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An opportunity that works for you. Celebrating our first year in business and already Pink Zebra consultants are having fun, creating new booming businesses with financial success and working around their family & schedule. Listen to what they have to say!

“I was looking for something to do after my youngest daughter started school. I figured that direct sales would give me flexibility and allow me to work part-time or less!! I then spent the next two weeks searching on the internet for the best company out there! I kept overlaying the top three criteria for success (unique, consumable and ground floor) over every direct sales company out there and only ONE company met those criteria for success - Pink Zebra Home! And six short and amazing months later, I have a large income stream and am part of the hottest company in direct sales today!! I truly have it all!”

Sandi Parkey

Dana Loukanis

“I absolutely LOVE Pink Zebra Home! I have aligned myself with a company that fully supports me with a winning career plan, a product line that is second to none and a true ground floor opportunity that has allowed me to build a team of way over 1,000 consultants in just a few short months!! All with a HEFTY income to match! Incredible! What other DS company can you do that with today? None!! Don’t miss your opportunity to join us, too! It will forever change your life! It most certainly has changed mine!” Sandi Parkey – Executive Manager, KY: ID50094 Initially, “Why” I joined was out of my LOVE for candles & fragrance and my intent was only to buy products at the discount...not have parties, etc.! My passion for the product was so evident my friends & family wanted to know what I as excited about, and the next thing I knew, my team had begun. People I didn’t even know found me on the website and/or Facebook, or asked me about my Logo’d shirts I was wearing everywhere I went...and my team continued to grow! ... I changed my “why” and began to see this as an awesome new career opportunity! For months I’ve been very excited about the company, learning how to be a leader, and my monthly check! But Now, I’ve found a new passion with Pink Zebra. My new joy has been watching my teams get excited about their personal accomplishments! It is the best feeling in the world when someone can’t wait to tell me what they’ve done, want my advice, or celebrating a new success! I’ve made some amazing relationships that I cherish, and can’t wait to see where this takes all of us! Amazing company, amazing journey, AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES! I love it and feel honored to have this opportunity to be my own boss AND work with an awesome group of people! Dana Loukanis – Executive Manager, TX: ID50022

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A new company with a ground floor opportunity is what lies ahead for you.

Being a single dad of teenage boys, money seems to disappear quickly between the sports they play, weekly trips to the mall, even trying to keep them fed... I realized early after my divorce that I needed to find a second source of income to make their lives as normal as possible. I have always loved having a great smelling home and when the opportunity with Pink Zebra came up, I was ready to give this a chance. People told me it may be difficult for a man trying to get into a women’s home demonstration world but all I can say is thank you for the challenge!! Within the first 5 months of being a consultant for Pink Zebra, I have built a team of enthusiast people excited about the product line and I have been promoted to Executive Consultant. I guess Pink Zebra breaks the standard mold of who should be in direct sales. Sean Condon – Executive Consultant, CT: ID50432

“All direct sales companies offer a flexible work schedule with the ability to work from home and be your own boss. However, Pink Zebra takes it to the next level with an extremely rewarding business plan, the HEROES Charity, a cute logo, fun marking materials, and adorable packaging. All of this coupled with amazing, high-quality, versatile products makes this business fun and easy! Finally, the most important “why” ...Pink Zebra is based on empowering women. We change lives. That just does a your heart good...because we all deserve to be HEROES.” Michelle Hamilton - Executive consultant, OH: ID52149 “In 3 short months, I have advanced into a leadership position as well as gained 27 new team members. I have come to love many of our fragrances as my favorites! I look forward to great success with Pink Zebra! I can’t wait to look back a year from now at the wounderful road God has brought me down. I know there are many more blessings ahead!” Debbie Tyner - Manager, OK: ID51677



Looking for a new opportunity that allows you the flexibility you desire to be with your family? Looking for a new career with a ground floor company? Looking for a part-time job for extra cash?

Pink Zebra can provide you it all! 1. A Ground Floor Business opportunity: Celebrating our one year anniversary, you may be part of a fast growing company that offers you a superb opportunity to create a strong, long-term business. 2. Products that are Unique & Versatile: Your opportunities are unlimited with our array of fragrances and the ability to create you own personal fragrance or mix up fun new recipe. “Uniquely Yours”. 3. A Career Plan that is Second to none: Included are unique characteristics just for you. From day one, earn 7% on anyone you enroll! Then, earn 2% mentoring bonus on your entire team’s volume, and learn how to use the “strategic placement” to better maximize your team. Don’t forget about the regular bonuses too! 4. A sales Channel Unique in the industry: Not only are we a party plan model, but you have the ability to sell with our company sponsored career plan integrated fundraiser program.

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Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012  
Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012  

Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012