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“The way it smells your whole house is AMAZING! My favorite thing about our fragrant products is they are American made. It’s an honor to say that to every customer. I also love creating my own scents. I come home to my mix of Red Delicious Apple, Farm House Cider and a pinch of Cinnamon Sprinkles, it reminds me of being at grandma’s playing in the backyard and her bringing me fresh apple cider.” - Sherri Burnett – Consultant, MO: ID51447

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2-STEP ORDERING 1. Choose & order your Sprinkle fragrances. Sprinkles are sold separate from containers.

(see pages 24-25 for ALL Fragrances)

2. Choose & Order a Glimmer Candle Kit: A. 1- Renaissance Glass Container & 3 wicks to fit. Each container holds 2 Jars of Sprinkles. 3.5” x 5.5” 4006096 $7 B. 6- Diva Petite Glass Containers & 6 wicks to fit. 1 Jar of Sprinkles fills 2 containers. 3.5” x 2” 4007499 $12

For best performance always use our tested Pink Zebra glass containers when making a Glimmer candle.

1.Choose your fragrance 2. Place wick in center


3. Pour in Sprinkles


Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012  
Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012  

Pink Zebra Fall-Winter 2012