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Working With An Interior Designer Part 2


HE TEAM! Your interior designer can be an integral part of assembling your design team; whether it be for renovating an existing space or building a new home. The professional can work with you to select an architect and a contractor who

shares your vision and will work in tandem with your designer so that you have a cohesive team. If you are thinking about building, your designer can help you avoid discrepancies such as

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window locations, walls long enough to accommodate the interior designer’s proposed furnishings or client’s existing pieces; or electrical outlet locations as just a few examples. In addition to interior considerations, decisions can be made to coordinate exterior decisions (i.e. roof color) to the desired interior design concept in order to create a consistent “look” inside and out. Once you have decided upon a location, your interior designer will begin “space planning”. The designer’s primary function is to find out what expresses you so that your home can be a true reflection of you. Selections of furniture and furnishings of the right scale are needed to fit the rooms into which they are placed. Selecting the right colors is difficult for most people and must be carefully determined. The trained designer can help you achieve a congruous effect. Instead of selecting your furnishings because you “love” each item, you must consider whether the selections complement each other. It is like putting on a show, there are “stars” and there are supporting players. Each piece of furniture should have some appropriate relationship to everything else in the space and each space should join the other spaces in a smooth transition. Your home should

Interiors by Cary Vogel Please reference our website for additional information on Interiors by Cary Vogel; which includes client photographs and testimonials WithIt IBCV is a proud member and supporter Las Vegas Interior Design Society IBCV is a proud member and supporter

have a feeling of flow; there should be unity in both color and design. Locating and hiring the workers, obtaining the materials and seeing that a quality job is performed are skilled tasks that an experienced interior designer brings to the table. The designer has developed a continuing long-term relationship with their workers and suppliers which assure better service and more consideration if a matter of dispute arise. This is a HUGE value for design clients. An interior designer can help establish a budget, based on the size of the space, the desired look and the level of quality. Many clients fail to realize the large number of items that are needed in the composition of the design of the entire space being considered. This is required knowledge in order to get an accurate estimate for a grand total. The professional designer can rightfully be expected to coordinate the various trades in an orderly way so that the work is completed in an effective way. And finally, a conscientious interior designer arranges the new furnishings and furniture, helping with the choice of useful and decorative accessories. Even more importantly, they can show you how to accentuate and display your own artwork and integrate your personal possessions into the overall design scheme. 2

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Interiors by Cary Vogel Please reference our website for additional information on Interiors by Cary Vogel; whi...