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1. with another person or thing 2. the number after three and before five 3. a person who gives someone knowledge or skills and usually works in a school 4. used to ask a question about the place something is in 5. a small clock worn on the wrist 6. men, women and children

7. each without exception 8. have a job or be employed 9. make a person feels satisfied or glad; used to make a request or an order polite 10. round device that turns on a shaft that passes through its centre 11. what particular? 12. make the sounds that show you are happy or think that something is funny Š s.standring 2013

Year 7 term 1 weekly spellings and activities  
Year 7 term 1 weekly spellings and activities  

Spellings and word activities taken from Year 7 term 1 Secondary National Curriculum for English. Spellzoo resources are now being used by t...