo business around Denver. He hopes to continue to shoot hunting and product photography, as well as high-end portraiture and fashion editorials.

40 |

KelleyRiley ’05 Red Portrait is a company comprised of three award-winning photographers: Kelley Riley ’05, Michael Esposito, and Anna Daniele. Portraiture is their collective passion. They achieve this by combining their creativity and passion into one collective vision. They have closely studied the art and technique of lighting, the role of pre and post-production, and the interaction between photographer, camera, and subject. Their aim is to create timeless images. Kelley Riley graduated from Suffield Academy in 2005, receiving the Hinsdale Smith Photography Award at Commencement. She studied at Suffield prior to graduating from University of New Hampshire and attending the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Kelley spent several years working for Friends of Little Field Home, a nonprofit in Malawi, Africa, that supports vulnerable children and orphans. She returned to America in the spring of 2011 and now shoots high-end portrait photography in northern Virginia.

Fall 2011 | 41

war or

peace? Jeff Dressler ’02 Analyst at the Institute for the Study of War

You’ve heard the story before. A driven world-beater arrives at Suffield. His natural aptitude is matched only by his impressive work ethic and his love for all things black and orange. He gets A’s in all of his classes, excels on the athletic fields, and throws himself into extracurricular activities. Upon leaving Suffield Academy, inspired by his teachers and experiences on the Hill, he graduates from college with honors and quickly establishes himself as one of the brightest young minds in his chosen field. But Jeff Dressler ’02 was not that student. And this is not that story. Sure, parts of it resemble that story. Jeff Dressler ’02 really did graduate from college with honors. And at the age of 26, he really is an analyst at the Institute for the Study of War, a leading DC think tank, and is already widely recognized by the military and civilian communities as an expert on Afghanistan. And, he insists, much of the credit for his accomplishments is due to his alma mater. But his time at Suffield does not exactly match his subsequent achievements. “It must be jarring to my classmates,” he says, “to see me on television or to hear about the success I’m having.” At Suffield, Jeff was a self-described ‘average student.’ “I’d be the first person to admit,” he says, “I didn’t apply myself as much as I could have.” Similarly, he generally declined to participate in the clubs and activities Suffield offered. A talented golfer, Jeff even decided not to play his senior year, choosing instead to relax with friends. Looking back on his days at Suffield, Jeff expresses regrets at failing to take advantage of his surroundings. “I wish I had done more,” he says, “but at that age, it’s easy to find things to complain about. It was easier to say ‘I’m not interested; my friends aren’t doing that.’” Not taking advantage of the SOLO program, and not playing golf his senior year, are the two missed chances that stand out, but Jeff characterized much of his Suffield experience as a series of missed opportunities. After graduating from Suffield, Jeff went to Boston University, but he still felt like he “didn’t know what to do with himself.” He took a leave of absence from school, and returned to his hometown of Windsor, Connecticut. Hoping to

42 |

figure out a little more about himself and what he wanted to do, Jeff worked at a daycare center for a year and a half. This, he says, was one of the formative experiences of his life. Working at the daycare “allowed me to get back in touch with myself. I could fully appreciate the opportunities education offered—what it meant and why it was valuable.” Re-enrolling in school, Jeff began to study political science at the University of Connecticut. Fascinated by relationships between nations, particularly in Southeastern Asia, Jeff threw himself into his studies like he never had before. The hard work paid off, as he graduated summa cum laude, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and secured an internship at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, DC. This quickly led to a full-time job, and Jeff’s rise since has been meteoric. Jeff has traveled to Afghanistan three times, once to do research for General David Petraeus, Commander of the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. He has been tapped to brief military personnel, including U.S. Special Forces, before their deployment, and Jeff’s insights have been extremely valuable to the American war effort. On television and in other media, including The Atlantic, his expertise is regularly called upon. He has a gift for putting recent events in layman’s terms and predicting the effects of changing policies. Jeff is passionate about his work while being composed about the accolades it has brought him. “It’s funny how the chips have fallen,” he says. “DC is a city where if you work hard, you’ll have opportunities to succeed.” This job has “really been phenomenal,” Jeff reports, and he’s been particularly invigorated by his interactions with Hill staffers, senior policy analysts, and congressmen. “College is where I started to excel, but the foundation for all I’ve done was laid at Suffield,” he says. “When I step back, I can see that the school did a lot for me, and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was out.” He does, however, have fond memories of classes with Beth Krasemann and Gordy Glover, and he reports—though we all know it already—that Hat Thomsen “was always great.” From the pews at chapel, Jeff says, he used to watch speakers “trying to impart their wisdom to us.” He heard their words, but at the time, didn’t take the lessons to heart. These days, he often thinks, “If I had a chance to speak at chapel, what would I say? What would I try to communicate?” Here’s one message he wants to share: “Take advantage of everything Suffield has to give—rarely in your life will you be in a community that is so nurturing, one that has so much to offer.”

Fall 2011 | 43

alums in Bob McFadden ’65 U.S. Mid amater title 9.22.11

A former respected caddy on the Champions Tour, Bob was part of history when he helped Randal Lewis earn a U.S. Mid Amateur title on September 22, 2011. At age 54, Lewis was considered a long shot in the tournament, and he was not helped by the fact that his assigned caddie did not show for the practice rounds. A blessing in disguise, this allowed Lewis to land the veteran McFadden, who already spent 13 years on the Champions Tour with Tom Jenkins. Together, McFadden and Jenkins had a very successful run that netted Jenkins over $13 million dollars in winnings. After having very limited success on the PGA Tour, it was McFadden who constantly urged Jenkins to give a run on the Champions Tour when qualified by turning fifty years of age. He finally succumbed to the pressure, agreeing to give it a shot only if McFadden were to caddy. The rest is history, and after splitting up with Jenkins in 2011, it was Lewis’ good fortune that McFadden was available to caddy. Despite being consistently out driven off the tee, Lewis was phenomenal with his long iron and short game thanks to the input and expertise from McFadden. McFadden not only provided invaluable experience as a caddy, but also was very familiar with the course. Playing consistent golf for six rounds, Lewis ultimately earned the championship, the oldest player to do so in the 31-ytear history of the event. According to the Houston Chronicle, Lewis was very appreciative of McFadden. “He’s been in big situations before,” Lewis said of McFadden. “He knows what it’s like under the gun. He was exceptional. I have to tell you, if he wasn’t on the bag, I’m not sure I would be here right now.” The most exciting part of the championship is that it qualified Lewis to play in the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia in April. Lewis is considering having Bob on the bag for this once in a lifetime experience, and he would be wise to do so if he wants a chance to shock the field once again.

mary chamberlain ’06 runner-up: New England Women’s Golf Association championship

Mary was a four-year student at Suffield. Her siblings—Liz ‘00 and Dan ‘04—are also Suffield alums. Mary is currently enrolled at Suffolk Law School.

A recent graduate of James Madison University, Chamberlain won the Noblit Baker Trophy tournament in June at the Oyster Harbors Club. She also advanced to the semifinals of the WGAM championship and was runner-up in the New England Women’s Golf Association championship.

Drew Catanese ’00 Gets Published

After months of work, Drew has finished writing and publishing a book about personal finance, called A Pathway to Financial Independence for Young Adults. It’s an easy-to-read guide to managing money, from getting out of debt to investing in the stock market to saving for retirement. Although it could help out almost anyone, the book is specifically directed toward young adults who are learning how to plan for their financial futures.

The book is officially in print and available for purchase at many major booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble (just search Drew Catanese or the book title on either store’s website). There’s a hardcover, paperback, and e-book edition. 

Michelle Motta Stewart ’89 USTA League 3.5 National Championship team member

Michelle, a 4-year boarder at Suffield who played both tennis and field hockey, was part of a USTA League 3.5 National Championship team. The Thoreau Club’s women’s tennis team, based out of the Concord, Massachusetts area, began their journey by winning districts this past August. As the number one singles player for the team, Michelle helped the squad win the New England sections in Springfield, Massachusetts, which earned them a trip to the national championships in Tucson, Arizona. After defeating teams from Utah, Virginia, and Arizona, they earned a trip to the finals against a team from Southern California. Playing a three and a half hour match in record heat, the team ultimately came away victorious. Captain of the tennis team her senior year, Michelle didn’t play tennis in college but took up the sport after the birth of her second daughter in 2005. She started to play competitively in leagues in and around the Boston area and eventually developed such a passion for the sport that she started a tennis-based business, Tennis Pro Shops, Inc. “We sell rackets, equipment, clothing, shoes, and apparel. It’s still new, only about two years old, but it is great to do something I enjoy, and to parlay that into success,” says Stewart.

44 |

the news matt wiggin ’06 performs at local playhouse

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff ’89 lincoln center fashion director

Since graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in musical theater from the College of Santa Fe in December 2009, Matthew has been working steadily on the stage as an actor, singer, and dancer. After being featured as a soloist in a showcase for industry casting directors and agents, Matthew left New York for the regional theater circuit. He has performed in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Stage Door theater in a production of “Mame”, and the Circa 21 Playhouse in Rock Island, Illinois, where he understudied and performed the featured role of Richie Cunningham in “Happy Days”. Matt spent this past summer in Woodstock, New York at the Woodstock Playhouse, where he was featured in productions of “A Chorus Line” (with the original Michael Bennett choreography) and “Hair”. He also was selected to play the lead role of Billy Crocker in “Anything Goes”. Most recently, Matt has been in Mesa, Arizona, performing at the Broadway Palm Theater in the Prather Entertainment Group’s production of “Legally Blonde”. He will return to Woodstock in November to play the role of Bob Cratchit in an early holiday production on “A Christmas Carol”, and then head back to Circa 21, where he will perform the role of Doody in “Grease”. The spring and summer will bring Matthew to Prather’s theaters in Fort Myers, Florida and Lancaster, Pennsylvania for continued performances of “Legally Blonde”. Matt hopes to return to New York at the end of the summer and continue his pursuit to be cast in a Broadway production.

greg hearn ’06 founder of Drink & Hunt

Looking for a fun event for you and your friends but tired of the same old pub crawls through Faneuil Hall, expensive party buses, and identical nightly bar trivia everywhere you go? Drink & Hunt, a barbased scavenger hunt, is the event for you. The concept is the brainchild of co-founder Greg Hearn ’01. It started with events leading up to his 2010 graudation from Babson College. Greg and two classmates then turned the “scavenger hunt/bar crawl” into a business, now called Drink & Hunt. Greg and two classmates spent several months working nonstop on the interface and hanging out in bars ­—a “tough gig,” Greg says, jokingly—talking to managers and learning about the other side of the business. As Drink & Hunt continues to grow, Greg and his friends are pushing the concept of merging real-world social events, mobile, and gaming into something they call “real-life social gaming,” which they hope to expand to other events.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, one of the most influential figures in the American fashion industry, became the founding Fashion Director at Lincoln Center in November 2009, overseeing the relocation of New York City’s biannual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park. Additionally, she supervises every aspect of Lincoln Center-based Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events, is coordinating an ambitious year-round initiative of fashion-related programming at Lincoln Center, and works closely with the Mayor’s Special Projects and Community Events office facilitating city-wide initiatives. Stephanie, also a consultant to IMG Fashion, connects the various constituencies that come together to organize Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as well as consulting on and helping to create solutions supporting IMG Fashion’s overarching mission to facilitate a gateway to the fashion world—from creation to consumer. For over a decade, Stephanie served as Director of Special Events at Vogue, working closely with and being mentored by Editorin-Chief Anna Wintour in overseeing and producing major events for Vogue including the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit. Stephanie is involved in several charitable and community causes, including the Food Allergy Initiative, Baby Buggy, New Yorkers for Children, and the Central Park Conservancy. She lives with her husband and three young children in New York City.

serena reynolds ’06 featured in Teen Vogue

Serena created and operates the online Spellbound magazine (, aimed at bringing art, fashion, literature, and music to teen girls. Serena began studying photography with Hillary Cahn ’88 and Andy McKenzie at Suffield in her sophomore year, and she never looked back. “Visually,” she writes, “Suffield held such charm, and Nathena Fuller House was one of my favorite places to photograph because it had such personality.” After graduating from Suffield, Serena went to The Parsons School of Design to major in photography. The art of creating images inspired her. “Through a photograph,” she says, “I was not bound by any restrictions. The product was defined and created by me.” After interning at Teen Vogue and Elle, Serena went to work for Teen Vogue and started her magazine Spellbound. Spellbound is free for girls all over the world.

Fall 2011 | 45

Legacy Family

The Teeds

Mark ’75 Reagan ’08 Joe ’12

Why Suffield? Did you ever think of going somewhere else? Mark Public schools were doing double sessions due to the baby boom explosion and my parents wanted me to have a better education. An uncle went to Loomis so I interviewed at SA, Loomis, and East Catholic HS. I hated the idea of leaving my friends, but my parents were not listening. I chose SA because I liked the campus better than Loomis. Reagan I came to Suffield during my sophomore year of high school, so it was either Suffield or continue at public school. My father guided my path to Suffield. I respect him and everything he’s achieved since leaving Suffield, and for him to even suggest that I apply meant a lot to me. Joe Suffield was always my first choice. Thinking back, I would always be on campus because my dad ’75 and my sister, Reagan ’08 both attended Suffield. Being on campus was a daily exercise because I would go and watch my dad try to keep up with the young high school kids at the annual alumni games, or watch my sister’s sports games. The school feels like home, and it has been great to be welcomed and accepted so easily into a new community. Everyone here is so kind and helpful that it was an easy transition coming from a public school. I applied to other schools just to have several options, but the feeling of being home, the students, and the faculty kept the legacy in order.

What is the best part of the SA experience? Mark Initially I liked the idea of long vacations because I was lazy! The best part of the SA experience for me was the depth of the relationships formed with teachers and fellow classmates. I am still amazed 35 years later how strong the bonds remain and how often I speak with classmates or catch up on old news or reminisce about old stories. I rebelled against working hard and trying to get good grades, but in the process of spending three years at SA I developed a love of reading and a curiosity about how things work. I credit my Suffield experience with fostering this curiosity.

Westminster on their home court opening night of their gym in front of a sellout crowd; trying to buy platform shoes that were higher than Tyrone Miller’s shoes. Reagan Senior year in general was my most memorable experience. By the start of senior year, I knew that I had made the right choice in leaving public school. Every day that I had been at Suffield was exciting and unpredictable; I didn’t want my last year to end. Joe The most memorable experience at Suffield Academy is playing on the soccer team and making it to the playoffs. It was good to come in as a PG and be welcomed into such a great group of guys that all wanted to win. Although the team did not win it all this year, we shared great stories and many experiences.

Did your father ever share with you any great stories about Suffield? Reagan He always told me how happy he and his friends were when the first group of female students came to Suffield. That, and how he won the ‘Best Looking Student’ award. It seems like he had a great time during his four years. Joe I have heard many stories from my dad, however when he went to school, times were much different so many of the stories could not apply today. I hear mainly stories about his sports, especially basketball and baseball. Its great to hear about how great of a player he was and how much of a leader he was, but my favorite stories are when he talks about him winning “best looking” in his senior year. Whenever I come home, I look forward to hearing my dad’s “new” stories that he forgot to tell me last time I saw him.

What is your favorite place on campus? Mark The old trophy room in Perry Gymnasium, any room in which Mr. Gooch was teaching poetry, and The Dog House in Suffield Village.

Reagan The sense of community was definitely the best part. I am in my last year at a small liberal arts college and I thought that the same sense of community would exist, and it does, but it’s nothing like at Suffield: the sit-down lunches, interactions with teachers, strong athletics, and long-lasting friendships all tied together to create a really unique experience for me.

Reagan I loved sitting on Bell Hill when the sun was setting.

Joe From my first few months at Suffield many great things have happened. Sports, movies in Fuller, getting beat in ping pong, or just lounging around and talking with friends. However I would have to say the best part of my Suffield experience has been all the friends I have made. They are all such true and genuine friends and it is a pleasure to be around them.

Who has been the most influential faculty member?

What was/is your most memorable experience at Suffield? Mark Welcoming girls on the campus in the Fall of 1974! Taking Mr. Nye’s Film class in Tisch and having one of those “aha” moments when I could “see” what Mr. Nye was seeing in the symbolism of “Play it as it Lays”; listening to Coach Kinne break down another team’s weaknesses before a game and Coach telling me to visit a tonsorial artist once in awhile; beating 46 |

Joe At this point, I would have to say my favorite place on campus would have to be the union. I love to be able to just relax and hang out with friends, and the union is all that and more. There is music, Ping-Pong, and most importantly football games.

Mark Mr Kinne, Mr. Pervear, Mr Samaii, Mr Rockwell, and Mr Gooch. The most influential member of the faculty that helped me acclimate to SA was JR Fuller whom I loved as a coach and I thought was the “coolest” guy. Reagan Ms. Nahmens helped influence my love of Spanish. Her classes were fun and interesting, and to this day, I remember all the lyrics of several Shakira songs. Joe My most influential faculty member is Mr. Brissette. Not only will he be my baseball coach, but I also want a similar career as he has had. This coming spring and winter semester Mr. Brissette will also be my 20th Century War teacher, a class I am really looking forward to taking.

Class Notes 1932 Spencer Montgomery Jr.

My grandmother, Jonnie Spencer; my father, Spencer Montgomery, 1904 and former trustee, my mother, Kathryn Barber Street, 1907; my brother, Street, in 1934; my sister, Ruth Montgomery Tryon in 1939; my sister, June Montgomery Parker in 1941; and finally my granddaughter, Tulia Montgomery, in 1994 have all graduated from Suffield Academy.


legacy family

Ernest Ball

I am very proud of the success Suffield has had in recent years. I know that my one year there had a tremendous influence on my life.

1941 June Montgomery Parker

I lost my husband on July 28, 2011. While I miss him, he did not want to live on with the pain and suffering he had. I am very happy here at Trezevant Place. I swim 20 laps and ride my bike five miles a day. This is a great retirement home and I have many friends and supporters.

1947 Bernie Shapiro

If there is anyone around from the Class of ’47, I would love to hear from them.

1948 Charlie Howe

I am still here keeping busy with winterizing boat, house, and grounds, etc. We live on an island 12 miles from Wiscasset on the coast. Our house fronts on Knubble Bay. We stay here year round, but we visit our grandkids in Andover, MA, and Dover, MA, for the holidays. They come here in the summer. I hope to make the reunion next year.

Gene Spaziani

I am a retired college educator/administrator/baseball coach, noted wine author (The Home Winemaker’s Companion), journalist, and consultant. I am also the past president of The American Wine Society, Connecticut Hotel-Motel Association, Mystic Chamber of Commerce and a charter member of the Society of Wine Educators. I live in Mystic with my wife Isabel. My three daughters live locally, and one son lives in Texas. I have four grandchildren and one great grandson.

Fall 2011 | 47

1951 CLASS AGENT David Baker | David Baker

The snow made the reunion one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I wanted to say what Suffield had meant to me—why I attended and why, even though I was able to attend for just one year, why I still care. It was the most meaningful school year I have experienced. I was disappointed no one else from my class attended. You all do a great job in planning, organization, and promotion, and you are to be commended for it. Loyalty has always been a priority with me, and I was glad to see that Suffield’s Leadership program promoted that theme this past year. I appreciated Phil Riegel showing me around in the golf cart. The pool was a sight to behold. I was happy to see my name on the George Abbey Butler Trophy in the gym building. That was a proud moment in my life. Young people who have an opportunity to get an education today at Suffield are very fortunate. I hope that they appreciate the sacrifices their parents make to give them this education. The report from the Headmaster was most optimistic. As a recommendation, I would like to have seen a Leadership class in action or to have learned more about this outstanding program which sets Suffield apart.

1952 David Johnston

My wife, the former Eunice McBride, and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on May 20 at a dinner given by our three children, Steven, Bruce, and Laurie. We have six grandchildren, including Michael Johnston. He attends Southern Connecticut State University, where he leads the nation in Division II saves with 16. His ERA for three years is 1.12.


Lanny Aselton

I was elected president of the Orlando Dioceses St. Vincent DePaul Society, containing 25 conferences helping the poor.

1955 CLASS AGENTS Al Gesler | Bob King | Roger Varnum

Sandy and I are enjoying retirement, she from professor of Dental Radiology, and I from chairman of Quabaug Corp., in MA, where we manufactured Vibram soles and heels. We divide our time between Cape Porpoise, ME, and a gated community that Sandy calls Camp AARP, in Bonita Springs, FL. We golf, kayak, go to the fitness center, and enjoy time with friends. Travel is also part of our life: Europe, Alaska, and recently 12 days in Hawaii. Best wishes to the Class of ’55.

grandchildren at Hampton Beach, NH. We had a wonderful vacation with visits to my children in Connecticut and Long Island, as well as several friends we had been neglecting for years. We encountered a problem when we returned to Florida in that I was hospitalized for five days with what was called a gall bladder attack. I wonder if eating lobster every other day had anything to do with my problem. My doctors will only approve one or two visits a year now, and last year we overdid it. We also went to Las Vegas for our second reunion of the men I fought with in Vietnam, the 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Brigade from Hawaii. Of the officers that landed at Chu La, RVN in May 1965, five have retired as General Officers. This lowly Major can only marvel at the caliber of men I served with in the Marine Corps. Nancy and I wish the school well in the upcoming year.

1958 CLASS AGENT Bruce Glass | Douglas Greene

At 71, I can’t seem to retire. This will be my 5th failure at retiring. I am opening a new company with a new product, the AQUA SMART in November to December this year. First parts came out of tooling on October 15, 2011.

Paul Wilson

I am a year into retirement and busier than ever. I now get a chance to do my photography and watercolors.

1959 CLASS AGENT Paul Grimmeisen | Rich German

I retired from active surgical practice but am director and owner of a weight loss/Botox clinic here in Monterey. Holly and I are headed for three weeks on a HD motorcycle with friends in Australia in Feb’12. Our daughter (Google Lauren German Hawaii 5-0) is a regular on Hawaii 5-0 starting the end of this month. She acts as a Homeland Security Agent and loves living in paradise. We are well, healthy, and active. I have two grandkids from our first daughter Lynn who lives in LA. Any classmates are welcome to visit us in Carmel. We would love to see you.

Jack Plotkin

In August we escaped from too hot mid-Michigan for two weeks to cooler California. We spent our first week hiking among the spectacular coastal Redwoods in northern CA and a second week based at Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierras, where we hiked to pristine lakes among the high peaks. We spent Thanksgiving in Rome with kids and grandkids and then going on to Florence for art, opera, and good food.

1956 CLASS AGENT Bob Houghton | Chip Beers

I work part time as a school psychologist and art center volunteer in church and community agencies. I also paint birds and animals and show work.

Ron Cormier

This has been an eventful two years for me and my wife. In October 2009, I was stricken with a serious infection that resulted in hospitalization until January 1, 2010. After rehabilitation and hard work, I now can walk with the help of a rolling walker, but I am all but stone deaf without a hearing aid. My mind is still working and the rest of me still has the Suffield Spirit. This last summer, we were able to spoil six grandchildren and three great Jack Plotkin ’59 with wife Susan. 48 |

Tom West

Recently, we had UK visitors to our home in Washington, DC. For a little excitement, we provided an earthquake and a hurricane. The 2011 Suffield Reunion blizzard and power outage was almost as exciting. See what you can do for next year!

Miller Longbotham

Great 50th Reunion! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard. Who knew we would get 6” of snow. We drove home to 12” plus.

David Isaacson

Thanksgiving 2011 will be a full house for the Macartneys! All five children and spouses, all six grandchildren, and my mother-in-law are coming for the holiday and my 70th birthday celebration. How did it get to be 50 years from a Suffield graduation?

‘Twas almost the 50th Reunion that wasn’t! The town lost power big time, but the Academy had its own backup generators! The class photographs were moved to Brewster Hall where we had a fine reception in the foyer while pictures were taken in the faculty lounge (about 15 of us). After the reception, there was a sit down three-course meal with wine at the tables and a wonderful dinner. The headmaster gave an opening presentation, and I learned a few things, e.g., Suffield was part of MA until sometime in the mid 40’s. He gave an overview of the history from 1833 to a group of about 200 folks after the presentation and dinner with a few awards and recognition. Both George Pervear and Mr. Gooch were present. The latter with some kind of tank or breathing apparatus, but it did not keep him from helping direct the COGS—a group of alumni that were spread through the ages and had only 45 minutes of practice earlier in the day. They sang the school song. Do you remember the tune and the words? You should see the physical plant. It is quite amazing, especially the facilities for music, art, photography, pottery, and wood shops. Classes still average 11students, and the students we spoke to were very mature and enthusiastic about the school. I thought one freshman girl’s response was classic. I asked what she liked most and least about the school. The dress code was the least. It seems skirts have to be long and pants to the ankle and, oh yes, no back pockets on the jeans. When I asked what pockets had to do with anything, she answered, “I guess it’s to keep the boys hands out of them!” The school had arranged for buses to pick people up at their hotels to come to the reception so that folks would not have to worry about parking or driving after drinking. As things turned out, when we left the comfort of the school, we entered a cold, windy, snowy, black night. They had arranged for 4-wheel drive SUVs to drive us to the hotel. In our case, it was the Marriott Hotel, just three years old and across from Bradley Field. The hotel had no power at all, not even emergency lighting. The room card/keys did not work, and we had to be let in by maintenance. The bathroom water worked-no hot water of course. No lights and no heat. We left in the morning and were told that it might be seven days before they get their power back!! The next morning we went to Sunday brunch back at the school, and it was the best deal in town by far, and the only place with electricity and great food. Of course, gas stations for miles around were also out of business so gas was a concern for those running low. The tree damage was horrendous everywhere you looked. On top of that, wires were down everywhere, and the snow must have gotten to 20” overnight; although the bright sun on Sunday really helped a lot and many of the roads were down to bare pavement as we left for home. What was the best part? Obviously, it was catching up on the lives of classmates and seeing how life treated them. It was easy to see 50 years melt away as we traded stories and compared notes. We might have done it anywhere, but doing it on campus really brought those memories alive. Quite a memorable reunion!

Bob Najaka

Mike Menzies

COGS performers at Reunion 2011: Doc Older ’66, Tom Webster ’64, Jeff Prudden ’73, Nick McConnell ’64, Jeff McElnea ’67, Rich Weil ’71, David Lamb ’61, Paul Loether ’71, and Ned Smith ’64.

1960 CLASS AGENTS Bob Dietrich | Bill Galvin | David Holmes | Al Walden | Bill Galvin

This thing called “retirement” is anything but dull—chairing a non-profit (Family Re-Entry) dealing with the recidivism issue in CT, board member of World Affairs Forum, vestry member of our church (plus three church committees), two elected positions in Greenwich, CT, town government—member of the Wetlands agency and member of the Representative Town Meeting (plus three other appointed positions). All these involvements, plus five children and now up to seven grandchildren (and counting), and struggling to keep my handicap in single figures, required my wife Ellen and me to travel to Chile and Argentina, the south of France, Martha’s Vineyard, and northern Maine in the last six months. I’m happy to see Suffield Academy continuing to flourish and produce outstanding young people under Charlie’s leadership of an amazingly committed faculty.

Gil Lavoie

We will be expecting our ninth grandchild next year, and the oldest is four-and-a-half years old. What a joy. I continue to work in the prevention of HIV. I just came from giving a presentation to the Black Caucus Health Workers in Washington, DC, last week. I also continue to do research on the Shroud of Turin. God has blessed us, and we have much to be thankful for.

Bill Macartney

I completed a rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon in October in one day. The 21-mile hike consisted of a descent of 5,500 feet from the north rim, beginning in the dark, and a 4,500 foot climb out just in time to see a beautiful sunset across the canyon. The hike was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life—filled with breathtaking views of the canyon beyond description.

1961 CLASS AGENTS David Isaacson | Jerry Kargman | Mike Menzies | David Lamb

I am retired and loving it after 35 years in the wine business.

Our 50th illustrated a “time warp” to reignite friendships and personalities that had diversified and matured over five decades (yet in many ways had not truly changed—you cannot alter a John Tinker!). Fast forward into an environment of elevated experience, the massive infrastructure improvements; the Leadership program; the outdoor program; the computer learning program, and perhaps, most importantly, witnessing a campus full of excited, diversified, and happy individuals. In a relatively short time frame, I learned a great deal about what 18 classmates had made out of their lives, and each was a fascinating short story unto itself. In turn, the effort put forward by Suffield personnel spoke for itself, as alumni comments were, to the man, so positive. I reflected most frequently on the following: if only we had the coed environment; the quality of the food; the field house, etc. But, then again, our tuition was (we thought) only 5% of what it is today. My thanks to each of you for unmatched hospitality and the ability to rise above two feet of unexpected snow. I believe everyone’s exit story will provide a good beginning for our 60th! With best wishes, keep up the splendid work.

Fall 2011 | 49



CLASS AGENTS Paul Connor | Andy Spector |

CLASS AGENT Tom Webster |

Andy Spector

One of my favorite things has been becoming best friends with a Suffield classmate, Tom Webster, 45 years beyond graduation.

I took the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course and passed! Great achievement!

Alec Lyall

I have written a book that is available at

Dave Holdridge

I am mentioned in Congressman Wolf’s new book Prisoner of Conscience in the acknowledgements section-see the following: “I WANT TO EXPRESS MY THANKS to Anne Morse for her gifted way with words, making these chapters come to life in a way I never could. I also appreciate the great amount of time she spent interviewing people for the book and doing research. A person who urged me to write this book and recommended Anne to me is Chuck Colson, who is a friend and has given me wise counsel many times over the years. Many people generously arranged time for interviews, sent information by email and some read the relevant chapters, commented on them, and corrected any errors. I want to express my gratitude to my longtime friends, colleagues, and sometime traveling companions, Congressman Chris Smith and former Congressman and Ambassador Tony Hall. Thanks also go to Senator Dan Coats, Fred Van Gorkum, Ion Mihai (Mike) Pacepa, Dana Damaceanu Bart, Richard Stephenson, Mikhail Kasakov, Alexandr Goldovich, Vladimir Potashov, the late Daja Meston, Mary Beth Markey, Dick Foth, Steve Saint, Blaine Harden, Roger Winter, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, David Holdridge, Bob Fu, Harry Wu, and three lifelong friends—Bill and Buddy Pepe and John Federico. I also want to recognize Renee and Bill Brohard, who put my photos in a usable format, the folks at Zondervan for their editing and design work, and my agent from Alive Communications, Joel Kneedler. Assisting Anne in transcribing conversations and interviews were Martha Anderson and Travis Morse. My wife, Carolyn, discussed every chapter with me, helped jog my memory for details, and spent hours on the computer communicating my thoughts, text changes, and corrections to Anne. Carolyn has been my helpmate and encourager for fifty years.”

1963 CLASS AGENT Sandy Prouty | Dick Anthony

It is now over two months since a stem cell transplant at Dana Farber for a cancer of the central nervous system. A full recovery is expected, but it has been a long hard year. Sam ’96 is getting married next June 16th. He lives in Brooklyn and is wrapping up a master’s degree at Hunter College. Elisabeth ’93 has two children, Finn, almost 4, and Georgia, 20 months. She lives in Darien. All is well in Weekapaug, RI. The golf club, Shelter Harbor, which I helped build is now seven years old and spectacular. It could be a good venue for a Suffield event.

Ned Smith

Tom Webster

My favorite part of reunion weekend had to be the recognition of Brad Gooch at dinner, and the opportunity to sing the school song at his direction. Five of the COGS my senior year participated in that effort. I met with the ’66 group at the Class Agent reception and was able to spend time with them as well. They’re a great group! And at dinner, I sat between two classmates—Ned Smith and Nick McConnell—the friendships formed. It was also great to see the Class of 61—seniors during our first year at the school, enjoying their 50th. Hope to be back next year for another great event. Many thanks to an excellent effort made by a great staff. Brewster Hall was a magnificent oasis during the storm!

1965 CLASS AGENTS Tim Hemingway | Bill Kelly | James Lo Dolce

I had a good summer. I sailed a lot in Canadian waters of Lake Ontario. I still work full time as a family physician with a secondary IT job. I also work as project manager and director of medical informatics for large multispecialty medical group in Syracuse, NY. I am the head of electronic medical records project. Donna and I are doing very well. Marrying Donna was like being re-born. We are loving life. I am pretty healthy, except for the total knee replacement scheduled for December. I miss hearing from everyone. See you at our 50th!

Peter Kinnear

I’m retiring after 40 years as Chairman & CEO of FMC Technologies, an oil service company based in Houston, Texas. I plan to stay in Houston and spend time at our ranch outside Houston and in Colorado in the summers.

Larry Hyde

Molly and I had a great six-week tour of Alaska in our 17-foot travel trailer this summer. I would highly recommend the flight over the glaciers out of Haines and the 6-hour cruise out of Seward. We are expecting our fourth grandchild in March; Toby ’96 and his wife Jenny and daughter Stella who live in Oso, WA, are, needless to say, very excited.

Tim Hemingway

Our son graduated from Vanderbilt University with a PhD in computer science. He now teaches at Vanderbilt and is a research scientist. My wife, son, and sister-in-law just completed hiking the Long Trail, 271 miles up the spine of Vermont.

Les Abberley

We’re lucky to still be living in Fort Lauderdale since 1978. I married Brigitte Biales (Paris) in ’75 and had two kids: Christopher and Sybille. I worked two jobs in marine publishing: ’75 Yachting and ’89 ShowBoats Intl’ (publisher) and sold in 2005. Over the years we vacationed mostly in France and Colorado (skiing and big, outdoor summers), where we frequently saw Terry Staples ’65. We cruised our boat extensively in Bahamas and are impatiently awaiting the opening of Cuba. Now we’re living in a new world, our son (32), took a wicked fall in Vail and is recovering from a spinal cord injury. Our daughter (28) came home from Hawaii to help us out. Retirement is on pause. Still vividly and fondly recall my four wonderful years at Suffield, especially the sports teams, such great guys. To all of you, my best.

Jim Daly Peter Arango ’64 and family. “Graduation of our middle child, Bailey, from Whitman last June. Oldest, Padgett and daughter, Grayson on the right.”

50 |

Well, I am back at school! After retiring and moving to North Carolina, I decided to join the St. James Volunteer Fire Department, and I am in training to become an EMT. Four months of classes covering more anatomy and physiology than I ever had in my previous life, followed by respiratory and emergency room

Saturday morning to get out before the blast hit after arriving at 11:00 P.M. the night before, only being able to spend a couple of hours); Bruce Fletcher from nearby New Britain; Chris Frost from Red Bank, NJ; Perry Gleason from Trenton; Doc (and Helen) Older from NJ; and John Scott from San Francisco, CA. We all agreed to become Class Agents and work together to bring others from our class back for our 50th Reunion in 2016. Everyone can be involved; it shouldn’t be only a few as it has been. Our class, and all classes, should be grateful and appreciate the dedication, time, and serious involvement of those agents who over the many years have given so much. I have enjoyed living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the past 23 years. I’m planning on returning to Connecticut in 2012!

David Chase

Les Abberley ’65 with wife Brigitte, daughter Sybille, and son Christopher.

clinicals will enable me to take my state exam and become an EMT-Basic. Then the fun begins... can you imagine “A.J.” behind the steering wheel of a huge ambulance bearing down on you with lights flashing and siren blaring? Not a pretty sight. WOO HOO!!

Raymond Kolstad

Memories... Setting the alarm for 2:00 A.M.; walking across the street in the cold to go cram for a test (many such morning walks); Capt. Mabley’s booming voice saying grace; Bruce Waldman warning me not to induce vomiting in order to miss Plane G quizzes; Ernie in the kitchen; Mr. Gooch’s derisive guffaw as he read one of my b.s. lines about Ernest Hemingway “in the dark, bleak world of ‘nada’”—I actually did write that; being thrilled that in my junior year, my voice finally started cracking. I am still based in San Francisco, so anyone flying West, let me know.

1967 CLASS AGENT Chris Harlambakis |

My wife Ginger retired this year after being a flight attendant for 40 years (Pan Am and Delta). I look forward to continued travel, and she looks forward to staying home! We will both enjoy her retirement.

Tom Hart

Joseph Field

Jeff McElnea

I am living with my wife Ariane in Hong Kong. We’re very happy. My son Matthew is a senior executive at the Internet cosmetics company Birchbox. My son Charlie is a junior at Yale, where he is the first check on the rugby team. My daughter is a senior at Colgate.

1966 CLASS AGENTS Charlie Claggett | Bruce Fletcher | Chris Frost | DOC Older

The Reunion was wonderful, even with the snow. It was great to sing with the gatherings of COGS and to do it for our mentor, Brad Gooch, and to get caught up with fellow classmates.

Bruce Fletcher

There were too few ’66 classmates returning, but we look forward to a big turnout for our 50th in 2016. Despite the difficult snow conditions it was fun. I enjoyed the “state of the school” address (we can be very proud of Suffield’s success.), meeting Trustee chair Daniel Tisch ’69, P’02, the winning football game, and “tailgate cookout.” Hopefully, the tree damage won’t scar the beauty of the campus.

Fred Doepke

For me, the highlights were things Headmaster Cahn discussed. First, the beauty and impressiveness of the “physical plant” i.e., school buildings, grounds, facilities, etc. Second, the unique and thorough application of those facilities to and for the educational needs and requirements of those using them, students, faculty, administration, and alums as well. Third, the well executed extensive planning that evolved throughout the weekend to bring everything together so well, despite the weather. The weather and a few other complications kept us (Nita and I) from attending the two breakfasts and, with my rental car left in a ditch under power lines and by downed trees in Granby after the wonderful dinner Saturday evening, I even doubted if I would make it out of Bradley Sunday at noon to get back to Seattle, WA—but with her help I did. All in all, the best part was spending a few hours with my Class of 1966 friends: Charlie Claggett (who had to leave at 11:00

I am continuing my historic preservation activities with the publication of “Karen Blixen’s Other House” in the upcoming issue of Kenya Past and Present.

The best part for me was seeing some of the ’66’s (one class ahead of mine) after 45 years. Also, the COGS reunion, complete with an alumni performance at dinner honoring Brad Gooch, who spontaneously jumped out of his chair to conduct us in the Suffield alma mater. Brad seemed to enjoy the experience as much as we did singing it. Our always winning football team still did their thing undaunted by our freak October blizzard. All in all, a memorable experience brought to us by a great school.

Frank Andreone

My youngest daughter Jena and her husband Ben had their first child—a nine-pound boy named Finley in March. They live in Washington, DC, and she works for the GAO. Since 2010, Ben has been working in the real estate field brokering in Maryland and Virginia. I’m in my 26th year in real estate in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1968 CLASS AGENTS Tyler Bumsted | Brian Hersey | Seth Whitaker

I am well integrated into my Peace Corps Community HIV/ Aids Outreach Program (CHOP) posting in rural South Africa. Anyone who would like a view of life here and how much fun and adventure there is for a 60+ Peace Corps volunteer, see my story at

Bob Morris

I just “retired” from corporate life to answer (finally!) a lifelong calling to write, and I have formed my own publishing company. My first book is autobiographical, entitled Fighting Windmills: A Quixotic Odyssey, and should be published by Christmas; since I need to run the manuscript past the CIA’s Publications Review Board prior to printing, it could be delayed a bit, but hopefully not. By the way, the preliminary website is viewable via http:// or Please check it out. Otherwise, life is grand. My daughter Kelly (27) lives in LA and loves her work as an account manager with an advertising firm. My son Brian (23) is currently on a “Semester at Sea,” sponsored by UVA. They sail around the world for 111 days,

Fall 2011 | 51

making stops in 14 countries along the way and studying various course topics throughout. He is due to dock in Cape Town in two days time. Daughter Sasha (14) has just started 9th grade, and she lights the world around her with her beautiful spirit. My wife Maka and I are living happily in Virginia Beach; after a lifetime of moving around the globe, our intention is to stay put here. That’s about it for the moment. Best regards to all at Suffield!

Collin McNeil

I am proud to report that I was elected to be Joint Master of the Radnor Hunt in Malvern, PA, in May. The “science” of hunting foxes can be exciting, engrossing, and exhausting!

Geoff Callahan

I am an avid NPR listener and was delighted last August as I was driving to hear an interview of Archer Mayor ’69 on NPR. Go to and search for Archer Mayor. The interview and review of his newest detective stories are all online. It was great to hear his voice and listen to Archer talk about his book. I guess Mason Nye and Gordon Glover laid the literary foundation for Archer’s future.

1969 CLASS AGENT Greg Putnam | Bob Lally

As is the case for so many of my classmates, I have one of those memorable birthdays coming up. It’s hard to believe. When did this happen? As a celebration, at least of continued mobility, numerous orthopedic surgeries notwithstanding, I am out in Montana fly fishing. This all started with the fishing team at Suffield and Ap’s encouragement. I learned to fly cast behind his house with Perk Perkins, now president of Orvis. I was hiking in mountains and stayed in a cabin. Rough country, great scenery. My youngest son just started at West Point, so Anne and I are now empty nesters. Best wishes to all the ’69s.

Greg Putnam

Greetings from the West Coast. I hope you all had a great summer and that this finds you and yours healthy and happy. For those who enjoy guacamole, you might want to stop by out here as this year’s avocado crop is going to be a whopper. In fact, our little community of Carpinteria has its annual Avocado Festival the first part of October every year—over 100,000 came this year— and you can experience almost every imaginable use of the fruit. The golf courses are in magnificent condition, and the company is beyond reproach. And as it has been our practice in the past, the Class of 1969 shall again be generous in our participation in this year’s Annual Fund. Be well and send in some news.

George Shepard

I’m living on the farm in West Greenwich, RI. I am growing medical marijuana as a licensed caregiver and starting a worm farm this spring with the goal of producing organic potting soil. Funny thing is that Suffield had a much greater impact on my daughter Sally who attended summer school there for one brief session than on me. That session changed her life and really led to her getting her master’s degree in London last year.

1971 CLASS AGENTS Pierre Genvert | Leo Letendre | Brian Morris | Brian Morris

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my former classmates this year, and being one of the Class Agents will help me accomplish that goal. We had a great turnout for our 40th Reunion. I came all the way from California to celebrate the occasion!

George Swinston

A huge thank you to Charlie Cahn and everyone involved in hosting Reunion. In essence, this was the first time I have returned since graduating. So many memories came back while walking around campus and wandering the halls. Looking back, I didn’t appreciate everything that Suffield was and offered...but now I

52 |

Abe Samii and George Swinston ’71

marvel at how fortunate I was to attend and how grateful I am for the friendships formed. I was in awe at the expansion of the facilities; truly a world-class, self-contained college preparatory institution. The monster snow storm that hit, knocking out power throughout New England, brought back many different memories of the intense winters at Suffield (ice fishing, skiing, etc.). A super special treat was seeing Abe Samii, Dennis Kinne, and George Pervear. They seem to never age! To my classmates, we share a special bond. Where did the 40 years go? I was truly thrilled to meet your spouses and tell stories of our younger days. I look forward to the next reunion—I will not miss it. For those who could not attend, come to the next one; you will not regret it! Thank you, and go Tigers!

Paul Liistro

Of course the impressive dynamic of the reunion was the strong draw which Suffield has for those of us who returned. In many cases, some of us have not seen each other since graduation, May 1971. Suffield made a large impression on all of us. It was fun to walk the halls, remark how the place has evolved, and actually wish we could reverse time to enjoy the substantial improvements and opportunities. Further, I was impressed with the curriculum, the emphasis on structure and discipline, and the focus on leadership. (I am not sure that I could get in!) Finally, the essence of our personalities was still evident so many years later. Morris is still the funniest guy I know; Flip, the most industrious; Leo, the most goal oriented; Raul, the most understated; Swinston, still the Flash; Loether, the quietest; Weil, the friendliest.; Thomas, the most even keeled; Glass, still in sales; and the missing in action, well, were missing: Sbriglio, Daugherty, Daniels, Perkins, Adams, and too many others. May the future be kind to us all. I look forward to the next meeting.

Paul Loether

It was great to see all the classmates from my era, as well as the teachers/coaches: Abe, Dennis, George, Don, and especially (for me) my musical mentor, Brad. Ricky and I had a lot of fun finding niches where we could engage is some unsupervised guitar playing, as well as singing with the COGs from my older brother’s era. Also, I much appreciated Charlie’s lunch-time review of the “state of the school,” as well as the strategic plan for the years ahead. Pretty exciting to know that the school is in the hands of a strong, young, visionary leader supported by an active, realistic, and dedicated board headed by Danny. Past and future, all well wrapped. It’s a great mix. Hope to be back next year.

Karl Heinz-Fruth

My senior year at Suffield Academy as an ASSIST-Scholar gave a very strong and positive impact to my life and career. So it was self-evident to return all the way from Germany to the 40th Reunion of our graduating class. My favorite part of the weekend was the Friday night reception at the county club and the after-reception party at the Suffield Inn! I was amazed by

the attendance of our class. Talking to guys I have not seen for 40 years was just so much fun and pleasure. And it was great to see Abe Samii! Well, he had to come, because we dedicated our yearbook to him. The campus tour, done by very engaged students obviously proud of their school, showed a well mixed balance of traditional customs and new developments. And Charlie Cahn’s “state of the school” address showed that every dollar given to the Annual Fund is a good investment! I feel proud that our class won the award for donating the most dollars to the Annual Fund. In my opinion dinner was highlighted by the funny slideshow and the COGS performance conducted by Brad Gooch. Farewell on Sunday was combined with the goal to meet again for our 50th. I will come again if God so wills. Many thanks to the Alumni Office for organizing this great event!

1972 CLASS AGENTS Chip Spear | John Therriault | John Therriault

My wife Claire and I had an interesting summer with two weddings. In July, our youngest son Charles married Lauren Cassidy of Hancock, New Hampshire, in a lovely outdoor ceremony in Pittsfield, Maine. In September, our oldest son Joseph married Meera Modi of Yorktown Heights, New York, at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, New Jersey, in a unique Christian/Hindu ceremony.

Mac Rand

I completed my fourth Ironman triathlon this past July in Lake Placid, New York, while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. After 22 years as a science teacher and middle school administrator, I left education in 2008 and started an outdoor recreation business called Great Blue Outfitters near our home in Pawling, NY. My wife and I have two grown kids and adopted our now 11-year-old daughter from China when she was an infant. She alternates between wearing us out and keeping us young!

Ron Rivard

Despite the recession, he and his family are alive and well. He looks forward to hearing from any of his classmates from the Class of ’72. He can be reached at (203) 640-2053. To Chip and John, our Class Agents—keep up the good work!

1973 CLASS AGENTS Jody Cranmore | Jim Knight | Roofus Hoffman

I am alive and well and still enjoying life!

Ken Turnbull

Great job on the reunion. I had a great time. Notable moments were most of us getting the usual bear hug from Abe Samii.

1974 CLASS AGENTS Blair Childs | Bud Hancock | Tom Leonard |

Jan Lee Walker Larsson ’76 in Mexico with our daughters, Lorena, Lorenza, a friend called Diana, me, my husband Tobbe, our daughter Eugenia sitting down in front of me, our daughter Towe, our son, Jesper. Not shown is our daughter Carmen who is taking the picture.

Robert Cole

I have just returned from a year in Burbank, CA. I worked on visual effects for Gulliver’s Travels, Jackass3D, Green Hornet, Thor, and Captain America. I also did a bit of the on-going 2D to 3D conversion of Titanic, due to be released April ’12. My wife Karen and I are enjoying the late summer weather, and we are spending time relaxing, riding our Morgan horse, visiting Bar Harbor, and gearing up for the next season.

John Moritz

I took a team of eight students and four faculty from Millbrook School to Ghana, West Africa, this summer. We did a two-day cultural and sports outreach with four local schools, worked at our children’s home in Old Ningo, and then visited other orphanages and schools for the blind and deaf and shared with them. It was a great trip and great experience for all. Hope to bring a team from Suffield in the future! For more information, visit us at My best to all, especially the Class of ’74.

Rich Romeo

Kathy and I are proud grandparents. Our daughter Eva gave birth to a baby boy, Jackson Kramer. I will be in Suffield November 17, 2012. I am being elected to the Suffield Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jim Hogg

Reunion was great! The Saturday evening blizzard was unbelievable. The last time I saw snow like that was when I was stranded in Washington, DC, several years ago in February for three days. But snow like that in October? Thanks to everyone at Suffield who made sure I got back to the hotel OK and helped free my car from the snowy burial.

John Kennedy

I am a partner at Lippincott, a fraud strategy firm, and I live in Stamford with my wife Carol and our three sons, Jack and Gerard (11), and Ryan (9).

Pat Scanlon

We were busy moving our studio, editing suites, and office space at the beginning of the summer and wrapped up projects with ShopRite, Duane Reed, and Walgreens. Shamrock Communications is a full service digital production company serving the Northeast, and we just won an award for a video on Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute’s Center on the American Governor. Mark Graham ’75 with son Harrison. Fall 2011 | 53

1975 CLASS AGENTS Carey Fiertz | Mark Teed | Mark Graham

I am thinking of Suffield this time of year when the leaves change, football weekends in New England, and when one’s team (St. Louis Cardinals) is in the fall classic. I took my 14-year-old son Harrison to games 1 & 2 in St. Louis vs. the Texas Rangers. Thanks to our team spirit and infamous “Rally Squirrel,” the Redbirds prevailed in 7 games. Absolutely priceless!

1976 CLASS AGENTS Jennifer Cartmell | Scott Craig | Molly Debevoise Renniel | Tony Castro

Thirty–five years? Where has all the time gone? On the other hand, the polyester suits and platform shoes do seem light years away. Fast-forwarding to the relatively recent past, my wife Rose C. Palermo and I are raising our two children, Anthony (14) and Isabel (11) in bucolic Rye, NY. We migrated from NYC to suburbia over 14 years ago, providing the kids with the perfect balance between the peace and quite of Rye and the excitement and pace of NYC only 35 minutes away. Rose is the quintessential “soccer mom.” Anthony and Isabel are not only involved with travel soccer but seemingly every other activity, including swimming and performing with the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus at Lincoln Center. It is a full-time task in which I enthusiastically participate. With the remaining time, I am busy with my law practice. The poor economy has affected some aspects, such as the real estate transactions, but criminal defense remains busy. Previously, I was a 14-year prosecutor in Bronx County, leaving in 2001 as the deputy chief of homicides and the Grand Jury Bureau. I also found time to run a third time for Westchester County District Attorney after running the two closest races for district attorney in the history of Westchester County, but falling short—six points in 2001 and three points in 2005. Last year, I took on the political machine and did not fare as well. Unfortunately, running as an independent is very difficult. It is easy to see how the system favors career politicians over dedicated public servants, and equally easy to understand why so many New Yorkers view their government as being “dysfunctional.” As far as staying in touch with my Suffield past, I do check on Ralph Adler periodically. Coincidently, since Ralph moved to New Zealand, the island seems to be having more regular tremors. What message could the local gods be sending? Suffield was one of the greatest years of my life. I am looking forward to the reunion.

Jannie Walker Larsson

We had a great summer. We stayed in an apartment of a previous customer of mine in Cancún, Mexico. What a fantastic time! Crystal, turquoise water for miles, excellent food, and nice people. We are not avid snorkelers, but we had tremendous tours off the famous coast of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. The Mayan ruins around the area, especially Chichen Itza were inspiring, and the

Mark Palomba ’77, Chuck Alfano ’77, and Dave Teed ’77 at the Suffield Academy Alumni Golf Tournament.

54 |

adventure parks were just what was need for our family of eight. The vacation could not have been better, and it was a well need respite for the intensive spring and fall we are having. I have recently been certified to work with a method for group development according to former Temple University Professor Susan A. Wheelan, and I will finish off a course in leading change in Colorado in October. I am having a great time with the company and getting more and more back to my roots with cultural dynamics and group development, which feels like “coming home” since I graduated with a degree in cultural anthropology.

Tim Rice

My family and I are doing well in New Hampshire. I am in my sixth year as an elementary school principal in Barnstead, NH. Our school is a Pre-K to Grade 8 school of more than 500 students; I love the range of ages and the different challenges each grade presents. My wife Anne has her own law practice, Rice Law Office in Laconia, NH. Our oldest child, Charles, is a sophomore at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. (He graduated from St. Paul’s, Concord, NH in 2010.) Our twins are in different schools. Katherine is a junior at Gilford Hill School, where she’s an honor’s student and varsity athlete in soccer and lacrosse. Her twin brother Guy is attending St. Paul’s, and he is also an honor’s student and varsity athlete in soccer, cross-country skiing, and lacrosse. I miss seeing everyone at reunion times, but with my school schedule and trying to get to my children’s events (Parents’ Weekend at Georgetown, Homecoming at Gilford, or Parents’ Weekend at St. Paul’s, and the various sports teams they compete in), it is difficult to travel back to Suffield. Go, Tigers!

1977 CLASS AGENTS Ed Kaplan | Beth Tyler | Sara Whitaker

I want to give a shout out to the classes of ’76, ’77 and ’78. I was hoping to get to the October 2011 reunion, and decided that I need to prepare for my reunion in 2012. Let’s make it a huge success! Hey to the wrestling team, football, softball, field hockey, and modern dance of ’76 and ’77. I hope to see all friends of days gone by and meet up in 2012. Check out my website!

Denise Jackson Dean

I think the last time I communicated with the Suffield community was around our 25th reunion. It’s amazing how much life can change in 10 years. I left IBM in 2003 after 20-plus years with the aim of becoming a teacher. After marrying a wonderful man, Mark E. Dean, and moving West—Tucson, Arizona, and San Jose, California—I achieved my goal. When asked why I moved from OD consulting in corporate America to teaching in public schools, I tell them, “I wanted to go from cure to prevent.” And I love being a teacher! I taught fifth grade in San Jose for the 2007-08 school year with a wonderful group of colleagues and had a lively, creative, and diverse class. That great year was followed by another move. Did I mention that my husband works for IBM? It was back East for us. We moved to Bethel, Connecticut, and after a little more than two years we had the opportunity to do an international assignment. My husband’s

Denise Jackson Dean ’77 and husband Mark.

Julie Bower

We just finished our second season of Police Women of Broward County on TLC. It was a lot of fun and a great experience showing the work I do as a sex crimes detective. I am also a single mom of three boys. The youngest is eight, and I am having a blast with him.

John Brubacher

I am living in Barrington IL, a suburb of Chicago. I am a technology management consultant, and my wife Suanne is a special needs teacher (sign language). Our son Alex (26) is a commercial artist for Nike,; his brother Owen (14) is an eighth-grader; and our daughter Paige (21) is a senior at the College of Charleston, majoring in psychology-neuroscience.

1979 The Palomba Family: Lisa Palomba-Deni ’77, Mark ’77, Ed ’78, Joe ’80, and Alyssa ’10 at Joey Palomba ’11 graduation, with Mary Palomba-Bourke FP ’77,’78,’80, GP’10,’11.

CLASS AGENTS Matt Cartmell | Steve Dutcher | Ruth Kennedy | Bob Stanley | Steve Dutcher

new assignment has him working in various African nations, but we live in Dubai, which is in the United Arab Emirates, east of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the least conservative Arab countries and surprisingly comfortable. It feels very western in many ways—diverse population, with tons of dining, shopping, and entertainment. The location also makes it easier to travel to places we always wished to see. In addition to going on safari in South Africa, diving in the Maldives, and checking out Australia, I hope to get to Sweden so I can visit my old roommate, Jan Walker. Wish me luck!

Went on my first cruise for my 50th birthday in October! I am certain it must be a mistake on my birth certificate. Went to Tortola, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Croix, St. Maarten & St. Kitts! Awesome!

Glenn Schattman

As for news from my family, I just moved with my wife Claudia and family of four (Emily 18, Dylan 16, Ayden 13, Ben 9) to Westport, Connecticut. I am an associate professor of reproductive medicine at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and my research is on fertility preservation in women at risk of infertility due to cancer treatment/chemotherapy.

Bill Kieger

1978 CLASS AGENTS Ben Davol | Lisa Longo | Ed Palomba |

Some big changes have occurred for us over the last three months. My wife Ann, daughter Hana, dog Ruby, cat Izaac, and thoroughbred Josie have moved back to Boulder, Colorado. I plan to continue working as a small animal veterinarian and am working on teaching veterinary ultrasound. Ann is pursuing work in Montessori schools in the area. Hana started her freshman year at Fairview High School this fall, and all is going well.

Ben Davol

Greetings to all. I’m living in Farmington, CT. My daughter Emily is a sophomore at George Washington University, and my son Charlie is a PG at The Gunnery. Charlie is a rower, thus my alma mater lost out. My wife Tricia is associate director of Admissions and director of International Outreach at Miss Porter’s School. I am the head of public policy for Thermo Fisher Scientific. In my spare time, I am a partner in a start-up business centered on better inventory control of medical devices for hospitals. I completed a 50-mile Connecticut Challenge Bike fundraiser this summer and am going for the century in the spring. We go to Westport, MA, every summer where we run into Debbie Rogers (Truesdale) ’79 and her great family. Go, Tigers!

1980 CLASS AGENTS Mary Carroll | Linda McCullagh O’Leary | Joe Palomba | Lisa Keney Rarus

Graduation celebrations have been the 2011 theme in the Rarus family. Drew was a member of the SA Class of 2011 and is headed off to the College of Charleston. Meredith ’07 graduated cum laude from DePaul University and will be in working in Chicago for an economic research firm.

John Pruitt

I still live in New Jersey and work at the same job, as a partner in the law firm of Dewey & LeBoeuf in New York. The newest thing in my household is my youngest daughter Emmy, who just turned two. She will keep me youthful and active for a very long time. I have two other daughters in middle school and a third grade boy. With my wife Carlene, dog, cat, and German au pair, I live in a full and noisy household. I enjoy the Suffield events at the Regency Hotel and urge some of my classmates to attend.

Andy Sutphin

In late September 2010, I married to Helen Keane in Ballyvary, Ireland. On the day in August that Hurricane Irene hit, we were blessed with the arrival of Aidan Edward, a fiery red-head like his mother. By Gerry LaPlante’s math, this should place Aidan in the Class of 2029. Alison Welch Davee ’81: Photo by Horsepower Sports Photo,LLC

Fall 2011 | 55

1981 CLASS AGENTS Valisha Graves | Mark McCullagh | Evan McGlinn | David Spitzler | Alison Welch Davee | David Lingua

Greetings from Ocean City! I’m attending the Maryland Municipal League’s annual summer convention. Topics range from code enforcement to emergency preparedness to budget projection. Awesome!

John Martin

I am certainly biased, but Class of ’81 wins most fun for the weekend. We tried to get everyone on the dance floor, but we were the main folks out there. The real great part was when Barbara Cartmell got the entire Class of ’81 at midnight on Bell Hill sledding—that was priceless. I also really loved hearing Charlie Cahn deliver the long term campus and school plan. Outstanding! It makes me want to send my kids there.

Alison Welch Davee

All is well here in Maine. This fall marks the beginning of my 26th year teaching, and my 19th year teaching French at Lincoln Academy, in the Newcastle/Damariscotta area of mid-coast Maine. I still have great memories of my all French classes at Suffield with Dave Compton. I stay busy driving my two sons Will (12) and Jake (15) to all their sporting events, which take place year round. They both play baseball, soccer, and hockey, and ski/snowboard when they have some free time. We live five miles from the Camden Snow Bowl, so it’s a great after school activity for a few hours before homework. We also manage frequent trips to Sugarloaf when the hockey schedule permits. In my free time, I continue to enter my two horses in 3-phase competitive events.

1982 CLASS AGENTS David Carangelo | John Cook | Margaret Figueroa Hern | Madeline Phillips |

Children of Kerrin Fuller Rowley ’84: Briggs, Kendall, Tucker, and Stoddard.

airline based in Dubai. My wife Dina and our children are well established and also enjoying the expat life that Dubai has to offer. Forest is 11, Hayden is 5, and Lucienne is 5. If any alumni or staff get to Dubai, look us up!

Taro Kono

I would like to thank everyone who has warmly supported Japan since the 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima disaster. Thank you! I have voted against my Party, the Liberal Democrats, in the Parliament and have been kicked out of the Shadow Cabinet. Well, it’s OK. All I have to do is to win the Party leadership election next summer. The Shonan Bellmare professional soccer club, of which I am the chairman, has come down to Division 2, and we are now looking for new partners. If you are interested in owning a part of a famed professional soccer club, let me know. The Bellmare has had several players who have played in the World Cup, has won the Asia Championship in 1995, and has won the Emperor’s Cup in 1977, 1979 and 1994.

Frank Scibelli

From an article in the Charlotte Observer, “Today, Scibelli is Charlotte’s Mr. Comfort Food, with restaurants that specialize in burgers, barbecue, Mexican, Tex-Mex and Italian. With entrees that rarely rise above $20, you could take your family to a Scibelli restaurant five nights in a row and not eat the same kind of food twice.” Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver. com/2011/10/02/2656136/mr-comfort-food.html#ixzz1ZitnoR6F

Gregg Lynam

The last four months have been very busy for the Lynam family! We bought and sold homes and got Mirabella and Gabriella settled into kindergarten and second grade at their new school. My plastic surgery practice continues to keep me busy, and I am the only doctor willing to take care of the facial fractures at one of our local hospitals, so that makes for some strange work hours. My wife works part time as an anesthesiologist, and her mother stays with us often to help keep the family running smoothly. I often hint about the girls attending Suffield when the time comes; so far, Michelle’s motherly instincts prevent her from considering it. Saw my old roommate Steve Abramson in San Diego last year while there on business. One of these days I am hoping to find the time to learn how to play golf!

1983 CLASS AGENTS Bob Churchill | Marybeth DiBuono-Riley Bobby Walin

I ran into Richard Kleis in my hometown of Key Biscayne, Florida. We chatted about his tennis game and my baseball years. He is in the aviation business in Miami, and I own a large catering company in Miami focusing on sporting events throughout the United States.

Elizabeth Olsen Stevens Top photo: Alan Hopps ’82 with son Forrest Alan (11). Bottom photo: Alan’s children Lucienne Clarice (4) and Hayden Ronald (5).

Alan Hopps

We are now living in Dubai in the UAE and enjoying our new environment. I am a captain with Flydubai, which is a fast growing

56 |

I’m still teaching at Exeter. My son Henry who is a tenth-grader plays soccer for Exeter and is looking forward to taking on Andover next weekend. Andover’s team is coached by Bill Scott ’72, who used to coach Suffield’s team and teach math when I was a student at Suffield. The prep school world is small!

John Sekulow

I’m well and living in Israel.

1984 CLASS AGENTS Shelley Frazier Pelletier | Peter Mitchell | Lisa Reveruzzi | Lisa Paolini Schmidt | Sophia Duly Little

I have been married for over three years now and love it. I recently saw Sylvie Waskiewicz in San Francisco. She looked fantastic, and it was so much fun catching up. I am working in the semiconductor industry, which keeps me busy traveling. I also volunteer at the local state run animal shelter. I plan on taking a few months off next summer to travel with my husband.

Kerrin Fuller Rowley

Stacey S. Orben Glazier ’85 with children Grayson (4) and Karsten (1).

Richard Nunez

I am starting Panamsource, a VMware partner selling, training, consulting, and modern cloud infrastructure throughout Latin America. I couldn’t have done this without Mrs. Samii and her dedication to Latin American literature!

Tracy Orr O’Keefe

Things are crazy busy with four children ages 9-16 (yup, a driver in the house). See how crazy they are? We have a summer home in Ocean Point, Maine. Sophia Duly Little ’84 I am so excited my lacrosse team from Lynchburg College is being inducted to the NCAA Hall of Fame in October. I continue to play women’s lacrosse when I can, and I enjoy watching all four of our kids play as well. I have been in real estate for five years and am a top producer for Coldwell Banker. It’s a lot of work but fun! I keep in touch with Brinley Ford ’86, Denise Choquette ’84 and Dave Moore ’84.

I’m happy to have reunited with John Hess and family, thanks to our 25th Class Reunion in October ’10. This is the second year our families met at my brother Todd Orr’s ’87 house in Westport for their annual Pumpkin Fest. We gathered a few of the “troops” to get a shot of some future Suffield grads. Pictured here l-r: Logan Orr (3), Finn O’Keefe (5), Brody Hess (5), Rory Hess (8). It was also nice to see Steve Kline ’83 there this year. I enjoy life in the New Jersey burbs. We got out to a hot air balloon festival this summer, which was pretty amazing (see photo). It’s fun to be in touch with so many SA alumni on Facebook and LinkedIn. Let’s keep it up! I am hoping our 30th reunion is better attended. Do you hear that, Class of ’85? Start planning now!

From Jennifer Delaney, wife of J. David Delaney ’84

Stacy Orben Glazier

Dave passed away unexpectedly on June 29, 2011. He is survived by his two adored children, Jack and Emma Rose, and his wife of 18 years, Jennifer. He is also survived by his mother Ruth of Keene, NH, brother John, sister Jane, and many relatives and friends who loved his sense of humor, love of adventure, and passion for life. He will be terribly missed by everyone who knew him. Dave was incredibly proud of his career at Suffield and loved to tell stories about his old classmates and teachers. He played several sports, including baseball and wrestling, but loved the academics just as much. It was a wonderful time in his life, and he always remembered it fondly. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to his children’s educational fund and leave a note for his family at his website,

My husband and I are doing great in Alexandria, Virginia. Our girls Grayson (4) and Karsten (21 months) are enjoying their new German Shepherd puppy Shep. I am still in touch with Cinnamon —who is great—and would love to see anyone if they are ever in the DC area.

Luis Zerpa

It was great to share time with old friends and faculty as the Tigers visited the Cats for “The Football Game of the Year.” The new Simosa Field was the beautiful setting for a great game between our sister schools. I´m certain that this great, new rivalry will continue to bond our communities in many wonderful ways.

Charlotte Post Chase

I have relocated with my four children, Corbin, Lucy, Georgie, and Simons, to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am director of client development for Greene Resources, a staffing and recruiting firm in Raleigh. I get together a lot with Judy Killam Campbell ’83 and her kids Jane and Ben. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with Sharon Bell Kolk. Our children are in school together! It would be great to meet some other Suffield alums in the Triangle Area.

1985 CLASS AGENTS Andy Glover | Michelle Hashioka Lord | Chuck McGavern |

Logan Orr (3), Finn O’Keefe (5), Brody Hess (5), and Rory Hess (8).

Luis Zerpa ’85

Tracy O’Keefe ’85 children Riley (2) and Finn (5).

Fall 2011 | 57

Nochimson ’87 for Verona Town Council

David Lovely

I helped Michael Nochimson get elected to Verona (NJ) Town Council. Pretty cool!

Dan Hostetter ’88 and Aya Murata ’88

1986 CLASS AGENTS Sean Federowicz | Brinley Ford Ehlers | Kristin Hostetter Pandit | Niko Mosko | Scott Lewis

I recently left my position at the National Kidney Foundation to provide design and production consultation for UN Women, a division of the United Nations focusing on gender equality and economic empowerment. I see my fellow Brooklynite, Chris Caiati, and have been in touch over the years with various members of classes from ’84-’87, including some guy named Eck. I hear he’s a teacher somewhere.

Brinley Ford Ehlers

Our 25th reunion was memorable indeed. Highlights were our tailgate party at the football game in the snow; winning the participation award for the most alumni in attendance; winning the awards for longest traveled (Joe Cunningham and Michelle Chestnut from Hawaii); and the candlelit late night party in the lobby of the powerless Springhill Suites Hotel. More than a quarter of our class came back for our 25th!

Dave Eckhardt

The Eckhardts had a great summer in Vermont and were able to spend time with several Academy alums. The summer kicked off with a great father-son camping trip on the Connecticut coast with Brian Greenho and his son Morgan. While in Landgrove, Vermont, we spent a great deal of time with Tom and Suzy Harris ’87 and also caught up with Brinley Ford Ehlers and her family. Another highlight was traveling to Maine to visit with Bill Phipps and his family at the beach. I cannot believe that we celebrated our 25th reunion this fall. It was great to see so many members of the Class of 1986 here on campus.

1987 CLASS AGENTS Betsy Coughlin Tod | Jeff Martini | Phil Riegel | Drew Kliber

I have moved back to Missoula, Montana, with my wife Heather and three kids Jett (10), Finley (7), and Krew (3). We spent most of our summer enjoying our vacation home on Flathead Lake, Montana. Any Suffield alumni who are traveling through western Montana, please look me up.

J.P. Ayubi

I am living in Oklahoma City. Jonette and I have three great kids. I’m flying for CBP. My sister Ineke ’89 is a doctor on the Pima reservation near Phoenix.

58 |

1988 CLASS AGENTS Kate Cleary | Pat Dorsey | Kiernan Flynn | Beth Buoniconti Fernandez | elizabethfernandez165@ Aya Murata

This past summer I had the chance to spend three and a half weeks in China. The trip began in Hong Kong, and I had the pleasure of catching up with Dan Hostetter. This year is my 20th year at Andover (Phillips Academy, where I am still a dean and serve as the advisor to Asian and Asian-American students). My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this August, and our boys are in the fifth and third grades. They both love soccer and downhill skiing. Hope everyone in the SA family is doing well.

Robin Miller

I am still in Telluride, Colorado, with my husband and two girls, Macey and Ford. Last year I started my own interior design firm in Telluride. We are looking forward to a good season, since we already have more than a foot of snow on the ground. I am currently in Connecticut and leaving to go visit with Lee Baldwin.

Bess Lumpkin Celio

I just visited Suffield on Labor Day! I walked my kids around a very quiet and much changed campus. It was fun to be back.

Dan Hostetter

My family and I have been based in Hong Kong for the last three years and love it here. We have three children—Chris (9), Paige (7), and Brooke (3). They are learning Chinese and love their friends and schools, but we hope to send them back to Suffield when they are ready.

1989 CLASS AGENTS Tom Burton | Michelle Motta Stewart | Jed Nosal | Aimee Scherer Hodgkins | Oren Leff

What an exciting year this has been for us. On June 1, 2011, Gloria and I had our second baby girl, Rochell. She is doing wonderfully well, and along with her big sister, Saadyiah, she is settling into our new home in Shreveport, Louisiana. Yes—we have moved again. Home is where the Air Force sends us, and I am now assigned to 8th Air Force, Barksdale AFB, LA. I am currently the Chief, Operations Law and Legal Advisor for the 608th Air Operations Center, assisting in the development and implementation of Global Strike flying missions throughout the world. I was recently selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and should officially promote to my new rank by early spring 2012. We are located within driving distance of Dallas, New Orleans, and Little Rock and would welcome the opportunity to get together

with old friends who either live in the area or who are simply passing through! Please drop a note ( I look forward to catching up with you all!

1990 CLASS AGENTS Kelli Chamberlain Tosone | Peter DaPuzzo | Amy Newman Vaughn | Courtney Wilson Nixon | Timothe Carpenter

My wife, daughter, and I had a great time at the Class of 1990’s 20th reunion last fall. It was great to be back on SA’s beautiful campus and to see friends I haven’t seen in far too long. We will be back for my 25th for sure and hope to see even more of my classmates then. Special thanks to the Tiger Camp staff during Reunion weekend, Ella had a lot of fun there.

Amy Newman Vaughn

I had a great time at Hilton Head on September 17th at the wedding of Meredith Wilson ’92 and Kenneth Doty. The bride looked gorgeous, as did her sisters Courtney Wilson Nixon’90, Jennifer Wilson ’88, and parents of the bride, Joyce (former faculty) and Allan Wilson. My mother (Mardi Newman, former faculty), my sister Ann Selvitelli (current faculty), Heidi Currier (former faculty, and Robin and Marty (former faculty) Eastman represented Suffield in grand style at the event!

1991 CLASS AGENTS Kim Ames Ide | Courtney Dansey Rogers | Pat Kennedy | Andy Roebuck

It felt really great to be back for reunion 2011, although the drive to and from was very dangerous, and I likely would not have come if I had known how bad the conditions were. It was great to see old friends Nick Molander, Kim Ames Ide, Dave Malley, Pete Cerrato, Matt Levy, Kelly Powers, and Ethan Hooper, as well as faculty Bill Butcher, Andy Lowe and especially Barry Cleary, who was my favorite faculty member at Suffield and a mentor to me. I missed seeing the campus, as it was a blizzard and the power was out, but I was impressed that the school kept the event going in Brewster. It was very special to be there.

1992 CLASS AGENTS Marigrace Canter Morris | Ntsekhe Moiloa | Sarah Nosal Smith | Wadiya Peterson | Wadiya Wynn

I was promoted to chief operations officer and added to the Board of Directors for Sparta Social Networks.

Children of David Bowser ’93: Zoe, Becca, David Jr., Ferris and baby brother Trevor.

Marigrace Canter Morris

A warm hello to all my Suffield friends. All is well with my family. My children, (8, 6, and 3) are involved in their respective schools and enjoying the year. I just completed the NYC Marathon after training hard since July. It was a thrilling experience. It was great to see friendly faces on the sidelines. I hope to hear from old friends and classmates. Email me if you are in the city or just to say hello.

1993 CLASS AGENTS Pam Eisen | Alexa Economou Rice | Lauren Roginski | Marla Zide | Patricia Riordan Chalian

I recently moved to New Canaan with my husband but still commute into New York City. My brother, his wife, and daughter moved to Annapolis, Maryland, and are living a few houses down from Tom Hodgkins ’88 and Amy Scherer ’89.

David Bowser

We’ve added another Bowser to the bunch! Trevor Daniel was born on August 3, 2011. Big siblings Zoe, Becca, David Jr., and Ferris couldn’t be happier with their new little brother!

Alexa Economou Rice

My husband and I just came back from visiting Suffield Academy. I am so glad we took the time to drive up from Philadelphia. Sean was very impressed with the school, and the campus looks amazing! We stayed at Spencer on Main with our two puppies that were a big hit with the students. We visited with Mr. Cahn, Mr. Godin, and Andrew Gamere ’93. Recently, I worked all week in New York City for Fashion Week and came home to a visit from Pam Eisen. We laughed all night with Sean, sharing our memories of Suffield Academy.

JonElle Lemon

On Saturday, July 30, in Alexandria, Virginia, I was joined in holy matrimony to Kevin D. Scott. We had a lovely, outdoor ceremony and were surrounded by our families and friends, including a few SA alums—Heather Morgan, Kristina Harrison Francis, Lilah Al-Masri, Rehana Thomas Parsons, and Tyshawn Henry.

1994 CLASS AGENTS Alison Kennedy Auciello | Scott Sartwell | Chris Saven | Bill Metzger

It is a little late, but I was married on November 20th, 2010, to Marylou Ramos in Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA. The rain poured down on our wedding day, but the day was as beautiful as we could have imagined. We have not taken our honeymoon yet, but in the coming months we will finally be taking it and travelling to Hong Kong and Bali. Since then, we have moved to Burlingame, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have taken a controller position at Jump Associates. Jump Associates,, is a strategic consulting firm helping large corporations solve ambiguous growth problems.

Alexa Rice ’93 with her husband Sean. Fall 2011 | 59

Scott Sartwell

This past June, I ran the Mayor’s Midnight Marathon in Alaska with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have been a coach for them for about five years and have helped out for about 12 years. In September, a group of coaches and I ran the Blue Ridge Relay, which is a 208-mile road run from Grayson County, VA, to Ashville, NC. I continue to work as a CWI in Charlotte, North Carolina, and my wife Mary is a high school counselor at Audrey Kell in Charlotte. We have been busy this fall watching my cousin Dan Polaski play football at Western Carolina University.

1995 CLASS AGENTS Joyce Moncrief McGovern | Leigh Murphy | Bryson Tillinghast | Dave Asinas | Shanti Hageman

My husband Kyde and I welcomed James Bannon Sharp on April 18, 2011. He’s our first and the sweetest thing ever.

Bryson Tillinghast

I got married to Elisabeth C. Motley on June 25, 2011, and then I completed the Ironman Lake Placid Triathlon on July 24, 2011 (11 hours and 35 minutes) before going on our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii.

Adrian Seto

My wife and I moved from Hong Kong to Singapore in July. I took a new job with Pricewaterhouse Coopers as associate director in the Technology, InfoComm, Entertainment & Media Practice. After having worked over 10 years in the Entertainment & Media industry, I crossed over into consulting. This move has been both exciting on a personal level and also rewarding professionally!

Jesse DeCouto

I got married in April to Katie.

Matt Fine

On October 22nd, our second child was born. His name is John Harris Fine. Everybody is doing great, and his two-year-old big sister is beginning to accept the fact that we’re not going to return him.

David Asinas

Hey, Tigers. I will be relocating to New York City soon. It would be great to catch up with old classmates living down there or passing through. Life is grand. Hope all is well with the Class of ’95, and go, Tigers!!

Christine M. Tribble McCrea ’96

and was 7/100ths of a second faster than her U.S. teammate, Beezie Madden. It was an epic finish, and the highlight of Chris’ career so far. Chris’ Pan Am Team and Individual Gold was last accomplished by Canada’s great horseman, Ian Millar in 1987. Looking ahead, Chris and Romantovich Take One will be training for the US Olympic Trials in Wellington, Florida, in March 2012. She is extremely thankful for the continued support of the Suffield community and friends from the Class of ’96. To follow her, please visit:

1997 CLASS AGENTS Amy Blake Cook | Lewis Dunn | Brian Hetzel | Danielle Therriault | Ali Al-Ghanim

I spent most of my summer in Kuwait, except for the week and a half when I was on “mission” to Europe where I attended two different meetings for work. The first meeting was in London titled “The 2011 High-Level Partnership Dialogue” (July 3-4), while the second was in Vienna, Austria, where I attended the 69th Bi-Annual Meeting of the Coordination Group (July 6-8). Prior to those meetings, Ed Mack Jr., a Suffield alum, came to visit me in Kuwait for a few days. I drove him around Kuwait, showed him the sights and sounds, and let him take my SUV for a drive on the dunes of Kuwait. Finally I got to go on a well deserved vacation, so I decided to attend my friend’s wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I am currently writing this note while transiting at TAV Istanbul Ataturk Airport after trying to help a guy out. I found out that the guy I helped happened to be a Suffield alumni, as well. His name is Robert Totah ’76. Such a small world!

Mike Cirelli


I recently self-published a photography book about a skateboard shop in Enfield, CT, called Skate Lair. The book can be viewed at

CLASS AGENTS Tabitha Bliven Heidorn | Ryan Dowd | Sarah Knapps Saven |


Cristine Kirwan

I unfortunately was unable to make this last reunion which was my 15th! I just moved with The Ritz-Carlton to New Orleans. I spent about two years in beautiful St. Thomas, also with The Ritz-Carlton. If anyone is down in “N’awlins,” feel free to stop by!

Written by Carolyn Tribble Hudkins ’94:

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Suffield Academy graduate Christine Tribble McCrea ’96 to represent the United States in the sport of show-jumping at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, in October. Chris was one of three horse and rider combinations selected by the USET (United States Equestrian Team) to represent the United States. Everything was at stake for the Americans, including qualification for the 2021 Olympic Games. As a team, they faced the pressure and delivered the United States its third Equestrian Team Gold medal and an invitation to London. Two days after this important win, Chris entered the ring again, to compete on her own. Aboard Romantovich Take One, Chris had her fifth clear round

60 |

CLASS AGENTS Mickey Allen | Sarah Fletcher | Meghan Liljedahl | Sarah Hotchkiss | Curtis Dubay

My wife Johanna and I welcomed our first child, a son named Theodore, to the world in July. Everyone is doing well. I am looking forward to showing Theodore around Suffield and seeing all the new additions to the campus soon.

Samar Adlouni

I’m doing well! I’m a full-time mother of two and have been living in Dubai for the last six years. Life here is good but a bit too hot sometimes! I’m in touch with a few people from Class of ’98, and I hope to one day make it back to Suffield for a reunion!

2001 CLASS AGENTS Paige Diamond | Greg Hearn | Russ Hearn | Ashton Jones | Katherine Pratt Coleman | Greg Hearn

I am still here in Boston after finishing my MBA last spring (2010). I am working down near MIT at a place called Forrester Research with Sarah Glass ’02 during the day, and working on my start-up at night and on the weekends. So, needless to say, I’m keeping busy. Phil White ’99, Amy Lauren Terceira ’99 and Rob Schnabel ’99.

Kyra Appleby

1999 CLASS AGENTS Steven Darling | Maura Deedy | Larry Griffin | Patrick Stone | Rob Schnabel

I am working at the Carbon Disclosure Project fighting the good fight to accelerate solutions to climate change. I was recently married and live with my husband in London. If anyone is across the pond, please look me up!

Jordan Rothenberg

I just finished my undergraduate degree (BA in Psychology) and am now living and working on assignment in Switzerland.

Kate Dineen

This past September I had the pleasure of spending quality time with great friends from SA: Phil White, Amy Terceira, Nit Tapia and Amy Groszyk in both New York and Boston. It was nice to catch up with them just before I departed for New Zealand to travel, work, and enjoy the rest of the Rugby World Cup. New Zealand is a place I hope to further grow my urban apparel business, Bakline, Inc. ( As always, if any SA alum are in New York—just drop me a note: Cheers!

My husband, Alex Lawton, and I were married on the beach at the Chatham Bars Inn on October 22nd! It was a gorgeous, autumn day to celebrate with some of my dearest Suffield friends, including Headmaster Charlie Cahn, Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88, Jared Dubey ’00, Benjamin Lemire ’00, and Crosby LeVeen ’99. Peyton and Harrison Cahn even made an appearance on the dance floor! We were also lucky enough to have Alexandra Tremaine ’03 photograph the event. It was a truly magical day!

Amy Terceira


I am living in Paris, France, learning French, (Mrs. Saven would be shocked with my progress!) traveling, and making a point to indulge in the great food and wine! I recently had a mini SA reunion in NYC with Rob Schnabel, Phil White, and Nit Tapia. We had an excellent time reminiscing. I see Jess Chanderli all the time in Paris. Some of my closest friends today are the ones I met at SA!

CLASS AGENTS Sari Biddelman | Alison Carey | Hilary Golas | Erin Orr Ligay | Lynx LaCroix (Ty Watras) |

2000 CLASS AGENTS Michael Coleman | Carmine Petrone | Andrea Rich | Manny Simons | Meagan Ward Jenkins | Jenny Brookes

In January, just after my daughter’s second birthday, I got engaged to Mark Goodwin, and then on July 29th we celebrated the birth of our second child, Jacob Adam Goodwin. I will be taking a year off from teaching middle school in Bermuda to be at home with him. Rayland Baxter ’02

Rayland Baxter

This is my favorite time of year. It reminds me a lot of Suffield. Orange leaves and cold evenings. I really loved going to school there. All things are going steady down here in Nashville. A new record is on the way, and it should be out early 2012. Touring around the country from here ‘till who knows. I am hoping to run into some old Suffield alums along the way. Been playing alongside several famous artists including Willie Nelson, Grace Potter, The Civil Wars, and the Jayhawks to name a few. [A Tennessee native, Rayland is quickly becoming one of Nashville’s most buzzed-about singer-songwriters. His full-length album is expected out sometime soon. Check out his website] Jenny Brookes ’00 with Mark Goodwin, son Adam and daughter Marlena. Fall 2011 | 61

Generation in Denver. The elephant work will surely continue interminably, but my lease and Seventh Gen contract terminate in August. I have no idea what I will do what next! Anyone?

Jena Greaser

Anthony Rousseau ’04 and his mom, Rose at the Ironman 70.3 Florida

Kristin McCurdy Motley

I currently live in Hanover, NH, and work in development for Dartmouth Medical School. I married Brooks Motley on October 1st at a summer camp wedding in Maine! We met at Bates College, and he is a medical student here at Dartmouth. Outside of work, I write a food blog: Check it out!

2003 CLASS AGENTS Lydia Pillsbury | Lindsay Rousseau | Bronya Shillo | Lindsey Pell | Eric Yale | Lydia Pillsbury

I recently moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with my fiancé Jesse. We met as undergrads at Bowdoin and have relocated to Pittsburgh for his graduate program. This fall I am traveling through Central Europe with a friend from college. I would love to know if there are other alums in the Pittsburgh area.

Shoshana Pinedo

I am back in Amsterdam working as a fashion design intern at Viktor & Rolf. Next week I get to go to Paris Fashion Week! I will be finishing my master’s in Fashion Design at the end of 2012 at the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco.

I moved to Newton, MA, in June. I got a summer job as a ropes course/rock wall specialist, and my boyfriend Ryan got a summer internship at Toole Design, which designs pedestrian and bicyclefriendly facilities in and around Boston. We did this move while I had just been sent to the ER with a bacterial infection. I could not bike race for a month. I fortunately was able to recover in time to fly out to Sun Valley, Idaho, where I had qualified to compete in the Mountain Biking Cross-Country National Championships. It was a blast! It has perfect weather and so many neat things to see, including Dr. David Holmes ’60, former headmaster during my time at SA! I had just completed my cross-country race and there he was, sitting on the patio. We had a chance to catch up. He is the Head of School at the Community School right around the corner from the resort. I brought back a silver and bronze medal to the East Coast! Not bad for being sick for a month and only having 2 days to acclimate before the first race. Hopefully next year I will have some sponsors that can help to make it a longer trip! The rest of my racing season has been going very well. I will go all the way into December. I also had the chance to meet up with Alison Leonard ’06 in Boston. She is getting a double master’s in accounting and business. We went to the Nike store to get our picture taken in front of Prefontaine and his famous quote that we had on our 2003 S.A. girls’ crosscountry running shirts. For the fall, I acquired a position working for McLean Hospital in their Pathways Academy as one of the special education assistant counselors. It is also only a 3-mile bike ride from home. I am planning to take the GREs at the end of September and apply to graduate programs in the Boston area for education and environmental science. In September, I received my professional license upgrade for mountain biking. This was due to my successful 2011 season, especially my strong results at Nationals! I will not have a paid contract for the 2012 season, but hopefully in the near future (2013!). I am waiting to hear about a grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation, and I am also going to be looking for teams and sponsors. If I do not get on a team that can help with the costs of travel and training expenses, then I will be reaching out for sponsors that will be represented on my own jersey. If anyone is interested in supporting me or if you know a company or individual who may be interested, please contact me.

Carrie Carpenter Meckel

Over the summer, I married Steven Meckel, whom I’ve been dating since I was a junior at SA. I have also started my first year of study at Quinnipiac University School of Law. I continue to play rugby for the Hartford Wild Roses and am the president of the club.

Elsie Prichard Prior

I am doing great and have just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary to Ian Prior. We were married on October 1, 2010, in Newport, RI, with Shoshana Pinedo as one of my bridesmaids. Ian and I are currently living on the east side of Providence, where I am enjoying working in real estate/ property management, and Ian is practicing law.

Clark Shaw

Assistant Designer at Ralph Lauren - Men’s knit and jean wear. Will be married to Jolien Langezaal on December 30th, 2011— she is also a designer. Living in New York City and getting married in Park City, Utah.

Jena Greaser ’04 with Alison Leonard ’06

2004 CLASS AGENTS Jessica Aiken | Kate Braden | Alex Naboicheck | Andrew Scully | William Taylor | Anthony Rousseau | David McConaghay

Since the start of 2011, I’ve been living in Colorado, bouncing between work as an editor and contributor for elephantjournal. com in Boulder and as a brand representative for Seventh

62 |

Former Headmaster David Holmes ’60 and Jena Greaser ’04 in Sun Valley, ID.

Kate Braden

I just got promoted to associate buyer of girls for, so I’m excited to begin a new work venture. I have been training for the NYC marathon since June through team-in-training and have raised $4000 thus far. All money goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which will be used for finding a cure! It is such a rewarding experience with a great group of people.

Colleen Knight

I have been living in NYC for over a year now and working as the general manager/sommelier for Parlor Steakhouse in the Upper East Side. I see Jules Okai at least once a week and run into past Suffield graduates often here. I miss Suffield and hopefully will make it back to visit soon.

Gustafson, Lucy Reinhardt and Stephanie Shaker. They are doing incredible things, as well as the rest of my unbelievably talented Class of 2005. Maggie just returned from Thailand and is now is teaching in New Orleans. Lucy will be returning from Thailand in a few weeks and will be moving to San Francisco, and Shaker is making moves towards being the most awesome lawyer in the world. Just chatted it up with Pat McDermott in the virtual world. He is in a band (you should all like it on Facebook).

Philippe Arman

I have recently moved back to New York City from Paris, where I was recording for my musical solo project. Here’s a link to the latest music video shot for the second single GROOVES!

Dave Duff

Life has been very busy and eventful this past year. Between traveling to Italy and France, working on some exciting construction projects throughout Maryland with my company, Southway Builders, and training for a marathon, needless to say, life’s been fun! It was great seeing some old faces at the lacrosse alumni event this past spring. I’m still convinced Dub-T hasn’t changed a bit :). I’m currently living down in Baltimore, so if anyone is around, there are plenty of bars to meet. I hope all is well with the Class of ’04 and, in particular, the PGs. Go, Tigers!

Kristin Matchett

2011 has been a year filled with different experiences. I ran the Boston Marathon in April, participated in a surgical mission in Uganda during the summer, and now I am well into the Physician Assistant Program at Northeastern University. I had the pleasure of being on Suffield’s campus for a few days—it’s gorgeous! I am also incredibly proud of my brother, Dan Matchett ’08, for his future endeavor as a pilot in the Air Force!

Lewis Stowe

I have left Scotland and am now teaching English at the Anglo School in Warsaw, Poland. Things have been going well so far, though after having classes with teenagers, I have gained a great deal of respect for my teachers at Suffield.

2005 CLASS AGENTS Rick Devlin | Dan Fisher | Steph Shaker | Casey Shanley | David Appleby

I have moved to Manhattan after taking a job at Barclays Capital this past August. I am happy to report that I continue to be in touch with most of my best friends from Suffield, and despite being scattered across the country, we generally get together for a long weekend at least once a year. My younger brother Gabriel will be starting his senior year at Suffield in the fall, and though the college admissions process is grueling and will require a lot of work, I try to remind him not to let his last year at Suffield fly by too quickly. I hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing everyone next time I’m on campus.

Jillian Huffman

I went from Purdue (go, Boilermakers!) to nursing school. I am now a nurse in the pediatric ICU at nationwide Children’s Hospital, and I love it. I am doing what I love and I make a difference in all of my patients’ families’ lives.

Jamie Ansorge

I took a few months off this summer to relax and travel in the Middle East. I just started Brooklyn Law School. I am still doing political consulting for a congresswoman and other local politicians on the side. I continue to work on my non-profit at the UN. I stay in touch with the Suffield guys through fantasy football.

2006 CLASS AGENTS Alison Leonard | Eric Litmer | Jen Mais | Luke McComb | Gina Petrone | Lev Saltonstall | Chris Stafford | Pete Farnsworth

I have been working in the film and TV business for the past few years in the Tri-State area. This past January I moved to Brooklyn, NY, and so far I love it! I just finished working on the TV shows The Voice and The Real Housewives of NYC, and this spring I was back in Connecticut on the set of Officer Down, which will be released in theaters in 2012. To the Class of 2006, look me up next time you are in NYC!

Chris Stafford

After graduating from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 2010, I moved to Tampa, FL, and began working for Moran Towing Corp. as a mate in their ATB fleet. A year later, I accepted a new job in Wilton, CT, working in operations for Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc., a chemical tanker shipping company. I assist in managing the day-to day-operations of a fleet of almost 30 ships. I continue to serve as a Strategic Sealift Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and am still an active swimmer with U.S. Master’s Swimming.

Matthew Wiggin

Busy year of traveling and breaking into the theater business. Productions have taken me to Florida, New York, Illinois, Iowa, and Arizona. I will be heading to the Woodstock Playhouse in November and December for A Christmas Carol, to Circa 21 Playhouse for Grease, and to The Broadway Palm and Dutch Apple Theater for a Legally Blonde tour.

Ron Bathrick

I hope everyone is doing well. I graduated from Clark University with a degree in geography. While at Clark, I played baseball for another former Tiger, Jason Falcon ’91. In my senior year, Clark baseball finished with their best season record in the program’s history. I am starting up law school at Roger Williams in the fall of 2011. I hope to attend Reunion. I can’t believe it’s already been five years.

Rachel Puklin

I graduated in May with my master’s in education. I am now volunteering at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center in the Child Life department. I am hoping to complete a Child Life internship in the spring and become a certified Child Life specialist by next summer!

Kelley Riley

I returned from Africa in January 2011 and fundraised for the non-profit I was working for until April. I am currently living in Alexandria, VA, and opening a photography business with my two business partners and photographers, Anna and Michael. Visit our site I am still best friends with Maggie Chris Stafford ’06 with the U.S. Naval Hospital Ship Mercy. Fall 2011 | 63

Everett Smith

I graduated in May 2011 from Ohio Wesleylan University with a B.A. My major was geography.

Chris Diamond

There weren’t too many exciting adventures this summer. I recently graduated from Lafayette College with honors in economics and business and a minor in mathematics. I got a job with Bloomberg L.P. in NYC and will shortly be living outside of the city in Hoboken, NJ. Hope all is well at Suffield.

Lexi Walston

Hi, Suffield! I just graduated from Hobart and William Smith College in May with a degree in economics. I am hoping to travel to Africa this fall to volunteer in Tanzania. After volunteering, I am hoping to move to LA to work in sports production and marketing. I am looking forward to meeting up with good friends from Suffield very soon. See everyone next time I’m on campus!

Charles Huck

I am currently working on my master’s degree in finance at Tulane.

Greg D’Aleo

Alessandra G. Perna ’07 in Ghana, Africa.

I graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science in finance and accounting. He will finish a Master of Science in accounting there in December 2011.

Matt Jones Fatima graduated from Smith College in May, 2011 with highest honors. She is currently in Salvador, Brazil, on a Fulbright Scholarship doing research in public and private prisons. She is expected to return to the U.S. in March 2012.

Hey, Suffield. I hope the fall is treating everyone on campus well. I graduated from Gettysburg College in May with a degree in history, and six months later I have just landed my first full time job with Oracle as a business development consultant! I start my new job at the end of November. I hope everyone from the Class of ’07 is doing great, and I can’t wait for the five year Reunion to catch up with all my friends. But until then, I wish everyone the very best.


Bianca Molta

Maria-Fatima Santos

CLASS AGENTS Mike DiPietro | Sydney Greenberg | Katy Heydinger | Charlie Huck | Matt Jones | Catherine Mis | Erik Osborne | Meredith Rarus | Tyler St. Pierre | Rob Zammito | Sydney Greenberg

I am now living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a member of Teach for America. For the next two years I’ll be teaching high school math in a school outside of Baton Rouge. It’s weird to be a teacher myself now, but luckily I had great examples at Suffield after whom I can model my own teaching. It’s made me appreciate how great a math teacher Mrs. Vasilenko was!

Alessandra Perna

I graduated from Babson College in May double concentrating in legal studies and marketing. Recently, I traveled to Ghana, Africa, to teach business and entrepreneurship to high school students. It was the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life. I plan on traveling back to Africa this year to continue teaching students and to help them start up their own businesses. Congratulations to everyone who graduated college this year!

Hannah Thompson

I moved to Aspen, CO, in June after graduating from Colorado College and absolutely love it! It is beautiful, and I am enjoying what the mountains have to offer. I can’t wait for ski season!

I am currently working on her Master’s at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City studying American Fine and Decorative Art.

2008 CLASS AGENTS Becca Bathrick | Kirsten Chalke | Thomas Drummond-Hay | Barbara Kaplan | Kaela Keyes | Lindsay Life | Erica Siver

I’m going to be a senior this fall at the University of New Hampshire. I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast! I’m majoring in dietetics and will hopefully become a registered dietitian after I graduate. I spent five weeks this summer studying the Mediterranean diet in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. I determined that gelato should be a necessary part of the diet. I also have been interning at WIC in Springfield, MA, as a nutritionist. Hope everyone is well!

Becca Bathrick

Hello, to all! I spent the summer in California visiting my grandparents with my mom and three sisters. My brother, Ron Bathrick ’06, entered Roger Williams Law School; we are very proud of him! I am currently in my last year at Seton Hall University and received the 2011 Janice M. Gamper Nursing Scholarship. I am currently working at Yale-New Haven Hospital as a student nurse assistant and absolutely love it. I am very excited for the year ahead of me. I miss Suffield very much and cannot wait to see everyone very soon.

Dan Matchett Emily Nissensohn

I’m doing great. I’m about to finish my last year at Roger Williams University with a double major in journalism and French! I have been writing the fashion column for a New England magazine for the last two years. This summer I am doing a 10-week graduate program in Israel before hopefully going off to the Columbia School of Journalism!

64 |

As a senior and an economics major at Boston College, I have been incredibly busy balancing school, lacrosse, and ROTC. Next year, I will commission into the United States Air Force as a 2nd Lt. I have been selected to attend flight school at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program (ENJJPT) at Sheppard AFB in Texas. At this assignment, I will train with pilots from all over the world and will hopefully be one step closer to becoming a fighter pilot.

Tom Cyran

Senior year has arrived quicker than I had imagined here at Hamilton. I will graduate in May with an economics major and a double minor in biology and mathematics. In addition, I have accepted a job offer in NYC with FactSet Research Systems, a financial data and software company working in their Investment Banking and Brokerage group. Outside of the classroom I am both a manager and captain of our Club Water Polo program, which hosted the Division III Club National Championships at our home facility. We were able to go 2-1 on the weekend and earned a fifth place finish. As a result of Coach Andy Lowe’s early encouragement, I have earned three varsity letters as a member of the Hamilton swim team, and I was selected to the All-Conference NESCAC Championship team last year. As one of this year’s Hamilton swim team captains, I am looking forward to improve upon last year’s swimming successes.

Liz Snow

I am a senior now at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. I am studying Athletic Training, but am currently applying to graduate school to study Speech-Language Pathology. I plan to attend graduate school in either the New York City or Boston area and will hopefully eventually have a career as a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist! Recently I ran in my first marathon—the Rock and Roll Marathon in Savannah, Georgia. I really enjoyed this experience and my next goal is to get a qualifying time to compete in the Boston Marathon within the next few years!

2010 CLASS AGENTS Ben Adams | Michelle Autuori | Justine de Chazal | Mariah Gonzalez | Tom Leonard | Alyssa Palomba | Lucas Traber | Mariah Gonzalez

I spent five great weeks as a teacher-assistant at Summer Academy 2011! It was awesome seeing so many classmates, as well as meeting other SA alumni. I helped with three classes: two public speaking classes with Matt Jones ’07 and a basic writing class with Drew Gamere ’93. This experience was very rewarding, and it was great to be back home at Suffield Academy!

Alex Anderson

I’m doing my first college extracurricular activity this fall called Project-Eye-to-Eye. It’s an after school program for 7th and 8th graders with learning disabilities where college kids who also have learning disabilities mentor them. What better way to show middle school students that they can go to college? We’re mentoring at School of the Future on 22nd and Lexington. There are about 15 of us in the NYU chapter, but I believe there are about 80 chapters in the country. Other than that, I just had midterms and am just living life one day at a time. I hope everything is well. I think about Suffield fondly at least every week.

Rob Fay

I am doing well at UC Boulder. One of his roommates is Joe McGovern, and Connor Bray has come to visit.

2011 Harry Williams ’07 and friend at Uhuru Peak, the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

2009 CLASS AGENTS Cordie Brady | Tom Casey | Rosemary Chandler | Charles Ferguson | Liz Monty | Sam Stone | Jen Yeaw | Erica Victoria Lane

Hey, everyone! I just finished my freshman year at St. Lawrence University! I am loving it so far. I had an amazing first year and can’t wait to go back at the end of August.

Amber Rodgers

I have just returned from spending the month of June in Ethiopia, Africa! It was an incredible experience spent with 13 of my St. Lawrence classmates. For the summer, I worked as a white water rafting guide with Zoar Outdoor in Western Massachusetts. Check it out! I am majoring in sociology with a sport studies and exercise science minor at St. Lawrence University.

Anne McGovern

I have loved my past two years at BU! I may spend too much time with Charles Reeb ’07, but oh, well! I spent this past summer living on Cape Cod interning for United Way and working for TD Bank. It was a great summer, and next semester, I plan to study abroad again. This time in Madrid.

CLASS AGENTS Emily Aiken | Joe Begley | Serge Derby | Kachenta Descartes | Karoline Hegbom | Didi McDonald | Joe Palomba | James Park | Shamier Settle | Lester Taylor | Sam Waters

I spent the summer in London. For two weeks I helped film the television show Mud Men for the History Channel, with a company called ITN. I went to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Paris, Oxford, Dublin, and Barcelona. I hope all is well in Suffield.

Max Warner

I have been at college for a little more than a month now, and I finally got over that weird feeling of not being at Suffield anymore. But, it is just the way of the world. This summer was a quiet one for me, minus having my first paying job ever, (which was pretty awesome) and an annual trip to Pittsburgh to watch the Steelers play a preseason game. Suffield will always have a place in my heart!

Lorenzo Bernardez

Summer went well. I played about 70 games or so of baseball tournaments and things like that. I received an honorable mention for MVP in a tournament in Rhode Island. Summer started with me going to the Bahamas with Lester Taylor for a week. College is going well; classes are not too bad. College sports are no joke, though; you have to be physically and mentally tough. Physically, I am fine and am getting stronger, but I am still working on the mental toughness. I miss Suffield more and more every day. My love goes out to all.

Fall 2011 | 65

Weddings Darrah Blackshaw ’03 to Eric Wagaman on March 29, 2008. Bill Metzger ’98 to Marylou Ramos on November 20th, 2010. Denise Choquette ’84 to Michael Leber on January 22, 2011. Jesse DeCouto ’95 to Katie on April 23, 2011. Seamus Durkin ’99 to Maddie May 28, 2011. Carrie Carpenter ’04 to Steven Meckel on June 11, 2011. Caitlin Kobylarz ’09 to Pete Camp on June 18, 2011. Bryson Tillinghast ’95 to Elisabeth Motley on June 25, 2011. Stephen Carrabba ’01 to Catherine Croce on June 25, 2011. Nick Oleksak ’02 to Elyse Pultz on July 3, 2011. Hannah Wolcott ’04 to William Reid on July 23, 2011. JonElle Lemon ’93 to Kevin D. Scott on July 30, 2011.

Alex Hazelton ’95 to Kari McDowell on August 6, 2011. Garison Beale ’01 to Danielle Henry on August 13, 2011. Courtney DeLong ’98 to Jason Kopec on August 14, 2011 Justin Richter ’00 to Amanda Gilmore on August 21, 2011. Kyra Appleby ’01 to Niki Kohli on September 10, 2011. Sarah Glass ’02 to Matt Fitzsimmons on September 10, 2011. Brooks Truesdell ’01 to Kevin Dolan on September 16, 2011. Meredith Wilson ’93 to Kenneth Doty on September 17, 2011. Kristin McCurdy ’02 to Brooks Motley on October 1, 2011. Gretchen Allinson ’00 to Ben Herter on October 1, 2011. Lisa Deedy ’03 to Eric Horan on October 8, 2011. Kate Dineen ’01 to Alex Lawton on October 22, 2011.

Kate Dineen ’01 wedding

Jesse DeCouto ’95 and Katie

Bill Metzger ’98 and Marylou Ramos Seamus Durkin ’99 wedding

JonElle Lemon ’93 and Kevin D. Scott

Gretchen Allinson ’00 wedding

[Suffield Academy alum and former school photographer Alexandra Tremaine ’03 is now an acclaimed wedding photographer based in New York City. Recent work includes the Dineen and Wolcott weddings. See her work at]

66 |

Keller Glass ’01 wedding

Brooks Truesdell ’01 and Kevin Dolan

Sarah Glass ’02 wedding

Elsie Quarrier Prichard Prior ’03 wedding

Carrie Carpenter Meckel ’04 and Steven Meckel

Bryson Tillinghast ’95 and Elisabeth Motley

Hannah Wolcott ’04 wedding

Courtney DeLong ’98 and Jason Kopec

Engagements Lydia Pillsbury ’03 to Jesse Drummond. Katie Rabbett ’04 to Nick Gurau. Erin Leech ’04 to Richard Simon. Jenna Phillips ’04 to Justin Cavaliere.

Jessica Aiken ’04 to James Scola. Jason Weiss ’01 to Andrea Norton. Hilary Golas ’02 to David Rouse. Jonathon Woods ’00 to Lynn Magill.

Fall 2011 | 67

Births To Caroline Harrison ’02, a daughter, Rebecca, on November 9, 2010. To Shinya Nagase ’97 and wife, Noriko, a son, Eiki, on February 3, 2011. To Samantha Peterson Lynch ’98 and husband, Roger, a daughter, Lucie Marie, on April 10, 2011. To Shanti Hageman ’95 and husband, Kyde, a son, James Bannon Sharp, on April 18, 2011. To Oren Leff ’89 and wife, Gloria, a daughter, Rochell, on June 1, 2011. To Jenny Walsh Stevens ’92, a daughter, Liza Walsh Stevens, on June 7, 2011. To Natalie Barton Perkins ’93, a son, Palmer Agnes, on June 20, 2011. To Rich Tyson ’02 and wife, Ashley, a daughter, Lily Grace, on June 29, 2011. To Isaiah Ekejiuba ’00, a son, Isaiah Jr., on July 4, 2011. To Curtis Dubay ’98 and wife, Johanna, a son, Theodore, on July 22, 2011. To Jennifer Brookes ’00, a son, Jacob Adam, on July 29, 2011. To Tim Cleary ’02 and wife, Merrie-Beth, a son, Addison Burns, on July 30, 2011. To David Bowser ’93 and wife, Tanya, a son, Trevor Daniel, on August 3, 2011. To Amanda Schelling Getten ’94 and husband, Mark, a daughter, Natalie Rayna August 10, 2011. To Lindsay McMillan Powers ’93 and husband, Harris, a daughter, Elizabeth Late, on June 22, 2011. To Andy Sutphin ’80 and wife, Helen, a son, Aidan Edward on August 27 2011. To Emily Schelling ’93 and husband, Jonathon, a son, Isaac Arthur, on September 6th, 2011. To Drew Catanese ’00 and wife, Pauli, a daughter, Gemma, on October 18, 2011. To Meaghan Leahy Palmer ’97, and husband, Todd, a daughter, Paige, on November, 8, 2011.

Liza Stevens daughter of Jenny Walsh Stevens’92

Jack Griffin McCollister great-grandson of Charles Roberts ’50

Matt Fine ’95 with daughter Eleanor (2) and new baby, John

In Memoriam Robert Forsberg ’50 passed away on December 1, 2010. Robert Dreier ’40 passed away on June 12, 2011. L. Gardner Graves ’64 passed away on June 30, 2011. J. Dave Delaney ’84 passed away on June 29, 2011. Sarah Skowronowski ’28 passed away on August 13, 2011. Helen Dudek ’34 passed away on August 15, 2011. Anne Horanzy Jaworski ’37 passed away on September 18, 2011. Dr. Charlton Futch ’58 passed away on October 2, 2011. Guy Pellegrinelli ’48 passed away on October 30, 2011. Michael Parman ’59 passed away.

Sophie Bachurz, longtime staff member, passed away on October 17, 2011.

68 |

Suffield Academy

annual repor t of giving 2010-2011 2 A message from Headmaster Charles Cahn III 3 Summary of Cash Contributions and Alumni Participation 5 Thank you from Director of Development Phil Riegel ’87 6 Leadership Giving 13 Alumni Giving 25 Current Parent Giving 28 Grandparent Giving 28 Former Parent Giving 30 Faculty and Staff Giving 31 Friends of Suffield Giving 31 Foundation Giving 33 Corporate Giving 33 Auction Donors 34 Gifts in honor and in memory 36 Ways of giving

Headmaster Charlie Cahn The Cahn Family

The 2010-2011 Annual Report of Giving reflects a record-breaking period of financial support for Suffield Academy. Over 3,250 gifts were made to the school last year—an unprecedented level of generosity that symbolizes Suffield’s momentum. The Annual Fund reached a new high for the nineteenth consecutive year, and we are most pleased to see the continued growth in the percentage of alumni and parent donors. In the past ten years the percentage of alumni donors has increased from 17% to 40%, and parent giving from 50% to 93%. Thank you for helping make this possible. I also want to thank our many volunteers, including our alumni class agents, for their dedicated support of our development efforts. Special thanks go to trustee Suzy Vogler P’11 and John O’Brien P’12, ’14 as our parent Annual Fund chairs, and to David Spitzler ’81 and Andrea Rich ’01 as chairs of our alumni efforts. Our Board of Trustees also deserves the highest praise for their deep commitment to the school. Their wise governance and stewardship have helped Suffield build its strong position. Most importantly, I trust everyone listed in the following pages knows that contributions to our school really make a dramatic impact. Suffield is a worthy beneficiary of your philanthropy. In leading Suffield, Hillary and I want to emphasize how deeply appreciative we are for your generosity. Together, we are achieving new heights and securing the bright future we all want for this special Academy and our students.

With gratitude,

Charles Cahn III Headmaster

2010 - 2011

Summary of charitable gifts {July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011} Capital Funds Unrestricted $2,142,974 Capital Projects $73,051 Endowment $582,500

Suffield alumni, former parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends contributed $4,910,794 during our 2011 fiscal year.

Annual Fund Unrestricted $1,690,373 Restricted $421,896 Total Cash Received $4,910,794

Annual fund totals FISCAL YEAR



2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

$2,112,269 $1,854,458 $1,310,833 $1,266,638 $1,164,923

2,624 2,375 2,129 1,996 1,700

Annual fund Parent and alumni Participation FISCAL YEAR





2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

$1,101,010 $945,105 $682,998 $553,815 $523,796

93% 90% 81% 80% 62%

$660,513 $545,433 $363,113 $384,506 $431,739

40.1% 36.1% 33.7% 30.9% 26.9%

The Annual Report for 2011 recognizes the donors who supported Suffield during the last fiscal year. Our intention has been to compile an accurate and complete list of all donors. We apologize if there are any errors or omissions. If you find a mistake, please contact Phil Riegel ’87, director of development, at 860.386.4461 or by e-mail at

Fall 2011 | 3

Annual Report Suffield Academy Annual Report of Giving 2010-2011

We are pleased to present the 2010-2011 Annual Report of Giving, recognizing the benefactors of Suffield Academy and their generous support during the last fiscal year. This was a record-breaking year for giving to Suffield, and we are deeply grateful to the alumni, parents, grandparents, students, and friends whose names appear on these pages.


Facilities & Buildings

Academics, Athletics, the Arts, Other

Capital Expenditure

11% 6% 30% 53%

Salaries & Benefits


Endowment Draw Annual Fund




11% 78%

4 |


*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

Thank-you Director of Development Phil Riegel ’87

Each year at Suffield Academy we have a theme. The theme is connected to a community text that everyone—students, faculty, and even many of our parents and alumni — reads each summer. The book this year is Of Beetles and Angels, written by Mawi Asgedom, and the theme is gratitude. Our students and faculty certainly have many reasons to be grateful at Suffield Academy. Our school remains a nurturing, inspiring environment where our students can take chances and push themselves. We also enjoy a pristine New England setting on a campus that has seen unprecedented physical improvements over the past decade. The gratitude of the Suffield family is made evident in the pages that follow. Gifts, both big and small, are expressions of support for the school and its dedicated faculty. Each donation allows another success in the classroom, art studio, or playing field. A Suffield education is a gift to be treasured, and we are grateful to those of you who help make it possible.


Phil Riegel ’87 Director of Development

Annual Report Leadership Circle $50,000+ Anonymous, three gifts Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. de Chazal P ’10 (5) Barbara and Keith Gollust P ’11, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Gooch P ’81, ’82 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Jr. P ’11 The Hoffman Family Mr. Tianzhu Hong and Ms. Luping Ke P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Jacobs Jewish Communal Fund Mr. Peter D. Kinnear ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Andre Koo P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Lavine P ’05 (9) Mr. William N. Macartney III ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Moore P ’09, ’14 (7) Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Opatrny Jr. P ’02 (10) The Overbrook Foundation Mrs. Nongluck Phataraprasit Lauren and Fred Powers ’83 P ’14 (26) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Tisch ’69 P ’02 (17) Mr. and Mrs. William F. Vogler III P ’11

Founders’ Society $25,000-$49,999 Anonymous, four gifts Mr. Joseph W. Alsop ’63 and Dr. Christiane K. Alsop (14) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arnold Jr. P ’14 Mr. Joseph P. Campanelli ’75 (6) Mr. Jen-I Chen and Ms. Momo Tao P ’13 Combined Jewish Philanthropies Mr. Frederic Fekkai and Shirin von Wulffen Ms. Nathena H. Fuller ’37 (37) Mr. Gherardo Guarducci and Ms. Caltagirone Guarducci P ’11 Ms. Susan D. McClanahan P ’05 Mr. In Wha Park and Ms. Sung Hee Lee P ’11 Ms. Karen L. Pritzker and Mr. Michael Vlock P ’04 (10) Laura and Geoffrey Rehnert P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Robinson ’60 (27) Estate of Adelaide W. Root Mrs. Mary Saner Seedlings Foundation (9) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Tisch ’67 (17) Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tisch ’71 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tisch ’72 (17) Mr. H. P. Van Ingen Jr. P ’06 (9)

Headmaster’s Circle $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous, two gifts Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ames P ’09, ’12 (5) Appleby Charitable Lead Trust Ms. Caroline Bienstock Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Borg P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Nuno Brandolini P ’11, ’13 Mr. Robert W. Byrne ’72 (8) Charles Cahn III and Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 (13) Mr. and Mrs. James E. Chaney P ’14 Mr. George Chen and Ms. Shari Lin P ’13, ’14 The Community Foundation of TN Mr. Alexander B. Coxe ’67 (28) Mr. and Mrs. Brett I. Ersoff P ’08, ’15 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo F. Fernández Pujals ’64 P ’97, ’12, ’13, ’15 FMC Technologies Mr. Samuel S. Fuller ’41 (37) The Estate of Gordon G. Glover Mr. Matthew M. Guerreiro and Ms. Christina Mohr P ’14 Mr. Sung Cheol Hong and Ms. Mi Kyoung Kim P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hotta P ’10, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Houlihan P ’05 (10) Mr. Kee Young Im and Ms. Sang Mi Kim Im P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jensen P ’07, ’09, ’11 (7)

6 |

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Johnson P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Igor A. Klimenko P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. George Kuo P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Laycox P ’10 Ms. Antoinette Lazarus P ’13 Mr. Cary A. Lazarus ’94 Lazarus Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leishman P ’09, ’11, ’14 (5) Mr. Dahong Luo and Hon. Qi Li P ’13 Ms. Jessica Mansell Ambrose Frank L. Mansell Charitable Lead Trust Mr. and Mrs. David G. McDonald P ’11 Mrs. Karen L. McDonald P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metcalf P ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Nelson P ’09 (6) Mr. A. Byron Nimocks III and Ms. Emilie Murphy P ’13 Atty. Tae Sok Park and Eun Kyung Lee Park P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. John Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Vicha Poolvaraluk P ’11, ’13, ’15 Mr. Jarel Portman P ’13 Srinath P. Rajavasireddii and Taniya Kapoor P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Regan P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Shabecoff P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sheresky P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Tolosky P ’10, ’11 (5) Mr. Joseph G. Tompkins Jr. ’58 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Traber P ’10 Mr. Paul A. Violich P ’09 (6) Ms. Nancy Voorhees The WALKS Foundation, Inc. (8) Westwood Trust Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Williams III P ’04, ’07, ’08 (11) Mr. and Mrs. Ching-Mai Wu P ’11

1833 Society $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous, two gifts Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Armata ’74 P ’13, ’15 Mr. Bill Belichick P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blakeley P ’07, ’10, ’13 (7) Ms. Ann-Charlotte Brown P ’13, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Byungmin Choi P ’11 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Clauson P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Clew P ’12 Mr. Christopher T. Cuddy ’87 (8) Mr. Peter T. DaPuzzo ’90 Mr. John C. Davison P ’14 Mr. Isaiah A. Ekejiuba ’00 Mr. and Mrs. John Evangelakos P ’12 Mr. Andrew R. Fabricant and Ms. Laura Paulson P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. John Farr P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferguson P ’09, ’11, ’14 (6) Ms. Jill A. Fields P ’13 Mr. Karl-Heinz Fruth ’71 Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Marius A. Haas ’86 P ’14 Dr. and Mrs. Walter Harrison (9) Mr. Maxwell G. Harvey-Goodwin and Ms. Victoria Goodwin P ’13 IBM Corporation Mr. Hyung-Il Kim and Ms. Hae-Kyung Kwon P ’09 (5) Mr. Soo Mok Kim and Ms. Seung Won Han P ’13 Mr. Hyun Chul Kim and Ms. Soon Hee Park P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Leonard P ’12 Mr. David T. Maloof and Ms. Jean Sweeney P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. H. James Metscher P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nelson P ’08, ’14 (7) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Randall P. O’Connor P ’11 Dr. Thomas Olsen P ’00 The Owen Foundation Mr. Alejandro L. Palazio ’87 Mr. Gerald L. Parsky ’60 Atty. and Mrs. Michael L. Paton P ’12

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Ms. Nancy Pivirotto Barbe P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Powers P ’05, ’07, ’10 (10) Atty. and Mrs. James P. Prout P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. George Samenuk P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Sartorius P ’12 Mr. Philip J. Sheridan ’71 Mr. Andrew E. Spector ’62 (28) Melinda and Paul Sullivan ’58 (18) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Thompson P ’08, ’11, ’14 (6) Mr. Michael J. Tisch ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Werblin P ’08 (7) David A. & Leah Ray Werblin Foundation Mr. Jeffrey White ’65 (30) WTF Investments LLC Mr. David D.W. Wu and Ms. Pau Lin Lim P ’10, ’12 Mr. Yingcheng Yu and Ms. Wei Li P ’11

bell hill associates $2,500-$4,999 Anonymous, four gifts The George C. Dodge Foundation (21) Babson Capital Management LLC Mr. Seung Ryel Baek and Ms. Kyung Sil Yoon P ’11 Bartlett Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beaudoin P ’03 Ms. Celia Bedus P ’05, ’07, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Billhardt P ’77 Dr. Chang Hoon Byun and Ms. Jung Eun Kim P ’13 Mrs. Marigrace Canter Morris ’92 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Caravella P ’12, ’13 Mr. Jared D. Carillo ’00 Atty. and Mrs. Gregory H.K. Chiang P ’12 Mr. Bo Dai and Ms. Xiaowen Han P ’13 The Honorable George B. Daniels ’71 (11) Mr. Alberto De Gobbi and Ms. Mognon De Gobbi P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dowd P ’12 Mr. Roger C. Faxon ’67 (34) Mr. Ronald B. Feldman and Dr. Plamarie Ballarin-Feldman P ’14 Mr. G. Dodge Ferreira ’59 (34) Dr. Joseph A. Fields P ’13 Mr. Matthew P. Fine ’95 (7) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln E. Frank P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Fregonese P ’13, ’15 Mr. Albert E. Hancock III ’74 (7) Ms. Laurie A. Hawkes P ’12 Dr. Steven K. Jacobs P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Girish S. Jhunjhnuwala P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kiarsis P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Lautenbach P ’11 Mr. Christopher P. Liddell Mr. Chae Kyun Lim and Ms. Kyung Mi Kim P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lombardo P ’12, ’14 Mrs. Tania McCleery P ’97 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. McElnea ’67 P ’12 (9) Mr. and Mrs. John Mnich P ’13 Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Murphy P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray P ’14 Mrs. Tracy O’Keefe ’85 (13) Mr. Frank P. Peraino Mrs. Lorraine J. Prentis P ’11 Mr. Peter D. Prentis P ’11 Andrew J. Rarus ’79 and Lisa Keney Rarus ’80 P ’07, ’11 (26) Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Regan P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Renchard P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Richter P ’73, ’77 (41) Mr. Charles Rotgin Jr. ’61 (36) Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schachter P ’12 Mrs. Andrea Scibelli Johnston ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Pierce S. Sioussat P ’13 Mr. Kiat Sittheeamorn and Mrs. Linda Dishart P ’11, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Smith III P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Nevill Smythe P ’14 Mr. Peter Sedgwick Snedeker ’02 (9)

Dr. Jae Chul Song and Ms. Young Won Kwon P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Teich ’55 (9) Mrs. Carolyn Tribble Hudkins ’94 (7) Mr. and Mrs. Hobart G. Truesdell II ’66 P ’01 (34) Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Warner III ’70 P ’11 Atty. and Dr. Zimmermann P ’13

cornerstone Society $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous, three gifts Dr. Brian K. Adler ’74 (5) Dr. John R. Adler Jr. ’72 (6) Aetna Foundation Mr. Charles T. Alfano Sr. ’39 P ’77, ’82 (33) Mr. Brenton D. Anderson ’74 Mr. John R. Anderson P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Apkin P ’12 Mr. Anthony E. Ashbaugh ’76 (35) Bank of America Foundation Dr. David L. Bankoff ’66 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Bardin Mr. and Mrs. David H. Battle P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Brendan M. Begley P ’11 Bellwether Foundation, Inc. Mr. Timothy R. Benitz and Ms. Sarah O’Neill P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Bicknell P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Bowers P ’13 Dr. Stanley J. Boyd and John Baird ’76 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Buchanan Jr. P ’09 Ms. Carolin R. Buttrick P ’12 Mr. Daniel R. Caballero ’00 (8) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Canter P ’90, ’92 Mr. Stephen E. Canter Jr. ’90 (17) Stephen and Carol Canter Family Foundation Mr. David L. Carangelo ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Chalke P ’08, ’12 (6) Andrew C. Chase and Rachel Blain (8) Mr. Blair G. Childs ’74 (18) Mr. Blair Childs Jr. P ’74, ’77 (36) Mr. Robert S. Churchill ’83 (13) Churchill Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. and Mrs. L.S. John Ciecimirski P ’10 (5) The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Mr. and Mrs. William Connelly ’39 (40) Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Connelly P ’11 Mr. Adrian B. Corbiere Jr. ’63 Mr. Scott A. Craig ’76 (26) Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cranmore ’73 P ’10 (24) Mrs. Courtney Dansey Rogers ’91 (12) Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. DaPuzzo P ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Deane P ’02 (8) Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. DeLiso Jr. P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DiPietro P ’07, ’11 (8) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doar P ’06, ’08 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marcus Doran P ’12 Mr. John T. Downing ’72 (6) Mr. Jared B. Dubey ’00 Enterprise Builders, Inc. Mrs. R. Carkhuff Eschenbrenner (15) Susan Evans P ’88 (14) R.S. Evans Foundation, Inc. (13) Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Fernández Pujals ’68 P ’10 Mr. George M. Ferris III ’69 Ferris Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Fezza P ’12 Mr. Joseph A. Field III ’65 Mr. Allen Finkelson P ’06 (8) Mr. J. Reed Finney ’81 Ms. Alease O. Fisher P ’11 Mr. Andrew S. Fisher P ’11 Mr. Benson Ford Jr. ’69 (8) Mr. and Mrs. James L. Frank P ’14

Fall 2011 | 7

Annual Report Mr. Christopher Frost ’66 (14) Ms. Rebecca Fuller (8) Mr. William T. Fuller Jr. ’65 (9) Mrs. Sue Fuller P ’62, ’66 (14) Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Furniss Jr. P ’08 Mr. Lawrence C. Gaddy ’83 Mr. and Dr. Len Galant P ’12 Mr. Ryan J. Gately ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Gestal P ’12 Mr. Jeffrey H. Gildersleeve ’89 (6) Mr. Gary R. Godin ’57 (11) Mr. Joseph J. Goethe ’86 (7) Mr. Arthur A. Gosnell ’75 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gould P ’11 Mr. William Graham ’91 Ms. Valisha Graves ’81 (24) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Green P ’11 The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Mr. Gerard J. Hall ’77 (6) Ms. Anne R. Hearst P ’09 (6) Mr. Timothy T. Hemingway ’65 (9) Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Hetzler P ’12 Mr. Ronald W. Hickie Jr. ’88 Mr. Calvin A. Hills Jr. ’58 The Hills Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Hinrichs P ’14 Dr. Richard A. Hirschmann ’65 (5) Dr. Joseph L. Ianello P ’14 ING Foundation The Jewish Endowment Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson P ’88 (25) Mr. Jayson R. Juraska ’67 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan ’77 P ’08, ’12 (15) Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Katz P ’14 Mr. Lafayette Keeney P ’69, ’76 (28) Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kelsey P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keyes P ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14 (7) Mr. Richard D. Kniss ’58 (5) Mr. William J. Krochalis ’65 (5) L&M Charitable Foundation, Inc. Douglas J. Lampert and Audrey Meyer Lampert P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Langenus P ’00 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Soren T. Laursen P ’14 Mr. Seok Yong Lee and Ms. Eun Kyung Shin P ’12 Mr. Leo J. Letendre ’71 (8) Mr. Graham D. Lewis ’80 (15) Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation (11) Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Life P ’08, ’11 (7) Mr. Paul T. Liistro ’71 (8) Mr. David J. Litman ’70 (28) The Honorable and Mrs. Leon J. Lombardi ’67 (37) Ms. Patricia Lurie P ’10 (5) Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Maguire Jr. P ’06 (8) Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Martin ’61 P ’92 Mr. and Mrs. John O. Matalon P ’08, ’12 Mr. Nicholas S. McConnell ’64 (18) Ms. Lindsay M. McMillan Powers ’93 (6) Mr. Collin F. McNeil ’68 Mr. Bruce C. Mellon ’59 (9) Mr. Brian K. Morris ’71 (7) Mr. Hiram H. Munger ’58 (34) Mr. William J. Murdza ’82 (25) Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Murphy P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Murray P ’11 Mrs. Heather Murray White ’77 (7) Mr. and Mrs. Masato Nagase ’71 P ’99 (6) Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien P ’12, ’14 Mrs. Lisa A. Paolini Schmidt ’84 (6) Ms. Sally G. Paynter Ms. Lucy Pedersen Hazard ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Philipps P ’12

Plymouth Rock Foundation Ms. Taryn Portman Angelos P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rego Jr. P ’07 Ms. Donna Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Reimer P ’13 The Reynolds Charitable Trust (24) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Rooney P ’11 Mr. Andrew B. Rosenberg ’89 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenman Mr. Brian G. Rothwell ’69 (18) Mr. Michael C. Russo ’86 (8) Mr. Joshua M. Sacks ’79 Mr. Leverett F. Saltonstall ’06 (6) Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schirmer Jr. P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schloss P ’09 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Scholtz ’70 P ’02, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Rollin G. Schuster Jr. P ’08, ’11 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Shanley P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Shaw P ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shillo P ’00, ’03 (13) Ms. Elizabeth H. Shiverick P ’07 (7) Mr. and Mrs. James S. Sibilia P ’11 Mr. William H. Sidford ’75 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Siver ’69 P ’08, ’14 (7) Mr. Robert B. Smith III ’82 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Smith P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stanley Jr. ’79 P ’13 (32) Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Teed ’75 P ’12, ’08 (8) Mr. Stephen P. Terni Jr. ’65 (17) Mr. Barton L. Thompson ’06 W. Bryce Thompson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Tors P ’93 Mr. Edward C. Turner ’74 (30) UBS The United Technologies Corporation Bernardo Urquieta and Kathleen Smythe P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valerio Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brett N. Vianney ’70 P ’12, ’14 (11) Mr. Arthur Victor II ’62 (26) Mrs. Toshiko Watanabe Mr. and Mrs. Andrew I. Waters P ’11 Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Webb P ’12, ’14 Mrs. Wendy H. Webber P ’11 Mr. Leonard G. Weiser-Varon ’74 (14) Mr. and Mrs. Leighton B. Welch P ’12 Wells Fargo Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wheeler P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wiggin P ’06 (10) Mr. Eric Y.P. Wong and Ms. Teresa Wong Tang P ’12 Mr. Stephen M. Yap ’94 Mrs. Rosalina M. Yap Thomas ’89 (12) Ms. Yu-Chen Zhang ’88 Mr. Yujun Zhang and Ms. Ze Sun P ’14

8 |

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

tiger club $500-$999 Anonymous, three gifts Mr. Edward A. Akel ’75 (16) Mr. & Mrs. William S. Aldrich ’74 P ’07, ’10 (11) Mr. Michael C. Allen ’98 (6) Ms. Deborah S. Anderson P ’11 Mr. Richard A. Andrews ’85 Mr. Henry J. Bahre ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Byron C. Bailey P ’12 (12) The William O. & Carole P. Bailey Family Foundation Mr. Mark E. Baldwin ’71 (33) Ms. Lee Baldwin Hafner ’88 (5) Nadanai Banyatpiyaphod ’10 Drs. Sujit Banyatpiyaphod P ’10

2010 - 2011 Mr. Charles L. Bardelis ’60 Dr. & Mrs. David I. Bloom Jr. ’69 P ’02 (5) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bolella P ’12, ’14 Mr. Richard M. Brenner ’56 (11) Mr. William H. Brunner ’66 (21) Mr. & Mrs. William A. Burke III P ’13, ’15 Mr. Christopher G. Cardone ’77 (7) Ms. Mary E. Carroll ’80 (19) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Casey P ’09, ’11, ’12 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Casper P ’09 Mr. David D. Celentano ’69 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chandler P ’09 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Shaoquan Chen P ’11 The Chicago Community Foundation Mr. Thomas A. Christian ’68 (6) Mr. Charles E. Claggett Jr. ’66 (7) Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Clark ’77 P ’06 (28) Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Cohen P ’12 Ms. Philippa J. Cohen ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Coleman ’00 (5) Mr. Richard S. Condon ’57 Mr. Paul A. Connor ’62 (20) Dr. & Mrs. Peter L. Coombs ’80 P ’10, ’13 (7) Mr. Melvin Y. Crannell Jr. and Ms. Susan Watson P ’10 Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Czikowsky P ’12 D.C. Painting Contractors, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Daddario P ’01, ’04 (14) Mr. James P. Daly ’65 (20) Mr. Michael J. Daly ’59 (20) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. DeLio III P ’08 (7) Mr. & Mrs. Peter Derby P ’11, ’14 Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Mr. Frederick W. Doepke II ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Donahue P ’07 Ms. Alexa E. Economou Rice ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Eio P ’93, ’93 (22) Mr. Paul B. Faude ’10 Dr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Fletcher ’66 P ’96, ’98 (26) Mr. & Mrs. O. Kevin Flynn P ’11, ’14 Mr. Matthew S. Forelli ’56 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gavitt ’65 P ’01 (5) Mr. Zannis I. Gazis P ’07, ’09, ’14 Mr. Claes-Johan Geijer ’76 General Reinsurance Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Harold I. Genvert ’71 P ’07 (17) Dr. Richard H. German ’59 (33) Ms. Elizabeth A. Germani ’87 Mr. Alexander P. Glover ’85 (6) Mr. Austin E. Godfrey ’64 (10) Dr. Tener Goodwin Veenema ’76 P ’99 Mr. Paul L. Gossling ’70 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Grand Pre P ’12 Mr. David D. Greenberg ’82 (7) Mr. Lawrence M. Griffin ’99 (8) Mr. Robert P. Haff ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III P ’94 (20) Mr. William C. Haffner ’94 Mr. James C. Hagan ’80 (5) Mr. Tomoki Hannya ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Hard P ’12 Mr. Chris N. Harlambakis Jr. ’67 (6) Mr. Russell C. Hearn ’01 (11) Mr. Brian E. Hersey ’68 (16) Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hildreth ’75 P ’12 (6) Mr. Calvin A. Hills III P ’13 Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Fund of the New York Community Trust Rabbi Geoffrey M. Huntting ’64 Mr. Ibrahim A. Ibrahim and Ms. Michele Richard P ’13 Mr. Shigeru Ikuta ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Aram Jaturavith P ’11 Mr. Matthew H. Jones ’07 (5) Mr. & Mrs. George C. Keady III P ’11 Mr. Karl L. Kellgren ’61 (16)

Mr. William E. Kelly ’65 (33) Mr. & Mrs. John L. Kelly P ’12 Mr. Kenneth P. Kirk ’62 Mr. Yasuo Kitajima ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Klemmer P ’95, ’98 (5) Ms. Sarah M. Knapps Saven ’96 (6) Mr. & Mrs. James R. Knight ’73 P ’99 (11) Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Knight P ’73 (19) Mr. Charles G. Kopp ’51 (5) Mr. Bruce S. Kosakowski ’75 (21) Mr. Andrew D. Kotchen ’90 (5) Mrs. Anthea Krawiec Richardson ’82 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Laughlin P ’05 (5) Mr. Daniel B. Lawry ’89 (5) Mr. Donald P. Lee ’69 (16) Mr. & Mrs. Toby Leonard P ’14 Mr. Thomas G. Lewis ’76 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lilien P ’11 Mr. Yanzhong Liu and Ms. Jing Chen P ’11 Mr. James L. Loeb Jr. ’84 Mr. Richard W. Loomis ’70 (5) Mrs. Elizabeth Lumpkin Celio ’88 The Lumpkin Family Foundation Mr. Szymon Lysecki Mr. Norman A. MacColl III ’82 (26) Mr. Alexander S. MacNabb ’46 (5) Ms. Karin L. Maddox P ’11 Ms. Amornrat V. Mahaguna P ’11 Mr. Patrick Mahon ’81 (11) Mr. John P. Malcolm ’65 (7) Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Malley P ’14 Mr. Michael F. Maloney ’87 Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Markowski P ’04 Mr. Michael J. Marocco P ’08 The Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. McCarthy P ’07 (8) Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. McComb P ’04, ’06 (11) Mr. Scott J. McEwan ’77 (9) Mr. J. Frank McLaughlin ’59 (5) Ms. Carol Merriman P ’85, ’87 (5) Mr. & Mrs. James Michel P ’12 Ms. Gail Miller P ’11, ’11 Mr. Robert O. Morris ’68 Mrs. Aya Murata ’88 (22) Mr. James S. Mutch ’55 (17) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Myers P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Hiroaki Nakamura P ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Nault P ’08, ’09, ’12 (7) The New York Community Trust Mrs. Truman H. Newberry P ’86 (28) Mr. Tetsuo Nishiumi ’71 Mr. Nelson L. North ’61 Northwestern Mutual Foundation Office Depot, Inc. Mr. Nicholas M. Oleksak ’02 (5) Mr. Michael R. Parker ’75 (24) Mr. & Mrs. Lee F. Pascoe P ’13 Mr. William J. Peishoff ’81 The Pfizer Foundation Mr. Andrew C. Pilaro ’88 (22) Ms. Lydia S. Pillsbury ’03 (9) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Polisi P ’06 (7) Mrs. Katherine E. Pratt Coleman ’01 (8) Mr. Penry W. Price ’87 (5) Atty. & Mrs. Sean D. Quinn P ’14 Mr. Stephen E. Rathmell ’67 (20) Ms. Andrea R. Rich ’00 (11) Mr. Christopher D. Richter ’73 (9) Mrs. Jennifer Rowe Havlicek ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Ali R. Salehi P ’12 Mr. Zal Sarkari ’91 Christopher T. Saven ’94 and Sarah Knapps Saven ’96 (6) Dr. Glenn L. Schattman ’79

Fall 2011 | 9

Annual Report Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Schechter Mr. Donald J. Schulz ’57 Mr. John H. Scott ’66 Mr. Morin M. Scott Jr. ’68 (27) Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Scully ’73 P ’04 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Shanahan (5) Mr. William S. Shipley III ’74 (5) Mrs. Jill Skaff O’Neil ’81 Mr. Kornelis Smit ’76 (6) Mr. Jeffrey H. Smith ’72 (6) Ms. Susan N. Smith P ’12 Mrs. Dominique Smookler Roberts ’86 Mr. Mark A. Sollinger ’76 (5) Mr. Mark P. Soticheck II ’99 Mr. David Spitzler ’81 (28) Dr. Rodman A. St. Clair ’66 Mr. John Stubbings ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Q. Sylvester III P ’91 Mr. Phillip E. Tatoian Jr. ’59 Mr. John S. Taylor ’56 (13) Mr. & Mrs. John W. Therriault ’72 P ’97 (6) Mr. William C. Thomas ’77 (6) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Thrall II P ’07, ’09, ’13 (6) Mr. Malcolm H. Tinker Jr. ’59 Mr. John M. Townsend III ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Tritschler III P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Randy S. Turer P ’12 Mr. Richard C. Waldorf ’70 Ms. Stephanie A.C. Wang P ’13 David and Anny Ward P ’09 Mr. John A. F. Warren ’88 (6) Mr. Christopher B. Weeden Sr. ’70 (5) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Wheeler P ’08 (6) Mr. James D. Whitten ’57 P ’86 (5) Mr. Henry K. Wilson ’85 (6) Mr. Alan T. Wragg and Marianne Caponnetto Wragg P ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Akifumi Yamaguchi P ’13 Robert M. Yap ’90 (17) Ms. Sara B. Yeager Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel S. Yordon P ’11 Mr. Hang Yu ’10 Dr. Stephen B. Yuan P ’05, ’08, ’10 (10) Mr. Todd V. Zimmerman ’65 (14)

Ms. Colleen Knight ’04 Mr. Jason A. Lavine ’05 Mr. Jung Hoon Lee ’03 Mr. Thomas J. Leonard IV ’10 Mr. Walter P. Maguire ’06 Ms. Kellyn J. McGarity ’02 Mr. Brendan Daniel Moriarty ’04 Mr. James C. Moynihan III ’04 Mr. Alexander Jon Naboicheck ’04 (7) Ms. My Quynh Nguyen Neely ’03 Mr. Kanatuch Piyasombatkul ’09 Mr. Visarut Poolvaraluk ’11 Ms. Alyson V. Powers ’10 Ms. Caroline P. Powers ’07 (5) Mr. William C. Powers ’05 (6) Mr. Michael G. Pritchard ’03 Ms. Lindsay M. Rousseau ’03 (6) Mr. Ryan Sample ’02 (5) Mr. Andrew Robert Scully ’04 (6) Mr. James H. Senk ’05 (6) Ms. Catherine A. Shanley ’05 (6) Mr. Matthew E. Shifrin ’05 Mr. William N. Simons ’02 (5) Mr. Henry A.N. Smith ’08 Midshipman LT Christopher R. Stafford ’06 Mr. John K. Stewart Jr. ’05 Ms. Brooke A. Tashjian ’10 Mr. Andrew J. Teich ’06 (6) Mr. Jason Lee Thompson ’09 Mr. Andrew W. Tom ’03 (5) Ms. Kelly V. Van Ingen ’06 Mr. Wm. Brodie Vogler ’11 Mr. Paul E. Wagner ’02 Mr. Matthew M. Weaver ’03 Mr. Matthew B. Wentworth ’03 (5) Mr. Matthew D. Wiggin ’06 Mr. Eugene Flewellyn Williams ’04 (7) Mr. Henry R. Williams ’07 (5) Mr. Philip D. Williams ’08 Mrs. Hannah Keep Wolcott Reid ’04 (7) Mr. Eric J. Yale ’03 (9)

loyals young leaders Leadership gifts from young alumni 1-10 years out of Suffield Academy. For the 2011 fiscal year, alumni in the classes of 2001-2011 are recognized below.

The following alumni and parents have given 15 consecutive years or more to the Annual Fund.

Anonymous, one gift Mr. Matthew J. Bernstein ’02 Mr. Andrew O. Betts ’06 (6) Mr. Calvin W. Blackburn ’09 Mr. Dane M. Carillo ’02 Ms. Bonnie Hyun Choi ’02 Ms. Amanda R. Cianci ’10 Ms. Anna H. Claussen ’05 Mr. James Lord Daddario ’04 Mr. Jeffrey R. Depelteau ’02 (5) Mr. Jordan B. Dubey ’04 Mr. Theodore B. Fuller ’05 (5) Mr. Peter J. Ganem ’11 Mr. William Geas ’04 Ms. Sarah S. Glass ’02 (6) Ms. Hannah G. Gotwals ’09 Mr. Jonathan D. Green ’04 Mr. Scott T. Grondahl ’05 (5) Mr. Louis Heilbronn ’06 (6) Ms. Katherine C. Hoffmaster ’03 Ms. Emily D. Jensen ’09 Mr. Peter D. Jensen ’07 (5) Mr. Yeon-Kyu J. Kim ’09

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert P. Ahrens ’57 P ’81, ’87 (16) Mr. Edward A. Akel ’75 (16) Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Alfano Sr. ’39 P ’77, ’82 (33) Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Alfano Jr. ’77 P ’15 (34) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Ashbaugh ’76 (35) Mr. Todd W. August ’78 (23) Mr. David R. Baker ’59 (15) Mr. James M. Baker ’77 (21) Mr. Mark E. Baldwin ’71 (33) Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Barnes P ’75 Mr. Edmund S. Bartlett Ph.D. ’61 (28) Mr. John R. Barton ’64 (22) Mr. Jon V.C. Booth ’64 (38) Mr. William H. Brunner ’66 (21) Mr. Stephen E. Canter Jr. ’90 (17) Ms. Mary E. Carroll ’80 (19) Mr. Blair G. Childs ’74 (18) Mr. Blair Childs Jr. P ’74, ’77 (36) Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Clark ’77 P ’06 (28) Mr. Stephen F. Clark ’83 (24) Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Cleary P ’02, ’05 (15) Mr. Don S. Cohn ’68 (19) Mr. and Mrs. William Connelly ’39 (40) Mr. Paul A. Connor ’62 (20) Mr. Alexander B. Coxe ’67 (28) Mr. Scott A. Craig ’76 (26)

10 |

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cranmore ’73 P ’10 (24) The Honorable William R. Crosbie ’41 (25) Mr. James P. Daly ’65 (20) Mr. Michael J. Daly ’59 (20) Mr. and Mrs. William W. Davenport P ’86 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. David P ’98, ’01 (16) Mr. Worth David (20) Mrs. Jean H. DeWolfe (15) The George C. Dodge Foundation (21) Mr. Jacob W. Dunnell ’60 (23) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eio P ’93, ’93 (22) Ms. Pamela A. Eisen ’93 (17) Dr. Robert A. Ellis ’43 (37) Mrs. R. Carkhuff Eschenbrenner (15) Mr. Roger C. Faxon ’67 (34) Mr. G. Dodge Ferreira ’59 (34) Mrs. Margaret Figueroa Hern ’82 P ’15 (21) Dr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Fletcher ’66 P ’96, ’98 (26) Mrs. Brinley S. Ford Ehlers ’86 (25) Mr. John R. Fuller ’62 (25) Mr. Samuel S. Fuller ’41 (37) Ms. Nathena H. Fuller ’37 (37) Dr. Charles R. Gallucci ’70 (28) Dr. and Mrs. Harold I. Genvert ’71 P ’07 (17) Dr. Richard H. German ’59 (33) Mr. Albert M. Gesler Jr. ’55 (26) Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Gooch P ’81, ’82 (17) Ms. Valisha Graves ’81 (24) Mr. John W. Groo ’69 (22) Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III P ’94 (20) Mr. Tom E. Hamilton ’90 (15) Mr. Franklin V. Hardy ’64 (36) Mr. Keith Harrison ’73 (19) Mr. Robert S. Harrison ’49 (15) Mr. Coe C. Hawkins ’52 (18) Dr. Peter M. Hayman ’63 (15) Mr. Robert D. Hazen ’67 (16) Mr. Brian E. Hersey ’68 (16) Mr. David M. Hildreth ’34 (23) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hodgkins P ’88 (25) Mr. Thomas W. Hodgkins ’88 and Mrs. Aimee Scherer Hodgkins ’89 (22) Mr. Walter R. Hoesel ’55 (24) Mrs. Nancy J. Hoffacker Rosenthal ’91 (16) Mr. John K. Hummel ’51 (27) Mr. Lawrence D. Hyde ’65 P ’96 (24) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson P ’88 (25) Mr. and Mrs. Bardwell E. Jones 63 P ’01 Mr. Richard G. Jones ’62 (38) Mr. Edward Kaplan ’77 P ’08, ’12 (15) Mr. Lafayette Keeney P ’69, ’76 (28) Mr. Normand A. Keeney ’63 (18) Mr. Karl L. Kellgren ’61 (16) Mr. William E. Kelly ’65 (33) Mr. Christopher J. Kennedy ’81 (30) Ms. Ruth-Anne Kennedy ’79 (16) Mr. Thomas J. Killam ’80 (19) Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Knight P ’73 (19) Mr. Bruce S. Kosakowski ’75 (21) Mr. Gerry and Nancy LaPlante P ’04, ’06 (18) Mr. Donald P. Lee ’69 (16) Mr. Graham D. Lewis ’80 (15) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Lindfors (20) Mr. David J. Litman ’70 (28) Mr. John J. Locke ’57 (18) The Honorable and Mrs. Leon J. Lombardi ’67 (37) Mr. and Mrs. W. Cecil Lyon ’68 P ’03 (27) Mr. Norman A. MacColl III ’82 (26) Mrs. Laurie Mackey Wilson ’79 (32) Mr. Eliot N. Mag ’59 (21) Mr. Paul A. L. Mannheim ’57 (18) Ms. Dianne M. Mariani Burke ’91 (16) Mr. Frederick S. Marty ’63 (33) Mrs. Tania McCleery P ’97 (17)

Mr. Nicholas S. McConnell ’64 (18) Dr. Harrison G. Monk ’62 (24) Mr. Spencer Montgomery Jr. ’32 (18) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Moriarty ’71 P ’01, ’04 (15) Mr. William A. Moses ’70 (17) Mr. Hiram H. Munger ’58 (34) Mrs. Aya Murata ’88 (22) Mr. William J. Murdza ’82 (25) Mr. James S. Mutch ’55 (17) Mrs. Truman H. Newberry P ’86 (28) Mr. Cornelius P. O’Leary ’62 (16) Mr. Michael M. Oleksak ’75 (26) Mr. Peter J. Olin ’56 (28) Mr. Nicholas A. Page ’61 (15) Mr. William H. Painter ’67 (35) Mr. Michael R. Parker ’75 (24) Mr. and Mrs. George G. Pervear P ’90 (18) Mr. Andrew C. Pilaro ’88 (22) Dr. Jacob Plotkin ’59 (17) Mrs. Mary Pohanka Scott ’77 (15) Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Pohorylo P ’97, ’00 (16) Lauren and Fred Powers ’83 P ’14 (26) Mrs. Krista Radziewicz Colthup ’87 (16) Andrew J. Rarus ’79 and Lisa Keney Rarus ’80 P ’07, ’11 (16) Mr. Stephen E. Rathmell ’67 (20) Mrs. Betty Reid McDonald ’40 (19) The Reynolds Charitable Trust (24) Mr. Reid M. Ricciardi ’90 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Richter P ’73, ’77 (41) Mr. Jackson W. Robinson ’60 (27) Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rockwell ’58 P ’79, ’82, ’86, ’88 (15) Ms. Jennifer B. Rockwell ’79 (23) Dr. Lauren E. Roginski-Strelec ’93 (18) Estate of Adelaide W. Root (20) Mr. Charles Rotgin Jr. ’61 (36) Mr. Brian G. Rothwell ’69 (18) Mr. Barry P. Scherr ’63 (37) Mr. and Mrs. Morin M. Scott Jr. ’68 (27) Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Seamans P ’78 (33) Mr. Paul C. Shepard ’66 (21) Mr. Andrew C. Shepherd ’84 (18) Mr. John P. Simons ’73 (19) Ms. Magdelaine A. Smith P ’87, ’89 (18) Mr. Charles O. Spear IV ’72 P ’11 (17) Mr. Andrew E. Spector ’62 (28) Mr. David Spitzler ’81 (28) Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stanley Jr. ’79 P ’13 (32) Mr. A. Terry Staples ’65 (35) Mr. William S. Steelman ’75 (20) Melinda and Paul Sullivan ’58 (18) Mr. Peter W. Symasko ’64 (26) Mr. Stephen P. Terni Jr. ’65 (17) Mr. Charles C. Thomas Jr. ’71 (15) Mrs. Stephanie Thomases Hutchison ’80 (28) Mr. John F. Tinker ’61 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Tisch ’67 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Tisch ’69 P ’02 (17) Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tisch ’71 (17) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tisch ’72 (17) The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (20) Mr. Frank J. Troiano ’86 (24) Mr. and Mrs. Hobart G. Truesdell II ’66 P ’01 (34) Mr. Edward C. Turner ’74 (30) Ms. Elizabeth Tyler ’77 P ’05 (19) Mr. Arthur Victor II ’62 (26) Mr. Richard D. Weil ’71 (27) Mr. Noble Welch P ’81 (23) Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wheeler III P ’88 (26) Mrs. Sarah Wheeler Chingos ’88 (23) Mr. Jeffrey White ’65 (30) Mr. Robert M. Yap ’90 (17) Mr. Mark J. Zirolli ’73 (15)

Fall 2011 | 11


Val Klimenko ’12 Valeriya (Val) decided she wanted to go to school in the United States at a young age. Her parents were reluctant to send her so far away and argued the maybe England was a better (closer) choice. Val was determined and slowly convinced her parents to look at schools in New England. When they got to Suffield, her mind was made up. “It is not that common for Russian students to come to the United States”, Val commented. “We were thrilled when we realized that Anna McCarthy, who is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, was on the faculty. That definitely made the decision easier for my parents and she has been a touch-stone for me the last three years.” “To be honest, my parents didn’t know what the Annual Fund was or its importance to the school. Mrs. McCarthy made sure to call my parents to explain. It’s that extra step that the school takes in everything it does that makes me so proud to be here. Russian and American traditions are so different. All it took was the extra effort to explain the importance of the Annual Fund and my parents were thrilled to participate.”

12 |

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Alumni Giving

Kathryn Kelly Yellen (14)

Robert S. Harrison Ph.D. (15) William A. Haskell (7) Kenneth W. Hawkins George A Ladeau George E. Martinez (6) Paul F. Mazzarella Walter B. Mitchell Duncan B. Murdoch (5) James J. O’Connor Paul Silversmith Edmund Skellings Francis W. Welch



Charles T. Alfano Sr. P ’77, ’82 (33) Arlene Austin Sikes Ernest E. Ball (9) Frances H. Connelly (40) Marjorie Sheldon Phelon (5) William A. Stratton (10)

William R. Givin Robert H. Marcus Sr. (6) Jason Pearl (5) David H. Poverman James H. Richardson Charles E. Roberts (5)



Betty Reid McDonald (19)

David P. Baker (6) Ralph Cole George W. Grisevich John K. Hummel (27) Charles G. Kopp (5) Samuel S. Marks Nelson P. Norman John L. Perkins Francis B. Rainey III Robert V. Reynolds (5) Francis C. Romano (5) B. Carter White (6)

1932 Spencer Montgomery Jr. (18)

1934 David M. Hildreth (23)

1937 Nathena H. Fuller (37) Eleanor Swider Mloganoski


1941 William R. Crosbie (25) Samuel S. Fuller (37) June Montgomery Parker (6) Charles B. Preli (6)

1942 Wayne H. Davis P’70 Thomas S. Martinelli Hastings Morse Raymond L. Plassmann

Robert A. Ellis (37)

1945 Rose Marie Alfano Austin (5) David L. Gold Donald B. Treadwell

1946 Bradford D. Hadley Charles S. Himmelfarb Jack J. Lane Robert E. MacKenzie Alexander S. MacNabb (5) Robert J. Peskin John B. Toomey (5)

1948 Robert Bashevkin (5) Gustaf R. Bodin Robert A. Flaxman (11) Ralph B. Hemingway Jr. (8) Charles P. Howe (11) Jackson T. King Ira A. Levin P ’85 (13) Eugene J. Spaziani Harold B. Wylie (12)

1949 Arthur F. Africano Henry J. Bahre Charles O. Demers John E. Flanders (6) Michael E. Grossmann

1957 Gilbert P. Ahrens P ’81, ’87 (16) Richard S. Condon John V. Duell Gary R. Godin Ralph M. Jennings (6) John J. Locke (18) Paul A. L. Mannheim (18) Donald J. Schulz James D. Whitten P ’86 (5)


Coe C. Hawkins (18) Charles C. Herdman (5) David P. Johnston Robert J. Longhi Alastair Taylor (5) David M. Ulitsch

Edward C. Cordis Jr. P ’83 (5) Thomas N. Elmer (6) Charlton B. Futch W. Bruce Glass (12) Douglas C. Greene Calvin A. Hills Jr. Neil J. Johanson (12) Richard D. Kniss (5) Robert H. Lewit (6) Gordon W. MacAlister (6) Hiram H. Munger (34) David J. Rockwell P ’79, ’82, ’86, ’88 (15) Michael F. Sheridan (5) Melinda and Paul Sullivan (18) Joseph G. Tompkins Jr. (5) Paul S. Wilson (6)



Lionel H. Hselton Harold John Henry Jr. Richard L. Landers (5) Frank A. Williams Jr.

David R. Baker (15) Michael J. Daly (20) G. Dodge Ferreira (34) Richard H. German (33) Paul Grimmeisen (5) David Kelley Stanley J. Lukowski (5) Eliot N. Mag (21) J. Frank McLaughlin (5) Bruce C. Mellon (9) Jacob Plotkin (17) Peter W. Potter (5) Phillip E. Tatoian Jr. Malcolm H. Tinker Jr. Charles M. West III

1952 1943

Richard E. Cummings P ’85 Stephen J. Dellaquila P ’84, ’88 (6) John A. Ferguson Matthew S. Forelli Nelson C. Hallas Robert L. Houghton David N. Jellison Edward A. Mathieson John J. O’Connell III Peter J. Olin (28) Samuel A. Panella John Stubbings John S. Taylor (13)

1954 Bruce Charland Peter A. Crombie Jr. (6) Karnig Melikian Jr. (6) Charles H. Strid (5) Norman R. Vester

1955 Albert M. Gesler Jr. (26) Walter R. Hoesel (24) Thomas W. Johnson Jr. Robert E. King (6) R. Talbott Miller James S. Mutch (17) Albert W. Redway II Paul M. Teich (9)

1956 William J. Austin Jr. Charles E. Beers Jr. Richard M. Brenner (11)

1960 Charles L. Bardelis W. Anthony R. Cook David R. Cummings (9) Robert J. Dietrich (6) Jacob W. Dunnell (23) Anthony H. Francis William W. Galvin III (10) Edward J. Haydash David R. Holmes (10)

Fall 2011 | 13

Annual Report Gilbert R. Lavoie William N. Macartney III Jeffrey S. McKennis (8) Robert S. Najaka (7) Gerald L. Parsky Jackson W. Robinson (27) Alfred S. Walden P ’85 (5)

1961 Bradley W. Barker Edmund S. Bartlett Ph.D. (28) David C. Colton Jr. P ’94 Richard E. Engles Fred M. Ferreira Paul M. Giardi David M. Isaacson (6) Gerald H. Kargman (12) Karl L. Kellgren (16) Carl R. Langer Jr. (6) Miller P. Longbotham Jr. P ’88 (9) Paul E. Martin P ’92 William H. Martineau Ph.D. Michael G. Menzies (5) Nelson L. North Peter W. Oldershaw Nicholas A. Page (15) Christopher R. Peters Charles Rotgin Jr. (36) Peter Stevenson John F. Tinker (17) Thomas M. Walker (6) Thomas G. West

1962 Phillip E. Collins (5) Paul A. Connor (20) John R. Fuller (25) Frank W. Heery David R. Holdridge P’02, ’03 Robert E. Hynes Richard G. Jones (38) Kenneth P. Kirk David M. Kaplan Donald L. Livingston (6) Harrison G. Monk (24) Alan W. Nealley (8) Cornelius P. O’Leary (16) Richard K. Panzer Andrew E. Spector (28) Arthur Victor II(26) Peter B. Wylie (5)

1963 Joseph W. Alsop (14) Richard C. Anthony P ’93, ’96 (5) Adrian B. Corbiere Jr. Charles A. Daly (6) Peter M. Hayman (15) Bardwell E. Jones P ’01 (16) Normand A. Keeney (18) Frederick S. Marty (33) Jeffrey R. Merrill (5) Guy W. Oliver III, Ph.D. Charles S. Prouty (11) Randall B. Roe (6) Barry P. Scherr (37) David M. Schulz James S. H. Smith Robert S. Thue Arthur A. Vreeland (6) Harvey R. Waite II (13) Gary L. Whitney (8) John L. Wire

14 |

1964 Oakford W. Acton III P ’94 Peter L. Arango (7) John R. Barton (22) Jon V.C. Booth (38) William M. Bromfield John A. Bruso Leopoldo F. Fernández Pujals P ’97, ’12, ’13 Austin E. Godfrey (10) Franklin V. Hardy (36) Geoffrey M. Huntting R. Peter U. Larom Jr. Mark Loether P ’01 (7) Nicholas S. McConnell (18) David M. Newbold Peter A. Novak Raymond F. Reisler Jr. (5) Malcolm S. Rode Edward L. Smith II H. Nat Stevens III (5) Peter W. Symasko (26) Richard M. Tatoian (13) Thomas D. Webster (6) Paul Wessells

1965 Lester S. Abberley II Lawrence L. Andre (5) James P. Daly (20) Gerald J. Ellis Joseph A. Field III William T. Fuller Jr. (9) John C. Gavitt P ’01 (5) Stuart C. Giles Timothy T. Hemingway (9) Richard A. Hirschmann (5) Lawrence D. Hyde P ’96 (24) William E. Kelly (33) Peter D. Kinnear Peter J. Klarfeld (13) Raymond E. Kolstad (5) William J. Krochalis (5) James G. LoDolce (13) John P. Malcolm (7) Alan D. Miller Ph.D. (5) John M. Monacella John F. Pritchard (5) James W. Purtill William F. Reck III George B. Richardson Peter Skillman A. Terry Staples (35) Stephen P. Terni Jr. (15) Jeffrey White (30) Todd V. Zimmerman (14)

Roger L. Gould (8) William S. Harris Frederick V. Hebard William H. Lefferts (6) Richard S. Older John H. Scott Christopher D. Sefton Paul C. Shepard (21) Scott H. Smith (5) Frank J. Sparks III (5) Rodman A. St. Clair T. Adrian Swain John M. Tremaine P ’03 (11) Hobart G. Truesdell II P ’01 (34)

1967 Peter M. Charlap Alexander B. Coxe (28) Roger C. Faxon (34) Robert J. Goodell Chris N. Harlambakis Jr. (6) Thomas G. Hart III (5) Robert D. Hazen (16) William S. Jayson Jayson R. Juraska (5) Michael F. Lavery (8) Leon J. Lombardi (37) Jeffrey K. McElnea P ’12 (9) Thomas F. Morrison III (6) William H. Painter (35) Stephen E. Rathmell (20) Len Charles Renery (7) Michael B. Sawyer Andrew H. Tisch (17) Peter H. Van Arsdale (5) Richard J. Zwirn (6)

1968 William B. Auer (14) David S. Black Tyler Bumsted (11) Geoffrey L. Callahan Thomas A. Christian (6) Don S. Cohn (19) Eduardo A. Fernández Pujals P ’10 Thomas L. Haynes Brian E. Hersey (16) W. Cecil Lyon P ’03 (27) H. S. Graham McBride Collin F. McNeil Machado M. Mead (8) Robert O. Morris Morin M. Scott Jr. (27) Patrick L. Smith

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Paul E. Anderson (6) Charles H. Anthony Jr. Thomas J. Berry (13) David I. Bloom Jr P ’02 (5) David D. Celentano (6) Theodore B. Dudley (6) George M. Ferris III Benson Ford Jr. (8) John W. Groo (22) Robert P. Haff H. Williett Hemingway Jr. Frank D. Keeney (5) Peter O. Kircher (14) Robert V. Lally P ’04 (9) Robert Cameron Lamont (6) Marc H. Langer Donald P. Lee (16)

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2010 - 2011 John P. Ludwig (6) Michael C. Macomber (7) Philip H. Milner Sterling A. Orr II Gregory W. Putnam (7) Brian G. Rothwell (18) D. Thomas Sargent Frank A. Siver P ’08, ’14 (7) Edward C. Smith (6) W. Scott Stilwell (6) Daniel R. Tisch P ’02 (17) John M. Townsend III

1970 Timothy W. Baker Paul J. Breslau (6) Charles T. Davis Iver C. Franzen Charles R. Gallucci (28) Paul L. Gossling (6) Alan M. Harvey P ’99, ’00 David J. Litman (28) Richard W. Loomis (5) Paul F. Moritz Jr. (6) Robert Morrison (9) William A. Moses (17) Roland W. Sayward III Peter D. Scholtz P ’02, ’06 Brett N. Vianney P ’12, ’14 (11) Richard C. Waldorf Charles D. Warner III P ’11 Christopher B. Weeden Sr. (5)

1971 R. Christopher Adams Mark E. Baldwin (33) Spencer L. Beard (9) George B. Daniels (11) Karl-Heinz Fruth Harold I. Genvert P ’07 (17) William K. Glass P ’01,’02 Geoffrey W. Higgins (6) Henry F. Lee Leo J. Letendre (8) Paul T. Liistro (8) J. Paul Loether (9) Jeffrey S. Lydon (9) Daniel C. Moriarty P ’01, ’04 (15) James C. Morin Brian K. Morris(7) Masato Nagase P ’99 (6) Tetsuo Nishiumi Joseph J. Noto Samuel B. Rapp Douglas F. Rebert Eugene R. Salvatore Jr. Robert P. Sbriglio (5) Edward M. Shepard III Philip J. Sheridan Charles C. Thomas Jr. (15) William J. Thornton James S. Tisch (17) John K. Watson III Robert C. Watson (8) Richard D. Weil (27) Mark J. Wright

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1973 Joseph H. Bumstead Jr. John J. Cranmore P ’10 (24) Donald J. Daigneau Keith Harrison (19) Edmund S. Higgins (5) James R. Knight P ’99 (11) James K. McClure Robinson C. Moore (11) Bruce C. Parmenter Jeffrey P. Prudden Arthur J. Raporte Jr. (9) Christopher D. Richter (9) W. Barton Roe P ’09 (9) Jeffrey D. Schneiderman Richard C. Scully P ’04 (6) John P. Simons (19) Michael Stearns Kenneth M. Turnbull (6) Charles T. Upton (5) James E. Van Antwerp Mark J. Zirolli (10)

1974 Brian K. Adler (5) William S. Aldrich P ’07, ’10 (11) Brenton D. Anderson Kevin F. Armata P ’13, ’15 William L. Bishop Dwight D. Campbell Blair G. Childs (18) Waldron J. Finnegan Jr. Thomas K. Flagg (6) A. Stephen Fox P ’06 Daniel D. Hagelin Albert E. Hancock III (7) Michael W. Havran James W. Hogg Louis J. Jannace John J. Kennedy III (9) Jeffrey E. Kiely Thomas J. Leonard III P ’06, ’10 (8) John A. Moritz Elmar Vinzez Noeth Yoshikazu Okuyama Paul G. Sanderson Pedro M. Santoni Martin J. Sbriglio (9) William S. Shipley III (5) Spencer M. Tulis Edward C. Turner (30) Christopher A. Wade Leonard G. Weiser-Varon (10) Robert J. White

1975 Edward A. Akel (16) Pia Bungarten Joseph P. Campanelli (6) Peter C. DiMaria Whitney Drayton Carey D. Fiertz (5) Mark E. Finnegan Arthur A. Gosnell Harold H. Grey (5) Janice L. Hadley (7) Robert P. Hildreth P ’12 (6) D. Chandler Hill Timothy D. Kaiser (5) Bruce S. Kosakowski (21) Edward R. Lajoie Jr. (5) Michael M. Oleksak (26) Michael R. Parker (24) Douglas S. Porter William H. Sidford (6) William S. Steelman (20) Mark W. Teed P ’08 (8)

1976 Anthony E. Ashbaugh (35) Karin Aurichio David W. Bardaglio (6) Jennifer Berlind Carl B. Boet-Whitaker Stanley J. Boyd Jennifer A. Cartmell (6) Antonio D. Castro George B. Cook Scott A. Craig (26) Mary Debevoise Rennie (7) Sharon Fischer Grubaugh Peter H. Gage (7) Claes-Johan Geijer Tener Goodwin Veenema P ’99 Erik P. Holmberg Jeffrey H. Keeney (9) Michael J. Kennedy Thomas G. Lewis (6) William J. McDonald Cynthia P. Rogers Kenneth M. Scheinblum P ’07, ’08 Kornelis Smit (6) Mark A. Sollinger (5) Susanne Wchsler-Spear P ’11 (17) Richard C. von Riesen Jan Lee Walker Larsson Jessica Weisner Fieber (6) Robert I Welsh III P ’05

1977 Khosrow Adib-Samii Charles T. Alfano Jr. (34) James M. Baker (5) John G. Beadle IV Richard S. Bellows III(7) John B. Bevier (5) David W. Bird II (7) Timothy W. Burnap Christopher G. Cardone (7) Christopher A. Childs P ’07, ’09 (12) Robert P. Clark P ’06 (28) David A. Coe Betty L. Corsak Braden Patrick F. Dobson (12) Peter Doherty Howard S. Dono (11) Hoby Douglass Deborah R. Dyer Leroux (5)

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Jeff White ’65 Jeff has worked for the Boston Red Sox since 2002 and is currently he responsible for advising ownership and management on a variety of industry and team financial issues. He is also Treasurer of the Red Sox Foundation. Two years ago he joined with the Red Sox and several other investors in purchasing the Salem Red Sox minor league team in the Carolina League. Previously, Jeff spent 12 years at CBS including stints at CBS Records and serving as Vice President of Finance for CBS News. After CBS he was the CFO for Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) and then President of Child Growth and Development, an educational toy company. In speaking of Suffield, Jeff comments, “My association with the school dates back to a fall afternoon in 1961. I am not sure that I had even turned 14 yet, but I was leaving home for an extended period for the first time in my life.” He continues, “Like anything, the next four years were marked by ups and downs, but in between periods of steady growth, and learning how to deal with disappointment and opportunity. There was also enormous support from interested faculty members. My best friends were Dennis Kinne and George Pervear. I can honestly say there was never a Ken Lindfors history class that I didn’t enjoy. Mason Nye, Brad Gooch, and Jim Carlisle brought me into books and writers that I never would have read myself. I had great respect for Wasky and Herman Smith. And then there my classmates who after nearly 50 years remain in touch.” “That’s my first phase. The second occurred more than 15 years ago when I was asked to serve on the Board. We have had great leadership and made so much progress. Ap Seaverns would be very proud of how we finished the job that he started. Much of the physical plant has changed and the specialized services far outweigh what was done years ago. The students and faculty, thankfully they are much the same. The kids grow up and gain confidence. The faculty push and encourage until that day they leave. It’s funny. I remember everything about the day I came to Suffield and little about the day I graduated. I am not sure why, but maybe I never left.”

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2010 - 2011 Matthew F. Farrar James C. Foley Jr. John N. Geary (7) Gerard J. Hall (6) David B. Hill Denise Jackson Dean Megan Kampmann Reddish Edward Kaplan P ’08, ’12 (15) William E. Lahart Thomas P. Landers Jr. (6) Patrick F. McCormack Scott J. McEwan (9) Heather Murray White (7) William J. O’Brien III (7) Andrew Olear II Mary Elizabeth Oleksak Cochrane Mark E. Palomba Mary Pohanka Scott (15) Cynthia L. Richter (8) John S. Routh III (7) Gretchen Schwabe Wilcox (5) Richard L. Smith (7) J. Mark Starr (5) David J. Teed (9) William C. Thomas (6) Elizabeth Tyler P ’05 (19) Sara Whitaker

1978 Matthew D. Aaron (8) Mehdi Adib-Samii Khooshe Adib-Samii Aiken John H. Asher Todd W. August (23) Elizabeth Bogle Reynolds John R. Brubacher Amy D. Celentano Patricia Claiborne Biesemeyer Jay E. Cook Benjamin D. Davol (6) Francis X. Drapeau P ’09 (6) Robin Fogg Schuldt Donna Hayden James C. Holmes John B. Humphrey (8) Lisa Longo Carl J. Luster Muriel Magauran Benton (5) Charles B. McCullagh Jr. (7) Edward J. Palomba (5) Timothy M. P. Seamans Susan Shafroth Macomson (11)

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Jennifer Lewis Weilbach Laurie Mackey Wilson (32) Sheila R. McCormack Renee McDaniel Margolis (6) Lisa Palomba Deni Andrew J. Rarus P ’07, ’11 (26) Hugh M. Rice Jennifer B. Rockwell (20) Joshua M. Sacks Glenn L. Schattman Robert A. Stanley Jr. P ’13 (32) Judith Woods Musho Cindy B. Workman Carl J. Young G. Guyer Young II

1980 Matthew Beaudry Mary E. Carroll (19) Peter L. Coombs P ’10, ’13 (7) Jon F. DiLuzio James C. Hagan Lisa Keney Rarus P ’07, ’11 (26) Thomas J. Killam (19) Kenneth S. Klesczewski Michele Lang Blair Michael A. Lathrop Graham D. Lewis (15) Linda McCullagh O’Leary (5) Joseph C. Palomba P ’10, ’11 (5) Daniel C. Pease III (7) Jeffrey W. Randall Ladan Samii Saleh Andrew T. Sutphin (10) Mohammad Esmail Tahbaz Stephanie E. Thomases Hutchison (28) George M. Weimer Jr.

1981 Paul J. Adler Gilbert S. Ahrens Thomas Almy Karim Amiryani Robbin L. Banks Barbara J. Cartmell Howaniec (12) Vera Chrisman Plescia William P. Cunningham Jr. Diana Dyer Keir John R. Ferraro P ’11, ’13 (6) J. Reed Finney William C. Gourd Valisha Graves (24) Nicholas M. Katsoulis Geoffrey L. Kaufman (13) Christopher J. Kennedy (30) Elizabeth T. Kotarski Brown (6) Philip G. Landers David J. Lingua (6) Patrick Mahon (11) John T. Martin (8) Mark A. McCullagh (6) Evan D. McGlinn Suzanne L. Morris Lillian G. Nye William J. Peishoff David C. Pite Jill Skaff O’Neil Peter B. Snyder David Spitzler (28) John D. Tower Alison Welch Davee Claudette D. Wilkins Hunter Allen Chan Wong (6)

1982 Tina M. Alano David L. Carangelo John W. Cook (7) Elaine Coombs Holmes Andrew J. Coulter (5) Marc D. Danzinger Philip G. Drinker William P. Eagan Margaret Figueroa Hern P’15 (21) David D. Greenberg (7) Peter J. Hartung (10) Kelly Kinne Patterson P ’13 (6) Anthea Krawiec Richardson Helene Landers Toomey (5) Norman A. MacColl III (26) Richard Mackenzie Dennis J. Moynihan William J. Murdza (25) James O’Brien Madeline K. Phillips Susan M. Pratt Madeline K. Phillips Susan M. Pratt Geoffrey Rockwell Ali Samii Richard R. Scullin III Robert B. Smith III (6) Alison Stilwill Traub Jay Taylor Jr. Marie Troiano Castineyra James T. Ubertalli Laura Usifer Riccio Lee Vardakas Clinton B. Wright (6)

1983 Christopher J. Aventuro John F. Boozang (6) Robert S. Churchill (13) Stephen F. Clark (24) Deanna Cook McDonald Peter H. Cunningham Robert A. Dahms III Marybeth DiBuono-Riley Charles A. Ernst IV Frank J. Fruce P ’12 Lawrence C. Gaddy William D. Kiley (7) Judy Killam Campbell (7) Michael S. Paul (5) Frederic B. Powers III P ’14 (26) Arthur F. Shettle (5) Stoddard M. Wilson (10)

1984 Sandra Brink Kasch Denise E. Choquette Leber Paul T. Dean Susan Dellaquila O’Brien P ’13 Rebecca K. Dube Dawson (6) Sophia Duly Little Shelley Frazier Pelletier (9) Kerrin Fuller Rowley (6) David G. Goodman Jeannine Haas Bell Christopher D. Hawthorne (6) Geoffrey B. Hoyt Shigeru Ikuta Laura Jambazian Wright Michelle L. Kaminsky Kevin D. Kinne James L. Loeb Jr.

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1993 Julio Adib-Samii Meghan L. Allen David B. Bowser Alexa E. Economou Rice Kevin Q. Corridan Christian Eio (9) Sarah Eio Smithson Pamela A. Eisen (17) Andrew P. Gamere (5) Martha K. Groszyk Jonathan M. Josendale Ulrike S. Kjellberg JonElle A. Lemon Lindsay M. McMillan Powers (6) Patricia A. Riordan Chalian Lauren E. Roginski (18) Joseph L. Ruggiero P.G. Schrader Jr. Gina-Marie Scudieri Lane Meredith A. Wilson (5) Marla Zide (5)

1994 Lance B. Carlton Eric M. Fiejo Todd G. Fisher Luther H. Frost Gregory J. Gallivan Jr.(5) Tracey Gayeski Adib-Samii Linda A. Groszyk (5) William C. Haffner Alison Kennedy Auciello (6) Jennifer E. Knowlton Rhodes Cary A. Lazarus David R. Morse Jr. Theodore J. Pappas Ellen M. Newman Petrov (7) Scott R. Sartwell (7) Christopher T. Saven (6) Carolyn Tribble Hudkins (7) Stephen M. Yap

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Annual Report Kathryn P. Dineen Anderson C Ellis (6) Nicholas L. Faas Christopher Charles Federer Jennifer L. Fisher Taiwo Elizabeth R. Gage Alexis M. Gepty Augustin William K. Glass Jr. Gregory J. Hearn Russell C. Hearn (11) Ashton C. Jones (10) Melissa A. Knight (11) Kedrin P. Madar John Holden McHaney Bridget M. Moriarty Henry B. Naboicheck (10) Benjamin Pierce Pollock Katherine E. Pratt Coleman (8) Colin M. Riendeau (5) Jordan Rothenberg Caitlin E. Snyder Daniel T. Stillman Brooks N. Truesdell (5) Jeffrey A. Witkowski

Jung Hoon Lee Eliza deBary Lyon Louise R. Neslin (5) My Quynh Nguyen Neely Lindsey K. Pell Lydia S. Pillsbury Elsie Quarrier Prichard Prior Michael G. Pritchard Ellen T. Rannenberg Marisa F. Rosenthal Cameron Jacob Ross-MacCormack Lindsay M. Rousseau (6) David N. Schnaak Gregory Nathaniel Schultz (7) Monica Cadence Schwerin (7) Bronya Shillo David J. Tivin Andrew W. Tom, USN (5) Alexandra A. Tremaine Matthew B. Wentworth Matthew M. Weaver Matthew B. Wentworth (5) Erik S. Westerholm (6) Eric J. Yale (9)



Alexander J. Beinfield Matthew J. Bernstein Sari B. Biddelman (5) James Bailey Brislin Alison T. Carey (6) Dane M. Carillo Polly Anne Catanese Elpers Bonnie Hyun Choi Timothy R. Cleary (6) Gregory C. d’Otreppe Jeffrey R. Depelteau Matthew C. Dow-Allen Jeffrey A. Dressler Samuel W. Dudek Sarah S. Glass (6) Hilary M. Golas S. Spencer Homick Christopher W. Jarzabek Sara Kerin Susan Korte Kristin M. McCurdy Kellyn J. McGarity Elizabeth M. Michael Christopher A. Moncrief Nicholas M. Oleksak (5) Erin Paige Orr Ligay (5) Sarah Rabbett Ryan Sample (5) Ashley B. Scibelli Jared Shahid William N. Simons (5) Peter Sedgwick Snedeker (9) Michael J. Tisch Alexander Vinograd Paul E. Wagner Kylene E. Westerholm

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2003 Michael Albert Athas (5) Elizabeth Catherine Bates Gavin Richard Crescenzo Zachary A. Faas Kaitlin N. Flynn (7) Kelly Ann Griskewicz Katherine C. Hoffmaster Drew Inganamort (5) Spencer H. B. Kunath

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2005 William C. Adams Ryan T. Allen Ginika J. Anamege David R. Appleby Alexander D.F. Bernstein Anna H. Claussen Barry Ryan Cleary (6) Andrew N. Cohen Rick P. Devlin (6) Daniel A. Fisher (5) Theodore B. Fuller (5) Scott T. Grondahl (5) Margaret E. Gustafson Andrew J. Houlihan (6) Sven D. Kaemmerer Derek E. LArson Alaina D. Lasnier Jason A. Lavine Dennis F. Leary Jared T. Mickelson William C. Powers (6) Kyle J. Powers Matthew T. Ruzbasan James H. Senk (6) Stephanie L. Shaker (6) Catherine A. Shanley (6) Jake Pettibone Shea Matthew E. Shifrin Wade R. Sojka-Colli John K. Stewart Jr. Emma K. Stillman (6) Meghan M. Thomsen (5) Robert I. Welsh IV

2006 Cole G. Archambault (6) Juan Andres Arreaza Jacqueline M. Barrieau (6) Ronald L. Bathrick III Kristen E. Bautz Brooke B. Beatt Andrew O. Betts (6) Edwin G. Booth III (5) Melissa J. Carey Mary B. Chamberlain (6) Lauren M. Coleman (6) Ross W. Currier (6) Steven P. Detonnancourt John W. Doar (6) Sarah C. Ellerton Jane S. Fuller (6) Nancy C. Fuller (6) Paul F. Gerlando Christine L. Hayden Louis Heilbronn (6) John M. Henzy Amanda E. Holland(5) Lauren E. Ingalls Lawrence A. Jones Yat Wa Ku Kristen M. LaPlante (6) Alison M. Leonard (6) Eric C. Litmer (5) Jennifer N. Mais (6) Barbara E. Mapstead Livanos Lucas E. McComb (6) Danika Migliore John C. Mills Marina E. O’Shea Gina C. Petrone (6) Christopher W.M. Polisi (6) Rachel A. Puklin

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years


Kim Wiggin P’06 Kim Wiggin is in her eleventh year as a member of the Suffield faculty. She serves as the director of the school’s academic support program. In gratitude for her profound impact on Suffield students, an anonymous donor endowed The Kim Wiggin Chair in Academic Support as part of Suffield’s recent The Time is Now capital campaign. Kim notes, “My work at Suffield is by far the most rewarding and stimulating of my 30+ year teaching career. If you had told me back in 2002 when I started, after being prodded by Peggy Sullivan to submit my resume, that I would still be here and be so happy, I would have said you were crazy. But, here I am. I love the fact that I am at a school that not only says it has a commitment to students with varying academic talents, but provides the support and encouragement each student needs to become the best they can be. Charlie’s model of “distance traveled” fits perfectly with my philosophy of education, in which I believe every child has the capacity to learn when provided with creative teaching. I find myself boasting about both Suffield and the students in many other parts of my life, including to people all over the world as I travel each March with these amazing young people.” She continues, “Giving back to Suffield is important to me for many reasons, not the least of which is to honor the wonderful experience my son, Matthew, had here for four years. Being able to experience the school through the eyes of a parent as well as a teacher was a unique gift, and I feel a need to continue my stewardship of Suffield for as long as I am able.

Fall 2011 | 21

Annual Report Matthew D. Rice John S. Root Jr. (5) Brian F. Sager II (6) Leverett F. Saltonstall (6) Christopher G. Scholem Joanna C. Scholtz Christopher R. Stafford Casey D. Sullivan (6) Andrew J. Teich (6) Barton L. Thompson Kelly V. Van Ingen Matthew D. Wiggin Ellsworth A. Wolcott III Josh R. Yeston (6)

2007 Peter T. Aldrich (5) Tyler Babushkin (5) Brielle M. Beaudette (5) Alexandra J. Beauregard (5) Taylor Blaze Bell (5) Thomas M. Blakeley (5) Christopher W. Blydell (5) Stuart M. Brooks (5) Kevin C. Brown (5) John E. Buchanan (5) Sean P. Caddigan (5) Matthew J. Capone II (5) William K. Cargill (5) Evan A. Carroll (5) Hao-Ting Chang (5) Wansit Chatikavanij (5) Anna C. Childs (5) Isabella H. Comstock (5) Trevor G. Dalglish (5) Cassandra M. Daniels (5) Michael P. DiPietro (5) Charles P. Donahue (7) Ezekiel M. Donnelly (5) Matthew G. Doup (5) Christina A. Fraziero (5) Mark Fruce IV (5) Scott C. Furlaud (5) Shirley Garcia (5) Yiannis Z. Gazis (5) Margot H. Genvert (5) Marissa R. Gialopsos (5) Hana M. Gosney (5) Sydney B. Greenberg (5) John G. Haskell (5) Zachary E. Hatem (5) Page G. Hayes (5) Kathryn A. Heydinger (5) Michael D. Hickey (5) Kathryn C. Higgins (5) Bing-Chun Hou (5) Yi-Chin Huang (5) Charles R. Huck (5) Leah Rose Hunter (5) Julia F. Imbelli (5) Peter D. Jensen (5) Matthew H. Jones (5) Lauren R. Keibel (5) Richard C. Lau (5) Khaya L. Leary (5) Steven C. Marangos (5) Monica S. Markowski (5) Peter D. Markowski (5) Joseph C. Martini (5) Meara Ann Ormsby McCarthy (5) Caitlin R. McNabb (5) Harry Melendez III Alexander W. Mendelsohn (5)

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Catherine J. Mis (5) Bianca C. Molta (5) Kurt A. Murphy (5) Emily G. Nissensohn (5) Carolyn J. O’Shea (5) Bintou F. Ojomo (5) Lauren J. Okano (5) Erik A. Osborne (5) Aerin M. Parish-Toscano (5) Alessandra G. Perna (5) Mariama L. Perry (5) Vipas Piyasombatkul (5) Caroline P. Powers (5) Christopher F. Pugliano (5) Meredith M. Rarus (5) Benjamin H. Rego (5) Eric J. Reinhard (5) Allison V. Ruel (5) Trillium V. Santin (5) Ana M. Santos (5) Jenny L. Schnaak (5) Peter Matthew Shrubb (5) Thomas A. Skalkos(5) Everett C. Smith(5) Tyler J. St. Pierre (5) Hannah C. Thompson (5) Sarah K. Thomsen (5) Alexandra A. Thrall (5) Brian J. Uszakiewicz (5) Alexa L. Walston (5) Daniel C. Watson Jr. (5) William G.M. Wilcox (5) Henry R. Williams (5) Ethan E. Wood(5) Chia-Hong Wu (5) Tina T.K. Wu(5) Nayeun Yoo(5) Hyeon-Seok You (5) Robert J. Zammito III (5)

2008 Hannah C. Arntzen Pamela M. Autuori Rebecca L. Bathrick Elizabeth H. Bellinger John E. Bloemsma Emily J. Cassello Kirsten E. Chalke Courtney N. Chapman Shea T. Clark Samuel R. Cohen William J. Cooley Krystle R. Corallo Benjamin M. Cumings Thomas E. Cyran Marianne Daniels Michael D. DeLio Lisa A. DelMastro Anne Tucker Doar Thomas A.L. Drummond-Hay Samantha A. Farber Benjamin H. Fish William H. Franklin Zachary T. Fuller Louis R. Furniss Joel V. Glassman Nicholas S. Gomes George M. Gomez Carl Erik Hagen Rachel A. Hendrickson Brett M. Hereth Harrison P. Higgins Felicia F. Holm

Yusuke Ito Alison T. Jarris Rebecca B. Joslow Se Yoon Jung Barbara A. Kaplan Carly A. Keeley Danton Clejan Kerz Michaela A. Keyes Amar Kaur Khalsa Harrison E. Kramer Courtney L. LaGanke Garrett R. Lasnier Lindsay K. Life Hyun Suk Lim Nicholas Shanahan Lines Alicia L. Mangiafico Carter S. Manos Michael T. Mara Joseph M. Marocco Daniella Matalon Daniel D. Matchett Emily B. Mejer Meghan K. Miller Isi M. Montero Laura G. Monty Masahiko Morita Conor Alexander Morrison Mallorie M. Nai Daniel I. Nault Maninpat Naviroj John Alexander Neilson Allyson L. Nelson Michael E. Olszyk Adam A. Pistel Charles M. Reid Francisco E. Rodriguez Chapman S. Root II Frank J. Sambor III Cooper Lawrence Sanford Abigail L. Schuster Arthur C.M. Schweitzer Maxwell M. Seifert Mark P. Shannon Daniel M. Siretta Erica N. Siver Kelly M. Slattery Henry A.N. Smith Katrina Luise Smith Harrison Putnam Smith Elizabeth S. Snow Srun Sosothikul Christopher M. Sullivan Verona K.M. Tam Reagan Elizabeth Teed Charles W. Thompson Kelsey M. Tuthill Michael D. Vallides Daniel Andres Viveros Kate M. Vosti Michael Joseph Walsh Matthew D. Werblin Christopher G. Wheeler Philip D. Williams Taylor Gordon Williams Xiao Ning Xue Hae Rin Yoon Christopher B. Yuan Isabel C. Zellweger

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 2009 Christopher A. Ames Maria L. Azambuja Timothy S. Bautz Samuel P. Bell Dyllan Bhattacharya Calvin W. Blackburn Adam C. Booth Andrea J. Boulanger Cordelia E. Brady Matthew H. Brady Roshard J. Bryant Margaret M. Buchanan Bradley R. Burkhard John A. Camerota Thomas S. Casey Jaclyn E. Casper Rosemary C. Chandler Hao-Chu Chang Harald L. Chen Maysie A. Childs Jean-Didier P. Collongette Emily M. Conklin Shelly E. D’Aleo Kevin L. Dawson Leah C. Delaney Bradbury H. Downing Donald S. Drapeau Pierce A. Edwards Victoria A. Elliott Amanda E. Fantini Camille A. Fantini Bridgette M. Faupel Charles Montgomery Ferguson Jr. Robert A. Fleishman Julian Rees Fletcher Alexander Neil Gazis Hannah G. Gotwals Madison L. Graney Adam S. Grasso Jack T. Hamren Randolph H. Harris Patrick F. Harris Daniel Bryant Hughes Michael Eldo Jacobs Adam Charles Jacobs Emily D. Jensen Chelsea Eileen Kane Jonathan Brian Steinberg Kaufman Arielle Marie Minuck Kempinsky Yeon-Kyu J. Kim Connor R. Kirschbaum Caitlin E. Kobylarz Gregory Kofman Erica Victoria Lane Seung-eun Lee Alexis W. Lee Meghan Taylor Leishman Phoebe Walker Madden Matthew L. Markese Anne H. McGovern Alexandra A.Mish Elizabeth Ruth Monty Emmett Tod Korff Moore Elizabeth M. Morgan Megan A. Murphy Toshifumi Namba Kelly A. Nault Derrick Ryan Patrick Nelson Antonio R. Nixon Jr. Alexander D. Olsen Garrett E. Ostafin Jeffrey N. Papai

Hyun Jin Park Katherine G. Pistel Kanatuch Piyasombatkul Joseph L. Pugliano Kyle L. Randall Samuel E. Robson Amber Lynn Rodgers Cynthia Dunham Roe Amy A. Samenuk Nicholas Benjamin Schloss Samuel F. Seifert Christopher S. Setian Grace W. Sickles Ryan C. Sonberg Eric Anthony Spazzarini Samuel H. Stone Carlos R.S. Streegan Patrick J. Sullivan Jason Lee Thompson Courtney Judith Thrall Kaitlin Lonergan Ventriglia Maria A. Veronesi Alexandra Rose Vicino Kyle Stephen Vigneault Nicola Abigail Walker Violich Frances Marian Walsh Nicholas H.L. Ward Grace Starr Wolcott Maureen Elizabeth Wyse Jennifer L. Yeaw

2010 Benjamin E. Adams Rachel L. Adelsberger Kemper McM. Ahl Caroline H. Aldrich Nicholas M. Allen Alexandra L. Anderson Tyler M. Arnold Michelle E. Autuori Shinelle Baker Nadanai Banyatpiyaphod Matthew H. Blakeley William T. Boyle Connor M. Bray Gillian A. Bromfield You Jung Choi L. Evan Campbell Ciecimirski Kyle P. Clark Mackenzie M. Cook Shane M. Cranmore Andrew W. Crannell Dean M. Daley Justine L.C. de Chazal Nicholas G. DiRubio Colin R. Dowd D. Brendan Doyle Taylor M. Endress Robert L. Fay Morgan L. Fog William J. Glidden Mariah S. Gonzalez Britani L. Gunther Allen C. Harris Alexander D. Hart Schuyler P. Holden Kohei Hotta Emily Yeh Kalk Kristen M. Keyes Pooja P. Kothari Adam W. Krauss Krystal K. Laing Christopher M. Leavy

Thomas J. Leonard IV Chelsea N. Lines Atiq A. Lucas Megan E. Madden Virginia W. McDermott Joseph J. McGovern Delaney B. McGowan Mary C. Mitchell Sheree S. Morrison Gordon T. Murphy Tien-Hsin Nao Ciara M. O’Kane Alyssa M. Palomba Xavier T. Pollard Alyson V. Powers Francisco A. Pujals Emily G. Purtill James T. Ramaley Alexander T. Ress Margaret J. Roelants Beverly A. Rogan Jennifer M. Ruddock Joy A. Russolillo Katherine R. Sacco Anne H. Salzman David R. Sambor Caroline C. Schram Sroaj Sosothikul Chambriel T. Spence Yu Fei Sun Henry Thevenin Parker A. Togut Matthew J. Tolosky Lucas S. Traber Kerbasi A. Ugarte Thomas J. Uszakiewicz Christopher M. Vicino Bridget R. Walsh Taylor J. Walston Melanie T. Watson Everest D. Wein Shangrong Wu Erica M. Wynn Jonathan M. Yeston Hang Yu Stephanie A. Yuan

2011 Emily M. Aiken James R. Anderson Terra L. Arguimbau In Jae Baek B. Joseph Begley Alexander S. Behringer Brian C. Belichick Lorenzo B. Bernardez Tyler E. Boyle Brando Brandolini Joseph S. Bruno Michael J. Budness Madalyn G. Carpenter Margaret M. Casey Yingyi Chen Julia Chinchelli Jung Kyu Choi Alexandria M. Ciejka Samuel Clark IV Anne R. Connelly McKenna L.J. Daly Serge P. Derby Kachenta K. Descartes Alexandra M. DiGiacomo John T. DiPietro

Fall 2011 | 23


Reed Barbe ’12 A graduate of the Eaglebrook School, Reed Barbe joined the Suffield Academy community as a freshman in the fall of 2008. Reed has emerged as an impressive student athlete. He will attend the University of Denver next fall and play lacrosse for renowned coach Bill Tierney. Reed’s love for lacrosse did not blossom until he arrived at Suffield. In fact, he excelled at three sports as a freshman varsity member for the soccer, squash, and lacrosse teams. However, after the spring lacrosse season, Reed decided this was the sport he wanted to pursue at the next level. “My coaches, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Pillsbury, were instrumental in developing both my skills and my passion for the game,” said Reed. “It motivated me to keep playing throughout the summers and to make the sport among my highest priorities.” Reed’s off-season commitment allowed him to garner attention from some of the nation’s top lacrosse programs. Reed particularly impressed coach Bill Tierney, among others, at the “Connecticut Super Sophs” during the summer before his junior year. Shortly thereafter, Reed verbally committed to the University of Denver in February of his junior year. He said, “It was nice to have the decision made to not have to stress about it.” Reed has worked extremely hard to bounce back after a series of injuries. His efforts were rewarded this fall on the soccer field as he was named a Western New England Prep School Soccer Association (WNEPSSA) All-Star, and helped lead the boys’ soccer team to the quarterfinals in the 2011 Prep School Tournament. “I will certainly miss the wonderful support system and structure that Suffield Academy provides, but at the same time I know that Suffield has prepared me to be successful in college. I will always cherish the relationships I made here with students and faculty.”

24 |

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Hung Phan Do John M. Ferguson Samuel O. Ferraro Carolyn C. Fieger Wayne P. Fisher Courtney E. Flynn Elliot S. Frank Peter J. Ganem Matthew P. Gianoni Kara L. Glassman James W.H. Graham Charles E. Green Giulia A. Guarducci Madison O. Hebb Karoline Hegbom Reid R. Henderson Riley R. Henderson Jae Bin Im Tesfa J. Jacobs Jirabhadr Jaturavith Thomas D. Jensen Rachael K. Kawasaki Tara E. Keady Kyung Tak Kim Si Yoon Kwon Karen Lam Harry B. Land Anne H. Lautenbach Emily K. Leishman Leah K. Life Bingjie Liu Graham P. Lowe Patrick S. Lowndes Grant R. Maddox Pirapol Mahaguna Didi E. McDonald Carolyne S. McGuinn Griffin J. Murray Phillip G. Myers Amanda G. Noble Brendan K. O’Connor Peyton J. O’Connor Maxwell C. Ouimet Joseph M. Palomba Jun Han Park Katherine B. Perry Taylor R. Peucker Apipu Phataraprasit Angelino J. Placanico Visarut Poolvaraluk Katherine J. Prentis Benjamin D. Rakus Andrew J. Rarus Jr. Duncan C. Renchard Jose E. Rivas Erica E. Robbie Argenis Rojas Max T. Rooney Spenser S. Rose Natasha N. Sankalia Javier Sanz Moxo Marcelo V. Sayeg Victoria E. Schirmer Avery A. Schuster Erich R. Seifert Shamier Settle Silvio G. Sibilia Kristopher J. Sittheeamorn Allison K. Sullivan Lester C. Taylor James C. Thompson Patrick J. Tolosky Frederick M. Tritschler IV

Isabel H. Urquieta Wm. Brodie Vogler Charles M. Warner Samuel T. Waters Lauren E. Webber Shelter D. Wein Littell T. White Sarah E. Willis Olivianna G. Wragg Heather E. Wright Bolin J. Wu Erica A. Yard Charlotte R. Yordon Xiaolu Yu

parent Giving parents 2011 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Aiken Jr. (11) Ms. Deborah S. Anderson Mr. John R. Anderson Mr. Peter L. Arguimbau and Ms. Mary Fawcett Mr. Seung Ryel Baek and Ms. Kyung Sil Yoon Mr. Delroy F. Barnes and Ms. Paula Mahone Mr. and Mrs. Brendan M. Begley Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Behringer Mr. Bill Belichick Ms. Deborah C. Belichick Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Bernardez Mr. and Mrs. Sean Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Nuno Brandolini Mr. and Mrs. James M. Budness Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Casey (6) Mr. and Mrs. Shaoquan Chen Mr. Mauro Chinchelli and Ms. Ilvana Gomes Mr. and Mrs. Byungmin Choi (5) Atty. and Mrs. Gerald P. Ciejka Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clark III Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Connelly Dr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Copel Ms. Kathleen P. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Peter Derby Ms. Janice L. Descartes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. DiGiacomo Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DiPietro 8 Mr. Dung Ngoc Do and Ms. Xuyen T.K. Phan Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dowd Ms. Jennifer A. Dubish Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferguson (6) Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ferraro ’81 (6) Ms. Alease O. Fisher Mr. Andrew S. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. O. Kevin Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln E. Frank Ms. Denise A. Frisby Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gianoni Ms. Judith Gil Mr. and Mrs. Gary I. Glassman (6) Barbara and Keith Gollust Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gould Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Jr. Dr. Ilsa C. Grant-Taylor Mr. and Mrs. John A. Green Ms. Sonya Green Mr. Gherardo Guarducci and Ms. Caltagirone Guarducci Ms. Melissa Hall Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hebb Mr. and Mrs. Henning Hegbom Mr. Kee Young Im and Ms. Sang Mi Kim Im Mr. Richard Jacobs and Christina Fisher-Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Aram Jaturavith Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jensen (7) Mr. and Mrs. Shumpei Kawasaki Mr. and Mrs. George C. Keady III Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kiley Mr. Hyun Chul Kim and Ms. Soon Hee Park Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Land Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Lautenbach Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leishman (5) Ms. Rhonda D. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Life (7) Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lilien Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Lisi Sr. Mr. Yanzhong Liu and Ms. Jing Chen Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lowe (14)

Fall 2011 | 25

Annual Report Ms. Mary Kate Lowndes Ms. Karin L. Maddox Ms. Amornrat V. Mahaguna Ms. Gail Miller Ms. Susan L. Mohl Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Mark Myers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Niemann Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Randall P. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ouimet Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Palomba ’80 (5) Mr. In Wha Park and Ms. Sung Hee Lee Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Peucker Mr. and Mrs. Pradit Phataraprasit Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Placanico Mr. and Mrs. Vicha Poolvaraluk Mrs. Lorraine J. Prentis Mr. Peter D. Prentis Andrew J. Rarus ’79 and Lisa Keney Rarus ’80 (26) Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Renchard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Nilay K. Sankalia Mr. Mariano Sanz and Ms. Desiree Moxo Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Sayeg Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schirmer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rollin G. Schuster Jr. (6) Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Seifert (7) Mr. and Mrs. James S. Sibilia Mr. Kiat Sittheeamorn and Mrs. Linda Dishart Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Spazzarini (6) Charles Spear ’72 and Susanne Wechsler Spear ’76 (17) Mr. and Mrs. E. Timothy Sullivan Jr. (9) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Sweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Thompson (6) Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Tolosky (5) Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Tritschler III Mr. Bernardo Urquieta and Kathleen Smythe Mr. and Mrs. William F. Vogler III Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Warner III ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew I. Waters Mrs. Wendy H. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Wein (5) Mr. and Mrs. W. Littell White Alan T. Wragg and Marianne Caponnetto Wragg Ms. Kathleen M. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Ching-Mai Wu Atty. and Mrs. Brian M. Yard Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel S. Yordon Mr. Yingcheng Yu and Ms. Wei Li

parents 2012 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ames (5) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Apkin Mr. Peter J. Appleby and Ms. Stephanie Raia (5) Prof. and Mrs. Cezar Babin Mr. and Mrs. Byron C. Bailey (12) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Bannish Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Barry Mr. and Mrs. David H. Battle Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Beaulieu (5) Ms. Caroline Bienstock Mrs. Laura Bolella Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Booth (10) Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Borg Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Breault (10) Mrs. Jane Buffett Ms. Carolin R. Buttrick Mr. and Mrs. J. Carmichael Calder Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Caravella

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Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Casey (6) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Chalke (6) Atty. and Mrs. Gregory H.K. Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Clauson Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Clew Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Czikowsky Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Degen Dr. and Mrs. Ketan Desai Mr. and Mrs. J. Marcus Doran Ms. Lola E. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Downes Mr. and Mrs. Brett I. Ersoff (6) Mr. and Mrs. John Evangelakos Mr. Franklin C. Everett and Mrs. Colleen Green Everett ’79 Frederic Fekkaii and Shirin von Wulffen Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo F. Fernández Pujals ’64 Ms. Marcella Ferreri Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Fezza Dr. and Mrs. Viriato M. Fiallo Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Fruce ’83 Mr. and Dr. Len Galant Mrs. Elba Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Gestal Barbara and Keith R. Gollust Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Grand Pre Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grotto Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hale 6 Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Hard Dr. and Mrs. Takaaki Hashimoto Ms. Laurie A. Hawkes Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Hennessey Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Hetzler Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hildreth ’75 (6) Dr. and Mrs. Dickerman Hollister Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hotta Mr. Jinsong Huang and Mrs. Liyu Zhang Dr. Steven K. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan ’77 (15) Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kelsey Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keyes (7) Mr. and Mrs. Igor A. Klimenko Mr. Seok Yong Lee and Ms. Eun Kyung Shin Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Leonard Mr. John Liegey Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lyman Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Madden Mr. David T. Maloof and Ms. Jean Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mandirola Mr. and Mrs. John O. Matalon Mrs. Karen L. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. McElnea ’67 (9) Mr. and Mrs. James Michel Mr. Keith T. Milne Mr. and Mrs. Terrence D. Mish (6) Mr. and Mrs. Tyree Montague Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nault (7) Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien Atty. Tae Sok Park and Eun Kyung Lee Park Atty. and Mrs. Michael L. Paton Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Philipps Mr. Timothy Pitkin and Atty. Shaun McLean Ms. Nancy Pivirotto Barbe Atty. and Mrs. Alan D. Port Dr. and Mrs. Pokpong Praneeprachachon Mr. and Mrs. Jon Erik Randmael Mr. Richard D. Raper and Mrs. Helen Porter Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Regan

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Mr. Victor Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Ali R. Salehi Ms. Elizabeth D. Sartorius Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Sartorius Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schachter Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sheresky Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Smith Ms. Susan N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Smith III Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sonberg Jr. (6) Ms. Lisa M. Stockham Mr. Rick W. Stromoski and Ms. Danna Gauntner Ms. Kathy Swainson Dear Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Sych (7) Ms. Ivette Torres Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Tors Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Turer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valerio Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir S. Vasilenko (6) Mr. and Mrs. Brett N. Vianney ’70 (11) Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Leighton B. Welch Mr. Eric Y.P. Wong and Ms. Teresa Wong Tang Mr. David D.W. Wu and Ms. Pau Lin Lim

parents 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Armata ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Autuori (5) Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Bardin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blakeley (5) Mr. and Mrs. Nuno Brandolini Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Brown Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burke III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Caravella Mr. Jen-I Chen and Ms. Momo Tao Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Coombs ’80 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Foster S. Cunningham Jr. Mr. Alberto De Gobbi and Ms. Mognon De Gobbi Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. DeLiso Jr. Susan Dellaquila O’Brien ’88 and Mr. John O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Downes Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo F. Fernández Pujals ’64 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ferraro ’81 (5) Dr. and Mrs. Viriato M. Fiallo Ms. Jill A. Fields Ms. Mary E. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Joao L. Franco Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Fregonese Mr. and Mrs. Gary I. Glassman (5) Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hanson Mr. Kyle C. Hawley Ms. Carolyn M. Hills Mr. Calvin A. Hills III The Hoffman Family Mr. Tianzhu Hong and Ms. Luping Ke Mr. Ibrahim A. Ibrahim and Ms. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Johnson Ms. Michele A. Kertanis Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kiarsis Mr. Soo Mok Kim and Ms. Seung Won Han Mr. and Mrs. George Kuo Ms. Antoinette Lazarus Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Leo Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lowe (14) Mr. Dahong Luo and Hon. Qi Li Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Magoon Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Massoia Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Mayne Mr. and Mrs. H. James Metscher Mr. and Mrs. John Mnich Mr. and Mrs. Terry Nasiadka

Ms. Karen L. O’Connor Metscher Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Connor Mr. Wayne and Kelly R. Patterson ’82 (5) Mr. and Mrs. Vicha Poolvaraluk Dr. and Mrs. Jason L. Port Srinath P. Rajavasireddi and Taniya Kapoor Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh N. Rayonia Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Reimer Amb. and Mrs. V. Manuel Rocha Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda ’79 Casey ’79 Dr. Jae Chul Song and Ms. Young Won Kwon Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stanley Jr. ’79 (30) Dr. Bruce E. Stein and Dr. Lori Greenwald Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Strzempko Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Sweitzer Richard B. Tettemer and Valerie Smart-Tetteme Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Thrall II (5) Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Akifumi Yamaguchi Mr. Yong Zhangg and Ms. Yuyan Yang

parents 2014 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arnold Jr. Ms. Celia Bedus Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bolella Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Booth (10) Ms. Sharon T. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Dion E.R. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. William C. Butcher (8) Mr. and Mrs. James E. Chaney Mr. George Chen and Ms. Shari Lin Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Cournoyer Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Czikowsky Mr. John C. Davison Mr. Carlos Deoleo and Ms. Nancy Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. Peter Derby Atty. Justin J. Donnelly and Ms. Elaine O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. James W. Doten Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Eagan Mr. Andrew R. Fabricant and Ms. Laura Paulson Mr. Ronald B. Feldman and Dr. Piamarie Ballarin-Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferguson (6) Mr. and Mrs. O. Kevin Flynn Mr. and Mrs. James L. Frank Mr. Zannis I. Gazis Mr. and Mrs. George Gialopsos Mr. Matthew M. Guerreiro and Ms. Christina Mohr Mr. and Mrs. David B. Haywood Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Hinrichs Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hudson Dr. Joseph L. Ianello and Dr. Ava Pannullo Mr. and Mrs. Girish S. Jhunjhnuwala Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Katz Mrs. Constance Keedle Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keyes (7) Mr. and Mrs. Andre Koo Mr. and Mrs. Soren T. Laursen Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leishman (5) Mr. and Mrs. Toby Leonard Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Gino E. Maggi Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Mahoney Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gobind Mahtani Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Malley Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Mancuso (5) Mr. and Mrs. Stefano Martini Mr. and Mrs. Errol Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Jaroslaw J. Matysiak Mr. Stavros Mellekas and Mrs. Kimberly Delfino Mellekas ’87 (6) Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Miller Kristian and Margot ’85 Mineau (5) Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Moore (7)

Fall 2011 | 27

Annual Report Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nelson (7) Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien Drs. Michael and Donna O’Shea Mr. Gregory S. Pinkham and Ms. Cheryl Couture Lauren and Fred Powers ’83 (26) Atty. and Mrs. Sean D. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. John C. Shelanskas Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Siver ’69 (7) Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Nevill Smythe Ms. Judy L. Soman Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Spazzarini (6) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Thompson (6) Mr. and Mrs. Brett N. Vianney ’70 (11) Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Walker Dr. James K.C. Wang Jr. and Ms. Andrea Bugbee Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Webb Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wheeler Mr. Yujun Zhang and Ms. Ze Sun

Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen Mrs. Arlene Austin Sikes ’39 Mr. and Mrs. John Reeve Bermingham Mr. and Mrs. Norman Booth Ms. Patricia A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Davis Margold Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Carroll Mr. Blair Childs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Camille Comeau Mr. and Mrs. William Connelly ’39 Mrs. Harriet P. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. J. Eddy G. Craig Mrs. Jenny Craig The Honorable William R. Crosbie ’41 Mrs. Adelle Cyran Mr. Charles O. Demers ’49 Mrs R. Carkhuff Eschenbrenner Ms. Charlotte S. Everett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Fiore Ms. Elizabeth Flynn Mr. Samuel S. Fuller ’41 Mrs. Catherine I. Genvert Mrs. Vernon Gotwals Ms. Rose Hanson Mr. and Mrs Michael Henahan Mr. Calvin A. Hills Jr. ’58 Mrs. Jean Holland Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kinne Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Knight Mrs. Diane Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. John E. McDonald Mrs. Wilberta Melber Mr. Spencer Montgomery Jr. ’32 Ms. Evelyn Nirenstein Mr. Chester Ogulewicz Mrs. Nongluck Phataraprasit Mrs. Charles B. Preli ’41 Dr. and Mrs. Clair Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Schwabe ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith Mrs. Mabelle S. Spear Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steinberg Mr. William A. Stratton ’39 Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Teich ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Grant Thomas Mrs. Wilma S. Tisch Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Unsworth Mr. and Mrs. Edmond R. Vianney Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Weselcouch

28 |

former parents Mr. and Mrs. Oakford W. Acton III ’64 P ’94 Mr. Charles F. Adams and Mrs. Laurie Davies P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Adelsberger P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert P. Ahrens ’57 P ’81, ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Aiken Jr. P ’04, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Aldrich ’74 P ’07, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Alfano Sr. ’39 P ’77, ’82 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Amanti P ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ames P ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ames P ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Anthony ’63 P ’93, ’96 Mr. Peter J. Appleby and Ms. Stephanie Raia P ’01, ’05, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. August P ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Autuori P ’06, ’08, ’10, ’13 Drs. Sujit Banyatpiyaphod P ’10 Mrs. George Ann Bardenheier P ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Barnes P ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bautz P ’06, ’09 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Beach P ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beaudette P ’98, ’99, ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beaudoin P ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Beaulieu P ’10, ’12 Ms. Celia Bedus P ’05, ’07, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Betts P ’06 Paul Biddelman and Donna Bascom P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Billhardt P ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Birmingham P ’87, ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blakeley P ’07, ’10, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bliven P ’96 Dr. and Mrs. David I. Bloom Jr. ’69 P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Booth Jr. P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Normand A. Boulanger P ’09 Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Braden P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Breyer Jr. P ’93 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brislin P ’02, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Buchanan Jr. P ’09 Mr. Paul Buckwalter P ’85 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Butcher P ’06, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Canter P ’90, ’92 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Carey P ’02, ’04, ’06 Ms. Linda Carillo P ’00, ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Carroll P ’79, ’80, ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Casey P ’09, ’11, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Casper P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Rosario D. Celentano P ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Chalke P ’08, ’12 Atty. And Mrs. Robert C. Chamberlain P ’00, ’04, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chandler P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Chapman P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Childs ’77 P ’07, ’09, ’15 Mr. Blair Childs Jr. P ’74, ’77 Mr. and Mrs. L.S. John Ciecimirski P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Clark ’77 P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Cleary P ’02, ’05 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cleary Jr. P ’88 Dr. and Mrs. Julio N. Coelho P ’78, ’79 Ms. Ana M. Collongette P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Colton Jr. ’61 P ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Cook P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Cooley P ’08 Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Coombs ’80 P ’10, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Cordis Jr. ’58 P ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Cotnoir P ’80 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cranmore ’73 P ’10 Mr. Melvin Y. Crannelll Jr. and Ms. Susan Watson P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crescenzo P ’03, ’05 Ms. Holly S. Crosbie-Foote P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Cummings ’56 P ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Cyran P ’04, ’08 Mr. and Mrs. John F. D’Aleo P ’07, ’09 Ms. Trina D. D’Angelo P ’94, ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daddario P ’01, ’04

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Mrs. Alice E. Dahms P ’83 Dr. and Mrs. Preston H. Dalglish Jr. P ’07, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. DaPuzzo P ’90 Mr. and Mrs. William W. Davenport P ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. David P ’98, ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Davidson P ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. de Chazal P ’10 Mrs. George Dean P ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Deane P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. James Dearing P ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson Debevoise P ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. DeLio III P ’08 Ms. Paula J. Della Bernarda P ’05, ’08 Mr. Stephen J. Dellaquila ’56 P ’84, ’88 Mrs. Margaret A. DeMaria-Bottone P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Chester Demko P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Diamond P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DiPietro P ’07, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doar P ’06, ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Donahue P ’07 Atty. Justin J. Donnelly and Ms. Elaine O’Brien P ’05, ’07, ’14 Mr. Barry L. Dow and Ms. Patricia M. Allen P ’02 Mr. Francis X. Drapeau ’78 P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eio P ’93, ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Brett I. Ersoff P ’08, ’15 Susan Evans P ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Terrell D. Faulkenberry P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferguson P ’09, ’11, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Fernández Pujals ’68 P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo F. Fernández Pujals ’64 P ’97, ’12, ’13, ’15 Mr. Allen Finkelson P ’06 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Fletcher ’66 P ’96, ’98 Mr. and Mrs. A. Stephen Fox ’74 P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Franciose P ’04 Mrs. Ruth Franken P ’81, ’85 Mr. Robert M. Franklin and Ms. Cheryl Roberts P ’08 Dr. and Mrs. James S. Fuller P ’05, ’06, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Fuller P ’05, ’08 Mrs. Sue Fuller P ’62, ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Furniss Jr. P ’08 Dr. and Mrs. John W. Gallup P ’79 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gavitt ’65 P ’01 Mr. Zannis I. Gazis P ’07, ’09, ’14 Dr. and Mrs. Harold I. Genvert ’71 P ’07 Mr. and Mrs. George Gialopsos P ’07, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. William K. Glass ’71 P ’01, ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Gary I. Glassman P ’08, ’11, ’13 Mrs. Nadine Glover P ’85, ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Gooch P ’81, ’82 Steven and Kimberly Goodwin P ’01, ’03 Mr. Kenneth Goodwin and Dr. Tener Goodwin-Veenema ’76 P ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Gore P ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gotwals P ’09 Mrs. Mary Graves P ’81 Mr. William G. Graves P ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III P ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Hageman III P ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hale P ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harrington P ’88, ’92 Dr. Alan M. Harvey ’70 P ’99, ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hazelton P ’95 Ms. Anne R. Hearst P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hebb P ’05, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heilbronn P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Heneghan P ’98, ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Hennessey P ’05, ’12, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hodgkins P ’88 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Holdridge ’62 P ’02, ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Holland P ’97, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hotchkiss P ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hotta P ’10, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Houlihan P ’05 Dr. Ann H. Huntington Mickelson P ’05

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Hyde ’65 P ’96 Mrs. Catherine Inganamort P ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jensen P ’07, ’09, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson P ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Bardwell E. Jones ’63 P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan ’77 P ’08, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kearney P ’10 Mrs. Constance Keedle P ’08, ’14 Mr. Lafayette Keeney P ’69, ’76 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kennedy P ’76, ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keyes P ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Killeen P ’82 Mr. Hyung-Il Kim and Ms. Hae-Kyung Kwon P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. King P ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kinne P ’82, ’84, ’86, ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Klemmer P ’95, ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Klopfer P ’97, ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Knight P ’73 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Knight ’73 P ’99 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kuhn P ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Lally ’69 P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Lamontagne P ’04, ’04 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Langenus P ’00 Gerry and Nancy LaPlante P ’04, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Laughlin P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Lavine P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Laycox P ’10 Mrs. Brian M. Leahy P ’99 Mr. Daniel H. Leavy P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leishman P ’09, ’11, ’14 Ms. Shirley S.M. Leiva P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Leonard III ’74 P ’06, ’10 Mr. Ira A. Levin ’48 P ’85 Mrs. Sol LeWitt P ’03 Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Life P ’08, ’11 Mr. Chae Kyun Lim and Ms. Kyung Mi Kim P ’08 Amy and Mark Loether ’64 P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Long P ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Miller P. Longbotham Jr. ’61 P ’88 Ms. Patricia Lurie P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. W. Cecil Lyon ’68 P ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Mackey P ’79, ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Madden P ’10, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Maguire Jr. P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Mais P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Mancuso P ’09, ’14 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Markowski P ’04 Mr. Michael J. Marocco P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Martin ’61 P ’92 Mr. and Mrs. John O. Matalon P ’08, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. David E. Matchett P ’04, ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. McCaffrey P ’99, ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. McCarthy P ’07 Ms. Susan D. McClanahan P ’05 Mrs. Tania McCleery P ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. McComb P ’04, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. McMillan P ’91, ’93 Ms. Carol Merriman P ’85, ’87 Ms. Teri Meskin P ’01 Ms. Katherine Metcalf P ’95 J. C. Migliore and J.H. Tervidis-Migliore P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Terrence D. Mish P ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell P ’92 Mrs. Julia Peck Mobley P ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Dean D. Molta P ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Monty P ’08, ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Moore P ’09, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Morgan P ’06, ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Moriarty ’71 P ’01, ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Murphy P ’10 Mr. Charles M. Murphy, Jr. P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Masato Nagase ’71 P ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Chibl Nahas P ’00

Fall 2011 | 29

Annual Report Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nault P ’08, ’09, ’12 Ms. Nancy R. Neis P ’07 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nelson P ’08, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Nelson P ’09 Mrs. Truman H. Newberry P ’86 Mrs. Mardi Newman P ’90, ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Martinus H. Nickerson P ’84 Mr. Lawrence M. Noble Jr. P ’85 Mr. Mason W. Nye P ’73, ’75, ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Rourke P ’00 Dr. Thomas Olsen P ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Opatrny Jr. P ’02 Mr. Howard W. Orr Jr. P ’85, ’87 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ouimet P ’92, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Owen P ’05 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Palomba ’80 P ’10, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Perlak P ’91 Mr. and Mrs. George G. Pervear P ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Pierson P ’88, ’90 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pistel P ’08, ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Pohorylo P ’97, ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Polisi P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Powers P ’05, ’07, ’10 Dr. and Mrs. Pokpong Praneeprachachon P ’03, ’12 Mr. Roger D. Pritzker P ’91 Ms. Karen L. Pritzker and Mr. Michael Vlock P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Pugliano P ’07, ’09 Attys. George M. Purtill P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rabbett P ’02, ’04 Andrew J. Rarus ’79 and Lisa Keney Rarus ’80 P ’07, ’11 Mr. Benjamin Rego Jr. P ’07 Laura and Geoffrey Rehnert P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Richter P ’73, ’77 Mrs. Margaret M. Robards P ’76 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rockwell ’58 P ’79, ’82, ’86, ’88 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rodgers Jr. P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. W. Barton Roe ’73 P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rollason-Reese P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Roman P ’98 Ms. Bettina B. Rosser P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rotman P ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rousseau P ’03, ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Ruddock P ’10 Ms. Lois G. Sager P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. George Samenuk P ’09 Atty. Joseph A. Santos and Dr. Madonna M. Santos P ’06, ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Scheinblum ’76 P ’07, ’08 Mr. James G. Schelling P ’93, ’94, ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schloss P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Scholtz ’70 P ’02, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Rollin G. Schuster Jr. P ’08, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Scully ’73 P ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Seamans P ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Seifert P ’08, ’09, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Shanley P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Shaw P ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shillo P ’00, ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiverick P ’07 Mr. and Mrs. William Simons P ’00, ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Siver ’69 P ’08, ’14 Mrs. Joan M. Smith P ’08 Ms. Magdelaine A. Smith P ’87, ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sonberg Jr. P ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Prithep Sosothikul P ’08, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Spazzarini P ’09, ’11, ’14 Mrs. Mabelle S. Spear P ’72 The Honorable and Mrs. Bradford Stillman P ’05, ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Harlan S. Stone P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Stowe P ’02, ’04 Mr. and Mrs. E. Timothy Sullivan Jr. P ’06, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Sullivan Jr. P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Q. Sylvester III P ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Teed ’75 P ’12, ’08

30 |

Mrs. Eugene F. Teevens P ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Teich P ’06, ’10, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tenerowicz P ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Loren E. Terzich P ’87 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Therriault ’72 P ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Thompson P ’08, ’11, ’14 Ms. Sharon Lee Thompson P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. H. Andrew Thomsen P ’05, ’07, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Thrall II P ’07, ’09, ’13 Mr. Pete Tillinghast P ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Tisch ’69 P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Tolosky P ’10, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tonelli P ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Tors P ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Traber P ’10 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tremaine ’66 P ’94, ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Hobart G. Truesdell II ’66 P ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner P ’74 Ms. Elizabeth Tyler ’77 P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Uszakiewicz P ’07, ’10 Mr. H. P. Van Ingen Jr. P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Diederik J. van Renesse P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir S. Vasilenko P ’10, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Edmond R. Vianney P ’70 Ms. Martha Vianney Beale P ’01 Richard W. Vicino and Susan Moser-Vicino P ’09, ’10 Mr. Paul A. Violich P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio Viveros P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Wagner P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Walden ’60 P ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Walker P ’04, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Walsh P ’09, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Danny E. Ward P ’00 David and Anny Ward P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Wein P ’10, ’11 Ms. Nina F. Weisbord and Mr. George Wood P ’10 Mr. Noble Welch P ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Welsh III ’76 P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Werblin P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Westerholm P ’02, ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Wheeler P ’08 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wheeler III P ’88 Mr. James D. Whitten ’57 P ’86 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wiggin P ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Williams III P ’04, ’07, ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Williams P ’08, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Wolcott P ’04, ’06, ’09 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Woodsome P ’01 Mr. David D.W. Wu and Ms. Pau Lin Lim P ’10, ’12 Dr. Neil S. Yeston P ’06, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Young P ’84 Dr. Stephen B. Yuan and Ms. Elaine Sarsynski P ’05, ’08, ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Zschau P ’02, ’04

faculty and staff Marla Levin Adelsberger P ’10 (9) Tanya Andrysiak (6) Sean Atkins Beth D. Bailey P ’12 (12) Amy Bauchiero P ’15 Linda Begley P ’11 Laura Bolella P ’12, ’14 Patrick C. Booth P ’12, ’14 (10) Terry F. Breault P ’12, ’15 (10) Bryan D. Brissette (9) James M. Budness P ’11 William C. Butcher P ’06, ’14 (8) Erica Caginalpo (5) Paul Caginalp (5) Charles Cahn III (13) Barry M. Cleary P ’02, ’05 (15) Laurie Cleary (15) Timothy R. Cleary ’02 (6)

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Tobye J. Cook ’88 Diana Lynn David P ’98, ’01 (16) Paula J. Della Bernarda P ’05, ’08 Stephanie R. Dellaquila Greco ’88 Brooke Depelteau (5) Jeffrey R. Depelteau ’02 (5) Heather R Dugan Thomas M. Dugan McKinne Dunn David R. Eckhardt ’86 (8) Jonathan I. Edwards (7) Jenny Erwin George Fernandez Thomas Foote Melinda B. Fuller P ’05, ’06, ’06 (12) Andrew P. Gamere ’93 (5) David P. Godin (8) Hilary M. Golas ’02 Kimberly D. Goodwin P ’01, ’03 (9) Steven T. Goodwin P ’01, ’03 (9) Mary U. Gotwals (7) Thomas J. Gotwals P ’09 (7) Barbara R. Guarriello (6) Gerard K. Guarriello (6) Claire Hale P ’09, ’12 (6) Amy Healy (8) Jason Healy (8) Allison M. Henle (5) Sean T. Hennessey P ’05, ’12, ’13 Joseph Hernick (11) Lisa C. Hernick (11) Elizabeth James Ross James Nicole Kanouse Elizabeth Kay (5) Michele M. Kertanis P ’13, ’15 Barbara Kinne Hoyt ’86 Kelly Kinne Patterson ’82 P ’13 (9) Beth Krasemann (11) Volker Krasemann (11) Gerald F. LaPlante P ’04, ’06 (18) Andy Lowe P ’11, ’13, ’15 (14) Gregory T. Lynch (9) Andrew P. Mahoney Sr. P ’14 Eliza P. Mathews Anna B. McCarthy (8) Betsy McComb P ’04, ’06 (11) Roderick A. McKenzie (8) Marguerite T. Miller Janet K. Mish P ’09, ’12 (6) Gis-Ximena Nahmens (5) Jan Nasiadka P ’13 Wayne R. Patterson P ’13 (9) Amy E. Pentz 11 Christopher R. Pentz P ’15 (11) Justin Pepoli Erika Picciotto David L. Pillsbury (5) Kathleen Pillsbury (5) Diane M. Pohorylo P ’97, ’00 (16) Donna Rabbett P ’02, ’04 (8) Sarah Rabbett ’02 Susan B. Rafferty (8) Philip M. Riegel ’87 (12) Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 (13) David J. Rockwell ’58 P ’79, ’82, ’86, ’88 (15) Ron Schildge Ann Selvitelli (7) Patrick Shanahan (5) Catherine A. Shanley ’05 (6) Peter Stein Rebecca Strong William G. Sullivan (8)

Shannon Summers Lori Ann Sych P ’12 (7) Kenneth Taylor H. Andrew Thomsen P ’05, ’07, ’10 (9) Demetrius Toutounas (9) Alexandra A. Tremaine ’03 Yelena M. Vasilenko P ’10, ’12 (6) Brett N. Vianney ’70 P ’12, ’14 (11) Molly H. Vianney (11) Liz Warren Recardo N. Warren Kim E. Wiggin P ’06 (10) Amir Jamal Yates (7) Sara B. Yeager Nathan K. Zwirko (7)

friends Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berkowitz Irene Bernhard Mr. Donald A. Bickford Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Brager Jr. Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Branson Ms. Ann Brown Ms. Nisa K. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cahn II Mr. Andrew C. Chase and Rachel Blain Mr. Neil Crespi Mr. Worth David Mrs. Jean H. DeWolfe Ms. Rebecca Fuller Mrs. Beverly D. George Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Greene Mr. Marc Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Handy III Dr. and Mrs. Walter Harrison Mr. and Mrs. James W. Heffernan Mr. and Mrs. David Hilyard Mr. Sung Cheol Hong and Ms. Mi Kyoung Kim Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Lindfors Mr. Michael Mancini Ms. Jessica Mansell Ambrose Mr. Eric Newman Mr. John F. Page Ms. Sally G. Paynter Mr. Frank P. Peraino Mr. and Mrs. John Phelan Mrs. Harvey L. Potter Mr. David Quarrier Master Brooks Robinson Mr. Jonathan E. Rockman Mr. Carson Roy Ms. Ann Ryan Ms. Jill D. Sagner Mrs. Mary Saner Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stern Mr. David S. Weiser Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Weiser Mr. Benjamin J. Winter

foundations American Institute For Foreign Study Ameriprise Financial Appleby Charitable Lead Trust The William O. & Carole P. Bailey Family Foundation Bank of America Foundation Bartlett Foundation Bellwether Foundation, Inc. Stephen and Carol Canter Family Foundation Chubb & Son Churchill Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Fall 2011 | 31


Nick Alfano ’15 Charlie Alfano ’77 and his family have had a long relationship with Suffield Academy. As he writes, “We have three generations of Alfanos associated with the school, including my father (Charles ’39), sister (Susan Galleshaw ’82), brother-in-law (Frank Galleshaw ’81), aunts (Rose Marie Alfano Austin ’45) and uncle and now, our son, Nick ’15.” Alyce and Charlie Alfano toured several area schools with Nick, but Suffield was where their hearts led them. Nick is off to a great start in his freshman year, excelling academically, taking part in cross-country this fall, and looking forward to playing basketball and baseball. He is also a star admissions tour guide. Charlie says, “We are committed to the success of Suffield and look forward to our continued support of this very special community.”

32 |

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven The Damial Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation The George C. Dodge Foundation Elsevier Foundation R.S. Evans Foundation, Inc. Ferris Family Foundation The Fidelity Foundation The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice The Al and Hope Hageman Family Fund The Hills Family Foundation Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Fund of the New York Community Trust The Illinois Tool Works Foundation ING Foundation Intel Jewish Communal Fund The Jewish Endowment Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Bernard T. & Margaret L. King Fund L&M Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lazarus Foundation, Inc. Lego Children’s Fund Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation The Lumpkin Family Foundation The John G. Martin Foundation Estate of Lorraine J. Meggett The Merck Company Foundation The New York Community Trust New York Life Foundation The Overbrook Foundation The Owen Foundation The Pfizer Foundation Plymouth Rock Foundation The Reynolds Charitable Trust Seedlings Foundation St. Mary’s Credit Union The Community Foundation W. Bryce Thompson Foundation Travelers Foundation The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Tulgey Wood Foundation The WALKS Foundation, Inc. The Wasserman Foundation David A. & Leah Ray Werblin Foundation Westwood Trust

corporations Aetna Foundation Aspen Insurance US SVCS Inc. Babson Capital Management LLC The Chicago Community Foundation The Creative Register Inc. D.C. Painting Contractors, Inc. Danaher Eaton Vance Management Enterprise Builders, Inc. FMC Technologies Forest Laboratories, Inc. GE Foundation General Reinsurance Corporation Goldman, Sachs & Co. The Hartford Home Depot IBM Corporation Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. The Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Moody’s Foundation New York Life Insurance Northwestern Mutual Foundation Office Depot, Inc.

Phoenix Foundation, Inc. Premier, Inc. Prudential Financial Raytheon State Street Corporation Target UBS The United Technologies Corp. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Wells Fargo WTF Investments LLC

auction donors Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Aiken Jr. P ’04, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ames P ’09, ’12 Ms. Deborah S. Anderson P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Apkin P ’12 Mr. Peter J. Appleby and Ms. Stephanie Raia P ’01, ’05, ’12 Mr. Peter L. Arguimbau and Ms. Mary Fawcett P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Armata ’74 P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arnold Jr. P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Autuori P ’06, ’08, ’10, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Byron C Bailey P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Battle P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Beaulieu P ’10, ’12 Mr. Bill Belichick P ’11 Ms. Deborah C. Belichick P ’11 Mr. Timothy R. Benitz and Ms. Sarah O’Neill P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Booth P ’12, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Borg P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Bowers P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Nuno Brandolini P ’11, ’13 Mr. Bryan D. Brissette Ms. Ann Brown Charles Cahn III and Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Caravella P ’12, ’13 Mr. George Chen and Ms. Shari Lin P ’13, ’14 Mr. Jen-I Chenn and Ms. Momo Tao P ’13 Mr. Mauro Chinchelli and Ms. Ilvana Gomes P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clark III P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Clauson P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Connelly P ’11 Mr. Andrew J. Coulter ’82 Mr. Alberto De Gobbi and Ms. Mognon De Gobbi P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. DeLiso Jr. P ’13 Mr. Clement DeLiso Ms. Janice L. Descartes P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DiPietro P ’07, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marcus Doran P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Doten P ’14 Mr. Francis X. Drapeau ’78 P ’09 Ms. Darlene Dulchinos Mr. Steven Dunn and Ms. Ann Borracci Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Eagan P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. John Evangelakos P ’12 Mr. Andrew R. Fabricant and Ms. Laura Paulson P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Kamlesh R. Faldu P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. John Farr P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferguson P ’09, ’11, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ferraro ’81 P ’11, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Fezza P ’12 Dr. and Mrs. Viriato M. Fiallo P ’12, ’13 Dr. Joseph A. Fields P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. O. Kevin Flynn P ’11, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln E. Frank P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Fregonese P ’13, ’15 Dr. and Mrs. James S. Fuller P ’05, ’06, ’06 Mr. Samuel S. Fuller ’41 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Gestal P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Green P ’11 Mr. Gherardo Guarducci and Ms. Caltagirone Guarducci P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Gerard K. Guarriello

Fall 2011 | 33

Annual Report Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Hard P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell G. Harvey-Goodwin P ’13 Ms. Laurie A. Hawkes P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hebb P ’05, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Hendrickson P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hernick Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hess P ’04 Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Hetzler P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hildreth ’75 P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Hinrichs P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hotta P ’10, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Houlihan P ’05 Michelle Hsu Chang P ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Girish S. Jhunjhnuwala P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Johnson P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan ’77 P ’08, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Katz P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Keady III P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kelly P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kelsey P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Keyes P ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kiarsis P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kinne P ’82, ’84, ’86, ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Andre Koo P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Korte P ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Volker Krasemann Mr. Douglas J. Lampert and Audrey Meyer Lampert P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Land P ’11 Gerry and Nancy LaPlante P ’04, ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Soren T. Laursen P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Lautenbach P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Leibowitz P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leishman P ’09, ’11, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Leonard P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lombardo P ’12, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lowe P ’11, ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lyman P ’12 Mr. Gregory T. Lynch Ms. Karin L. Maddox P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Gino E. Maggi Jr. P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Gobind Mahtani P ’14 Mr. David T. Maloof and Ms. Jean Sweeney P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Jaroslaw J. Matysiak P ’14 Ms. Desiree A. Maurer P ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCormick P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. David G. McDonald P ’11 Mrs. Karen L. McDonald P ’12 Ms. Lynn S. McGuinn P ’11 Mr. Roderick A. McKenzie Mr. Jonathan B. Medwid ’96 Mr. and Mrs. John Mnich P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Tyree Montague P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Moore P ’09, ’14 Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Murphy P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Murray P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nault P ’08, ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nelson P ’08, ’14 Mr. Saran P. Nerngchamnong ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Niemann P ’11 Mr. A. B. Nimocks III and Ms. Emilie Murphy P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien P ’12, ’14 Atty. Tae Sok Park and Eun Kyung Lee Park P ’12 Mr. In Wha Park and Ms. Sung Hee Lee P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Patterson P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Pentz P ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Raffaele V. Perna P ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Perry P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. John Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Philipps P ’12 Mr. Rippy Philipps Mr. Jarel Portman P ’13 Ms. Taryn Portman Angelos P ’13

34 |

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Powers III ’83 P ’14 Mrs. Lorraine J. Prentis P ’11 Atty. and Mrs. James P. Prout P ’13 Mr. Richard D. Raper and Mrs. Helen Porter P ’12 Andrew J. Rarus ’79 and Lisa Keney Rarus ’80 P ’07, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh N. Rayonia P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Regan P ’12 Amb. and Mrs. V. Manuel Rocha P ’13, ’15 S.A. Chrobak LTD Mr. and Mrs. Ali R. Salehi P ’12 Ms. Elizabeth D. Sartorius P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Sayeg P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schachter P ’12 Mr. Ron Schildge Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schirmer Jr. P ’11 Mr. Dana Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schwein P ’13 Mr. Patrick Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sheresky P ’12 Atty. and Mrs. Peter W. Shrair P ’13 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Sibilia P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Nevill Smythe P ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sonberg Jr. P ’09, ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Spazzarini P ’09, ’11, ’14 Dr. Bruce E. Stein and Dr. Lori Greenwald P ’13 Mr. Rick W. Stromoski and Ms. Danna Gauntner P ’12 Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Strzempko P ’13 Melinda and Paul Sullivan ’58 Mr. and Mrs. E. Timothy Sullivan Jr. P ’06, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Sych P ’12 Richard B. Tettemer and Valerie Smart-Tettemer P ’13, ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Thrall II P ’07, ’09, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Tolosky P ’10, ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Tors P ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Turer P ’12 Mr. H. P. Van Ingen Jr. P ’06 Ms. Kaitlin Lonergan Ventriglia ’09 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Vogler III P ’11 Mr. Laurence Vosti P ’08 Mr. Richard Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Warner III ’70 P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Watson P ’07, ’10 Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Webb P ’12, ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Leighton B. Welch P ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Williams P ’08, ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Akifumi Yamaguchi P ’13 Atty. and Mrs. Brian M. Yard P ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel S. Yordon P ’11 Mr. Mark N. Zeytoonjian ’88 Atty. And Dr. Zimmermann P ’13

in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ebrahim Adib-Samii P ’87 Mr. Ryan T. Allen ’05 Ms. Alexandra L. Anderson ’10 Mr. In Jae Baek ’11 Mrs. Janet Birdsall Bance Ms. Kristen E. Bautz ’06 Mr. Timothy S. Bautz ’09 Mr. Anthony Egues Broad ’89 Mr. Adam B. Brown Mr. Nicholas L. Brown The Cahn Family Charles Cahn III and Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88 The Class of 1958 The Class of 1963 Ms. Taylor M. Endress ’10 Mr. Paul B. Faude ’10 Mr. Andrew H. Fish ’06 Mr. Benjamin H. Fish ’08 Dr. and Mrs. Harold I. Genvert ’71, P ’07 Mrs. Kimberly D. Goodwin P ’01,’03

*please note: ( ) indicates consecutive donor years

2010 - 2011 Mrs. Mary U. Gotwals Mr. Thomas J. Gotwals P ’09 Mr. Russell J. Grotto Mr. Drew Inganamort ’03 Mrs. Kelly Kinne Patterson ’82, P ’13 Mr. Robert David Lally ’04 Ms. Chelsea N. Lines ’10 Ms. Bingjie Liu Ms. Barbara E. Mapstead ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. McCullagh Jr. ’78 Mr. David M. Nelson Mr. Mason W. Nye P ’73, ’75, ’81 Mr. Wayne R. Patterson P ’13 Ms. Alyson V. Powers ’10 Mr. Vorapat Praneeprachachon ’03 Ms. Katherine J. Prentis ’11 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rockwel ’58, P ’79, ’82, ’86, ’88 The Rockwell Family Ms.Catherine A. Shanley ’05 Ms. Denison Smythe Mr. David Spitzler ’81 Suffield Rifle Team Mr. Kenneth C. Sweitzer ’11 Mr. Samuel B. Sweitzer ’13 Mr. Matthew J. Tolosky ’10 Mr. Thomas J. Uszakiewicz ’10 Mr. Charles M. Warner ’11 Mr. William G.M. Wilcox ’07 2002 WNESSLA Division II Lacrosse Champions Mr. Eric J. Yale ’03 Ms. Risa Yamaguchi ’13 Ms. Erica A. Yard ’11 Mr. Jonathan M. Yeston ’10 Mr. Josh R. Yeston ’06

Mr. Stanley H. Mloganoski ’36 Patricia Moriarty Mr. Paul Moritz Sr. P ’70, ’72, ’74 Mr. Carl Henrik Natvig ’09 Dr. Edward A. Palomba Mr. Harold C. Paul ’38 P ’83 Mrs. Charles B. Preli ’41 Mr. Harry B. Reynolds Ms. Courtney Robinson ’88 Mr. Thomas B. Schultz ’86 Mr. Appleton H. Seaverns Mr. Alexander R. Steinman ’87 Bailey Storty Mr. Tucker E. Taffe ’97 Mr. Henry Thevenin ’10 Mr. Donald P. Trant ’80 Mr. Mario J. Vincenti Carley Wagner Mrs. Francoise Waskiewicz P ’84, ’85 Mr. Leon E. Waskiewicz P ’84, ’85 Mr. Thomas T. Welss ’95 Mr. James S. Williams Ms. Marla Zide ’93 Margaret Ziemer

gifts in kind Mr. Gilbert S. Ahrens ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Nuno Brandolini Ms. Molly Duffy Burns Mr. Bo Dai and Ms. Xiaowen Han Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fichtenholtz Mr. Michael W. Lucier ’87 Mr. Saran P. Nerngchamnong ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pincus Mr. Andrew E. Spector ’62

in memory of Ms. Victoria Rollins Andrew Mr. Walt Baker Harrison W. Bance Dr. Howard R. Bernstein Mr. Richard L. Billhardt ’77 Mr. David Caldwell Bogle Frances Breslau Sam Breslau Ms. Mary Kate Bromfield Mr. Joel P Bruso Mr. Devon H. Burgess ’03 Ms. Rachel Ruth Carey ’04 Chris Chrisman Mr. Ralph Cole Mr. David M. Compton Mr. Philip B. Currier Mr. Joseph M. Deedy P ’99 Mr. David Desloge ’65 Mr. David G. Eddy ’46 Esther Eutsler Lee Mr. Alan Stearns Farnham ’61 Mr. Scott N. Fowler ’82 Mr. Fred George Mr. Gordon G. Glover P ’85, ’88 Mr. Donald F. Greene 67 Mr. Loring Griggs Jr. ’61 Ms. Melissa M. Harrington Hughes ’88 Mr. Bennett W. Hartsel ’00 Mrs. Alice Holtzberg Ms. Sandra D. Johnson ’88 Mr. William J. Kotchen ’60 P ’89, ’90 Mr. Brian M. Leahy Mr. Renton K. Learmont ’87 Mr. Willard Leshure Jr. Mr. Christopher S. Little ’68 Mr. James Marinan

Fall 2011 | 35

Annual Report ways of giving Check

Please make checks payable to Suffield Academy and send to: Development Office Suffield Academy 185 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078 Credit Card

You may make a gift with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Simply complete the necessary information on the reply card and mail it to the Development Office at the above address, or use our secure on-line giving form at Gift of Securities

To give shares of stock, please notify Phil Riegel ’87 at 860.386.4461 or with the name of the donor, the stock name, and the number of shares. Electronic Fund Transfer

You may use the electronic fund transfer process to send contributions to Suffield Academy directly to our school account at the First National Bank of Suffield. The pertinent information for wiring is: Bank: First National Bank of Suffield ABA #: 011-102-353 Account #: 1089-8 Account Name: Suffield Academy Operating Account Please make sure that your bank includes your name and a description of the purpose of the transfer as reference identification so that we can clearly identify the source and application of the funds. Additionally, please call the Development Office at 860.386.4461 prior to wiring funds. Planned Giving

Explore opportunities that combine giving to Suffield with your personal needs and tax situation. Planned gifts can range from simple donations to complex trust arrangements. We encourage you to call the Development Office or to speak to an estate-planning Atty. to decide which strategies will work best for you. Cash

The most common and easiest way of donating to Suffield Academy is through an outright charitable contribution. If you itemize your income tax deductions on your return, you receive a tax deduction for the full value of your gift. A Current Will or Trust

The idea of drafting a will or living trust can be unpleasant. Decisions must be made for a future we do not hope for. Yet a sense of security can be gained by the knowledge that a will can help you achieve your goals according to your wishes. A bequest from a will or trust allows you to leave the amount you want to Suffield free from estate taxes. You can give cash, specific property, or a percentage of your estate, with restrictions or without. If you are thinking of naming Suffield Academy as a beneficiary in your will, we suggest that you seek the counsel of an Atty. who specializes in estate planning. Life Insurance

Often a life insurance policy that was once vital to a family’s security becomes less important as time passes. The amount of coverage may be more than you need today, and yet you still own the policy. You can receive a tax deduction by naming Suffield Academy the beneficiary and reduce your estate taxes because the proceeds are removed from your estate. Real Estate and Retained Life Estate

The donation of either a primary or vacation home (full ownership or partial interest) can have wonderful tax advantages for the donor. What many people do not know is that they can give the home now, achieving the tax benefits, while continuing to live in or use the residence. This option also acts to reduce estate taxes. Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets are often taxed twice. Assets remaining in retirement plans funded with pre-tax dollars are considered income after you have passed away. These assets are subject to both estate taxes and income taxes. When other avenues are available for the provision of loved ones, a charitable contribution of retirement assets can be beneficial. Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Consider a charitable remainder annuity trust if you are interested in a fixed yield from your investments in the stock and bond markets and want to avoid capital gains tax. The income payments are fixed, based on the starting valuation. After your lifetime and the lifetime of the survivor beneficiary (if you have one named), the remainder of the trust is made available to Suffield Academy. Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A charitable remainder unitrust is like a combination of a gift and an investment plan. Once you place the assets in trust, you receive lifetime income from them. At the end of your lifetime, the remainder of the trust is made available to Suffield Academy. The amount you receive from a unitrust as income is a set percentage of the value of the trust assets, reassessed annually. There are five variations of unitrusts to meet individual needs.

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for your holiday gift guide

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