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More and more e-bike fans are appearing everywhere and Naturno is just the right place for them. Everyone can enjoy an e-bike tour of the surrounding countryside … it isn’t important if your legs aren’t in top form or whether you’re well-trained or not! For a bit of exercise out in the wonderful exhilarating fresh air, just hop on your e-bike and take off along the easy Adige valley path or up towards one of the high Alpine meadows. A great chance to combine a little physical activity with some sightseeing, too – places of historic and cultural interest, isolated, idyllic little side valleys and more! And …e-bikes are available for hire right in the village if you haven’t got your own.

Apfelführung Das Etschtal ist das größte zusammenhängende Apfelanbaugebiet Europas – kein Wunder, dass jeder 10. Apfel aus Südtirol kommt. Jeden Dienstag erklärt Bäuerin Edith Schweizer vom Schupferhof Geschichte, Anbau und Vermarktung der Südtiroler Äpfel.

La coltivazione della mela – visita guidata La Val d’Adige è la regione con il più vasto territorio d’Europa coltivato a frutta. Non c’è quindi da stupirsi se ogni 10 mele, una provenga dall’Alto Adige. Ogni martedì la contadina Edith Schweizer del maso Schupferhof spiega la storia, la coltivazione e la commercializzazione della mela altoatesina.

Apple tours The Adige Valley is the largest continuous apple growing area in Europe – so it’s not surprising that every tenth apple comes from South Tyrol. Every Tuesday, farmer Edith Schweizer from Schupferhof farm talks about the history, the cultivation and the marketing of South Tyrol’s apples.

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Magazin 2017 Naturns bei Meran Südtirol  

Magazin 2017 Naturns bei Meran Südtirol