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Human Rights Torch Relay starts journey down-under Commonwealth super stalled

BY ROBERTSON The Human Rights Torch Relay arrived in Sydney on 27 October. It was welcomed by several hundred people with a ceremony at Sydney Town Hall. The relay started in Athens, where the torch was lit on August 9, then traveled through Europe. It was in the UK before coming to Australia. Inspired by the Olympic torch relay, the Human Rights Torch Relay is an international, grassroots campaign that seeks to bring an end to all human rights abuses against the people of China. It highlights the severe persecution of Falun Gong, including the unrefuted evidence that Falun Gong practitioners are systematically killed for their organs for sale at high profits, their bodies incinerated. (organharvestin

St Edmund’s Top Chefs

The torch will travel around Australia in the next two months before continuing the tour in New Zealand.

It’s not the drought, it’s the quality!

Greens Senator KERRY NETTLE - The first person to run with the torch on its way through Sydney

On Tuesday 11 December it will be in Canberra with a ceremony in Garema Place in the city at 12:30 pm.


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November 2007


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30/08/2007 3:41:21 PM


Commonwealth super stalled By Mike Clancy Ex-public servant Ern Berry could not believe his eyes when he read that his Commonwealth superannuation pension would not increase in mid-2007. While all other Government funded pensions increased, the weak indexation formula for the Commonwealth and Defence pensions fails its members. Ern has known public servants retired for 15 years, whose super has gradually fallen so far behind, that they now have difficulty meeting medical and dental costs. Tony Whelan of Gowrie lives on $15,000 per year. He finds that small increases in his CSS do not keep up with increases in the costs of basic essentials such as food and health services.


John Coleman from the Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association (SCOA) said Government had failed to act on two Senate enquires that had recommended changing the indexation method to bring it in line with other pensions. As a result, most Australians who have spent their lives serving the nation, receive super pensions of less than $22,000 pa, and fall further behind each year. In many cases this pension supports both members of a couple.

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While the Government has refused to address the issue, and Labor is yet to announce its superannuation policy, Greens Senate candidate Kerrie Tucker has promised to help. She said that Commonwealth and Defence force personnel are “entitled to the same rights as other Australians and their pensions should be indexed in the same way”. If elected, she would “campaign for fair indexation” for this group. John Coleman said that his members were tired of being ignored and treated as second class citizens and that his members would “vent their anger on election day because they have waited too long for indexation fairness.”


November 2007

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Continued from Pg.1 At the Sydney ceremony, Dr Sev Ozdowski, Australia’s human rights commissioner from 2000 to 2005, said the Torch Relay was a reminder that the Olympic spirit had long been linked to human rights, civil liberty, and peace. Dr Sev Ozdowski is a member of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG), an independent NGO and initiator the Torch Relay. He emphasized China’s persecution of journalists, human rights activists, and Falun Gong practitioners, along with its actions in Tibet. “The human rights Torch Relay is about people’s power,” he said at the welcoming ceremony. “Not that long ago people power crumbled the Berlin Wall and brought an end to the Soviet empire. So let us ensure that the Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot co-exist in China.” Spectators lined the streets from the city’s Town Hall to Circular Quay for the event, and again, across Sydney’s spectacular harbour, in the northern beaches suburb of Manly. Participants included Greens Senator Kerry Nettle and State MP Ian Cohen, State Liberal MP Michael Baird, and Manly Mayor Peter MacDonald. Groups from countries directly affected by the Chinese Communist Party’s geopolitical influence also participated, including the Burmese, Vietnamese and Darfur communities. Olympic swimmer Jan Becker, Australia’s ambassador for the Torch Relay, said that as an Olympian she understood the sacrifices and commitment that Olympians make, but emphasised that human life must not be forsaken. “The sanctity of life and respect for human dignity overrides any sporting event, including the Olympics,” Ms Becker said. Former rugby union player and Wallaby, Barry McDonald, said he had stepped down rather than represent Australia against apartheid South Africa in 1970, and that he was stepping up for human rights in China for similar reasons.

Olympic swimmer Jan Becker Australia’s ambassador for the Torch Relay Mr McDonald, who ran a leg of the relay at Sydney’s Opera House, said the massacre of thousands of student protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 showed the world what the Chinese regime was prepared to do “and nothing’s changed since that. If anything, it has gotten worse,” Mr McDonald said. “It’s gone underground.” Greens Senator Kerry Nettle was the first person to run with the torch on its way through Sydney. She said Australia needed to use its strong trade relationship with China to send a robust message about the gross human rights abuses. “It’s a message with the Olympic spirit of people working together,” Senator Nettle said. “It’s a message the Chinese government needs to hear loud and clear.” For the relay in Canberra please call 0431-761 894, email: torchrelay., or visit

Gary Nairn has hurt working families John Howard’s extreme workplace laws have already... CUT penalty and overtime rates; CUT annual wage increases; and THREATENED job security. Authorised by John Robertson, UnionsNSW, L3, 4 Goulburn Street, Sydney.




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November 2007

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How Big Are YOUR Feet? By Audrey Treading Lightly on Our Planet Public Meeting – 18 November – 2pm-4pm - Curtin A movement has commenced in the suburbs of the ACT called “SEE-Change”. SEE stands for Society, Environment and Economy. SEE-Change seeks to empower Australians to make informed choices for the future and to strengthen community. The movement is a program of The Nature and Society Forum, a non-government, not for profit organisation. South Woden SEE-Change Ecological Footprint Challenge Launch, 18 November 2007 South Woden SEE-Change is holding a public meeting on 18 November between 2pm-4pm at Holy Trinity Primary School, Theodore St, Curtin. You will hear from Al Gore Ambassador, Dr Karin Geiselhart, learn about Climate Change action, find out what your ecological footprint is and what you can do to reduce it. It will also be proposed that the residents of Curtin, Torrens, Lyons, Pearce and Chifley work together to reduce the ecological footprint of these suburbs by 30% in three years. Our ecological footprint is the area of biological land and water that it takes to produce the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and to manage the waste we produce.

The latest calculation of global ecological footprints estimates that the average for all people on Earth is 2.18 hectares. The average Australian footprint is 6.4 hectares and the average eco-footprint of a person living in Canberra is 9% larger than the national average. SEE Change aims to connect people across small local areas to reduce our ecological footprint. Working together is more effective than working on the range of actions that can be taken separately. Everybody in our community has a role to play. Further information For more information on the public meeting please contact Robyn McKay on 040 241 7577 or email For more information on SEE-Change go to: For more information on calculating your household’s ecological footprint go to: and follow the links to GreenHome and the eco-calculator. This web site also provides calculated average ecological footprints for every postcode in Australia.

St Edmund’s Top Chefs By Paula Moeller

On the 18th of September Anthony Magro Yr 12 and Ryan Spiteri Yr 11 from St Edmund’s College Canberra won the International Secondary Schools Culinary cooking competition. The students competed against 10 other teams at the Taipei Kai-Ping Culinary School in Taiwan. Competing teams included Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, New Caledonia, New Zealand and the Gold Coast. Students had 1 hour to prepare and complete four main courses

C o m m u n i t y

from a selection of ingredients supplied by the school. The winning dish made by the students was Assiette of duck featuring twice cooked five spice duck leg seated on capsicum and cashew chutney, duck neck sausage and shitake mushroom cream essence, soy lacquered crown roast and Asian mélange of vegetables. The Students won by a 1 point difference against Taiwan, this was a mirror image to last year’s event where St Edmund’s College came second against Taiwan with a one point

difference. Marks were awarded on professional appearance and cleanliness, correct professional preparation techniques, presentation and taste as well as timing. A big thank you to Neil Abrahams and the Australian Culinary Federation for initiating the program, Meat and Livestock Association, Border Stainless Steel and Paul Willis supplies for their sponsorship, St Edmund’s College, Paula Moeller and Dean Parkes and CIT Tourism and Hospitality for their continued support.

Virginia Haussegger named as Monaro Division Toastmasters communicator of the year The Monaro Division Governor, Kay Ledgar announced this afternoon that Virginia Haussegger of ABC TV Canberra, has been named the inaugural Monaro Division Toastmasters “ACT & Region Communicator of the Year”. Ms Haussegger was presented with her award in a ceremony at ABC’s Canberra studios this afternoon. The award presentation was part of the activities of Toastmasters Week in the ACT and region (13-20 October 2007). Ms Haussegger is ABC TV’ Canberra’s weekday newsreader, newspaper columnist and a spokesman for community issues, including women’s rights.

“This award has been initiated by Monaro Division Toastmasters to recognise a nonToastmaster who exemplifies the personal communication skills to which Toastmasters aspire”, Miss Ledgar said today. “It is intended that this award will be presented each year during Toastmasters Week”. “Toastmasters provides a mutually supportive environment for members to develop their communication and leadership skills, which in turn fosters self confidence. We have breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs, evening clubs, meeting a various venues across the ACT, Monday to Friday. We have a club for you”.

Arawang Activate Fete School fete with a health theme Saturday, November 17, 2007, 10 am-2 pm. Kids’ rides, music, sport, games, body art, food and drink (incl vegetarian), books, craft, plants, second hand bazaar, Constable Kenny and more. ARAWANG PRIMARY SCHOOL, NEMARANG CRES, WARAMANGA Take Hindmarsh Dve off the parkway, head west and follow the signs!

(If it rains the fete will be rescheduled to election day!)

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November 2007


November 2007

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C o m m u n i t y

Charity Begins At Home By Lydia Teodorowych

Invest with

As Dorothea MacKellar wrote in 1906:


I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain oanges, Of drought and flooding rains

We here in Australia, throughout decades have endured “the drought” which has touched the heart of our country and our farmers in particular. Who finds it more difficult than the woman who tries to make ends meet while helping with the running of a farming property during times of drought. VIEW Clubs are made up of women from many different backgrounds who want to further the “Voice, Interests and Education of Women (VIEW)”. Zone AA03 Clubs in Braidwood, Bungendore, Crookwell, Goulburn, Lake George and Queanbeyan wanted to show their country sisters they care by helping women on farms who are doing it hard. Women are the backbone of many families and put their family before their own needs. During times of drought it is the woman of many a rural household who is struggling to raise the family, clothe, feed and educate them as well as support their husband and work long hours on the farm. Hence through the initiative of Zone Councillor Fiona Spottiswood and Club Delegates the “VIEW Drought Project” was created. During 2007 VIEW Clubs in Zone AA03 were asked to collect items to donate for Drought Packs to distribute to country women in our immediate local communities. Zone Councillor Fiona said “Country VIEW women care about other country women! VIEW women can bring a little sunshine and hope into the lives of disadvantaged country women who are suffering from the long term effects of drought conditions in our local communities by providing them with much needed necessity items such as shampoos, toothbrushes, hand cream, soap, deodorant, first aid kits, sunscreen etc.” Country members of VIEW Club’s gathered together in friendship to enjoy a BBQ on Lake George and to pack thousand’s of items for the Drought Packs. Zone Councillor Fiona congratulated the VIEW Clubs from Lake George, Goulburn, Crookwell, Queanbeyan, Braidwood and Bungendore for their generous donations which abundantly filled endless boxes for distribution to rural women in need of a little helping hand. “VIEW women certainly care and like to share!” Fiona said as was demonstrated by our VIEW city

This column answers questions I’m frequently asked about investing in property. sisters from Woden and Belconnen who also added their generous donations to the Drought Project.

Who says South East Queensland (SEQ)

VIEW Clubs always welcome new members. For more information on the VIEW Club or to join a Club near you, please contact Zone Councillor Fiona Spottiswood on 62303336. Lake George Day VIEW Club’s final Meeting for 2007 will be held on December 11 at 12 noon at Goolabri Country Resort, 202 Goolabri Dr Sutton. Come and enjoy our sharing of Christmas stories, Kris Kringle and special jewellery made locally by Zanil Design. For bookings ring Kerry on 6238 0603 by Friday December 7. Lake George VIEW Club president and committee would like to wish all our members, supporters and community a festive Christmas season and great abundance and joy in the New Year! The VIEW Clubs generally are on holiday over January but from Februaury onwards are in full swing. Visit our blog:

prices continue to soar and rents skyrocket—

is a hot property pick? SEQ is always in the press, with reports that excellent news for savvy investors. Example: the Daily Telegraph (18/09) said Brisbane is the most expensive city in Australia for rent, surpassing Sydney and Melbourne by several percentage points. This means stiff competition among renters to secure good housing. Another authority—the RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index—recently reported that across Australia (January–April 2007), Brisbane housing prices increased by 7.9%, ahead of Melbourne (up 3.1%), Sydney (up 1.4%) and Perth (down 2.7%). Is the growth short-term? No, but the window of opportunity to get into the market while it is still affordable won’t last long. The index says population growth is fuelling the area and ‘there is no sign of that slowing just as there isn’t any sign of price increases slowing’. It says researchers are classifying Brisbane and the Gold Coast as a ‘supercity’ that will become Australia’s top urban hub. As the two cities merge into the one metropolis prices will continue to climb as SE Queensland becomes the premier place to live. This is a gold mine for investors. However, it is also creating a supply-and-demand situation which is seeing prices rise rapidly. As with any fast-moving market, the earlier you enter the market the better—as recently happened in Perth.


ant to learn more about hot Queensland properties? We have relationships with developers and often have access to excellent properties before they’re publicly promoted. Call 6295 3133 to make an appointment for an obligationfree chat.


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November 2007

C o m m u n i t y

It’s not the drought, it’s the quality! The increased cost of fruit and vegetables is commonly attributed to the ongoing drought in Australia. However, this does not give the full picture. Australians are not only eating more fruit and vegetables, they are also demanding better quality and are prepared to pay a premium for it. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals that during the period 1997-98 and 1998-99, fruit and fruit products (including fruit juices), consumption increased by 8.3 per cent from 124.7 kg per capita to 135.0 kg. In the same period, imports for oranges and other citrus fruit rose by more than 62 per cent. Consumption of vegetables has shown a steady 9.4 per cent increase over the last decade. This increase in consumption has been accompanied by an increase in demand for quality. Research by the Western Australia Vegetable and Fruit Program found that 23% of people in their survey reported lack of variety and poor quality as the main barriers to increased fruit consumption and 14% identified these factors as the main barriers to vegetable consumption. “Four years ago my son, Ryan, was diagnosed as having PKU or Phenylketonuria, a rare inherited metabolic disorder that inhibits

the ability to breakdown protein properly in the liver and if left untreated by a strict low protein diet, leads to severe mental retardation”, said Sharon Long, owner of Vegies To Your Door. She added, “As Ryan’s main source of food is fruit and vegetables I was determined to provide the best and freshest ingredients for him”. Ms Long and her husband, Will, spent many weekends at the markets sourcing premium fruit and vegetables rather than buying what they believed to be lesser quality produce in the supermarkets. “It was fun for a while but as the kids grew, the novelty of the markets wore off and it became more of a chore than something I enjoyed to do”, said Ms Long. This led them to launch Vegies To Your Door - a home delivery service that delivers high quality fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets direct to customers’ homes or place of business. The fruit and vegetables sourced by Vegies To Your Door are all A grade, and offering home delivery is designed to make premium quality produce available to those who do not want to go to the markets every weekend. More information about Vegies To Your Door can be found at or visit the Young Living Business Mums Expo on 22 October at KidCity, 25 Kemble Court, Mitchell.

The 2007 Wellbeing Fiesta: a fun day, promoting a healthy body, mind and soul across all cultures On Sunday, the 14th of October 2007, more than 25 organisations from the community, government and corporate sectors came together to celebrate and promote health and wellbeing: for the body, mind and soul across all cultures. The Fiesta was held at the Canberra Institute of Technology - in Reid - and ran from 10am to 3pm. Staff and volunteers from the Mental Health Foundation (ACT), Mental Illness Fellowship and Carers ACT organised this growing, fun and now annual event. Mary Gays, Executive Officer from the Mental Health Foundation (ACT), said “the Fiesta was a fun, family entertainment event, designed to look at different ways everyone can look after their own mental health”. “The Fiesta celebrated the end of mental health week and the start of carers week”. Senator Kate Lundy and sports celebrity Rob de Castella officially launched the Fiesta. Both guests spoke positively of the Fiesta’s


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November 2007 B U S I N E S S

GetUp! for our democracy The Canberra couple who organised last week’s successful Canberra Community Forum say they don’t agree with a lot of the things governments do in our name.

right across Australia in people’s homes; 2000 meetings all on the one evening. Our group realised that we could meet likeminded people and create actions that make a difference.” “Our group was most concerned about climate change and decided to organise a forum where Canberrans could voice their concerns and have them answered by our local Senate candidates. We focussed on the Senate because over the last three years, the Senate has completely failed to properly act as a house of review over new laws.”

Martin Male and Yvonna de Jong were part of the group who organised the event, are members of GetUp! ( The Forum brought ACT Senate candidates, Gary Humphries, Kate Lundy and Kerrie Tucker, face to face with 400 members of the Canberra community who were looking for answers.

“What really did it for me,” said Ms de Jong, “was attending the Senate debate on the recent Northern Territory indigenous ‘intervention’. Apart from Bob Brown remaining throughout the proceedings, the Senate was virtually empty. After each senator gave their presentation they left. At no time were there more than 10 senators present. They were debating to an almost empty chamber. The Senate had been reduced to a mockery of itself, a mere rubber stamp.”

“Democracy is rule by the people. We wanted to make the point that they are elected to represent us, not their parties,” said Mr Male. “It started when we were told about GetUp! by Greenpeace,” said nature photographer Ms de Jong. “The issues GetUp! was speaking about were exactly what we were feeling, particularly about detention of refugees, David Hicks, as well as what was happening in Guantanamo and with the war. I find these issues so abhorrent, that we need to stand up and do something about it.”

“When any government gets control of both houses of parliament, there are no bounds to its power. The forum underlined the point that Canberra people have a voice and can become part of the solution.”

Mr Male, who supports people to be empowered in their lives, said: “We hosted one of the small group meetings that GetUp! organised

higher than in previous year. The 2007 Wellbeing Fiesta was sponsored by Om Shanti College, Belconnen Fresh Fruit Markets, the Primal Balance Clinic and Fuse Recumbents. On behalf of the Mental Health Foundation (ACT), Carers ACT and Mental Illness Fellowship, we wish to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and attendees on the day for their valued support and involvement. We had a terrific day and we look forward to the 2008 Wellbeing Fiesta.

Know an


Nominations are now being called for the following awards concept and encouraged everyone to approach health actively and to get involved early. Rob said that physical activity improved your outlook on life, and reduced the severity of depression. Over 250 people attended the Wellbeing Fiesta learning more about various – and wide ranging – health products and services available in Canberra. There were many families and groups of younger and older people - from diverse backgrounds - that attended on the day. Overall, the Fiesta received a good turn out on the day, with attendance numbers

2008 Canberra Gold Chief Minister’s Awards Recognises and celebrates the commitment made by long-term residents who have lived in the ACT for 50 years or more.

2008 Canberra Citizen of the Year Award Recognises local individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to our community.

ACT Honour Walk Recognises individuals or groups from all categories of endeavour whose significant contribution has shaped our city.

For further information or to obtain a nomination form: | Phone: 6205 3031

A R T S & E N T E R T A I N M E N T

James Morrison comes to town

James Morrison, internationally renowned jazz player, comes to Canberra to raise funds for people with disabilities living in the ACT (through Hartley Lifecare). This Accenture-Hartley gala event will be held Wednesday 21 November 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the Canberra Theatre Centre, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to Hartley Lifecare Inc, a not-for-profit Canberra-based organisation making a difference for those with disabilities. James Morrison is, by anyone’s standard, a virtuoso in the true sense of the word. This multi-instrumentalist is a brilliant technician on trumpet, and also plays the trombone, euphonium, flugel horn, tuba, saxophone and piano. He is a musician of startling originality, with a genuinely unique and creative voice. James has appeared around the world with his own group and as a soloist alongside artists such as Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. James will be joined in Canberra by five other members of his immensely talented band, including his brother John and vocalist Emma Pask. They will be supported by The Idea of North, a quartet of musicians, regarded by their peers as one of the best and most unique live musical acts in Australia. Their voices are their instruments: soprano, alto, tenor and bass, with a little bit of vocal percussion thrown in. Their sound and style is distinct, yet they cross many musical genres, including jazz, folk, gospel, pop, classical, even comedy Venue: Canberra Theatre Prices: A Reserve: $80 - B Reserve: $70 - Performance starts at 7:30PM



ichard Sherman roams restlessly around his empty New York apartment, bemoaning the fact that his wife has left him alone for the first time in seven years. Then, without warning, a gigantic flower pot tumbles down from an overhead balcony, nearly putting him permanently out of his misery. The jarring CMAG event has SUNDAY a strange effect on Richard. He now sees his marriage as wasted time and feels it necessary to exercise his libido as quickly as possible. Suddenly reborn, he invites the delectable doll who lives on the floor above down for an evening of temptation. The night doesn’t go quite the way he thought it would, as morality and guilt sneak into his head. In his conscience - literally following him about the apartment - a soul-struggle of heroic and hilarious proportions ensues. ON


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November 2007


S U N D AY Join us on the first Sunday of every month for an afternoon of structured and free-range activities for children aged 4 to 8 years. Workshops run throughout the day and bookings are strongly recommended. Workshops are led by artist and educator, Amelia Zaraftis. Sunday 4 Nov 1pm–4pm Sunday 2 Dec 1pm–4pm Cost: FREE Bookings: 6207 3968

Cnr London Circuit & Civic Sq Canberra City Bookings: 6207 3968


The Seven Year itch comes to Canberra courtesy of the Free-Rain Theatre Company. Live at the Courtyard Studio, performances run from the 8th-24th November. Times and ticketing information from Canberra Theatre on 02 6275 2700


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November 2007

A R T S & E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Local Special Effects Company By Sharpfx

Local company Sharp FX has just completed an extremely large project for The Australian War Memorial, and were thrilled to be successful in beating overseas companies to win the contract. The production of 16 realistic mannequins for their new Post 1945 Conflict Galleries will be on display to the public in December for one month before the official opening in February 2008. A lot of work went into making of the mannequins, which took Sharp FX 5 months to complete. The first procedure in making the mannequins is doing a life cast of soldiers and some school children in a variety of action positions, some standing, sitting and one getting ready to jump out of the Iroquois helicopter. This was a painstaking 4 hours for each of the models as some were required to stand or sit in difficult positions for a lengthy period of time. The bodies were then fibre glassed and all 16 sets of the heads and hands were resculpted to add extra expression to their faces and positioning of hands. The heads and hands were then painted and hair, eyebrows and eyelashes were punched into the silicone head strand by strand and finally 16 sets of eyes were made out of resin and painted. The authenticity and realism will speak in volumes once you have seen this new exciting display. Sharp FX had to contract workers from Sydney and

Queensland, and had their students from this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s course also gaining some work experience which contributed to some of the finished product. Sharp FX would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the brave souls who kindly contributed their time and bodies for the life casting. It has been an extremely busy year for Sharp FX, while they were working on the AWM project they also worked on feature film George Millers Prey starring Jesse Johnson and Natalie Basthingwaite which was shot down in Melbourne. Sharp FX were required to make all the prosthetic makeup for the film along with 5 x 2 metre silicone snakes and also a 3 metre silicone snake in which they had only 6 weeks to complete. Sharp FX are currently working on feature film The Dark Lurking which is being shot in QLD. Sharp FX are now taking enrolments for their 2008 special effects prosthetic Makeup course for more information please contact Nicky Sharp on 0412 059 515 or visit their website at


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of the recording studio. Key contributors will also have the chance to bid for Middle C, arguably the most important on the keyboard, once they have purchased their first key. ArtSound FMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s General Manager of Engineering and Development, Chris Deacon, said the Radiothon is a great opportunity for the listeners to get directly involved with the station and introduce new listeners to its unique music and arts programming. â&#x20AC;&#x153;ArtSoundâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission is to foster live music performance and recording in Australia,â&#x20AC;? Mr Deacon said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The gift of a superb grand piano will materially assist us to fulfill that mission for many years to come.â&#x20AC;? ArtSound FM will be broadcasting special Radiothon programming with daily prize giveaways including the opportunity to go into the major prize draw. An open day will be held on the November 10 with studio tours, free concerts and a BBQ.

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ArtSound FM 92.7 and 90.3 (Tuggeranong) is gearing up for their 2007 Radiothon: 88 Keys to Happiness. The major fundraising campaign will be held over 10 days at their Manuka Arts Centre Studios from Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 18. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s focus is to raise funds towards the purchase of a YAMAHA C6 grand piano, as well as the stationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s general operations. ArtSound FMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal is to raise $35,000 over the 10 days with the support of new and existing members. This will be done through a number of fundraising approaches including a membership drive, donations and a piano key sale. ArtSound FM will be â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;sellingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the 88 keys of the YAMAHA grand piano for at least $200 each. Key contributors will have their name engraved on a plaque modeled after the keyboard which will be proudly displayed in front


Turn on, tune in to ArtSound FM 92.7 Radiothon!


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November 2007

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Putting You In CONTACT With Your Community

haven’t found the organisation you were looking for in the White or Yellow Pages, try CONTACT. You’ll be surprised to find things that aren’t listed elsewhere, and next time it might be the first place you look!

The latest CONTACT directory for 2007-08, produced by The Citizens Advice Bureau ACT, has just been launched. For those of you who don’t already know about Canberra’s community ‘Bible’, CONTACT is a comprehensive guide to community focussed organisations and groups within the ACT and region. Launched at the Griffin Centre by Jack Waterford, Editor at Large of The Canberra Times, the event attracted over 140 representatives from the thousands of organisations listed in the directory. It is a testament to the value of the book that so many came to celebrate and Mr Waterford acknowledged that by drawing inspiration from organisations featured in the directory to demonstrate how they build a sense of belonging in our community. It is thanks to these organisations – mostly run voluntarily, and all of them offering not-for-profit services – that people who are new to Canberra or who suffer from isolation can find help and connections in the city. A recent recipient of the book suggested that the directory should be the first item given to new arrivals in Canberra. And how right they are! Manager of the Citizens Advice Bureau ACT, Liz Howarth, said “CONTACT is the key to unlocking our community. If it’s anywhere in Canberra, it’s in CONTACT”, making it ideal for newcomers to the city. As a useful link to services and facilities for all Canberra residents CONTACT is used by a multitude of organisations and areas of government, and is the primary resource used by the Citizens Advice Bureau ACT in their day-to-day referral and advice services, filling the gap between people and the organisations that are there to help them by providing a helping hand to point them in the right direction. Whether for human rights issues, or animal welfare issues, or general service directions, they can all be found in the CONTACT directory.

No matter what your cultural background is, or how unique you feel your circumstances are, it’s guaranteed that there are groups or services that will help you find a connection in your community. Be it for help in a crisis such as legal, financial, housing, or counselling, or maybe you have a personal interest or hobby that your are hoping to find a group to match – CONTACT is the place to look. The services provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau ACT are FREE and all organisations listed in CONTACT are listed for FREE. This makes it a perfect vehicle for groups and organisations, often volunteer run and under-resourced, to promote what they do. Despite a wide amount of research, the Citizens Advice Bureau ACT relies on community organisations to tell them they are out there, so if you know a group or service that should be in the directory, please encourage them to get in touch. Again, it is FREE to be included – no charge, no hidden fees! If you can’t tell people you’re out there, you’re no good to the people who might need you the most!

But isn’t the CONTACT Directory just a glorified phonebook? It most certainly is – and much more! CONTACT offers the full contact details for each listed organisation, including their location, postal address, website, and email address. The service descriptions are the real beauty of this ‘phonebook’, helping you to locate the organisation that best meets your needs. If you

So let’s all help each other and stay in CONTACT! Visit us: Citizens Advice Bureau ACT New Griffin Centre 20 Genge Street Canberra City ACT 2601 Telephone 02 6248 7988 Email:

Mental Health Carers Support at the Foundation Services for carers looking after someone with a mental illness: MENTAL HEALTH CARERS NETWORK

A group for carers to have a voice, hear from informative speakers and find support from other carers experiencing the same issues as you. Call Denise on 0416 938 307 or email her at to find out more.

Services for people living with a mental illness: • Recovery and Rehabilitation • Client Support and Housing • Community Information and Education Ring 6282 6658 or visit for more information.

SERENITY SUPPORT GROUP Weekly meetings following the 12 step program, self-help carer support. Call 6282 6658 for more information. CARER PEER SUPPORT GROUPS

Weekly time-limited groups of 8-10 weeks duration meeting near you. Call 6282 6604 or email to find out more.

The Mental Health Foundation is a member based organisation. To find out how you can join and support our work with families affected by mental illness visit for more details.



November 2007

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Launch of Personal Helpers and Mentors By Chris A unique service that centres on the individual, not the illness The Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaM) is a free service, designed to help, support and encourage people who live with a severe mental illness – even if not diagnosed. The program assists participants in recognising, building and enhancing their own life skills to better manage themselves and their illness. PHaM is flexible in its approach, ensuring participants receive the most effective support. The Personal Helpers and Mentors Program is delivered by the Mental Health Foundation (ACT) and Woden Community Service for the next three years in Canberra. Personal Helpers and Mentors is a nation-wide initiative, costing $280 million, as part of the Council of Australian Government’s National Plan on Mental Illness (2006 – 2011).


The Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaM) program was officially launched on the 15th of October 2007 at The Rainbow: Canberra’s only psycho-social rehabilitation centre, located at the Canberra Technology Park, in Watson. The launch provided attendees with an insight into the differing perspectives and motivations around the program. Speakers came from the mental health community, from both the government and community sectors. All spoke passionately of PHaM, of the positive difference the program makes in the lives of people who experience severe mental illness, of its unique concept and design.

Personal Helpers and Mentors is available for people, over the age of 16, who live in the following postcodes: Canberra City Program

Mental Health Foundation A PHaM service is available to those living in the following postcodes: 2600 (north), 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604, 2609, 2612 and 2620. Phone 02 6162 3451 Email Southside Program Woden Community Service A Southside service is available, including areas: Woden; Tuggeranong and Western Creek. – 2600 (south), 2605 to 2607, 2611, 2900, or 2902 to 2906. Phone

02 6281 2458



November 2007

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Scienta postes est: knowledge is power. And the key to water conservation By Tracey Walsh

Dear friends, Grab a pen. Find your diary, palm pilot, wall calendar. At 1pm on Sunday the 11th of November, two weeks before Australians visit the only poll that really matters, we’re hitting the streets - for the biggest Walk Against Warming ever, thanks to the work of the Conservation Councils of Australia. Last year, more than 100,000 people nationwide got together to walk for the climate action solutions we know exist, many of whom had never marched before. All you have to do is lace up your sneakers and find a walk near you. GetUp members will be out in force all over Australia - just look for the orange shirts and placards. Find your closest walk and GetUp marchers here: But before you head out the door, arm yourself with the answers. To help, GetUp is excited to bring you The Big Switch: a collaborative new online campaign designed to assist you in taking practical, personal and political action to fight climate change. It’s got more resources than you can fit on a melting glacier. Search by postcode to find out what your local member is, or isn’t, doing. Learn even more about global warming and its potential solutions, without the spin. See where the party policies really differ, and access a step-by-step guide for reducing your own emissions. With a federal election around the corner, even the most apolitical Australians are watching. If we hit the streets in record numbers this year, it won’t just be the media and the pollies paying attention, but thousands of undecided voters. Thanks and see you on Sunday the 11th! The GetUp team

‘The key to managing Australia’s water resources is through increasing our understanding of how our river systems and flood plains work. We need to put in place a strategy that best suits Australia’s unique river systems not just copying what our colleagues have done in England or the USA’ said Associate Professor Martin Thoms from the University of Canberra yesterday. “Surprisingly the management of our river systems is based on rivers in the Northern Hemisphere and not on those of our own.” He states. “As it stands we have modified the natural flow regime of our rivers to support agricultural practices that are based on those undertaken in the northern hemisphere, where river flows are more predictable. By regulating the flows of our rivers and reducing the amount of times they connect to their floodplains, we are starving them of resources that the river needs to function properly, potentially harming the ecosystem and reducing the quality of the rivers water.” says PhD student Mark Southwell. “A knowledge strategy should be the key part of any organisations business plan. Natural resources and management agencies are required to manage a variety of issues, so it is important for them to focus on the key aspects. Given past mistakes in the management of water resources development in lowland river systems in particular, it is worth while considering what knowledge a government needs before it can make responsible management decisions.” says Associate Professor Thoms. Recent studies carried out by Mark Southwell and other researchers at the University of Canberra, suggest that by allowing the dynamic wetting and drying cycles of Australia’s floodplains to take their natural course, the distribution and structure of important plants and animals as well as the exchange of nutrients and carbon between river channels and flood plains would assist in maintaining the integrity of these ecosystems. “To put it in monetary terms wetlands and floodplains are valued at $187 - $302 million per annum for the various ecosystem services they provide, so it is in our best interest that we allow nature to take its course.” says Associate Professor Thoms. Flows in Australia’s rivers are among the most variable in the world. We are also the driest continent in the world yet we are trying to support some of the thirstiest crops such as cotton and rice. Not only do these crops require large quantities of water but they also require it at specific times of the year which in Australia does not generally coincide with periods of high flow. Therefore we need also to look at the types of crops we are growing and whether they are sustainable in this particular environment. So how do we balance all these conflicting demands? A simple question to ask but a difficult one to answer! The key to answering this and finding a solution to Australia’s stretched water resources is better understanding of the science and community values of how our precious river systems work. A collective approach is the answer.


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November 2007

Bullying - Some basic principles By Gen

Eight year old primary school student, Charlie cowers in a secluded corner of the playground, praying Jonah and his friends don’t find him before the bell rings. He glances at his watch and lets out a sigh of relief, only 2 minutes before class begins.

introducing new legislation to combat bullying. Then in May of this year he unveiled a new plan to deal with violence in schools. The plan attempts to give more power to teachers so they have further control over students showing signs of aggressive behaviour.

During recess and lunch Charlie usually manages to stay out of danger by loitering close to a teacher, however, before school when the playground is devoid of any adult supervision Charlie is an easy target for bullies. Every day he brings home new bumps and bruises. He shrugs off his mothers concern, telling her that he has fallen over.

The strange thing is with all these schemes being instigated, a number of Australian schools are neglecting basic methods of bullying prevention. Including proper teacher supervision before the beginning of school, and during school hours

This story is likely to be neither shocking nor surprising to the majority of Australians. Gone are the days when bullying was seen as character building, nowadays Australian parents seem well aware of the huge impact bullying can have on their children. Defined by wikipedia as ‘an individual who tends to torment others, either through verbal harassment or physical assaults, or through more subtle methods of coercion’, bullying is a serious issue for Australian children. According to a 2006 report released by ‘Kids Help Line’ over 3000 phone calls were received by the service in 2006. Of these calls, bullying was the sixth most common reason for calling, with statistics showing that 39% of all calls reported frequent episodes of bullying or continual harassment. Schools themselves are also becoming more aware to the problem. Walk into an average primary school and what do you see? Anti bullying slogans blazoned around the school as well as children being encouraged to speak about their problems and address signs of bullying. It is no longer something to be kept in the dark. Even John Howard has noted it is a problem. In 2004, the Howard government put $5m dollars into a ‘National safe school framework’ initiative as well as

The ACT department of education and training published a school policy in 1997 called ‘playground supervision of students’, that is still in use today. It states that ‘principles are required to make arrangements for the proper and adequate oversight of playgrounds and building during the thirty minute period immediately preceding the commencement of the first lesson’. There is additional evidence from studies around the world that suggest playground supervision dramatically reduces the instance of bullying. In Sheffield, England an anti bullying initiative took place in twenty three schools during 1991 to 1993. The initiative

proved positive when students reported a significant decrease in the frequency of bullying. The initiative involved ‘changes to the use and quality of school grounds’ including increased playground supervision. Creators of the Second Step Program, Committee for Children also advocate extra supervision for our children. They believe that ‘quality of adult supervision is critical to developing and maintaining a safe playground’. Despite this, some schools in the ACT do not have teacher presence in the playground before the beginning of the school day. One ACT school that cannot be named argues that teachers are able to adequately supervise children from inside the building. Therefore there is no need for them to be physically in the yard. Frank McCormick* disagrees. As a member of this ACT primary school board, he sees first hand the influence bullying can have on children and their families. ‘Parents come to me all the time, complaining about the lack of supervision in the playground before school begins’. He says parents feel this lack of supervision puts their children at a greater risk. It is obvious that bullying is not confined to children beating each other up in the playground.

With so many different forms of technology, bullying can happen via numerous mediums including mobiles, internet, letters, and gossip. During high school, Tania Sampson* suffered serious bullying at the hands of her so called friends. At one stage, indecent pictures of herself were sent to her father. It has taken many years to rebuild the trust that was destroyed when her father saw those photos. While it is not possible for teachers to monitor these actions by simply being in the child’s presence, without basic supervision how is escalation of bullying behaviour supposed to be prevented. Earlier this year, a milestone in the fight against bullying occurred when 18 year old Benjamin Cox received a payout of $213,000 plus weekly wages for the rest of his life. This payout was believed to worth around $1.5m over the course of the Mr. Cox’s lifetime. Public liability lawyer, Barry Woollacott who represented Mr. Cox said that ‘the size of the payout showed the seriousness of bullying and its devastating effects’. Who knows? With proper supervision maybe Benjamin would have been spared the trauma of bullying.


November 2007

New Community Gym for Chifley By Helen Palethorpe On Monday 22nd October a section of the now closed Melrose Primary School in Chifley was festooned with balloons and displays for the launch and opening of the new YMCA of Canberra Community Gym. YMCA staff have spent two years looking for a location to develop a Community Gym and the south side and has at last become a reality. Minister for Sport and Recreation, Andrew Barr, was there to cut the ribbon to open the doors and show the 60 or so guests the brand new equipment in a

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spacious, quiet and welcoming gym facility. This community gym has been established with the needs of older people and people with disabilities especially in mind, although it is also a gym that people from the local community will find very attractive. There is a good range of both cardio, pin-loaded machines and free weights. One outstanding feature of the YMCA gym is the unique method of payment. Instead of the usual annual membership payment can be made on a casual basis and a small discount is made for the purchase of multi-tickets, which are marked at the time of attendance only and have no time limit. At present the gym is open during business hours but as demand for the facility grows the hours will be extended to include early morning, evening and weekend times. Special interest groups, looking for supervised programs or a class structure are particularly invited to come and see what is on offer and special arrangements can be made for them. As well as gym programs Yoga classes are also being offered.

For more details and a program of classes please phone 62810124.

“I have a plan for Australia’s future.” N

An education revolution


A national plan to fix our hospitals


Decisive action on climate change


Balance and fairness in the workplace


Maintaining our national security


A strong economy that delivers for working families

Your local Labor candidates

Fraser: Bob McMullan

Canberra: Annette Ellis

ACT Senate: Kate Lundy

Eden-Monaro: Mike Kelly

ACT Senate: Peter Conway

Kevin Rudd and Labor. New Leadership. For more details go to Authorised by Matthew Cossey, ACT Secretary, ALP, 21 Torrens Street, Braddon ACT 2612

The World: November 2007  

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