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Welcome to the first issue of the Spotlight for 2018. And a belated Happy New Year to all our readers. It is always good when someone from the local community contacts me with a ‘good news story’ which is exactly what the Green Practice in Stockbridge did. They are very proud of the artwork that they produced recently and which I have featured here. To find out a bit more turn to page 10. If you have something you would like to share with the community or you have a community event planned you would like to let people know about then please do get in touch. I am always very happy to hear about local events and local stories which I will feature in the Spotlight if I can (and at no cost). Unbelievably, this will be my 9th year of running the Stockbridge Spotlight. I really never imagined when I started my first publication, The Trinity Spotlight, nearly 12 years ago that both magazines would still be going strong after such a long period of time. But they are and thats down to the support that the businesses who advertise here get from you, the readers. So if you contact a business that is featured on our pages please make sure you let them know where you heard about them. That way they will continue to advertise and the Spotlight will continue to thrive and hopefully grow for many more years. Thanks you for your support over the last 9 years and here’s to a fabulous 2018.

Best Wishes Sue


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6 History - Forgotten Foods

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Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 72 February/March 2018  

Stockbridge Spotlight

Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 72 February/March 2018  

Stockbridge Spotlight