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No matter what your age, the skills that employers are looking for in employees remain the same:

Fundamental Skills The skills needed as a base for further development. You will be better prepared to progress in the world of work when you can: • Communicate • Manage information • Use numbers • Think and solve problems

Personal Management Skills The personal skills, attitudes, and behaviours that drive one’s potential for growth. You will be able to offer yourself greater possibilities for achievement when you can: • Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours • Be responsible • Be adaptable • Learn continuously • Work safely

Teamwork Skills The skills and attributes needed to contribute productively. You will be better prepared to add value to the outcomes of a task, project, or team when you can: • Work with others • Participate in projects and tasks

Don’t Let A Myth Be A Reality Myth: Older workers have “outdated skills and knowledge” Reality: Options and possibilities for training are many, and people of all ages are taking advantage of them. Libraries and community learning centres offer upgrading in computer, math, English, and more. Many diploma and certificate courses can be obtained through correspondence, Internet, or night classes. Myth: Older workers may be “incapable or unwilling to work with younger managers.” Reality: Mature workers are just that - mature. They have years of experience in working with people of all ages and skill levels, with the company goals in focus.

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Mature Worker