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Naturno has an astonishing number of unique attractions for such a small place. Inside modest-looking Prokulus Church can be found the oldest frescoes in the German speaking area; the adjoining Prokulus Museum not only brings Naturno’s 1,500 years of history to life, it also records the horrors of the Black Death. The new viewing platform at the Unterstell cable car was opened in 2015; it offers a fascinating view and has already become one of the Naturno highlights. Juval Castle deserves a mention, too. As the summer residence of the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, it is dedicated to the myth of the mountain and features a fascinating collection of Tibetan objects, the expedition cellar with Messner’s equipment, and his library.

Der Ruhetag der Museen In Südtirol sind Museen am Montag generell geschlossen. Beachten Sie dies bei Ihrer Planung! Eine Ausnahme bilden die Messner Mountain Museen, die eigene Ruhetage haben.

Suggerimento musei In Alto Adige, generalmente i musei sono chiusi di lunedì. Perciò pianificate bene la visita ad un museo! Un’eccezione a tale regola è rappresentata dai musei del circuito Messner Mountain Museum, che hanno giorni di chiusura individuali.

Museum tip In South Tyrol, museums are generally closed on Mondays. Remember this when planning your day! The Messner Mountain Museums constitute an exception in that they are closed on different days.

Magazin 2017 Naturns bei Meran Südtirol  

Magazin 2017 Naturns bei Meran Südtirol