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Madrid, World Youth Finding An Agent That’sDay Right For You


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“We should expect young Catholics to continue to develop new forms of witness, show that Catholics and all of humanity can transcend our differences and deeply held opinions to come together, understand each other, and build a world of faith and reconciliation. Perhaps they will not merely redraw the boundaries but erase them entirely” Margarita Mooney

“May you have the Faith to walk on water”


A Yearly Insight into the Work at Sweet Mountain Farm

Sweet Mountain Farm

August 11-23, 2011

Emily returned from WYD knowing what

The highlights of her trip included a send off

Pope Benedict XVI concluded the festivities

a pilgrimage is all about. When asked

blessing at Stella Maris Parish with Pastor

by saying “now take this faith that has been

about her trip she said it was not a

David Ruby. Emily referred to herself as a

renewed and go back to your homes and share

vacation. Her knees were swollen and sore

Pioneer of the Parish. Stella Maris Parish

it with all the people that you meet –become a

but her spirit was strong. She attended

helped to financially support her.



We traveled to St. John the Evangelist in

Mother’s postscript

Wisconsin. Tyme Out is a retreat center

Milwaukee with a send off from Archbishop

Emily was voted by her group as the Best

sponsored by the School Sister of Notre

Listecki, his message was “May you have the

“Silent Sufferer.” What a compliment. She


faith to walk on water.”

suffered though 100 degree days without

pure & absolute sweetness

WYD with a group of 33 people from the Tyme





shade, slept on an airstrip in the rain during a Our Parish youth coordinator, Bridget

Archbishop Dolan spoke to the English

tornado watch and stood at the barricade in the

Browning, planted the idea, encouraged

speaking youth at WYD. He believed that

sun for seven hours. Emily said August 18,

her to make this trip a reality, mentored her

faith has to grow, that our faith is weak.

2011 should be listed in Guinness Book of

throughout the year, and helped to

That’s why it takes 2 million youth to come

World Records as the largest sleepover in the

overcome obstacles at every turn.

together in one place…to strengthen their

world. I think that with God’s help this kid can

faith and to realize that together we are strong.

do anything that she puts her mind to.

1402 Mountain Road

Washington Island, Wisconsin 54246

Just In Time


Honey Extraction

Capital for Expansion

Sweet Mountain Farm’s Maxant 18 frame extractor arrived from Massachusetts just two days before our scheduled extraction date. The Ferry Terminal called to announce that the extractor was on the boat and in route to the Island. We

Kenya, Africa

jumped into the truck and hurried to the dock for pick up.

Autumn came to me yesterday and said “I want to go to Kenya in June.” She will turn fourteen this April and wants to travel. Would you send your child to Kenya? Share your experience and advice with the Queen Bee.

Autumn tells me that she will earn the money

older sister and maybe help out on the next

herself. She plans to start selling sandals from

trip. It would be an opportunity of a lifetime

Kenya soon

to get a glimpse of life in a Third World country.

Sweet Mountain

If a trip to Kenya is meant to happen, it will happen. My hope is to give Autumn a broader

Yesterday, Autumn received a telephone call

It is scary to see my three youngest girls

world view, a mission beyond oneself, to fully

from her sister Hillery. Hillery traveled to

venture into uncertain and potentially unsafe

embrace other cultures and to love one another

Kenya last February on a medical mission

territory. I worry about everything from

and appreciate one another for our differences, as

trip. Her position within the medical team is

abduction to zeusophobia, --and everything

well as our similarities –that in loving your

triage nurse. It was proposed, during this

in between.

neighbor you love yourself.


Sweet Mountain enjoyed a 100% success rate at over wintering our colonies last year.

Sponsorships are a good idea

A ventilated top feeder/candy board was Sweet Mountain Farm expanded its bee yard

custom designed for the hives.

from ten hives in 2010 to thirty hives in

continue to monitor the success of this new

2011. There are currently seven sponsored

winter feeding solution.

We will

hives and twelve super colonies ready for splits this coming spring.

Sponsorships can be renewed from year-toyear and, once purchased, are exempt from






any price increase. A sponsorship entitles

Sponsorships are a vital source for our The new extractor runs much like a

the owner to 30 one pound bottles of our best

expansion. The pre-sale dollars are invested

washing machine on the spin cycle,

honey shipped at no charge to one specified

in new hardware and bees. Orders for bees

although the variable speed motor on an


are placed by January 1st each year and paid

extractor precisely controls how fast the

November 15th. Just in time for the Holidays

in advance of the May 1st delivery.

drum will spin. call, that Autumn might accompany her

buzz us at 920.847.BEES

Deliveries are on or before

This year we have added a new option. We The goal for 2012 is to produce 30 thriving

The honey supers ( a box that contains 8-

offer an 8.45 oz. decanter of maple syrup

super colonies. The long term goal is to

10 honey combed frames) are removed

alongside a 16 oz. dripless bottle of honey

continue to grow the bee yard until it has 100

from the hives, the capped honey cells are

gift boxed together. The sponsor may select

strong hives. At 100 hives, there should be

shaved off each frame with an electric hot

between 15 maple/honey combination gift

approximately 10,000 lbs of honey and it

knife, and then the uncapped frames are

boxes or 30 honey gift boxes

will be time to hire a helper.

loaded into the large extraction drum. The







new machine has considerably reduced

Sweet Mountain Farm is above average in its

labor hours and is built to last a long time.

sponsorships is due by April 1, 2012. A hive

success at over wintering the bees. Average


winter colony loss is about 20% and a higher

renewing by January 1, 2012 will receive a

loss is experienced in non-treated/organic

special gift.






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