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Google Offers Android Application Developers to guide about Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is the next latest version of Google’s Android Mobile Platform and it will release in October or November Month, 2011. This new ICS codenamed helps to change android because it utilities Google Tablet’s and give variants into environment. Still Google has not released an SDK but will recently published some technical guidance. Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS) version of technology will compatible on both tablets and smart-phones as well. It offers some tips to adjust huge differences in screen sizes of phone. Google has update some suggestion to help android application developer to ensure that the application will handle different screen sizes of phone supported by next latest upcoming version of Ice Cream Sandwich. This also offer some suggestion to build how Honeycomb tablet user interface feature will scroll down in mobile phone. Android Mobile Application Developer blog describes some steps to make it better accommodate the screen size which is supported by ICS. It has some insight features that several components of Honeycomb user interface could be translated as per phone size screens. Honeycomb Application is designed for the purpose of tablet screen size will not scale size properly on phones. As a result of Android versions model unable to stop previous running application in devices. Now its possible for users to install this Honeycomb tablet application on capable ICS phones.

In this new features another challenge is that huge body of devices that are not able to updated to ICS. Those Developers who need to succeed in the most important audience can have to be compelled to refrain from using the new APIs, which suggests that it’ll be though for them to require advantage of the platform’s progressively capabilities for scaling crosswise totally different screen sizes.

It’s progressing to take a while for the Android application ecosystem to type all of this out once ICS is released, however Google’s approach appears fairly sensible. Developers who are targeting ICS Application may not have to be compelled to build a major development investment to induce their application operating well across pill and phone kind factors.

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Google Offers Android Application Developers to guide about Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)