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90 Day Plan for Understanding Business Finance A programme aimed specifically at startstart -ups and growing businesses. This is designed to give you an understanding of the finance in your business so that you can grow your business with a strong financial foundation.

Programme Overview: This programme will explain the jargon surrounding the finance in your business. As the programme is timed over a 90 day period, you will have the chance to put your learning into practice and then get feedback at your next session. You will be learning about your business as you work on your business. Working in this way helps your finance knowledge grow organically and be able to discuss your business finance confidently to third parties.

Programme Benefits: By the end of the programme you will: Understand financial terminology Be able to apply that terminology to your business Understand your business funding options for growth Have a budget for your business based on sound principles Understand you cashflow

Options for funding to support growth will be discussed and you will be signposted towards appropriate options. You will gain a greater understanding of the finance that drives your business. Programme Options: Individual option: option Working on a 1-2-1 basis you will be able to focus on your own business finance with personal support from a finance professional. You will be able to understand your business finances in depth and have specific advice on your issues. Each session normally lasts 2 ½ hours. Partner option: option If you wish the programme to involve a number of people from your organisation, then a tailored quote for the work will be given. The timescale will be agreed dependent on the number of participants and their needs. All discussions about finance will be confidential and you will be asked to sign a declaration stating this intent.

Programme Structure: The programme is structured over four sessions that take place over 90 days. In each session different aspects of your business finance will be discussed and you will be able to apply that knowledge to your business before the next session. You will get practical help on the finance in your business.

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Also available – Mentor Programme for Business Owners


90 Day Plan for Understanding Business Finance Programme Tutor:

The content of the programme is tailored to the needs of the group or individual but will typically include the following:

Sue Weighell 1. Financial terms – what do they mean? Sue is a freelance finance professional who works with businesses on their financial strategy. The work undertaken ranges from producing a business plan with budget to monitoring that plan with regular management information. Sue also supports business owners with financial coaching As a Chartered Accountant, Sue has experience in working both within the accounting professional and as Finance Director in a commercial environment. Sue also has a strong IT background and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Technology. As both Finance and Managing Director of an SME, Sue’s experience goes further than the accounting function and included responsibility for general management, HR, IT and marketing. Sue runs her own business Delta Solutions and is also a partner in Evolution Partnership. Sue is also Chair of Network North West Women’s Network, Chair of Handbags & Briefcases and a founder of the North West Women’s Network of the ICAEW. Sue is also an Ambassador for the charity, Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it Complicated” Confucius

a. Understand the words used so you can discuss your business finance with confidence b. Ratios – people talk about them but what do they mean for your business c. Understand the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet

2. Funding in my business – help! a. Understand the need for funding b. Gain confidence when talking to finance professionals c. Understand the sources of finance d. Presenting your plan to funders

3. Budgeting – does it ever make sense? a. Where do I start to prepare a budget for my business? b. How do I plan cashflow?

4. Actions a. b. c. d.

90 day plan process 90 day plan – the first 90 days Understand your business finances Ongoing support

Programme Fees: Individual option: £750 The individual option includes 10 hours of face to face contact, unlimited email and telephone support during the 90 day programme plus a 30 minute progress review 90 days after the end of the programme.

Partners option: Price and scope to be

agreed Also available – Mentor Programme for Business Owners

90 Day Business Finance  

90 day training programme to teach business owners finance skills