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Washing Machine & Refrigerator for Whirlpool The project was initiated at a platform level for Fully Automatic washing machines and Direct Cool refrigerators. In acquisition ladder, the consuming class for these products are Price Point Buyers and Value for Moneyclimbers.

Demographics Pattern Reading Benchmarking

Diploma Project : GCD, Whirlpool Co. Gurgaon, Haryana. Duration

Ethnography Story building Design References

: 28 Weeks

Design References

Ethnography Research Worked as a Research Team Member for both Refrigerator and Washing Machine Projects. It involved Business Model Opportunity, Visual Ethnography and in depth study done with the Target Consumer; which gave outputs in terms of Demographics, consumer lifestyle, Unmet & Unarticulated needs, usage patterns etc.

Generalized Laundry Process

Space Management

Consumer story and Ideation process formed a synthesis through which ; we achieved design solutions.


Fully Automatic Washing Machine Consumer to Consumer Process: We worked out 7 streams, under which we worked to reach our design solutions.



Through this process we came up with 3 detailed concepts which went for Consumer and Technology feedback to arrive at one consolidated solution.


Space Management

Direct Cool Refrigerator

Construction Types

Feature Level


DC Advanced design strategy aims to focus on platform level and feature level innovations for strengthening brand Whirlpool’s foothold in existing operating Direct cool segments.



Hypothesis and findings lead us towards ideation process in a very structured manner. Ideation was subdivided under different headings which helped us to come up with Bundled Concepts which triggered the Aesthetics.

Toy Design & Kiosk Design Working with independent practitioners, broadened my understandings about initiatives and strategies for positioning design solutions in the market. During this period, I got a chance to work on Toy Design, Kiosk Design, Check Out machine and Mobile Conferencing Unit. I was involved in creating Business Proposals, Product design specifications, Device Specifications and Designs for some of the above projects.


: TYCKA Design Pvt. L td., Bangalore.


: 6 Weeks


Business Proposals

Design Specifications

Size of Market


War Scenario



1 Rupee Toy…! Character Finding….




Fuel Dispensing Unit The objective of this course was to come up with solutions in terms of reducing the product complexity. Ergonomical issues at consumer end were taken into account and laws of proximity were applied to form the solution for Digital Displays. Solutions were checked at various HP pumps.

FOLED hands free

other Income Sources Ergonomical issues PROXIMITY


: Technically Complex Product


: 4 Weeks

Static Electricity

Ergonomical Issues

Scenario Abroad

For Driver

Fuel dispensing unit has issues with maintenance as it deals with highly inflammable gasoline. The technical detailing, its working principles, type of joineries used in dispensing unit, petrol storage tank can be modified to give better performance. The consumer segment, starting from four wheelers to HMV drivers & Owners face a typical problem of ‘Obstructed Vision’ with Displays.

• Consumer Ergonomics • Blasts due to Static Electricity

Henceforth considering the ergonomic issues, concepts were generated for the Display of Dispensing Unit.

• Vapour Locking • Vibrations in operators Hands

For Owner

• Frictional Loss

Night Vision!

Foldable LED

Scenario Built up Maintaining the standard requirements for building a petrol pump; it is possible to add some other source of income for petrol pump Owner & the Company.


A petrol pump plays an important role as an advertising agent. Hence forms were created considering the same scenario to make Dispensing unit more profitable. The surface area of unit should be given to the Companies who are willing to advertise. The displays will be in the form of Hoardings, LED etc.

Advertising Agent !


Electro Cardiogram Machine

GE MAC 500

The project focus was on Visual Communication of a product and Interface Design. A Medical Equipment; an ECG machine; was selected as it is extensively used in medical practices. I have tried to solve flaws in the existing product using Gestalt laws and theories of perception.




Audio Phobia Sans Serif


: Display & Control


: 3 Weeks

Programming to avoid Audio Phobia

Half sized Graph paper Display

Colour Preferences according to the hierarchy of Knobs

• Confusing Notations • Scattered Navigation Keys • Printer knobs are not in proximity

Navigation through Form

• Alarming Program • Audio Phobia

On/Off Height Difference

• Small Screen


Printer and Alarm Knobs in proximity

Ergonomic Problems while interacting with Screen

Slide IN / OUT Handle

HVY 1482 Blind Cane Blind cane for visually impaired people was selected for the course of Packaging. Redefined problem statement at which I derived wasRedesign a packaging for four section folding cane which will increase the product life and will make the product more user friendly. Client : NAB (National Association of the Blind )


Wrist Problems


Product Life

Essentials Norms & Codes


: Product Packaging


: 3 Weeks

Scratches on the Stick Wear and Tear of Elastic

Parameters were set for concept generation like : Communication, Emotion, Culture, Looks, Material

Wrist Band!

Thumb Grip!

Loop facility when not in Use

Braille Name Stickers

Ideation :

Wrist Problem

- Weight of cane is 254 gms. - Long term use of cane

Material Explorations :

- Wrist problems due to stress on Pisiform and Scaphoid

Test Band / Standardized Pocket for Indian Currency

Itching Problem

Night Visibility : Velcro

- Hair Trapping - Sweat Irritation

Pick Pocketing

Reflective – Nylon Taffeta

Cost : Approximately 11 Rs./-

Loop Placing the cane while doing other activities

Universal Colour Coding

Reuse :Toothbrushes General practice is to use the toothbrush for the span of 3 to 4 months. After that these brushes are used in Kitchens as well as in garage for cleaning automobile parts. There is no value addition and traditional reuses of toothbrush don’t act as an income source. In green design, I have tried to add value to the reuse of toothbrushes; which can work as a income source.

Resell Income Source

Value Addition Ease of Manufacturing


: Green Design


: 3 Weeks

Concept Generation :

Toilet Brush

Fruit Forks

Clay Tools

Essentials: Should give the resell value Should avoid scratches

Clay tools will act as a substitute tools for college going students who can not afford costlier tools which are available in the market.

Desirable: Production process can be as easy as possible Can be produced by physically challenged people Add ons: Continuous production process

The processes of manufacturing were simplified so that Handicapped people also can produce these forks.

Product Packaging • CD for holding forks • CD Holder as a Packaging for set of forks

Production Process : Fruit Forks Template: Use metal template while cutting it on jig saw machine. Shape: Give the required slant on sander machine. Curve: Get the curve on drilling machine. Sanding: Sand the brand name and obtain the mat finish.

Jig Saw


Sterilization: Sterilize it with the autoclave.

Variety of Forks Sterilizer

Drilling Machine

Game Design - ‘BELLEK’ To develop fundamental communication and cognitive skills, children who are blind require environment that allow them to take in new information, respond to it and act on it appropriately. The children from school which I have taken for case study, were finding it difficult to deal with academic skills. Hence my approach while developing a game for blind was not only pure entertainment but also to develop their skills and awareness about the surrounding environment.


: Design for Special Needs


: 4 Weeks

Client : PNAVPS, Blind School, Koregaon.

Education Communication Memory

Cognitive Entertainment

i have a


Problem Statement : Design a game for visually impaired people which will• Entertain them • Build their Memory • Increase their Material Understanding & Help in their Education • Built Competitiveness

Pass the Hurdle !

Parameters : Essentials Entertainment Memory Built up

State Level Games

Passing Ball, Running, Spot Jump, Shot Put, Chattel Balancing, Swimming , Cricket Problem Identification Less Educational games


Desirables Material Understanding

TAP Dance!

Add Ons Education

• 9 players game • 3 Dancers • 6 Instrument Players

Games and there rules were designed to meet International Level Standards. All concepts were taken to the consumer and validated after playing. Selected Games : Concept 1 : Tap Dance Concept 5 : Bellek

The game is about creating Music Application : Inaugurating Performance at International Game Festival

BELLEK ! Less Physical activity Moderate Emphasis on Entertainment

• Memory Game • Material Understanding • Creativity The game is about memorizing sounds.

Less understanding of materials Less Involvement and Knowledge of outer or surrounding world

Bellek stood first in competitive landscape of parameters.

2. Player B, C, D have different materials in their hands

3. Player A will Reach here at Judge Player A will tell him the SOUNDS; he heard in sequence

How to play: Stage 1 will have a straight path. 3 players will stand alternatively (B,C,D) with different products with them. Player A will be kept away from the field of game. He will be given idea about the game by faculty. Once set up is done, player A will be called and asked to start to walk. He will walk through the given path, listen to the sounds and will reach the end.

1. Player A will Walk

At end one faculty will be sitting as a judge. Player A has to tell the judge the sounds in sequence and has to build the story. For the same rules were set.

Hollow Hand Rails for sound creation Shoe Design

Ginger Farm Tool The project objective was to create a product which is inspired from nature.


: Nature & Forms

For this course I have taken Ginger for form abstractions to reach at end product which will be used in Ginger Farms.


: 3 Weeks


Motifs Ginger Farms Geometry




3D form seeking

Clay Modeling :

Application: The application was checked in ginger farms. While taking out ginger from farms; this tool looses soil gently; without harming Ginger Stem.

Architectural Projects Worked on Building as well as Interior projects

Concept for Split AC Product Typology Level concept

Client : Whirlpool

Mobile Concepts LG Form was generated using The letters in the Brand Name : LG

Skills Working with different Materials and Medium :

The courses strengthen my capabilities in terms of observation, surface understanding and the process involved to give out both two dimensional as well as three dimensional outputs.


Fuse Processes



Model Making Bosch Hand Jig Saw

The objective of this course was to make a scaled model. I have taken Bosch Jig Saw Machine. Through this course, I got a chance to work on different materials like M.D.F; H.I.P.S., metal etc. with different processes to give out fast outputs.

Medium : Pencils

Analytical Drawings & Renders Medium : Dry Pestles

Medium : Dry Pestles

Sudhanwa Chavan CONTACT


About me

PERSONAL PROFILE With a degree in ‘Bachelors of Architecture’, and a post graduation in ‘Product Design’ has helped me gain an analytical and consumer centric approach to a problem. I wish to continue the learning experience and to work in an organization which will help me enhance my creativity and design skills. EDUCATION 2007-10 : Post Graduation completed in Product Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. 2006 : Graduation competed in Bachelor of Architecture at D.Y.Patil College of Engineering and Technology. WORK EXPERIENCE 2010: Completed Diploma Project at GCD, WHIRLPOOL, Gurgaon, Haryana. ( Conceptualization for Washing machine & Refrigerator) 2009: Completed Internship at TYCKA Design, Bangalore. (Conceptualization for Toy Design, Kiosk Design & Check out Machine) 2006: Worked as a Freelancer with some Interior and Building Projects at Satara. 2006: Worked as Junior Architect under Ar.Upendra Pandit , Satara. 2005: Worked as Trainee Architect under Ar. Dhananjay Salkar, Pune. TECHNICAL SKILLS Rhinoceros , AutoCAD, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Alias (Learner) STRENGTHS Team Player, Analytical and problem solving capabilities, Drawing skills (Rendering), Research work. PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth: 23rd March 1984 Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi

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