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Be Positive in All That You Do, Think and Say Š

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What are positive sayings and quote? They are sayings or quotes that were written centuries ago or some sayings that were written recently. The ancient Chinese were probably the first recorded writers of these sayings. Many of their ancient sayings have been handed down as proverbs – especially the writings of Confucius. At some time or other, we have all read that positive saying or quote that has elevated our thought process. When you allow yourself to repeat a positive saying over and over again you, you will feel positive and empowered. Every day we are dominated, in all ways, by the thoughts we have. Thoughts become things so make sure you have the best thoughts you can have. Make it a practice to read positive sayings and quotes and repeat them to yourself over and over. Threat them as affirmations. An affirmation, when repeated over and over, becomes a belief. There have been times in people lives, when they did not know “how” they were going to accomplish something, but somehow they managed to do it. Many famous names like Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers and Edison to name just a few, invented machines that were only a thought to start with. These people had an idea and after a lot of trial and error achieved what they had set out to do. They never knew “how” but managed to succeed. There are other people who had achieved what they wanted to do also but their names never made the history books. However, their triumphs were just as great. Sometimes it can be the smaller things that we accomplish that make us feel great – but you can be certain that is the positive attitude we have, that allows us to achieve. Never allow negative thoughts to dwell in your mind for very long. Negative thoughts are really self doubts and if you start doubting yourself, you have a major problem. If you find that you are thinking negative turn those thoughts around and start thinking positively. It is similar to walking through long grass. If you walk through the long grass at the same place every day, soon you will have created a path that you can see both in front of you and behind you. It is the same with thoughts; by repeating positive sayings and quotes to yourself (even out load if you want) this will become your pathway in your brain. If you have not been reading positive sayings and quotes you will find that now is the time to start. If you want to read some positive sayings and quotes along with an explanation visit here. ©

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Be Positive in all that you do, think and say.