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BED Creative Media Production


Sue Turvey

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Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries

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Free Magazine

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25th Sept 2013

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20th Nov 2013

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4th Dec 2013

Units and Learning Outcomes available in this assignment Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production

1 Be able to extract information from written sources 2 Be able to create a report in a media production context Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries 2 Be able to apply a range of research methods and techniques 3 Be able to present results of research

Unit Introduction Research is fundamental to all aspects of creative media production and is the essential starting point for productions of any scale. It can be used to determine the financial viability of a future production, to gather a range of information relevant to the content of the production, or to assist with the planning of technical and logistical requirements. Communication skills are an essential part of everyday life, but this unit also specifically targets skills that learners can expect to use on a regular basis within the creative media sector such as pitching ideas, writing proposals and constructing reports. This unit will therefore develop the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas through pitches, proposals and reports to a range of audiences using appropriate modes of address and forms of technology.

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Media Assignment Brief Context/Summary of Assignment You are working for a new magazine called ‘Free’ which is aimed at 16-21 year olds. It targets free thinking young people who are interested in music, fashion, film, TV and gaming. You have been asked to research and produce a 500 word article for the magazine on a subject relevant to the readers. You should include your review as part of the content. Tasks to be carried Task 1: Ideas Pitch (Individual) Come up with 3 ideas for your article. You will have 3 minutes to pitch your ideas to a group of your target audience group, who will decide which one you will focus on. (Unit 2, P5 Unit 3, P2) Task 2: Secondary Research (Individual) Find at least 2 different secondary sources of information. Read, highlight and annotate each source demonstrating the information you are going to use in your own article. (Unit 2, P1. Unit 3,P2) Task 3: Primary Research (Individual) Compile and complete at least one form of primary research (survey, questionnaire, focus group) Compile the results of your primary research and use to inform your article. (Unit 3, P2 P3 ) Task 4: First Draft Article. (Individual) Complete the first draft of your article and then proof your own and someone else’s work. Keep your annotated first draft for your folder. (Unit 2, P3) Task 5: Final article (Individual) Update your article and add images. Write a bibliography (Unit 2 P2 P3. Unit 3, P3)

Evidence Required In one folder you need to have the following evidence 1)Summary or brainstorm of your 3 initial ideas 2)Results from your target audiences vote 3) 2 pieces of secondary research which have been annotated and highlighted 4) Results of your primary research 5)First draft of article with notes and annotations from proof reading 6) Final article and bibliography A video recording will be made of you pitch as part of the evidence.

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Media Assignment Brief Signature of Internal Verifier Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production

Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries

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