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Midday Masterminds 45-minute professional development opportunities over lunch

Offerings: Learn to use time the emotionally intelligent way for stronger relationships.

Time Is On Your Side Tricks for Managing Time the EQ Way

The Amygdala is your Friend

Learn to transform your fight or flight response into an ally for more productive interactions

EQ Strategies for Guiding Fight or Flight 

Why Don’t “They” Get It? EQ Practices for Enhancing Cultural Savvy

Learn how to use emotional intelligence as an asset for promoting cross-cultural competence

Martha Hopewell is an organizational leader, facilitator, certified professional coach, and EQ in Action practitioner who champions leaders who are striving to optimize a productive work environment, while optimizing their professional and personal growth. Midday Masterminds are fun, informative, and interactive sessions designed to give professionals new ways to consider emotional intelligence and its application in their work and personal lives.

Martha Hopewell Founder & Principal

To book a presentation, email or call 781-665-3776

Midday Masterminds  

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Midday Masterminds  

news letter