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Sudhir Pai CPA helps you retain peace of mind John a small business owner, all worried about 35% income tax he pays, notices from State revenue departments, foreign bank account disclosure and jail time that his friends are constantly concerned about, and failing 401k plans that his employees are frustrated about. John is in a complicated world of business! One of his friends tells him about the offices of Sudhir Pai CPA and MyTaxFiler. John Googles for and, visits them online, reads management profiles, business history, testimonials, BBB rating, ISO certification, peace of mind guarantee. John emails them at 9 pm for an appointment, and bang comes a response for a meeting the very next day. John walks in and has a great meeting with CPA Sudhir Pai. All his problems have a solution, and they are implementable in one half of the time, for less than one half of the cost that other CPA's quoted him. John is all smiling and relaxed that he finally found a partner with knowledge excellence, integrity, professionalism, and a firm built on values that he can trust. We meet John after 3 weeks, and we get to know that the CPA and EA's took care of his notices, bookkeepers cleaned his books for US GAAP compliance, corporate records updation for corporate compliance, virtual CFO's got him ready for new influx of operating funds for his business, and CPA Sudhir Pai, with his tax planning, entity structuring, asset protect, and income splitting and deferral strategies brought his average tax rate down to a much lower tax bracket, and rolled out a combination of profit sharing and non-qualified deferred comp plan for employees. What else does John want? He has total peace of mind, and now gets focused time with his clients, employees and family. Would you like to attain this peace of mind? Just call 888-482-0279, 972-961-4814 or write to or CPA Sudhir Pai’s response time is 8 business hours, is assured and backed by promise 

Sudhir Pai CPA helps you retain peace of mind