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Kyocera is a producer of high technology solutions in 8 major categories: -

Fine Ceramics Semi-conductor parts Applied Ceramic Products Electronic Devices Telecom Equipment Information Equipment Optical Equipment Solar Energy

Kyocera Solar Profile • Kyocera Solar, Inc. specializes in complete turn-key systems, modules and major system components for all power applications, both on-grid and off-grid. – Largest vertically integrated manufacturing plant in the Industry – 30 years of global experience – Over 20,000 Solar Powered Systems Worldwide – Worldwide Dealer Network

Capabilities – System Integration, Installation and Training – Stand Alone and hybrid power systems – Field Service Site Installation and Training – Distribution Network

Evolution of KSI

Kyocera Corporation (Solar Group)began manufacturing of photovoltaic modules in 1975

Kyocera Solar, Inc. established in 1999.

Photocomm Inc.established in 1980. Specialized in system engineering and integration. Major markets: USA, Latin America and S.E. Asia

Integrated power Corporation (IPC)established in 1984. Specialized in system engineering and integration. Major markets: Middle East and North Africa

IPC/Photocomm established in 1997

Kyocera Solar Group Sales Offices

1- Kyocera Corporation HQ- Kyoto, Japan 2- Kyocera Asia Pacific Taiwan office- Taipei, Taiwan 3- Kyocera Asia Pacific Hong Kong office- Hong Kong 4- Kyocera Asia Pacific Singapore- Singapore 5- Kyocera Solar Pty Ltd- Sydney, Australia 6- Kyocera Fine ceramics- Esslingen, Germany 7- Kyocera Solar Inc Northern California Office

• • • • • • •

8- Kyocera Solar, Inc. Los Angeles Office 9- Kyocera Solar, Inc. HQ- Scottsdale, Arizona 10- Kyocera Solar, Inc. Colorado Office 11- Kyocera Solar, Inc. Wisconsin Office 12- Kyocera Solar, Inc. Texas Office 13- Kyocera Solar do Brazil- Rio de Janiero, Brazil 14- Kyocera Tianjin Sales &Trading Corp- Tianjin, China

Kyocera Solar Group Manufacturing Plants

1- Kyocera Solar Energy Co., Ltd – Tianjin, China 2- Kyocera Solar, Inc. Mexico Plant – Tijuana, Mexico 3- Kyocera Solar Ise-Mie Plant – Ise, Japan 4- Kyocera Solar Yohkaichi Plant – Yokkaichi, Japan 5- Kyocera Solar Europe s.r.o. – Czech Republic

Customer References • Motorola, Inc.

• Alltel

• Lucent Technologies

• Qwest

• Alcatel

• Verizon

• Gilat Satellite Networks

• Telefonica

• Duke Energy

• Aramco

• El Paso Natural Gas

• Hughes Network

• Union Pacific Railroad


Solar Electric Modules • 40W-130W Modules • 20 Year Warranty • +10/-5% Power Tolerance • UL Listed • Class I/Div II • d.Blue Cells • Triple Bus Bar • Heavy-duty Anodized Aluminum Frame

“Wireless” Power

• • • • •

Renewable, clean, reliable Cost-effective alternative to conventional off-grid power Solar-generated or hybrid electric power Less than 10kW Locations typically distant from utility power

Surveillance Camera System 320 W Solar Array 20 Day Back-up Hawaii

Major Markets • • • •

Telecommunication Oil and Gas Railroads Government and Military

Qwest WLL 5 kW Array Central Colorado

Typical Industrial Applications Cathodic Protection System Sea Drift Pipeline 1680 kW Array Corpus Christie, TX

• Cellular and GSM Repeaters


Earth Stations

• Microwave Repeaters


• Fiber Optic Repeaters

Cathodic Protection

• Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

Railroad Signaling

Applications and Installations

Remote Lighting System Indonesia

Applications and Installations

Cathodic Protection 3.6 kW Array Gulf of Mexico

Applications and Installations

Railroad Signaling 1440 Watt Solar Array Wind Hybrid Northern Illinois, USA

Asia •

• •

5 Hybrid Systems for Fiber Optic Repeaters – AT&T, Palau Multiple WLL Systems – Alcatel, Laos – VNPT, Vietnam 800 Repeaters – Motorola, Indonesia 1,000 Systems for Rural Telephony – Gilat, China

Middle East • • • •

6 Hybrid Systems – Turkish PTT, Turkey Multiple GSM Repeaters – Etisalat, UAE Multiple SCADA and CP – Adco, UAE Over 400 CP – Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Africa •

• • • •

400 Repeater Sites – Egyptian Ministry of Defense 44 Sites for – Royal Moroccan Air Force 400 VSAT’s – ETC, Ethiopia Multiple Repeaters – Kenya PTT Multiple VSATs and UPS – NNPC, Nigeria

South America • • •

• •

400 Sites Microwave and WLL – Entel, Bolivia 440 Sites – Telefónica, Peru 100’s of Repeaters and 150 UPS Systems – Argentina 185 VSAT’s – Brazilian Government 5 Hybrids – HUBS, Ecuador

Other Applications Powered by Photovoltaics • • • • • • • • •

Remote Homes Lighting Water Pumping Back-up Power Systems Village Electrification Remote Clinics Traffic Signals Vaccine Refrigeration Utility Grid-Tie

• Hybrid, PV and wind for village electrification - Mexico • Air Force Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation System - Gulf of Mexico • Passively cooled shelter for FM repeater - MOI, Oman

Other Applications Powered by Photovoltaics

Other Applications Powered by Photovoltaics

Lighting System 480 W Array Mongolia

Other Applications Powered by Photovoltaics

Kyocera Corporate Headquarters PV Power System – Grid-Tie 214 kW Array Kyoto, Japan

Other Applications Powered by Photovoltaics

Kyocera Solar Grove PV Power System – Grid-Tie 235 kW Array San Diego, CA

Quality Control and Assurance Through the effective application of our Quality Control System, we ensure the following: - Solar Modules Manufactured in ISO 9000 Accredited Facilities - System Engineering/Integration Facility Consistent with ISO 9001 QA Procedures - All Systems Shipped with Complete Documentation - On-going System Support - 20 Year Module Warranty - All Modules Guaranteed to Produce within +5/-5% of their Rated Power

Our Quality Policy • Provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations by putting our customers first. • Make Kyocera the world leader in quality by doing every job right the first time and continuously improving • Create and promote products that improve the Earth’s environment and are safe to mankind


• World’s largest manufacturer and systems integrator of stand-alone and hybrid power systems and photovoltaic modules • World market leader in telecom and oil and gas markets (this is our core business) • Over 30 years global experience. • Extensive Distribution Network to provide local support.

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