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The race to provide the English speaking community of Tenerife with English speakuig television is a race that is being fiercely contested. Here at Pebble Beach Village, we are proud to proclaim that we are already leagues ahead in providing this service - with the result that we are acknowledged as the first development m Tenerife to offer our owners reliable satellite television transmissions. parabolic shape The main obstacle to overcome in providing satellite'T.V. to Tenerife, is the weakness of the signal reaching the Canary Islands. In Northern Europe, reception of satellite T.V. is straightforward - a small 2 metre dish and inexpensive electronic equipment works well since the main 'footprint' of the satellite is aimed at the affluent, highly populated area of Northern Europe. The geographic location of the Canary Islands means that a much larger dish, plus sophisticated electronics, are needed to obtain good sound and vision from the satellite INTELSAT VAF11.

The 10 metre diameter satellite dish.


The Intelsat VA Fl 1 satellite orbits the earth 24,000 miles above the equator and the signal from the satellite is strongest over the U.K. So how does this signal reach the properties at Pebble Beach Village? In conjunction with Pebble Beach Village, Weston Developments Ltd. of New Milton, Hampshire, completed the installation of the 10 metre wide dish antenna in July. The huge parabolic surface of the satellite dish is the result precision engineering, maximum allowable errc in the 10 metre diametei being less than 50 thousandths of an inch./The

concer/trates the weak :rom the satellite onto fie special electronic .ent where it is processed and ultimately delivered to a cable for distribution in a form which cam be received by an ordinary T.V. set.



Work on the satellite TV receiving system is now complete and the signals are cabled to the new show house in Project 3, Gemini. Remaining apartments will be cabled up for satellite T.V. from Spring 88 onwards . . , and then Pebble Beach 'villagers' will be able to view a wide .range of high quality television entertainment.

Five T.V. Channels are proposed. Channel 1 will provide Childrens Channel and Premiere, which offers mainly films. Channel 2 will offer Arts Channel, Lifestyle (soap operas and programmes of female interest) and Screen Sport. Channel 3 is the Cable News Network, an American channel which will not be widely used at Pebble Beach Village as it concentrates almost entirely on American news and current affairs, Channel 4 is MTV (Europe) a music television channel providing uninterrupted pop-music videos. But the best news is saved until last. The fifth channel will be offering a blend of both BBC1 and BBC2 programmes which means that after a round of golf, or a day on the beach, 'villagers'can relax and put their feet up and switch on to programmes like Eastenders, Last of the Summer Wine, The Two Ronnies, the Six o'clock and Nine o'clock News, live sporting events such as snooker, cricket and tennis and much, much more. It is estimated that the cost of receiving satellite T.V. at Pebble Beach Village will be easily affordable to all owners. The cost of installation, cabling the complex and supplying the television sets will be borne by Pebble Beach Village and an annual fee will be payable by owners who wish to enjoy the service. The success of satellite T.V, in Pebble Beach Village provides 'villagers' with a unique leisure facility. No other development in Tenerife can match the service that our satellite T.V. offers. So sit back, switch on and enjoy a feast of television entertainment!


:LEAR . A FIRST FOR PEBBLE BEACH VILLAGE parabolic shape concer/trates the weak :rom the satellite onto fie special electronic .ent where it...